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Destroying Destroyers

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Destroying Destroyers

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Destroying Destroyers is the second part of Rising Flames.


Something's wrong at Fire Island.
  • Speak to Belle, Taimi's on-site lead.
  • Find Researcher Twilli.
  • Go meet with Researcher Twilli.
  • (Collect a destroyer sample.)
  • Defeat destroyers until you find a usable sample: x/1
  • (Restart a recording device.)
  • Restart a Recording Device: x/5
  • Return to Researcher Twilli.



Start off by talking to Belle, located to the right while facing the portal. Afterwards, head east from the Promontory Waypoint to the Lava Flats to find Researcher Twilli, there are a series of updrafts that will take you directly to her so you don't have to swim across. After speaking to Twilli, search for Datamagic Cameras in the area, and restart them or revive some Portable Observatrons and kill any destroyers you see in order to get Destroyer Sample (of which will also further the progression of the nearby Renown Heart if not already completed). Return to talk to Twilli and you are done.


Destroying Destroyers Rising Flames 0Achievement points
Fulfill Taimi's request to collect a new Destroyer sample.Journal: Destroying Destroyers Completed Completed Destroying Destroyers 0Achievement points
  • Simply complete the story.








Speaking to Belle
Belle: Commander. Welcome to the Fire Islands.
(If asura or sylvari)[verification requested]
<Character name>: Apt name for such a place. I'm surprised anything can survive here. Can you give me a status report?
(If charr)
<Character name>: Apt name for this rock. I'm surprised anything can survive here. Can you give me a status report?
(If human)
<Character name>: Fitting name. I'm surprised anything can survive here. Can you give me a status report?
Belle: We're still assessing, but our preliminary findings are...troubling. Primordus's arrival is having a profound impact on the island.
Belle: The destroyers are surging in record numbers, and there's been a marked increase in the local seismic and volcanic activity.
Belle: I've been trying to get word to Taimi, but the atmospheric interference is wreaking havoc on our long-range comms.
Belle: I doubt you'll get much use out of that communicator she gave you while you're here.
<Character name>: About the destroyers—we received word that they've been exhibiting new abilities. Changed somehow.
<Character name>: I'm here to gather samples to confirm the report. Where should I begin my search?
Belle: Hm... Not long ago, we sent a scout east to locate a nest—I'd begin your search there.
Speaking to Researcher Twilli
Researcher Twilli: What do you want? I'm quite busy watching my work get repeatedly dismantled by monsters, so if you dont mind—
<Character name>: Easy there. Taimi sent me. I'm here to help you retrieve those destroyer samples.
Researcher Twilli: At last support! I located a sizable destroyer nest, but the beasts ambushed me. Made a mess of my comms equipment.
Researcher Twilli: Help me deal with the destroyers and fix the equipment, and I'll get any samples you retrieve back to Taimi.
<Character name>: Consider it done.
Researcher Twilli: Let's move quickly. The sooner we're done, the sooner we can all retreat to...a less life-threatening environment.
Speaking to Researcher Twilli after getting the samples and restarting the devices
Researcher Twilli: Well done, and thank you. I'll take those samples now — rest assured, I'll get them to Taimi at once.
(The ground starts heavily shaking.)
Researcher Twilli: Oh, my. That's...not normal.
<Character name>: "Not normal"? How "not normal"?
Researcher Twilli: Ember Bay's always presented powerful volcanic and seismic activity, but the intensity of these events is unprecedented.
<Character name>: Thanks to Primordus, I'd guess. The ground felt like it was about to come apart right under us. Are the islands in danger?
Researcher Twilli: Given the dragon's presence, it's certainly a possibility. Unfortunately, I lack the proper equipment to know for sure.
Researcher Twilli: One of my colleagues was tasked with monitoring the seismic activity just east of here. He may know more.
<Character name>: I'll check it out.

My story[edit]

Ember Bay loading screen.jpg

The asuran researchers on Fire Island were not prepared for all the Destroyers. I helped them get their recording devices restarted and took the opportunity to collect a sample of Destroyer flesh for Taimi. The more time I spend here, the more I realize the island is unstable.

My story