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Frozen Tide

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Frozen Tide

Dragon Response Mission Bloodtide Coast loading screen.jpg

Loading screen

Frozen Tide is the eighth story step of Champions, Chapter 3: Balance, the fifth episode of The Icebrood Saga.


Leave the combat zone to confer with your allies.
Protect Bloodtide Coast
  • Travel to Bloodtide Coast through the Eye of the North asura gate to assist with negotiations.



Interact with the asuran portal within the Eye of the North to travel to the location. Complete the mission in the instance.

For further information, see the respective walkthrough guides:


Frozen Tide Champions 1Achievement points
Complete the story chapter Frozen Tide.Journal: Frozen Tide Completed Frozen Tide 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.
Emergency Dragon Responder: Bloodtide Coast Champions 1Achievement points
Complete the Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission. Completed Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission 1Achievement points
  • Complete the dragon response mission.
This achievement rewards items. Second Response: Bloodtide Coast Return to Champions 0Achievement points
Complete the Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission.
Reward: Daily achievement chest.pngChest of the Dragon Slayer (3)
Completed the Bloodtide Coast Dragon Response Mission 1 Time 0Achievement points
  • Complete the dragon response mission.





In the Eye of the North
Crecia Stoneglow: Commander, it's Crecia. What's your day look like?
<Character name>: I'm sure you're about to tell me.
Crecia Stoneglow: Malice and I reached out to the Olmakhan. We're spearheading an alliance. Long term.
<Character name>: Is that something they'd be interested in? I mean, with the Flame Legion back in the picture—
Crecia Stoneglow: It's a new Flame Legion. We're a new charr. A united charr. The Olmakhan are at least willing to hear us out.
Crecia Stoneglow: They're sending Rox as their representative, and I'd like you to join us. A kind of...neutral mediator.
<Character name>: I'd be honored. Haven't seen Rox since Dragonfall— It'll be nice to catch up.
Crecia Stoneglow: We're meeting south of Lion's Arch. Bloodtide Coast. See you soon, Commander.
During the Bloodtide Coast mission
See: Dragon Response Mission: Bloodtide Coast#Dialogue

My story[edit]

Dragon Response Mission Bloodtide Coast loading screen.jpg

Crecia contacted me via comms to update me on the war effort. She and Malice had reached out to the Olmakhan to spearhead a longterm alliance. This seemed a bit odd as the Olmakhan voluntarily had secluded their society for generations. Why would they want to get themselves involved in the conflict now?

Turns out that with the Flame Legion having a change of leadership—and heart—they were open to exploring the idea of a united charr. Rox would be sent as their emissary to hear Crecia's plan. I agreed to meet them at Bloodtide Coast to help as a neutral mediator.

Upon arriving at the scene, it was clear that the negotiations would be put on hold. The icebrood were ravaging the coast in their quest for domination. We evacuated whoever we could and fended them off before heading to the lighthouse.

Crecia apologized for the unexpected turn of events. Rox took it in stride, reminding everyone that my presence usually resulted in plans going to hell, so this was actually to be expected. (Thanks, Rox.) It felt like old times, though, and my old friend agreed to rejoin the fight. The cause was greater than any single faction's needs, so we could count on her Olmakhan siblings now and into the future.

We shored up the lighthouse's defenses and fended off waves of icebrood until a nasty one appeared on the frozen bay. We tried to attack it, but it surrounded itself with nearly impenetrable walls of thick ice. We utilized cannon fire to shatter them, and then we turned our sights on the creature itself and its reinforcements.

After our hard-earned victory, Crecia, Malice, Rox, and I spoke briefly before parting ways, as our enemies were still at large.

My story