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Igneous Breach

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Igneous Breach

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Igneous Breach is the third part of Rising Flames.


Find Scout Tornn.

  • Talk to Scout Tornn.
  • Speak with Firstish Mate Fry'r
  • Arm a Skritt: x/3
  • (Rescue a stranded skritt.)
  • Rescue a Stranded Skritt: x/3
  • (Revive a passed-out skritt.)
  • Wake a Passed-Out Skritt: x/3
  • Return to Firstish Mate Fry'r.
  • Talk to the dwarf.
  • Retrieve the dwarf's thumb.
  • Return to Scout Tornn.
  • Activate the machine.



From Researcher Twilli, head north to the area between the word "Lava Flats" and the icon of a Thermal Tube on your map to find Scout Tornn. Speak to him and then head east towards the direction of the renown heart to find Firstish Mate Fry'r standing nearaby.

After speaking to him, help the skritt out by rescuing the Stranded Skritt on the rocks in middle of the lava and bringing them to the Recovery Cots, by arming Skritt via interacting with Weapon Caches found littered around the area, by talking with Passed-Out Skritt, and opening Weapon Cache boxes in the surrounding area. Some skritt will become hostile Grumpy Skritt when woken up, but you do not need to fight them to continue the story, and the weapon caches respawn fairly fast.

After completing the tasks you will finally be allowed inside to speak to the "Rock Face". After the dialogue, walk behind him to pick up the Stone Thumb then return back to Scout Tornn. Speak to him and then activate the device to complete the episode.


Igneous Breach Rising Flames 0Achievement points
Help the asuran scout find out what's going on in the skritt pirate camp on the shores of Igneous Breach.Journal: Igneous Breach Completed Completed Igneous Breach 0Achievement points
  • Simply complete the episode.





  • And any foes associated with the open world and related events



Speaking to Scout Tornn
Scout Tornn: Not good, not good... Perhaps if I... No... What if... (groans) This miserable device! Please tell me how to activate it!
Thirdish Mate: No! Smelly asura will ruin everything! Leave it to skritt! Champions of Rock Face!
<Character name>: What's going on here?
Scout Tornn: According to these skritt, this device has something to do with the building seismic pressure beneath the island.
Scout Tornn: If we can't figure out how to activate it, the pressure builds and builds until...well, as the skritt say, "pop."
Thirdish Mate: Pop! Pop! Weeeee hee hee!
Scout Tornn: Or it may all be nonsense. I can't tell what these creatures are blabbering about half the time, anyway.
Scout Tornn: This "Rock Face" they speak of knows more, but they won't let me get close enough to ask how to work this blasted machine.
<Character name>: Let me talk to them. I'll get to the bottom of this.
Scout Tornn: I hope you do, Commander. We're running perilously short on time.
Speaking to Firstish Mate Fry'r
Firstish Mate Fry'r: You! What do you want with the Rock Face? Speak! Speak!
<Character name>: Let me pass. I need to speak with the..."Rock Face."
Firstish Mate Fry'r: No! Nobody sees Rock Face without skritt say-so! Friends of skritt only!
<Character name>: Look, I have to talk to this "Rock Face" you're hiding, and the clock's ticking. How can I earn your trust?
Firstish Mate Fry'r: Hm... Help the skritt! Yes! Save skritt from fire! Arm skritt against the destroyers! Become a friend of the skritt.
<Character name>: I'll see what I can do.
Trying to enter the building before completing the task
Rock Face Guard: Stay back. You stay back!
After completing the tasks
<Character name>: I've done what you asked. Am I allowed to pass?
Firstish Mate Fry'r: Good! Yes, good! Skritt are safer, stronger! Come in, Come in!
Entering the building
Rock Face Guard: We got company!
Speaking to Rhoban
Rhoban: Well, are you just gonna stare at me slack-jawed, or is there something I can do for you?
(If asura, human or norn)[verification requested]
<Character name>: I'm sorry but—you're a dwarf. Or what's left of one.
(If charr)
<Character name>: You're a dwarf. Or what's left of one, anyway.
Rhoban: And you've got eyes in your head! Bully for the both of us! And the name's Rhoban, not that you asked.
<Character name>: Didn't expect to encounter your kind out here. I thought the dwarves were wiped out in their fight against Primordus.
Rhoban: If you really want a history lesson, I can give it to you after I've dealt with the crisis at hand.
Rhoban: I've got islands to save and not much body to save it with.
<Character name>: Crisis? Is this about the earthquakes? What's happening to the island?
Rhoban: There's a torrent of magical energy building up beneath these islands. Energy that feeds directly into the volcano.
Rhoban: My brothers and I have been tending to it for years, using four contraptions to release the pressure and delay an eruption.
Rhoban: Then Primordus and the blasted destroyers turned up. Wrecked the machines, killed the other dwarves.
Rhoban: Almost did me in too, but I'm still standing. In a manner of speaking.
<Character name>: And if those machines aren't reactivated soon...
Rhoban: Then these islands will blow, and the destroyers—well, I'd prefer not to think about that.
<Character name>: I saw one of the contraptions just outside. How can I activate it? If what you say is true, we need to move fast.
Rhoban: The machines were built with us dwarves in mind and won't respond to anybody else. Unless... Ah! I've got it! Take my thumb!
<Character name>: Your...thumb?
Rhoban: Yes. On the ground there. Use it to activate the machines. That's one upside to getting blown to bits—I'm partially portable.
Rhoban: You may want to move quickly. It's been awhile since the machines were run. The islands don't have much time.
Returning to Scout Tornn
<Character name>: I just met with "Rock Face"—the remnants of a stone dwarf, if you can believe it.
Scout Tornn: A dwarf? Astounding. And did this dwarf shed any light on our predicament?
<Character name>: If these machines aren't activated soon, the swell of magic beneath the islands will cause a cataclysmic eruption.
<Character name>: They require a dwarven touch to activate. Fortunately, the dwarf gave me his thumb.
Scout Tornn: His thumb? Huh. That's...disturbing. But logical, I suppose.
Scout Tornn: I figured there had to be some knack to it. Being that the dwarf entrusted you with...itself, I'll let you do the honors.
After activating the device
Scout Tornn: That appears to have worked! And to think, all this time, all I needed was a discarded stone thumb...
<Character name>: The dwarf mentioned that there are four of these contraptions around the island. Do you know where the others are?
Scout Tornn: Four of them, eh? Well, I believe one of the other researchers spotted a similar contraption on the western coast.
Scout Tornn: There's another inside the caldera. As for the fourth, I'm not sure. One of the others might know. Good luck, Commander!

My story[edit]

Ember Bay loading screen.jpg

What a strange group of skritt I found on Fire Island. They were worshipping a stone dwarf—its head, to be specific—which much to my surprise was still alive. The dwarf, named Rhoban, sent me on a mission to activate four dwarven devices that keep the volcano from erupting. I've successfully activated one of them. Three more to go.

My story