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Glory of Dragons

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Glory of Dragons

1332 AE
Living World Season 4
War Eternal
(Crystal Desert)
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Glory of Dragons is the third story step of the Living World Season 4 Episode 6, War Eternal.


Meet Caithe and Aurene.
  • Find Aurene.
  • Talk to Caithe.
Teach your skyscale to trust you.
  • (Feed Volatile Magic to your skyscale.)
  • Volatile magic eaten: x/10
  • Return to Caithe to contact Taimi and Gorrik.
Fly to the wing and harvest dragon's blood.
  • Fly on a skyscale to Kralkatorrik's wing.
  • Use your skyscale's Blast engage skill to break the scab on Kralkatorrik's wing.
  • Hover on a skyscale in Kralkatorrik's falling blood.
  • (Collect Kralkatorrik's blood.)
  • Blood Collected
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Get in touch with Taimi and Gorrik.



Meet Aurene a little North of Point of interest (map icon).pngSkyscale Eyrie. Then, borrow a nearby skyscale or use your own (other mounts do not work), and collect 10 floating orbs of Volatile Magic. See the skyscale article for further information on skyscale movement and controls.

Staying on a borrowed skyscale, return to Waypoint (map icon).png Pact Command Waypoint. From there, head south through Point of interest (map icon).pngVerdant Gate towards the Crystal Wing in the northeast side of Melandru's Lost Domain.

Carefully make your way up towards the Northeastern most Skyscale Roost. Once at the top, use the skyscale engage skill  Blast.png Blast to break the crystal scab marked with the Storyline (interface).pngstory guide. Aiming the engage skill may be tricky, so don't worry if you miss it; you can borrow another skyscale from the Skyscale Roost nearby.

After successfully breaking the strange interference, you'll receive further instructions from Taimi and Gorrik. Mounting up on a skyscale once more, hover under the trickle of the purple blood of Kralkatorrik. Wait for the bar to fill, then meet up with Zafirah at the Storyline (interface).pngmarked location to upgrade the Dragonsblood Spear.


Glory of Dragons War Eternal 0Achievement points
Teach a skyscale to trust you.Journal: Glory of Dragons Complete Glory of Dragons Completed 0Achievement points
  • Complete the story step.




Starting this story step (anywhere in the open world)
Caithe: Sorry to interrupt. Aurene—she's found something.
Aurene: Caithe, Champion. Come to me.
Caithe: She's in the far south.
<Character name>: Hope everything's all right. See you there.

At Skyscale Eyrie[edit]

<Character name>: What...what are they?
Aurene: Newborns. A new species, like wyverns and drakes. Call them skyscales. I'm taking a few to help with Kralkatorrik.
Aurene: Teach the rest quickly. We fly on borrowed time.
Interacting with a skyscale
Skyscale: The skyscale glares at you.
Talk end option tango.png Back away.
Speaking to Caithe
Caithe: In all the Pale Tree's dreams, I saw nothing like these.
<Character name>: The skyscales. They can get us to Kralkatorrik's wing. That's why Aurene summoned us.
Caithe: You're going to ride one up to collect his blood? Will they trust you?
<Character name>: Maybe if I feed them first. They're related to dragons. And dragons eat magic, don't they? I have to try.
Mounting a Skyscale
<Character name>: That's it. Gently. Up we go.
Feeding the Skyscale a Volatile Magic
<Character name>: There you go.
Feeding the Skyscale ten Volatile Magic
<Character name>: Now you're happy, aren't you?
Speaking to Caithe
<Character name>: Taimi? Gorrik? I've found a way up to that wing. Without instruments or dials, so that interference shouldn't matter.
Gorrik: Perfect! Get up there as fast as you can! We've got spears, we need blood. Kralkatorrik's healing fast.
Caithe: I'll head back to the Crystal Bloom. Fly high, Commander. You were born for this.
Contacting Almorra Soulkeeper
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Could you hurry up with that blood, Commander? I'm not saying we're hard pressed, but...we're hard pressed.
Contacting Rytlock
Rytlock Brimstone: Southwestern front's a real tangle.
<Character name>: Too many Branded?
(if charr or human)[verification requested]
Rytlock Brimstone: And mushrooms, stalkers, and elementals. Also, Glint's general is Gwen Thackeray. The Goremonger. Killer of charr.
(if not charr or human)
Rytlock Brimstone: (growl) Too much Gwen. Ghost have long memories, Commander. But also, too many Branded.
<Character name>: Working on getting you stronger weapons. Can't help with Gwen, though. Good luck.
Contacting Sayida
Sayida the Sly: Still patrolling, Commander.
Contacting Gorrik
Gorrik: Eyeballs deep in data, Commander. Call back later.
Contacting Almorra Soulkeeper a second time
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Sill holding the line here, Commander. Don't knit your whiskers over us.[verification requested]

At Kralkatorrik's wing[edit]

When approaching Kralkatorrik's wing
Gorrik: With respect to the wing, Commander, how exactly are you surmounting the verticality and spectrum-jamming issues?
Taimi: These cannon fumes must be going to my head. I'd swear I just saw Aurene leading a glory of dragons.
<Character name>: Skyscales, actually. That's how I'm—
Taimi: WHAT?
Gorrik: First: intriguing. Second: “a glory of dragons?” Are you sure that's the proper collective noun?
Taimi: UuuGHHH. Just get that blood!
When atop Kralkatorrik's wing
<Character name>: Taimi, I'm here. (static)... Hello? Anyone? (static)
<Character name>: All right. Find the source of this interference, find the blood, charges the spear. I can do this.
After breaking the scab on Kralkatorrik's wing
Gorrik: Yes, I've tried that too. But if it's organic, our systems won't be able to—
<Character name>: Gorrik? Gorrik? Can you hear me? I found your—
Gorrik: You! You're back! Taimi was getting worried.
Taimi: I knew the commander would be okay.
Gorrik: And the interference is gone. Was it organic? I bet it was organic.
(if asura)[verification requested]
<Character name>: Huh—Is a crystal scab organic? No time for that. Now, how to reach this blood...? It's falling into thin air.
(otherwise)[verification requested]
<Character name>: Is a crystal scab organic? Don't answer that. Now, how to reach this blood...? It's falling into thin air.
Gorrik: What about your skyscale? Taimi's thesis says dragons and related species can hover. Like dragonflies—
Taimi: You read my thesis?
Gorrik: Well, it IS the most authoritative work on the nature and physiology of dragons.
Taimi: (squeak)
Gorrik: Try hovering, Commander.
After collecting the blood
<Character name>: That's plenty. You can send up the choppers for more blood, Taimi. I've destroyed the source of the interference.
<Character name>: Now... How exactly do we fuse the blood and the spears? We don't have the Forge.
Taimi: Gorrik, any progress on an alternative?
Gorrik: We'll plate them. Specific resonance at close range should flex the crystalline structure sufficiently to permit fusion.
Gorrik: In short, we can use the Zephyrites.
Gorrik: I've sent Zafirah and two Zephyrites ahead with a spear. Marking their position. You'll have to run some tests, of course.
<Character name>: Right. Need to make sure it works before sending others into the fray.

My story[edit]

Dragonfall loading screen.jpg

Aurene called for us to come to the south of the island. She had discovered a new species of lesser dragon.

The newborn skyscales could fly—that meant we could use them to reach Kralkatorrik's severed wing. And the blood. I taught them to trust me by feeding them magic.

I rode a skyscale up to Kralkatorrik's wing. There, I broke through the crystal scab over Kralkatorrik's wound, which was stopping the flow of blood and jamming all signals. Then I collected a small amount of the blood.

My story