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Conditions are negative effects that provide damage and control, playing a major role in combat. For players, conditions are primarily inflicted through use of skills and traits. NPC foes often inflict conditions on some of their attacks and they may also be applied through environmental effects or other mechanics. All conditions have effect stacking, with all control conditions stacking in duration while all damaging conditions like bleeding, confusion, torment, and vulnerability stack in intensity. Conditions are balanced in respect to their effectiveness: bleeding and weakness are relatively common and provide weak effects while immobilize and fear are rare and provide strong effects. Some conditions may be more common to some professions than others, characterizing the role for the profession.

In addition to conditions, all professions have access to condition removal skills. All professions have a healing skill that provides condition removal apart from the mesmer, who requires Mender's Purity or the Chronomancer elite specialization to use Well of Eternity. For generic condition removal, the most recently applied condition or conditions will be removed first. The condition is removed independent of the intensity, so 3 stacks and 250 stacks of bleeding are equivalent when considering condition removal.

Conditions dealt by converting boons will always have a fixed duration and depend on the boon converted, regardless of the duration and intensity of the original boon. The same behavior is applied to boons obtained by converting conditions.

The duration of conditions is rounded to the nearest quarter of a second in skill tooltips, but the actual duration is not rounded. The duration of conditions on enemies can be increased through the Condition Duration attribute. Some items having negative Condition Duration bonuses will reduce the duration of conditions inflicted by enemies. Condition duration bonuses obtained from runes are not shown on skill tooltips, but do increase the durations.

Condition damage is separate from direct damage. Damage caused by conditions ignore armor and other effects that reduce damage, such as protection. Outgoing damage from conditions can be increased by the Condition Damage attribute. It is important to note that conditions only inflict damage over time in one second intervals and any remaining fractional seconds are inflicted either at the beginning or end of their duration.

List of conditions[edit]

Icon Name Description Converted into
Damage Conditions
Bleeding.png Bleeding Deals damage every second; stacks intensity. Vigor.png Vigor (10s)
Burning.png Burning Deals damage every second; stacks intensity. Aegis.png Aegis (5s)
Confusion.png Confusion Damage received on skill activation; stacks intensity. Retaliation.png Retaliation (5s)
Poisoned.png Poisoned Deals damage every second; decreases healing effectiveness by 33%; damage stacks intensity. Regeneration.png Regeneration (5s)
Torment.png Torment Deals damage every second. Deals additional damage to moving foes. Stacks intensity. Might.png Might (10s)
Crowd Control Conditions
Blinded.png Blinded Next outgoing attack misses; stacks duration. Fury.png Fury (5s)
Chilled.png Chilled Movement speed decreased by 66%; skill cooldown increased by 66%; stacks duration. Alacrity.png Alacrity (2s)
Crippled.png Crippled Movement speed decreased by 50%; stacks duration. Swiftness.png Swiftness (10s)
Fear.png Fear Involuntary retreat; unable to act; stacks duration. Stability.png Stability (1 stack, 3s)
Immobile.png Immobilized Unable to move; stacks duration. Resistance.png Resistance (2s)
Slow.png Slow Skills and actions are slower. Quickness.png Quickness (3s)
Taunt.png Taunt Involuntarily attack foes. Resistance.png Resistance (2s)
Weakness.png Weakness Endurance regeneration decreased by 50%. 50% of hits are Glancing Blows (50% damage). Stacks duration. Might.png Might (10s)
Other Conditions
Vulnerability.png Vulnerability Damage and condition damage taken are increased; stacks intensity. Protection.png Protection (3s)

Some effects are considered conditions for some game mechanics so they can be removed with condition removal effects, but are not available in any profession or race skill sets, and cannot be converted into boons. Here are some examples of such conditions:

Related skills[edit]

Many skills apply or remove specific conditions. To find skills related to a specific condition, refer to the page on that condition. The following are skills related to non-specific conditions.

Skills that remove conditions[edit]

From self[edit]

Weapon skills
Healing skills
Utility skills
Elite Skills
  • Mirage tango icon 20px.png
     JauntDeception. Shadowstep to a target location and confuse nearby foes.
Profession mechanics

From allies[edit]

Weapon skills
Underwater weapon skills
  • Guardian tango icon 20px.png
     Purify — Release an orb of cleansing light that cures conditions on allies it passes through and detonates on enemies struck. Burns foes and cures conditions on allies within the blast radius.
  • Guardian tango icon 20px.png
     Purifying Blast — Detonate the orb to burn foes and cure conditions on allies in the blast radius.
Healing skills
Utility skills
Elite skills
Profession mechanics

Skills that transfer conditions[edit]

Weapon skills
Utility skills
Profession mechanics

Skills that transform boons into conditions[edit]

Weapon skills
Utility skills

Skills that transform conditions into boons[edit]

Utility skills[edit]

on allies
Profession mechanics

Skills that benefit from conditions on foes[edit]

  • Necromancer tango icon 20px.png
    Feast of Corruption.png
     Feast of Corruption — Strike your target, gain life force, and corrupt boons on your foe. For each condition on your target up to the condition threshold, gain additional life force and inflict torment.
  • Scourge tango icon 20px.png
    Oppressive Collapse.png
     Oppressive Collapse - Corrupt the ground under your target; if they remain within the area, they will be knocked down. Grant might to allies near your target based on how many conditions they have.

Related traits[edit]

To see the traits which relate to a specific condition, refer to the page on that condition. The following is a list of traits related to non-specific conditions

Traits that remove conditions[edit]

Traits also removing conditions from allies

Traits that benefit from conditions on foes[edit]

Traits that benefit from conditions on you[edit]

Traits that transfer conditions[edit]

Traits that copy conditions onto foes[edit]

Traits that transform boons into conditions[edit]

Traits that transform conditions into boons[edit]

Traits that reduce condition damage[edit]

Related equipment[edit]

To find equipment related to a specific condition, refer to the page on that condition. Following is a list of equipment that affects non-specific conditions.

Upgrade components that remove conditions[edit]



Upgrade components that convert conditions[edit]

Upgrade components that transfer conditions to enemies[edit]


Upgrade components that affect conditions on enemies[edit]


See also: Condition Duration#Runes that increase condition duration

Upgrade components that affect conditions on self[edit]


See also: Condition Duration#Runes that decrease Condition Duration (on you)

Related consumables[edit]

To find consumables related to a specific condition, refer to the page on that condition. Following is a list of consumables that affect non-specific conditions

Consumables that remove conditions[edit]

See also[edit]