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Glancing, also known as a glancing blow or glancing hit, is a game mechanic that causes an attack to deal only 50% of regular damage and lose any critical damage. Glancing affects only direct damage, not damage dealt by conditions.


Glancing hits can be caused by:

  • Being under the effect of the condition weakness (50% chance)
  • Fighting an opponent of higher level (level and critical chance dependent chance)

Glancing hits from weakness override critical hits which further decreases damage output for characters with a high critical chance. However, glancing hits caused by fighting higher level opponents don't affect critical hits [1] which makes high critical chance essential when fighting against higher level opponents.

Chance vs higher levels[edit]

For non-critical hits, the chance of dealing a glancing hit increases based on the level difference between the higher level foe and the player, reaching 100% for opponents 7 or more levels higher.


The chance of glancing is -approximately- doubled for each level higher the foe is. If it were to be -exactly- doubled for each level, the equation would be:

 level difference = ( foe level - character level )
 chance of glancing hit = ( 100 % ) / ( 2 ^ [ 7 - level difference ] )
 valid range: { level difference = 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 }

Note: If research shows the doubling theory to be ineffective, a more accurate equation may be found using the exponential form y=A*exp(B*x), where Y is glancing hit chance, X is level difference, and A and B are parameters found by fitting the data (excluding X=0).


Note: this data set is unsourced and incomplete.[verification requested]

level difference chance of glancing
< 1 0.00 %
1 2.21 %
2 3.125 %
3 8.15 %
4 12.16 %
5 22.34 %
6 52.38 %
> 6 100.00 %


  • Critical hits were not affected by weakness until the June 25, 2013 update.

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