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In-game screenshot of life force meter.
A "bubble" of life force.

Life force is part of the necromancer's profession mechanic. This resource is gained from nearby deaths and certain skills, and fuels their necromantic Shrouds: Death Shroud for necromancers, Reaper's Shroud for Reapers, and Shade skills and Desert Shroud for Scourges.

Life force is stored permanently on the life force pool. The capacity of this pool is equal to 69% of the necromancer's health pool, meaning that the vitality attribute increases its capacity. Nearby deaths (approximately within a range of 1,200 units), not only of enemies but also of allies, replenishes 10% of the maximum life force. Certain traits can increase both the capacity of the life force pool, the amount of life force gained from all sources, or even passively replenish life force up to a percentage, as seen in the section below.

Related skills[edit]

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Skills that grant life force under special conditions[edit]

Soul Marks Soul Marks - Marks become unblockable and generate life force when triggered.

Related traits[edit]

Necromancer life force render.png

Traits that grant life force

Traits that improve life force

Other related traits[edit]


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