Mysterious Plague (condition)

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Mysterious Plague

Effect type
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This character is stricken with an unknown illness.

— In-game description

Mysterious Plague is a condition gained by certain Diseased Quaggans within the Grand Barrier Isle. It will periodically inflict Poison on them, slowly taking their health down, and if they lose all health under the effect, they become a Diseased Corpse.


  • Since it is a condition, it can be removed with skill and other effects that remove conditions from allies.
    • Removing it will not heal the infected Quaggan nor increase progress for the renown heart, but it will stop their health loss and give time for a Priory Healer to come and heal them. The effect will periodically come back unless the Diseased Quaggan is treated by a Priory Healer.
  • Players receive a different effect: Mysterious Plague that can't be removed with condition removal effects.