Shadow Arts

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Shadow Arts.pngShadow Arts is a core specialization for the thief that focuses on survival, defensive abilities, and stealth.

Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Merciful Ambush.png Merciful Ambush Stealth yourself and your target when reviving an ally. You revive allies faster.
Major Adept Last Refuge.png Last Refuge Use Lesser Blinding Powder when your health reaches a certain threshold or when you take falling damage. You take less falling damage.
Major Adept Concealed Defeat.png Concealed Defeat Cast Lesser Smoke Screen when downed. Deception skills gain reduced recharge.
Major Adept Shadow's Embrace.png Shadow's Embrace Remove conditions periodically while in stealth.
Minor Master Meld with Shadows.png Meld with Shadows Stealth lasts longer when it's granted by your skills.
Major Master Shadow Protector.png Shadow Protector When you grant stealth to an ally, they gain regeneration.
Major Master Hidden Thief.png Hidden Thief Stealing grants you stealth. Gain increased movement speed while in stealth.
Major Master Leeching Venoms.png Leeching Venoms Venom skills gain reduced recharge and siphon life from struck foes. Siphoning can only occur once per strike.
Minor Grandmaster Resilience of Shadows.png Resilience of Shadows Stealth effects that you apply reduce incoming attack damage.
Major Grandmaster Cloaked in Shadow.png Cloaked in Shadow Gaining stealth blinds nearby foes. You cannot be critically hit while stealthed.
Major Grandmaster Shadow's Rejuvenation.png Shadow's Rejuvenation Regenerate health and initiative while in stealth.
Major Grandmaster Rending Shade.png Rending Shade Steal boons from enemies you strike with stealth attacks. Incoming damage from enemies without boons is reduced.
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