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Elite specialization character icon.

"I will silence the threat before it can fester."

Willbenders are protectors of the Canthan throne and fated guardians to the Weh no Su. Their sword arm is as strong as their loyalty— unflinching and ruthless. They are known for a swift hand and unmatched swordplay, striking before their foe has time to react.

— In-game description

Willbender concept art 2.jpg

Willbender is an elite specialization for the guardian unlocked with the End of Dragons expansion. Willbenders are elite Canthan warriors who protect the Emperor and their family with their lives. They believe the best way to protect their allies is to execute their enemies, so they move swiftly, cutting down threats one by one before they have time to attack. Willbenders only act when needed and, as such, sacrifice the passive bonuses of traditional guardian virtues to greatly increase the power of their active effects.

They use their virtues to dash around the battlefield, reaching their enemies in the blink of an eye, and only then, manifest their powerful Willbender Flames to incinerate their foes. Willbenders have learned physical skills to quickly close the gap and demonstrate their domain of martial arts by punching and kicking their enemies. Willbenders can wield swords in their off hand for even more mobility and precise attacks. Willbenders excel at damage dealing both through direct strike attacks and applying burning condition.

List of willbender skills[edit]

See also: List of guardian skills

Profession mechanic[edit]

Bring them to justice!

— Willbender

Guardian's innate profession abilities, Virtues, become movement-based skills and lose their passive component until activated. Each of the Virtues now consists of three elements: skill, virtue effect, and willbender flames.

Skills:  Rushing Justice.png Rushing Justice,  Flowing Resolve.png Flowing Resolve,  Crashing Courage.png Crashing Courage.

Virtue effects:  Rushing Justice.png Justice,  Flowing Resolve.png Flowing Resolve,  Crashing Courage.png Crashing Courage (not to be confused with the active skills above).

  • Temporary self-buffs, passive effects which character gains upon using Virtue skills.
  • For the duration of the respective buff, every five successful hits (from weapon attacks or other abilities) trigger either burning, heal, or grant protective boons.
  • They can be modified by Guardian's traits that change Virtues' passive effects.

Willbender Flames:  Willbender Flames.png Rushing Justice,  Willbender Flames.png Flowing Resolve,  Willbender Flames.png Crashing Courage.

  • Trails left on the ground that damage enemies and provide additional effects depending on a selected Willbender's trait.
  • They share the same effect between all three Virtues, and only vary in shape and the number of targets affected.
  • If multiple Virtue skills used in quick succession, only Willbender Flames from the last used Virtue remains active.
# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
F1 Rushing Justice.png Rushing Justice 0.5½ 12 Virtue. Rush toward your target and gain Justice delivering a strike and emanating Willbender Flames.
Chain Arrow Toolbelt.pngWillbender Flames.png Willbender Flames Manifest flames that damage enemies on an interval.

Activating this skill destroys other active Willbender Flames effects.
F2 Flowing Resolve.png Flowing Resolve 0.5½ 0 Virtue. Remove conditions and gain Flowing Resolve. Rush forward and evade attacks while leaving Willbender Flames in your wake.
Chain Arrow Toolbelt.pngWillbender Flames.png Willbender Flames Leave a trail of flame in your wake that damage enemies.

Activating this skill destroys other active Willbender Flames effects.
F3 Crashing Courage.png Crashing Courage 0.75¾ 30 Virtue. Shadowstep a short distance while gaining boons and emanating Willbender Flames from your location. Gain Courage.
Chain Arrow Toolbelt.pngWillbender Flames.png Willbender Flames Create a ring of flame that damages enemies.

Activating this skill destroys other active Willbender Flames effects.

Weapon skills[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description


4 Executioner's Calling.png Executioner's Calling 0.75¾ 12 Strike your foe with rending force. Follow up this attack with a dual strike that deals increased damage against foes you struck with the first.
5 Advancing Strike.png Advancing Strike 0.5½ 20 Quickly dash toward your foe and then shadowstep to deliver a debilitating attack that first slows and then immobilizes your enemies.

Slot skills[edit]


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Reversal of Fortune.png Reversal of Fortune Not available underwater 10.5½ 2 Physical. Guard yourself with light, negating the next incoming strike and healing you instead, even if the strike would have been lethal. If an effect causes damage that would be lethal, that damage will be negated and you will be healed instead. If no attacks or lethal damage are negated, you will be healed for the lowest set amount.


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Flash Combo.png Flash Combo Not available underwater 0.75¾ 20 Physical. Shadowstep to your target and strike at them multiple times. If all attacks hit, gain access to Repose.
ChainRepose.png Repose Not available underwater Physical. Shadowstep to Flash Combo's starting point.
Whirling Light.png Whirling Light Not available underwater 10.25¼ 15 Physical. Lunge forward and perform a whirlwind kick, weakening and burning any foes left in your wake.
Heel Crack.png Heel Crack Not available underwater 0.5½ 15 Physical. Perform a quick heel strike that stuns your target.
Roiling Light.png Roiling Light Not available underwater 0.75¾ 15 Physical. Break stun and dodge backward, blinding foes and gaining resistance. Then, gain access to Quick Retribution.
ChainQuick Retribution.png Quick Retribution Not available underwater 0.5½ Physical. Lunge forward and unleash a disorienting strike at your foe, dazing them.


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Heaven's Palm.png Heaven's Palm Not available underwater 10.25¼ 20 Physical. Shadowstep and slam the ground, knocking down your targeted foe. Foes that aren't targeted are knocked back instead.

List of willbender traits[edit]

See also: List of guardian traits
Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Proficiency Sword Proficiency.png Sword Proficiency You can wield swords in your off-hand.
Minor Adept Willbender Training.png Willbender Training The guardian's Virtues are now movement based, giving them a swift advantage in combat. Gain access to the Physical skill type.
Major Adept Searing Pact.png Searing Pact Gain condition damage. Willbender Flames now inflict burning on foes they strike.
Major Adept Power for Power.png Power for Power Gain increased power. Willbender Flames deal increased damage to foes they strike.
Major Adept Conceited Curate.png Conceited Curate Gain increased vitality. Willbender Flames now heal you when they strike an enemy.
Minor Master Righteous Sprint.png Righteous Sprint Gain increased movement speed. Gain swiftness when you activate a virtue.
Major Master Restorative Virtues.png Restorative Virtues Triggered virtue effects reduce the cooldown of active weapon abilities. Gain vigor when activating Flowing Resolve.
Major Master Holy Reckoning.png Holy Reckoning Triggered virtue effects now grant might to allies in addition to their bonuses. Gain fury when activating Rushing Justice.
Major Master Vanguard Tactics.png Vanguard Tactics Activating Courage grants resistance. Shadowstepping grants resolution and protection.
Minor Grandmaster Lethal Tempo.png Lethal Tempo Each time you activate a virtue or your virtue's passives are triggered, gain a damage bonus. Gaining stacks of this boon refreshes other stacks.
Major Grandmaster Phoenix Protocol.png Phoenix Protocol Gain alacrity and regeneration when resolve's effect triggers, but you no longer heal. Resolve has a modified duration. Gain alacrity when you use Flowing Resolve.
Major Grandmaster Tyrant's Momentum.png Tyrant's Momentum Lethal Tempo grants increased damage, but has reduced duration. Justice's duration is modified.
Major Grandmaster Deathless Courage.png Deathless Courage Killing a foe extends the duration of Courage up to the maximum duration. You cannot be downed while Courage is active. Courage no longer grants aegis, and its initial duration is reduced.


A willbender’s bladework is unmatched and wielding a sword in their off hand gives them extra opportunities for ruthless cuts.

— Official site

Willbenders are protectors of the Canthan throne and fated guardians to the Weh no Su (or Ascendant Emperors).[sic] A new form of Guardian that uses of an off-hand sword and physical abilities to help them reach and execute their foes, the willbender makes the profession more mobile than it has ever been. The willbender’s off-hand sword and many physical utilities have been given multi-strike and bonus movement capabilities making it a highly aggressive damage dealer, bursting down foes while simultaneously maintaining their health and well-being through destruction on the battlefield.

— Elite specialization lore[1]

Willbenders are traditionally protectors of the emperor of Cantha, or the throne of Cantha more specifically (empresses too), and more specifically to that they were protectors of the Weh no Su (or to be closer to the stars) which were certain emperor and empresses that had achieved ascension through celestial trials, so Willbenders are really really potent protectors.

Indigo Boock[2]

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  • The first known instance of a guardian dual wielding swords in the game is General Almorra Soulkeeper in Darkrime Delves.
  • The willbender was first teased on the official Twitter account with a silhouette that lacked the typical profession-colored aura. This led to debate among players as to whether the specialization was for the guardian or the thief. [3]
  • The promo art for Willbender shows a human in Warlord's armor, Mark of the Throne, and dual wielding Willbender's Sword.
  • Prior to February 14, 2023 game update, only one Willbender effect could be active at the same time, so they overwrote each other if Virtue skills were used in quick succession.

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