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Objectives are areas in World versus World that can be taken over by each world. Each objective are guarded by different NPCs and Guards, and each objective contains a Supply Depot. There are four different kinds of objectives:


The ownership of an objective by a world (Blue, Green or Red) is displayed on the WvW map. Each objective contributes a certain amount of points towards the owning server's war score.

Total Objectives[edit]

The following table shows the amount of the objectives on each map.

Map Camp Tower Keep Castle
Green Borderlands 6 4 3 0
Blue Borderlands 6 4 3 0
Red Borderlands 6 4 3 0
Eternal Battlegrounds 6 12 3 1
Total Objectives 24 24 12 1

War Score[edit]

War Score details for points earned from objectives is displayed in the World vs. World panel.

Every 5 minutes, the objectives controlled by each world are totaled and added to that world's cumulative score. The score is added at the start of the next 5 minute interval, so objectives flipped before the timer starts again (during the --:-- phase) will also count for points.

Points per tick Base Points Secured Reinforced Fortified
Camp 2 3 4 5
Tower 4 6 8 10
Keep 8 12 16 20
Castle 12 18 24 30


Players must defeat the objective's Veteran Supervisor (camps), Champion Tower Lord (towers), Champion Keep Lord (keeps), or Legendary Castle Lord (castles) to allow the capture point to appear. Successfully defending the point for 30 seconds will change the objective's ownership to the claiming world. Enemy guards and players can contest the point, preventing progress to the capture until they are removed from the circle.

Capturing an objective will add points depending on the objective's tier once to the war score.

Points per capture Base Points Secured Reinforced Fortified
Camp 2 3 4 5
Tower 4 6 8 10
Keep 8 12 16 20
Castle 12 18 24 30

After an objective is captured:

  • An announcement of the capture is seen by every player in the map
  • All guards are restored to their initial state with the exception of enemy dolyaks in resource camps
  • All prior upgrades are removed, walls and gates are repaired
  • The banners around the object change to the color of the world that has captured the objective
  • Timers begin to unlock objective upgrades
  • Guard leaders gain Righteous Indignation for 5 minutes, preventing the objective from being recaptured temporarily
  • The objective can be claimed by a guild


Depending on the type of objective, there are a number of obstacles that must be overcome before it can be captured. The following table lists the defenses that each objective type possesses:

Resource camp Tower Keep Stonemist Castle
Guards 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Outer Walls/Gates 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Inner Walls/Gates1 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Lord2 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes

1. Stonemist Castle only has inner gates and no inner walls.

2. Champion Tower Lord, Champion Keep Lord or Legendary Castle Lord.

The longer a world holds an objective, the more it will be upgraded to make it harder to capture.

Objective upgrades[edit]

Objectives gain up to 3 tiers the longer it is held by a world's team as it receives supply caravans from resource camps. With increasing tiers, objectives gain automatic upgrades and gain slots for guild claiming upgrades.

  • Automatic Upgrades passively improve the structures' gates, walls, guards, supply depots, and bring additional siege weapons and services to the location
  • Tactics and Improvements allow guilds that have claimed an objective to activate unique effects in the location
    • Tactics — active bonuses that can be triggered by the objective's tactivators
    • Improvements — passive bonuses that improve the objective's defensive structures and allies

Objective Scaling Rewards[edit]

There are additional rewards for participating in objective events: assaulting or defending towers, keeps, and castles, specifically. The more these objectives are upgraded and defended, the better the end reward will be. There are four cases we’re targeting with additional rewards:

  • Successful assaults: flipping control of the objective.
  • Successful defenses: Repel the Attackers events, which end after three minutes.
  • Unsuccessful defenses: losing the objective when the attackers successfully take control of it.

Players will earn increased rewards based on the number of opposing players participating in the battle and the upgrade tier of the objective.

Reward Tiers

Guild Claiming[edit]

Primary article: Guild Claiming

Objectives can be claimed by a guild. Claiming puts the guild's emblem onto the banners hanging from the objective. Tactics, Improvements, and guild objective auras become available if the guild has unlocked them. Additional upgrades to objectives can be unlocked through the War Room in the guild hall. A guild is limited to claiming a maximum of one objective at a time per map. If an objective has been claimed, a small yellow shield appears next to its map icon.


Claiming an objective requires that the guild has unlocked the appropriate guild upgrade and that the player has the appropriate guild permissions active:

Guild Objective Auras[edit]

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  • Prior to the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, objectives were called structures. They could be upgraded through spending coin and supply on structure upgrades, as opposed to the current time-based free upgrades.
  • Formerly, speaking to the main defender after capture was required to claim an objective.