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Disambig icon.png This article is about the specialization. For World versus World objective upgrades, see Objective upgrade#Tactics.
Specialization background.

"The right strategy will see us through the day."

Tactics utilities the Soldier's Focus ability to bolster allies and manipulate the flow of battle. Improve the effectiveness of skills that affect allies to turn any fight in your favor.

— In-game description


Tactics is a core specialization for the warrior that favors healing allies and supporting them with shouts and the warhorn.

Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Adept Marching Orders (trait).png Marching Orders Periodically gain Soldier's Focus. Hitting with a burst skill expends Soldier's Focus to grant might to nearby allies.
Major Adept Leg Specialist.png Leg Specialist 5 Immobilize a target when you cripple them with a skill. Deal increased strike damage to foes affected with movement-impairing conditions.
Major Adept Soldier's Comfort.png Soldier's Comfort Soldier's Focus heals affected allies and grants them protection.
Major Adept Roaring Reveille.png Roaring Reveille Warhorn skills apply additional boons. Your concentration is increased.
Minor Master Empowered.png Empowered Deal increased strike damage for every boon on you.
Major Master Warrior's Cunning.png Warrior's Cunning Deal increased strike damage to foes above the health threshold. Also deal more damage to foes with barrier.
Damage bonuses do not stack.
Major Master Shrug It Off.png Shrug It Off Use "Shake It Off!" automatically when you have a number of conditions on you. Removing a damaging condition from an ally heals them.
Major Master Empower Allies.png Empower Allies 10 While you are in combat, grant might to yourself and nearby allies each interval. Soldier's Focus gains increased radius.
Minor Grandmaster Mending Might.png Mending Might Applying might to an ally heals you.
Major Grandmaster Martial Cadence.png Martial Cadence Soldier's Focus grants boons to affected allies
Major Grandmaster Vigorous Shouts.png Vigorous Shouts Shout skills heal allies. Gain healing power based on your power.
Major Grandmaster Phalanx Strength.png Phalanx Strength When you grant yourself might, grant it to nearby allies as well.
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Version history[edit]

For a detailed specialization history, see here.