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Elite specialization character icon.

"Once, we fought each other... Now we unite against a common enemy."

Channel the Luxon and Kurzick heroes Archemorus and Saint Viktor to assault your enemies and protect your allies. Instead of dodging, you leap high into the air, crashing down to devastate your foes.

— In-game description

Vindicator concept art 2.jpg

Vindicator is an elite specialization for the revenant unlocked with the End of Dragons expansion. Vindicators have learned to commune with the legendary Canthan heroes Saint Viktor zu Heltzer of the Kurzicks and Archemorus of the Luxons, who joined forces to defeat the corrupted assassin Shiro Tagachi, a short lived victory that killed them both and enveloped Cantha in the curse of the Jade Wind.

In this Legendary Alliance Stance, vindicators commune with both Saint Viktor and Archemorus, switching between one or the other in this single stance. Archemorus focuses on damage dealing, and Saint Viktor on support. Vindicators modify their dodge roll into an empowered high leap, landing with such force that it damages nearby enemies. They can wield greatswords to both deal damage and block attacks. Vindicators focus on damage dealing.

List of vindicator skills[edit]

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Profession mechanic[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Energy.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
F1 Legendary Alliance Stance.png Legendary Alliance Stance Invoke the power of the legendary champions Archemorus and Saint Viktor.
Additional mechanic
F2 Energy Meld.png Energy Meld 0.5½ 10 20 Gain endurance.
F3 Alliance Tactics.png Alliance Tactics 3 Swap your Legendary Alliance Stance skills.

Weapon skills[edit]

# Skill Activation.png Energy.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description


1 Mist Swing.png Mist Swing 0.5½ Swing at enemies with your greatsword.
1 ChainMist Slash.png Mist Slash 0.5½ Swing your greatsword again, inflicting vulnerability.
1 ChainArcing Mists.png Arcing Mists 0.5½ Cleave your foes, inflicting vulnerability and chilling them.
2 Mist Unleashed.png Mist Unleashed 0.5½ 5 3 Hurl forces from the Mists in front of you, rendering foes vulnerable.
3 Phantom's Onslaught.png Phantom's Onslaught 0.5½ 8 8 Rush towards your opponent, cleaving the area.
4 Imperial Guard.png Imperial Guard 0.5½ 10 12 Block incoming attacks for a prolonged duration, and ready a counterattack that deals increased damage based on the attacks blocked.
4 ChainTrue Strike (vindicator).png True Strike 0.75¾ Strike your foes with empowered energy. Deals increased damage based on attacks blocked by Imperial Guard.
5 Eternity's Requiem.png Eternity's Requiem 1 10 15 Whirl your greatsword, opening holes in the Mists that deal damage.
Damage is reduced per target each time they are struck by this ability.

Slot skills[edit]


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Energy/Upkeep cost Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Selfish Spirit.png Selfish Spirit 10.5½ 10 10 Legendary Alliance. Channel your rage into the nearby area, healing and empowering yourself for each enemy struck.
ChainSelfless Spirit.png Selfless Spirit 10.5½ 10 10 Legendary Alliance. Heal allies in an area.


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Energy/Upkeep cost Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Nomad's Advance.png Nomad's Advance 0.75¾ 10 3 Legendary Alliance. Lunge forward, damaging foes and gaining might for each target struck.
ChainBattle Dance.png Battle Dance 0.25¼ 15 3 Legendary Alliance. Evade backward, granting boons to allies.
Scavenger Burst.png Scavenger Burst 0.75¾ 15 3 Legendary Alliance. Unleash your rage at foes in the area, gaining boons and endurance for each foe struck.
ChainTree Song.png Tree Song 1 15 3 Legendary Alliance. Grant regeneration and cleanse conditions from allies in the targeted area, healing them for each condition removed. Gain endurance for each affected ally, and gain additional endurance for each condition removed.
Reaver's Rage.png Reaver's Rage 0.5½ 15 10 Legendary Alliance. Break stun and attack nearby enemies, gaining stability for each target struck.
ChainAwakening.png Awakening 15 10 Legendary Alliance. Break stun on nearby allies and grant protection.


Skill Underwater skills Activation.png Energy/Upkeep cost Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Spear of Archemorus.png Spear of Archemorus 0.5½ 20 12 Legendary Alliance. Call upon the spirit of Archemorus to hurl his spear at your foe, dealing significant damage.
ChainUrn of Saint Viktor.png Urn of Saint Viktor -5 2 Legendary Alliance. Become the Urn of Saint Viktor, taking continuous damage while healing nearby allies. You take reduced damage while in this state, but you cannot be healed.
ChainDrop Urn of Saint Viktor.png Drop Urn of Saint Viktor 1 1 Legendary Alliance. Slam your Urn into the ground, ending the ability. Grant boons and heals[sic] allies based on your health threshold.

List of vindicator traits[edit]

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Tier Trait Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Minor Proficiency Greatsword Proficiency.png Greatsword Proficiency You can wield greatswords.
Minor Adept Tenacious Ruin.png Tenacious Ruin Instead of dodging, deliver a powerful blow from above, striking foes when you hit the ground.
Major Adept Leviathan Strength.png Leviathan Strength Deal increased damage while your endurance is not full.
Major Adept Amnesty of Shing Jea.png Amnesty of Shing Jea Legendary Alliance abilities gain an additional bonus. Activating Energy Meld or Alliance Tactics grants both of these bonuses simultaneously at greater amounts.
Kurzick abilities grant regeneration in an area around you.
Luxon abilities grant might in an area around you.
Major Adept Redemptor's Sermon.png Redemptor's Sermon 30 When struck while below the health threshold, heal allies in the area and cleanse their conditions.
Minor Master Balance in Discord.png Balance in Discord Gain health and boons when swapping legends or by using Alliance Tactics while attuned to the Legendary Alliance.
Major Master Reaver's Curse.png Reaver's Curse Energy Meld's cooldown is reduced and it increases the effectiveness of your next dodge.
Major Master Angsiyan's Trust.png Angsiyan's Trust Energy Meld no longer has an energy cost and grants energy when used in combat.
Major Master Song of Arboreum.png Song of Arboreum Energy Meld grants more endurance and grants its endurance and vigor to nearby allies.
Minor Grandmaster Empire Divided.png Empire Divided Gain increased power while above the health threshold. Gain increased healing power while below it.
Major Grandmaster Forerunner of Death.png Forerunner of Death Dodging now deals more damage but affects a smaller area. Outgoing strike damage is increased for a period of time upon impact.
Major Grandmaster Vassals of the Empire.png Vassals of the Empire Dodging now grants boons to allies and strikes foes when landing. Extend boon duration for allies upon landing.
Major Grandmaster Saint of zu Heltzer.png Saint of zu Heltzer The affected area of your dodge is increased. You now heal allies in an area when you land instead of dealing damage. Outgoing healing is increased for a period of time upon landing.


Vindicators channel the legendary alliance between two mortal foes to devastate their enemies and protect their allies.

— Official site

The Kurzicks and Luxons were bitter enemies, but their greatest champions Saint Viktor and Archemorus united to help slay Shiro the Betrayer at the cost of their own lives. Vindicators call upon the strength of their legendary alliance, channeling both heroes’ skills to devastate their enemies and protect their allies. They use greatswords to deliver massive attacks, and crush foes by leaping straight into battle instead of dodging.

— Vindicator spotlight

They once stood together to conquer Shiro Tagachi at the Harvest Temple. Revenants of Tyria can now reach through the Mists and channel the power of Archemorous and Saint Viktor zu Heltzer—the great Heroes of Cantha. With the power of an ocean wave, Archemorous brings his Luxon prowess to the battlefield with unmatched might, while Viktor harnesses the elegance of his Kurzick blood to aid your allies. The Legendary Alliance is eager to stand with you in battle, and even more eager to see the shores of Cantha once again.

— Elite specialization lore[1]

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  • The Vindicator mentor Scholar Lutta can be found in the northeast region of Arborstone, on the second floor, near the memorials.


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