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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.



Taimi (original).jpg

Taimi's original appearance.

In research, there's no reward without risk!

— Taimi

Taimi (born in 1313 AE, in late spring or early summer)[1] is an asura studying at the College of Synergetics. An apprentice of the renowned golemancer Zojja, Taimi requires the assistance of a golem named Scruffy to get around, owing to a degenerative disease that prevents her from walking long distances and may spread to other parts of her body as she gets older. Although there is no known cure, this progeny is quick to refuse any offer of pity.


Living World Season 1[edit]

Taimi was first seen at the Marionette's Landing in Lornar's Pass in 1326 AE, claiming to be on an important field experiment for her college. After the defeat of the Twisted Marionette, Logan Thackeray took her to Lion's Arch, where she claimed Braham was her guardian (although the norn denied ever meeting her).

Taimi has made several attempts to get Braham to take her back to Rata Sum. She showed an intense interest in Scarlet Briar, and expressed a desire to meet with her. When Scarlet broke Mai Trin out of Fort Marriner, Taimi who was followed by Braham pursued her into the Edge of the Mists where her golem Scruffy was damaged.

Since the attack on Lion's Arch, Taimi hung around in the safety of Vigil Keep, hoping to find an eyewitness account of Scarlet in Lion's Arch. She ultimately realized the terror Scarlet had wrought when witnessing the loss of life from the Battle for Lion's Arch although she still acknowledged Scarlet as a genius even if a troubled one. She stayed safely out of Lion's Arch while the Pact Commander's party killed Scarlet aboard the Breachmaker; however, Scarlet still succeeded even in death when her falling flagship managed to redirect the ley lines underneath the city to the Heart of Maguuma where an Elder Dragon's roar was heard.

Living World Season 2[edit]

After Mordremoth's awakening, Taimi and the rest of the team, including the Pact Commander, were called to Dry Top by the Seraph in order to investigate some strange vines growing in the region, as well as the crash of the Zephyr Sanctum. They chased down Aerin, the saboteur of that crash, and later discovered a strange room belonging to Scarlet prior to her visions of the Eternal Alchemy.

Taimi took to the artifacts and quickly became absorbed in researching them, later discovering a secret path to a ley line hub which Taimi assisted the Pact Commander and her group in retaking for themselves. She then continued her research into ley line energy which helped expose the vulnerability of the waypoint system as well as impending Mordrem attacks on both Fort Concordia and Fort Salma. While the Commander was assisted by the rest of the team in resolving those issues, Taimi discovered Omadd's machine, the device Scarlet had used to view the Eternal Alchemy, and sought to use it on herself. After a scuffle with the Commander, however, it was the Commander that was subjected to the mind opening experience instead of Taimi.

As the Commander set off to recruit the world leaders to the World Summit to discuss the threat Mordremoth was now posing, Taimi finished work on her waypoint calibration device despite the snide remarks and overbearing presence of Councillor Phlunt. After finishing the device with the visiting Commander's help, Taimi started the process of recalibrating the waypoint system, which finished with Mordemoth's minions attempting to destroy the device. With the Commander's help, the minions were pushed back, but Phlunt demanded that Taimi hand over her research and knowledge to hold in trust until she graduated from the college. Taimi did not want to give up what she had worked so hard to achieve, so she fled deeper into Dry Top before being cornered by the Inquest. The Commander and Braham fought the Inquest off, and ultimately convinced Taimi to give up the device for the greater good.

Taimi was invited to the World Summit in the Grove. Due to her golem and her refusal to give it up, she stayed on the lower level and assisted with evacuating and protecting the world leaders when the Shadow of the Dragon attacked the summit. The Pale Tree was left weakened after the dragon champion had been driven off, but the attack convinced the five races that they needed to pool their resources together and mobilize the Pact to take the fight to Mordremoth before the Elder Dragon would be too powerful to stop.

Taimi moved to the Pact staging ground of Camp Resolve in the Silverwastes where she began studying under Brun Ingotspitter. Later, she was mentioned to have returned to her studies at the College of Synergetics during the downfall of the Shadow of the Dragon. However, as word got out of the Pact Fleet's destruction in Mordremoth's surprise assault, Taimi returned to Camp Resolve.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns[edit]

Taimi was part of the Pact Commander's strike force against Mordremoth in 1328 AE. In Auric Basin, she reactivated a device that mapped out sources of ley energy, and discovered that the formerly lost asuran city of Rata Novus was nearby. She was able to power up the city and access its research on the Elder Dragons. However, Taimi chose to use Scruffy to reconnect a ley-energy power source, rendering her golem immobile. Taimi was unable to follow the party into their final battles against Mordremoth, but was happy to get first access to Rata Novus' research and facilities.

Living World Season 3[edit]

In the aftermath of Mordremoth's death, Taimi revealed the discovery of Rata Novus to her asuran peers. Although many asura followed to rebuild the city, Taimi kept the dragon research laboratory as her own secret. She began several experiments based on the Elder Dragons, expanding the Auric Basin's ley-energy map range to across Tyria, and tried filtering different forms of magic through a preserved chak organ. With the assistance of Moto, Taimi was able to boot up a virtual reality simulator below Rata Novus where users could practise fighting dragon minions.

Through her readings on ley-energy, Taimi was forced to tell the Pact Commander of foreboding news—Primordus had become active, travelling from the Shiverpeak Mountains to the south west, towards the Ring of Fire. In response Taimi intentionally leaked the news amongst the Arcane Council, prompting them to send asuran resources to Ember Bay. She also handpicked a few trusted asuran associates to form the New Novus Krewe which would assist her in studying the Elder Dragons discreetly from more self-serving krewes.

Braham also sent word to his friends that Jormag had become active.

Path of Fire[edit]

While the Pact Commander traveled to the Crystal Desert in 1330 AE to stop the rogue god Balthazar from killing the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik and destroying Tyria in the process, Taimi remained in Tarir to watch over Aurene. However, Aurene began acting more and more aggressively over time, and Caithe and the Luminate discussed the issue with Taimi who stayed in contact with the Commander via a remote communication device.

They learned that Aurene was reacting to sensing her brother Vlast's death at the hands of Balthazar, and the trio did their best to try to calm the hatchling down. When Aurene sensed that Balthazar was about to kill the Commander, however, she escaped from Tarir and flew to the Crystal Desert while her caretakers could do nothing but watch helplessly as she departed.[2] She tried to contact the Commander with important information during the Battle of Kodash Bazaar but the distortion caused by the magic unleashed in the clash between Balthazar and Kralkatorrik cut off her signal before the Commander could hear what she had to say.

When Phlunt had all but taken over Taimi's former lab in Rata Novus, Taimi decided to leave. She and Scruffy 2.0 flew to the Free City of Amnoon aboard Ellen Kiel's airship with representatives from Lion's Arch just in time to witness the Commander returning from vanquishing Balthazar. Taimi explained her reasons for traveling to Amnoon before learning that Kralkatorrik had absorbed most of Balthazar's energy although the conversation was cut short by Chief Councilor Imann who requested the Commander's presence as the hero.

While the Commander delivered a speech to the eager festival audience, Rytlock filled Taimi in on what had happened in the desert. The sudden arrival of Marjory lifted the spirits of Dragon's Watch although their joy was cut short when a Brandstorm summoned by Kralkatorrik suddenly hit Amnoon. The storm was over shortly after, however, and Taimi decided to use the calm before the next storm to make one last call to her dragon lab. She pranked Phlunt by sounding like an angered Iron Legion charr before ending the call, feeling less sour about losing much of her research equipment to Phlunt's krewe.[2]

Living World Season 4[edit]


Crystal Desert

Historical locations[edit]

Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains
The Mists

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Note: As part of Always Time for Taimi, there is optional dialogue with Taimi during every Path of Fire story step while in the open world.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Historical events[edit]

Red Shield.png
[Group Event] Hold the line! (34)

Combat abilities[edit]

Primary article: Scruffy


For previous dialogue, see here.

I like what I'm seeing. The Zephyrites' approach to magic is unique, as in their attitude. Not so fond of what I'm hearing, though: I predict the "alas, alas" song is going to get on my nerves."
Talk more option tango.png
You get used to it. How are you getting along with Jory and Kas?
Kasmeer is nice-like the big sister I never had. She never gets mad. Marjory does, though, so she's a bit of a bully...like the big sister I never had. Getting around her is a rewarding challenge.
Talk end option tango.png
Just remember they're both on your side.
Talk more option tango.png
So what's next for you and Scruffy?
Not sitting on the sidelines in some smelly old Vigil camp, that's for sure. The next time this little band of ours goes on an adventure, Scruffy and I are going to be there.
Talk end option tango.png
I pity anyone who tries to stop you.
Talk more option tango.png
How are you feeling?
Thank you for asking. My legs are good today discomfortwise
, but I can't get complacent: my mobility is capricious, changing from one hour to the next. Luckily, Scruffy is always standing by.
Talk end option tango.png
Glad to hear it.
Talk end option tango.png


Got candy?
I'm behaving.
Hm. What?
Hello, hello, hello.
Oh, hi.
It wasn't me.
Look at me. I'm taller than you. (When inside Scruffy)
Greetings, organic creature. Just kidding, it's me in here. (When inside Scruffy)
I'm bored. Let's do something. (When inside Scruffy)
Built this thing myself. Check it out—classic vintage parts. (When inside Scruffy)
Ever combine limbic crystals and arcane reducers? I have! (When inside Scruffy)
Combat chatter
Woooo! Let's rumble. (When inside Scruffy)

Related achievements[edit]

Always Time for Taimi Crystal Desert.png Crystal Desert AP.png
Call Taimi and update her on your desert adventures after each step.You found time in your busy schedule to update Taimi on every event. Called Taimi AP.png
Called Taimi AP.png
Called Taimi AP.png
Avoid Traps Heart of Thorns Act 2.png Heart of Thorns: Act 2 AP.png
Find Taimi without stepping on any Mordrem traps.Story Mission: Strange Observations
Prerequisite: Strange Observations
Reward:Superior Sigil of Ruthlessness.png Superior Sigil of Ruthlessness
You found Taimi without falling victim to a Mordrem ambush. AP.png
Defender of the Tiny The Dragon's Reach, Part 2.png The Dragon's Reach, Part 2 15 AP.png
Protect Taimi from taking any damage while she controls her recalibration device.Story Instance: Recalibrating the Waypoints
Prerequisite: The Dragon's Reach, Part 2 Completed!
Reward:Story Journal chest.png Store of Edible Cactus
Protected Taimi while She Recalibrated 15 AP.png
Go Nuts with the Scanning Flashpoint.png Flashpoint AP.png
Find all unique objects and creatures in the Heart of the Volcano instance that respond to Taimi's scanner.A Scan a Day... 1/1 Scanned All Objects and Creatures in the Heart of the Volcano Instance AP.png
9/9 Scanned All Objects and Creatures in the Heart of the Volcano Instance AP.png
Leave No Survivors The Dragon's Reach, Part 1.png The Dragon's Reach, Part 1 15 AP.png
Vanquish every enemy group, including ambushes and traps, while helping Taimi collect parts for her device.Story Instance: The Waypoint Conundrum
Prerequisite: The Dragon's Reach, Part 1 Episode
Reward:Story Journal chest.png Store of Edible Cactus Fruit
Vanquished Every Enemy Group 15 AP.png
Mischief Maker The Dragon's Reach, Part 2.png The Dragon's Reach, Part 2 AP.png
Urge Taimi to yell at Braham during the recalibration device demonstration.Story Instance: Recalibrating the Waypoints
Prerequisite: The Dragon's Reach, Part 2 Completed!
Reward:Story Journal chest.png Ambrite Stash
Urged Taimi to Yell at Braham AP.png
Mushroom Conservationist Heart of Thorns Act 2.png Heart of Thorns: Act 2 AP.png
Help Taimi collect saurian bones without using more than 4 mushrooms.Story Mission: Strange Observations
Prerequisite: Strange Observations
Reward: 10  Sawgill Mushroom.png Sawgill Mushroom
You trapped saurians without using excess bait. AP.png
Nary a Pitfall The Dragon's Reach, Part 1.png The Dragon's Reach, Part 1 10 AP.png
Help Taimi gather parts for her device without triggering any traps.Story Instance: The Waypoint Conundrum
Prerequisite: The Dragon's Reach, Part 1 Episode
Reward:Story Journal chest.png Ambrite Cache
Helped Taimi Without Triggering Any Traps 10 AP.png
Raiders of the Lost Parts Edge of the Mists.png Edge of the Mists (living world achievements) 15 AP.png
Find and retrieve Taimi's golem parts from the Edge of the Mists.
Reward:Mini Chest of the Mists.png Mini Chest of the Mists
Golem Parts Retrieved 15 AP.png
Research in Rata Novus Out of the Shadows.png Out of the Shadows AP.png
Visit Taimi in Rata Novus, as requested.Journal: Research in Rata Novus Visited Taimi in Rata Novus AP.png
You Left This Daybreak.png Daybreak AP.png
Find Taimi's hair bow and return it to her.Story Instance: The First City
Reward:Sip of Liquid Karma.png Sip of Liquid Karma
Returned Taimi's Hair Bow AP.png


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