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He chose to help a lot of people, despite the cost. His life meant something. His death meant something. That's powerful, isn't it? I just... I hope I get a chance like that.


Taimi (born in 1313 AE, in late spring or summer)[1][2] is an asura studying at the College of Synergetics. An apprentice of the renowned golemancer Zojja, Taimi requires the assistance of a golem named Scruffy to get around, owing to a degenerative bone disease that prevents her from walking long distances and may spread to other parts of her body as she gets older.[1][3] Although there is no known cure, this progeny is quick to refuse any offer of pity.


Early years[edit]

Taimi was born in late spring or summer of 1313 AE. An orphan since birth, she became a ward of the Progeny Protective Services, a social agency division in Rata Sum.[4] She showed a brilliant mind from an early age but was physically hampered by a degenerative bone disease that affected her movement.[1][3] She enrolled in the College of Synergetics and eventually became the golemancer Zojja's apprentice. During her college days she befriended the brothers Blish and Gorrik.

Living World Season 1[edit]

Battle for Lion's Arch

Taimi appeared at the Marionette's Landing in Lornar's Pass in 1327 AE, claiming to be on an important field experiment for her college. After the defeat of the Twisted Marionette, Logan Thackeray took her to Lion's Arch, where she claimed Braham was her guardian (although the norn denied ever meeting her). She used Logan and Braham to get to know the Pact Commander, Kasmeer Meade, Marjory Delaqua, and Rox. She showed an intense interest in Scarlet Briar who had been behind the attacks of the Twisted Marionette and various nefarious alliances, and expressed a desire to meet with her.

While Taimi and Braham were still in Lion's Arch, Scarlet broke Mai Trin out of Fort Marriner. Taimi, followed by Braham, pursued them into the Edge of the Mists where her golem Scruffy was damaged. The Commander showed up later and helped Taimi repair her golem. Meanwhile, she and Braham spent time together and got to know each other better.

Since the attack on Lion's Arch, Taimi hung around in the safety of Vigil Keep, hoping to find an eyewitness account of Scarlet in Lion's Arch. She ultimately realized the terror Scarlet had wrought when witnessing the loss of life during the evacuation of Lion's Arch although she still acknowledged Scarlet as a genius even if a troubled one. She stayed safely out of Lion's Arch while the Pact Commander's party killed Scarlet aboard the Breachmaker; however, Scarlet still succeeded even in death when her falling flagship managed to redirect the ley lines underneath the city to the Heart of Maguuma where an Elder Dragon's roar was heard. Taimi regrouped with the others in The Dead End, joining their celebration and officially becoming a member of the group while warning the others of what that roar they heard was.

Living World Season 2[edit]

Gates of Maguuma

After the Elder Dragon Mordremoth's awakening in 1326 AE, Taimi and the rest of the team, including the Pact Commander, were called to Dry Top by the Seraph in order to investigate some strange vines growing in the region, as well as the crash of the Zephyr Sanctum. They chased down Aerin, the maddened sylvari saboteur of that crash who perished in the ensuing battle with the team, and later discovered a strange room belonging to Scarlet prior to her visions of the Eternal Alchemy. Realizing that Aerin had showed similar symptoms of madness as Scarlet, they decided to investigate a potential connection between the two.


Being the foremost expert on Scarlet, Taimi took to the artifacts and quickly became absorbed in researching them. She later discovered a secret path to a ley line hub which she assisted the Commander and their group in retaking for themselves. She then continued her research into ley line energy which helped expose the vulnerability of the waypoint system as well as impending Mordrem attacks on both Fort Concordia and Fort Salma. While the Commander was assisted by the rest of the team in resolving those issues, Taimi discovered Omadd's machine, the device Scarlet had used to view the Eternal Alchemy, and sought to use it on herself. After a scuffle with the Commander, however, it was the Commander that was subjected to the mind opening experience instead of Taimi.

The Dragon's Reach: Part 1

As the Commander set off to recruit the world leaders to the World Summit to discuss the threat Mordremoth was now posing, Taimi finished work on her waypoint calibration device despite the snide remarks and overbearing presence of Councillor Phlunt.

The Dragon's Reach: Part 2

After finishing the device with the visiting Commander's help, Taimi started the process of recalibrating the waypoint system, which finished with Mordemoth's minions attempting to destroy the device. With the Commander's help, the minions were pushed back, but Phlunt demanded that Taimi hand over her research and knowledge to hold in trust until she graduated from the college. Taimi did not want to give up what she had worked so hard to achieve, so she fled deeper into Dry Top before being cornered by the Inquest. The Commander and Braham fought the Inquest off, and ultimately convinced Taimi to give up the device for the greater good.

Taimi was later invited to the World Summit in the Grove. Due to her golem and her refusal to give it up, she stayed on the lower level and assisted with evacuating and protecting the world leaders when the Shadow of the Dragon led a Mordrem assault on the summit. The Pale Tree was left weakened after the dragon champion had been driven off, but the attack convinced the five races that they needed to pool their resources together and mobilize the Pact to take the fight to Mordremoth before the Elder Dragon would be too powerful to stop.

Echoes of the Past

Taimi moved to the Pact staging ground of Camp Resolve in the Silverwastes where she began studying under the charr engineer Brun Ingotspitter.

Point of No Return

Later, she was mentioned to have returned to her studies at the College of Synergetics during the downfall of the Shadow of the Dragon. However, as word got out of the Pact fleet's destruction in Mordremoth's surprise assault, Taimi returned to Camp Resolve.

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Act I

When the Pact fleet was brought down by Mordremoth in 1328 AE, Taimi joined Canach and a few other Pact soldiers in securing the passage into Verdant Brink just beyond Amber Sandfall. With the Pact Commander's arrival, the two had joined alongside Braham Eirsson, Marjory Delaqua, Kasmeer Meade, and Rox, and Taimi learned what had been happening to the party in her absence.

In Verdant Brink, the party encountered Laranthir of the Wild and other Pact survivors and scouted to find Destiny's Edge members who had gone missing after the crash. They discovered that Mordremoth had managed to turn many sylvari to its side, forming the Mordrem Guard, while sylvari who were still loyal to the Pact were struggling with the voice of Mordremoth which was trying to overwhelm their minds.

While searching the jungle for any leads on the whereabouts of Destiny's Edge and Marshal Trahearne, the group encountered the Itzel hylek and agreed to help their village against the Mordrem assault. Taimi advocated for joining the Nuhoch Tizlak in taking the fight to the enemy. Once the Mordrem had been defeated, the Itzel and Nuhoch assisted the party in finding a trail that led to a nearby Mordrem prison camp which contained various Pact soldiers as well as Nightmare Courtiers.

After saving the prisoners, the team found a cell which contained both Braham's mother Eir Stegalkin and Grand Duchess Faolain of the Nightmare Court. Despite misgivings about Faolain's appearance, they freed both women only for the pair to be ambushed by Mordrem vinetooths, special hunters created by Mordremoth, one of which took Faolain while the other confronted and killed Eir. The party defeated the vinetooth and left Braham to mourn his mother with Rox as his company, heading deeper into the jungle.

Act II

After entering Auric Basin, the party encountered the mysterious Ruka the Wanderer who was also opposed to Mordremoth along with his fellow Exalted. They found Destiny's Edge member Caithe, who was in possession of Glint's Egg, nearby only to witness her being ambushed by Faolain who had been turned into a creature resembling the vinetooths from earlier. The Commander took the egg and successfully delivered it to safety in Tarir, the Forgotten City while eluding Faolain.

Following Caithe's hasty departure, Taimi became fascinated with the Exalted's magic. After the Commander was separated from the rest by Faolain, the prodigy constructed holodiscs to leave as a trail, which helped the Commander catch up with the party. Upon Scruffy reading strange energy, Taimi left the group in search for it and, with the Commander's aid, reactivated a device that mapped out sources of ley energy across the Heart of Maguuma. This map revealed the location of not only the Elder Dragon Mordremoth, but the lost asuran city of Rata Novus.


Upon learning that the Rata Novans had allied with the Exalted before in studying the Elder Dragons, the Commander led Taimi, Braham, and Canach into a detour of the city while the rest of the group continued tracking the surviving members of Destiny's Edge through the jungle. The Commander's party found Rata Novus abandoned, wiped out by the insectoid chak, but Taimi was able to devise how to power the city back up to access their research. Just outside the city's "dragon lab", however, the party had become trapped, and Taimi decided to use Scruffy to reconnect a ley energy conductor, which overloaded Scruffy, destroying the golem. Unable to continue the journey into the jungle without mobility, Taimi decided it was best to remain behind in Rata Novus to look over the city's research and facilities while the rest of the party left to confront Mordremoth.

Living World Season 3[edit]

Out of the Shadows

In the aftermath of Mordremoth's death, Taimi learned of the deaths of Faolain and Trahearne as well as the injuries which Destiny's Edge members Logan Thackeray and Zojja had suffered in Mordrem captivity. By 1329 AE, she revealed the discovery of Rata Novus to her asuran peers. Although many asura followed to rebuild and study the lost city, Taimi kept the concealed dragon research laboratory as her own secret.[5] She began several experiments based on the Elder Dragons, expanding Auric Basin's ley-energy map range across Tyria, and tried filtering different forms of magic through a preserved chak organ which she nicknamed Spencer. With the assistance of Moto, Taimi was able to boot up a virtual reality simulator below Rata Novus where users could practise fighting dragon minions.

Rising Flames

Through her readings on ley-energy, Taimi was forced to tell the Pact Commander of foreboding news—the Elder Dragon Primordus had become active and traveled from the Shiverpeak Mountains to the southwest towards the Ring of Fire in search of magic released from Mordremoth's death. In response Taimi intentionally leaked the news amongst the Arcane Council, prompting them to send asuran resources to Ember Bay. She also handpicked a few trusted asuran associates to form the New Novus Krewe which would assist her in studying the Elder Dragons discreetly from more self-serving krewes. During this time Braham sent word to his friends that another Elder Dragon, Jormag, had become active as well.

After leaving dragon lab, Taimi and the Commander witnessed Rytlock being taken in by the Adamant Guard who had been ordered to escort him to the Black Citadel for questioning about his time in the Mists. After Rytlock's departure, Taimi and the Commander saw a scared asuran krewe member Windall arriving from Ember Bay and revealing that the destroyers now inhabiting the island had changed and gained new, deadly powers. Thinking on Windall's story and her experiments on the chak organ Spencer, Taimi realized that the surviving Elder Dragons may have begun absorbing the magic spectrum of the fallen Elder Dragons Mordremoth and Zhaitan and gained their abilities. To test this theory, Taimi sent the Commander to Ember Bay to gather samples from the changed Destroyers.

Taimi later learned that a young dragon named Aurene had hatched from Glint's egg in Tarir and that the Commander had defended the hatchling from a Destroyer attack with the aid of not only the Exalted but also Lazarus, the last of the mursaat, who had wished to forge an alliance with the Commander in the fight against the Elder Dragons.

A Crack in the Ice

After researching the destroyer samples which the Commander had brought her, Taimi came to the conclusion that her theory of Elder Dragons absorbing the fallen Elder Dragons' influences was correct and learned that the Rata Novan research on Primordus suggested that its magic could be countered by other magic. After a brief talk with the Commander, the prodigy realized that the magic of Jormag, an ice dragon, could potentially counteract the fire magic of Primordus and vice versa. To test her newest theory, she suggested the Commander travel to the far reaches of the Shiverpeak Mountains to gather samples from any potentially altered icebrood roaming there.

Deep within the Bitterfrost Frontier, did indeed encounter the Svanir and a strong Icebrood presence, however most of these did not exhibit any traits inherited from the slain Elder Dragons. Taimi chimes in with a hypothesis that Jormag's relative distance from Mordremoth and Zhaitan meant that it absorbed far less of the excess magic than Primordus. Despite this, the Commander did indeed encounter an Icebrood Abomination with Plant and Death magic deep in the bitter cold regions of the Frontier. The sample was eventually sent to Taimi's lab in Rata Novus.

The Head of the Snake

Overworked and sleep-deprived, Taimi continued her experiments on the gathered samples from tainted Primordus and Jormag minions. In the meantime, the prodigy would also help the Commander track down a trio of strange devices hidden around the Central Plaza of Divinity's Reach by applying some remote modifications to the Commander's communicator.


The prodigy reached a major breakthrough shortly after, as her experiments successfully proved that both Jormag and Primodus's weakness was each other's magical energy. Taimi then arranged for Omadd's Machine to be transported from the Silverwastes to her lab, planning to delve into configure the machine to be able to channel one Elder Dragon's energy into another, thereby destroying both in the process.

It would be several months later before the machine would be ready. In the mean time, the prodigy hid Omadd's Machine in plain sight of Councillor Phlunt by convincing her mentor that it was a "coolerator" designed to "revolutionize elixir-cooling." When the machine was finally ready, Taimi invites the Commander, Kasmeer, and Marjory to Rata Novus to unveil it.

Unsurprisingly, the Commander and Kasmeer arrive at the ancient asuran lab just as it descends into havoc as the researchers' captured dragon minions break free from their containment. After a quick work subduing the creatures, the party gathered to discuss Taimi's recent discoveries, and their next course of action. Before anything else, in order to maintain Taimi's charade, and her research getting "Phlunted" again, the Commander helps Taimi convince Phlunt to leave the lab with his retinue.

However, just as Phlunt's party is about to leave through the asura gate, Marjory runs in. Out of breath, the private investigator quickly relayed her findings while tailing the reborn mursaat, Lazarus. One key revelation was a peculiar mirror Lazarus kept close by his side. Positing that the artifact was part of some form illusion spell, Kasmeer devised a plan to dispel it using some mirrors around the lab. The party was barely ready before a commotion came from the direction of the asura gate, followed by Phlunt and his researchers streaming down the stairs. The gate was malfunctioning, and not allowing egress from the lab.

Expecting an inevitable confrontation with Lazarus, but unwilling to risk the lives of her fellow researchers, as much as she despises them, Taimi relents to finally revealing her secret dragon laboratory to Phlunt. While protesting in indignity at first, Phlunt quickly reconsidered his options as Lazarus' viperous voice silenced the room.

Somehow aware of Taimi's real work with Omadd's Machine, Lazarus had entered Rata Novus along with a sizeable retinue of mercenaries. Sensing an opening, the Commander remained coy, luring the mursaat to the center of the room, right before Kasmeer activated her spell. Despite his initial resistance, Lazarus' illusion was eventually broken, shattering his Mirror of Lyssa to reveal his true form: Balthazar, The God of War and Fire.

While the Commander's party reels in disbelief, the god absconds with Omadd's Machine, but not before critically wounding Marjory. Lab on fire, Marjory unconscious, Kasmeer frozen in confusion, and our dear prodigy without a golem, the Commander's attention returned to another realization: there was still a veritable army of mercenaries streaming in from the asura gate.

Call it luck, fate, or preservation of ones research, Phlunt took the departure of the God of War as his cue, sending his krewe out to help drive back the invaders. After some effort, Rata Novus was once again secured, if singed. After regrouping, the Commander, with reinforcements from the Pact, rushes of to Draconis Mons, while Taimi stays behind to explore a hunch.

The progeny's hunch proves to be true, of course, although it dire news.

Based on her simulation, Taimi came to the conclusion that the magical fallout that would result from the death of Jormag and Primordus would severely threaten the entire world. Faced with an impossible choice, Taimi and the Commander decided address the immediate problem of Balthazar, who had already entered the heart of the volcano in the center of Draconis Mons, the Titan's Throat.

Deep in the inferno, Taimi once again demonstrated her genius by deploying Scruffy 2.0 into the volcano, proving her technology could match the magic of four elder druids. The duo slowly descended deeper into the inferno, breaking past energy barriers set up by Balthazar's goons. Then at the very heart of the volcano, they found Omadd's Machine activated, and already channeling energy to and from the Elder Dragon Primordus. With scant time to spare, Taimi -- with the help of the Commander fending off Balthazar's Hounds, Tegon and Temar -- disabled their one and only means of destroying both Elder Dragons of fire and ice.

Luckily, due to the magical assault sustained, both Elder Dragons soon retreated back into dormancy.

One Path Ends

Path of Fire[edit]

While the Pact Commander traveled to the Crystal Desert in 1330 AE to stop the rogue god Balthazar from killing the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik and destroying Tyria in the process, Taimi remained in Tarir to watch over Aurene. However, Aurene began acting more and more aggressively over time, and Caithe and the Luminate discussed the issue with Taimi who stayed in contact with the Commander via a remote communication device.

They learned that Aurene was reacting to sensing her brother Vlast's death at the hands of Balthazar, and the trio did their best to try to calm the hatchling down. When Aurene sensed that Balthazar was about to kill the Commander, however, she escaped from Tarir and flew to the Crystal Desert while her caretakers could do nothing but watch helplessly as she departed.[6] Taimi tried to contact the Commander with important information during the Battle of Kodash Bazaar but the distortion caused by the magic unleashed in the clash between Balthazar and Kralkatorrik cut off her signal before the Commander could hear what she had to say.

When Phlunt had all but taken over Taimi's former lab in Rata Novus, Taimi decided to leave. She and Scruffy 2.0 flew to the Free City of Amnoon aboard Ellen Kiel's airship with representatives from Lion's Arch just in time to witness the Commander returning from vanquishing Balthazar. Taimi explained her reasons for traveling to Amnoon before learning that Kralkatorrik had absorbed most of Balthazar's energy. However, the conversation was cut short by Chief Councilor Imann who requested the Commander's presence to the party as the hero.

While the Commander delivered a speech to the eager festival audience, Rytlock filled Taimi in on what had happened in the desert. The sudden arrival of the recovered Marjory lifted the spirits of Dragon's Watch although their joy was cut short when a Brandstorm summoned by Kralkatorrik suddenly hit Amnoon. The storm was over shortly after, however, and Taimi decided to use the calm before the next storm to make one last call to her dragon lab. She pranked Phlunt by sounding like an angered Iron Legion charr before ending the call, feeling less sour about losing much of her research equipment to Phlunt's krewe.[6]

Living World Season 4[edit]


After the defeat of Balthazar, Taimi and Rytlock rendezvoused with the Commander in the Amnoon Southern Outskirts to discuss how to proceed with Kralkatorrik. Their discussion ended abruptly as another Brandstorm formed over Amnoon, prompting the Commander and Rytlock to save the city from the empowered Branded while Taimi stayed behind to run some analysis. As a Branded Griffon was about to attack the Commander during the battle, Taimi appeared and blasted the griffon using Scruffy 2.0's newly installed offensive capabilities. The group members, who were joined by Shadows Agent Kito and Canach, witnessed a shared vision from a grown Aurene that made them aware of the approaching threat of the Awakened and pointed them in the direction of Fahranur, the First City. The Commander then made their way over to the Domain of Istan to investigate the matter.

While the Commander was in Istan, Palawa Joko found and kidnapped Taimi in order to enter an Inquest lab set up in Fahranur so that he could launch his attacks on Tyria using asura gates. Although Taimi was reluctant to share information with him at first, Joko threatened her life and forced her to follow his commands. After learning that Taimi was in danger from an abruptly cut transmission, the Commander rushed to Fahranur along with Canach, Rytlock, and Spearmarshal Zaeim to rescue her. They were later joined by Rox and Braham, who got there via an asura gate that the Awakened had been using to enter Tyria. By the time they reached Taimi, they realized that Joko had overridden Scruffy 2.0's controls to trap Taimi inside of the golem and initiated an oxygen purge in order to suffocate her. Having no choice, the Commander destroyed Scruffy 2.0 to break Taimi out. Although Taimi was saved, the near death experience left its mark on her, and she stopped using her hair bow.

A Bug in the System

In the time since the Fahranur lab attack, Taimi found the name of an Inquest scientist, Blish, and explained that he was her friend from college. While the Commander infiltrated Lab Sigma-05 in 1331 AE, Taimi learned that Gorrik, Blish's younger brother, had joined the Inquest as well. She expressed worry about the brothers' safety when Dragon's Watch found out that the Awakened had invaded the Inquest complex where the pair had been working in. As Dragon's Watch assaulted Rata Primus, the Inquest's base of operations in Sandswept Isles, Taimi stayed behind on Sayida the Sly's airship and waited for the brothers to be escorted out.

When Taimi saw that Blish had become a golem, she was intrigued by the idea, saying he was "free of life's frailties", while most had reacted with horror or revulsion. After learning that Blish had saved data related to Inquest studies on the Scarab Plague and Kralkatorrik, Taimi recruited the brothers to her krewe. The three of them began working together to study the notes Blish had been able to save on his hard drive.

Long Live the Lich

After traveling to the Free City of Amnoon, Blish and Gorrik began researching the Scarab Plague. Gorrik discovered that the scarabs only infected humans and planted Petey, another species of beetle, under his skin to test another theory of his, but locals discovered what he was up to and arrested him after mistaking him for planning to unleash some pestilence in the city. Taimi then called the Commander for help.

After the Commander and Taimi had helped clear the charges against Gorrik, the trio went to the docks and eventually found Blish. Upon being rebooted, Blish returned to consciousness with a horrified scream, letting his companions know of his lack of sensory experiences in what he described as nothingness while he had been shut down. Taimi and Gorrik hastily promised never to let him experience that kind of state again and monitored him while the Commander left them to meet with Lord Faren and Councilor Mayameen who were waiting for a Tyrian supply ship to arrive at the docks.

Blish, Gorrik and Taimi went to the docks later and learned that the Commander had barely prevented an outbreak of the first generation of Scarab Plague carried by the crew of the supply ship whom Joko had secretly infected. Taimi then suggested the Commander pay a visit to the Primeval Dynasty due to their experiences of the Scarab Plague.

While the Commander was on the mission to scout and clear out a place for their main camp, Taimi, Blish and Gorrik stayed in touch and gave various advice. After the area was ready for troops to come, Taimi, Gorrik and Blish used the portal and arrived at the Domain of Kourna.

Taimi stayed inside the main camp until the Battle of Gandara. She and the others followed the Commander to the front gate of the Moon Fortress, but was stopped by the third generation of scarabs, and had fall back to Rytlock's position while the Primeval Queens Nahlah and Dahlah cleaning the scarabs while the commander chasing after Braham.

Gorrik and Taimi went inside the fortress after the third-generation epidemic was averted and learned that Joko was dead. Gorrik then surprisingly found lots of pestilence samples to study, but Taimi decided everything about the plague will be destroy after Gorrik collect the data.

A Star to Guide Us

After the death of Palawa Joko in the Battle of Gandara, Taimi was present during the meeting between the remaining Elonian leaders at a summit held in the Fortress of Jahai. While the Commander attended the summit, Taimi took Aurene outside, then escorted her from the fortress during the attack by the Death-Branded Shatterer. Once the Shatterer's assault had ended, Taimi asked the Commander to recover data from various areas affected by the weakening of the barrier between Tyria and the Mists and came to a chilling conclusion: the rifts were being caused by Kralkatorrik testing its new abilities with the power it had consumed from Balthazar. She eventually realized that Kralkatorrik was actively hunting for Aurene and that it was using Aurene's presence as a physical anchor through which to invade Tyrian locations from the Mists.

When Blish sacrificed himself to power the tracker in Balthazar's greatsword during the excursion into the Mists, he told the Commander that their group needed to stop keeping secrets. Upon learning of Blish's fate and his last words from the Commander, Taimi revealed that her degenerative disease was no longer in remission and that the pain had gotten worse, and she was not sure how much time she had left.

All or Nothing

In Thunderhead Peaks, Gorrik and Taimi used the tracker Blish made to evacuate several villages before Kralkatorrik’s minions broke through. As the plan for the final battle was made, Taimi came up with the plan to amplify the crystal with dredge technology to hurt Kralkatorrik. When the final battle initiated, Taimi and Gorrik stayed high above the fight and gave the Commander information from above. After Kralkatorrik got away and Aurene was killed, Taimi and Gorrik found her branded body. When the Commander got there, they were grieving for her.

When the Commander returned to Thunderhead Peaks to prepare Aurene’s body, Gorrik and Taimi was there waiting.

War Eternal

At Dragonfall, Taimi called a helicopter to collect Dragonsblood and analyzed the data which came from Gorrik’s instruments with Gorrik. The data shown that Kralkatorrik was healing throught ley line energy on the island. To cut down Kralkatorrik from ley line, Gorrik and Taimi helped the Commander made the new Dragonsblood Spear.

After Aurene had ascended, Taimi was with the others on Sayida's airship and having drinks. She said she wanted to write a "six-volume treatise", and asked the Commander if they would meet Aurene again as she wanted to interview her.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Prologue: Bound by Blood

Some time after Kralkatorrik's demise, the Commander and members of Dragon's Watch were invited to participate the victory in the All-Legion Rally organized by Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer in Grothmar Valley. Taimi chose not to attend the festivities as she focused on working on her treatise, titled "The Elder Dragons Reconsidered." However, she insisted that Gorrik should accompany the Commander's party to Grothmar so he could "live a little." Gorrik reluctantly did what Taimi had asked but only for a chance to study the local fauna.[7]

Champions Chapter 1: Truce

Following Jormag's awakening thanks to Bangar and his lieutenant Ryland Steelcatcher's actions in 1333 AE, the Commander sent word to Taimi to have her monitor Mist rifts and ley lines in order to keep an eye on Elder Dragon's activities. Although Taimi had been unable to locate the elusive Ice Dragon with her devices in the Advanced Metamystics Lab, she had picked up a series of quakes that were growing in number and intensity and asked the Commander to visit her in Rata Sum so they could discuss her findings. Ryland, Rytlock's son who had become Jormag's main champion after the Ice Dragon's awakening, had also traveled to Rata Sum to form an alliance with the Arcane Council as the asura and Jormag faced a common enemy in Primordus. Both Jormag and the council believed that the Fire Dragon's awakening was imminent and would be heralded by the coming of destroyers.

While showing the Commander the latest locations with quakes, Taimi suddenly registered the largest movement under Rata Sum itself. Before the party could discuss the data in depth, powerful destroyers emerged just outside the lab. The Commander, Rytlock and Ryland dispatched the first wave only to receive Braham's distress call from down at the docks. Taimi reconfigured the gate to take the party directly there. Ryland helped turn the tide at the docks by summong his fellow corrupted charr soldiers, the Frost Legion, to assist in the battle against the destroyers while protecting the Arcane Council.

After the carnage, Gorrik, Taimi, and the Council set out to study the newly evolved destroyers in the hopes that they could track their subterranean movements. Ryland offered to station some of his Frost Legion in the city for protection, though his offer was politely declined. As Jormag's champion, he promised that Jormag would restore the asura's ancient homelands in the Depths of Tyria to them as a token of goodwill once the asura had helped the icebrood slay Primordus.

Taimi continued monitoring quake activity and discovered a strong signal near Soren Draa which came under attack by destroyers. With her urging, the Commander and Braham traveled to the settlement to help with the evacuation, and Taimi soon arrived in her restored Scruffy 2.0 to continue investigating the source of the signal. As the party headed deeper into the Wildflame Caverns, Taimi revealed that Jormag had granted the asura information which might help figuring out Primordus's weakness. One of these discoveries was the fact that Jormag and Primordus were in fact twins and their powers were evenly matched.

While tracking the energy source, Braham and Taimi began arguing about the asura's alliance with Jormag. While Braham pointed out that Jormag had caused centuries of hardship for the norn the Spirits of the Wild and could not be trusted, Taimi countered by stating that Jormag could at least be reasoned with unlike the destructive Primordus, and that the asura had had to abandon the Depths of Tyria entirely during Primordus's rampage while the norn could still live in the Southern Shiverpeaks after Jormag's initial push south. Taimi tried to support her argument by stating that they already had a good relationship with one Elder Dragon, Aurene, and that former enemies could become friends as had happened with Logan and Rytlock. Both Braham and the Commander remained skeptical regarding Jormag's trustworthiness, however.

Before the arguing could continue, the party finally located the energy signature which belonged to a powerful champion known as the Destroyer of the Ironhammer Line. After a fierce battle, they managed to defeat the champion while Braham revealed that he now could sense destroyers somehow. The feeling of elation was short lived, however, as tensions between Braham and Taimi boiled over again. They both admitted their fears of the Elder Dragon threat that jeopardized their homes, their people, and their interests were at odds as the asura wanted Primordus dead while the norn wanted to vanquish Jormag. Taimi did, however, acknowledge that they could focus on Jormag should the Ice Dragon become a threat but only after the more immediate threat, Primordus, had been dealt with.

Champions Chapter 2: Power

With the mission a success and discovering a curious link between the destroyers and Primordus during the battle with the champion, Taimi returned to monitor the quakes and energy spikes. She was present in the Arcane Council chambers when Ryland arrived to inquire about the asura's progress with finding the Fire Dragon's weakness. Taimi and Gorrik had collaborated with the Council and discovered that the feedback loop of magic between Primordus and the destroyers was creating a vicious cycle empowering them both, all started with Kralkatorrik's death and the subsequent absorption of the Crystal Dragon's magic. The balance of power was beginning to favor Primordus thanks to the empowered destroyers' activity, so the alliance needed to find a way to either starve the Fire Dragon or redirect its magic to Jormag.

Intrigued by the asura's findings, Ryland departed in order to test their theory and discover a way to further empower Jormag for the inevitable clash with Primordus once the Fire Dragon was ready to rise. Taimi informed the Commander that the energy signatures suggested Lake Doric to be the destroyers' next target, and the Commander traveled there to assist with the evacuation there.

Champions Chapter 3: Balance

Like her allies, Taimi is appalled when Jormag's cruel act of freezing innocent people to bolster their forces is revealed. Taimi pointed out that due to this act, the balance of powers was shifting in favor of Jormag. To prevent further complications in the quest to defeat both Primordus and Jormag, the pact commander requests Taimi to talk to the Arcane Council to stop their meddling in the balance of powers.

After the pact commander defeats the icebrood and frost legion attack at Caledon Forest, Taimi radios the pact commander of a sudden massive spike in Primordus's activities and is concerned on it's implications.

Champions Chapter 4: Judgment

Thanks to Braham's heroic sacrifice to become Primordus's champion which helped even the scales of the balance of powers, a rare moment of opportunity has presented itself to defeat both Primordus and Jormag. Taimi explains that both dragons are connected to the ley lines' power and luring both dragons to clash in a place of ley line confluence would result in a massive magical fallout that may bring an end to both dragons once and for all. For her plan to work, Taimi theorizes that Aurene's prismatic powers would be crucial to cut both dragons' connection to the ley lines. In the ensuing battle against the dragons and their champions, Taimi is exuberated when her plan comes to fruition.

Research in the Eye of the North

After witnessing the clash between the two Elder Dragons, Taimi and Gorrik returned to the Eye of the North, setting up a laboratory near Aurene so they could study and investigate the dragon cycle and any changes to the world from the magical fallout.[8] As there were no visible consequences from the deaths of the dragons yet, Taimi suggested that either Aurene was able to contain the excess magic alone, something else got its share of magic, or that the world is simply short on time.[9] To help with the research, Gorrik proposed to the Commander that they could use the Scrying Pool to search the Commander's memories of their past battles and struggles against the Elder Dragons. Although the Commander initially protested, in the end they accepted and went to relive their memories, starting with following the disturbance in Brisban Wildlands while Gorrik and Taimi went onto studying and recollecting provided data.

End of Dragons[edit]

Taimi followed the Commander to Cantha with the rest of the diplomatic group sent by Queen Jennah after the Commander and Gorrik's crash-landing. Once there, she met and quickly began working with Joon, the founder of Jade technology. Throughout much of the company's stay in Cantha, Taimi would be found at Joon's side.


Afterward, at Marjory and Kasmeer's party, Taimi told the Commander that she has been working with Joon trying to solve Cantha's imminent power crisis.


Crystal Desert
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains

Historical locations[edit]

Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains
The Mists

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Note: As part of Always Time for Taimi, there is optional dialogue with Taimi during every Path of Fire story step while in the open world.

Living World Season 4[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

End of Dragons story[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Historical events[edit]

Red Shield.png [Group Event] Hold the line! (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

Primary articles: Scruffy, Scruffy 2.0


For previous dialogue, see here.

Sun's Refuge[edit]

Aurene is going to be okay. Right, Commander?
Talk more option tango.png I hope so. I'm worried about her.
Taimi: Me too. I understand how she feels, you know? I just hope she's okay out there.
Talk more option tango.png What are you doing?
Taimi: Well...Aurene is under so much pressure right now. So I'm building her a safe place for when she gets scared.
Taimi: She can stay here when she comes back. She'll come back...right?
Talk more option tango.png I hope so. But what about you? [verification requested]
Me? I'm...The thing is, I don't know how much time I have left. Could be months. Could be years.
Talk more option tango.png That must be hard...
Yeah...But it sure makes you realize you gotta make your time count. Live with a purpose, you know? Blish...he knew better than anyone. I guess I want up to that.
Talk end option tango.png I'd say you already are.
Talk more option tango.png Is there anything I can do? (after asking what is she doing and Good, Better, Nest is locked.)
Well, I've written to old friends—people Aurene has helped—all over Elona. They have gifts for her. But they're so far away...
Talk collection option.png I can visit them. (unlocks Good, Better, Nest)
That's great! It'll remind Aurene of how much she's loved. When she sees everything. When she's back. You know.
Talk end option tango.png I'm on it.
Talk end option tango.png That's tough.
Talk more option tango.png What do you think of the nest so far? (once the collection has been unlocked)
Leaves, branches...I don't know. There must be something else we can add. (before acquiring any of the gifts)
Talk end option tango.png I'll look.
It's not bad. Getting to be a place a dragon could love. Wonder what it'll look like when it's done. (before acquiring all of the gifts)
Talk end option tango.png We'll see.
This feels like a proper dragon nest. Look at all the love that went into it! She has to come back now, right? (after acquiring five of the gifts)
Talk end option tango.png I hope so. I miss her too.
Look at all this! I've never lived anywhere this nice. Or this full of love. No dragon could say no to this. Am I right? (after acquiring all of the gifts)
Talk end option tango.png You're right.
Talk end option tango.png She'll be fine.

Eye of the North[edit]

Upon first visit
Taimi: Oh, hey. Don't mind us, Commander. Just setting up a lab for important Elder Dragon research. Fate of the whole world depends on it. No big deal.
Talk more option tango.png Sure thing.
Gorrik: Is this really the best location?
Talk more option tango.png (shrug)
Taimi: If we're investigating the dragon cycle, we should be near a DRAGON, right? There aren't too many Elder Dragons left in the world, so Aurene's our only bet.
Talk more option tango.png Agreed.
Gorrik: (sigh) I guess you're right. But we could have a more robust laboratory at Rata Sum.
Talk more option tango.png Anything I can do to help?
Gorrik: We can always use more data to isolate commonalities among the Elder Dragons. Find a pattern. You've fought them for years, Commander. Inside your memories could be clues to the dragon cycle.
Talk more option tango.png My memories?
Taimi: Ooh, do we get to poke around in the commander's head?
Talk more option tango.png Leave my head alone.
Gorrik: I was thinking we use the scrying pool to help the commander relive the memories of these past years.
Talk more option tango.png Hmm...
Taimi: That's ingenious, Gorrik.
Talk more option tango.png She's not wrong.
Gorrik: Oh. Well. Thank you.
Talk end option tango.png Time to relive some old memories, I guess.
Talk end option tango.png I have to go.
Subsequent interaction
How do you like my new lab? I mean ours. It's OUR lab. It's a little cozier than Rata Novus, but the krewe is much friendlier. Heh.
Talk quest option tango.png Just relived the marionette incident... (Only during Wrath of the Twisted Marionette)
Taimi: I can't believe I ever looked up to Scarlet. You can be a supergenius without being a deranged terrorist—HELLO!
Gorrik: Good thing you were all there to stop her. I was studying the fascinating Elonian sand moth back then.
Taimi: Oh, yeah. I forgot you had that whole uh...bug phase.
Gorrik: It's not a phase! Entomology is a legitimate and important field of research.
Talk more option tango.png Can you give me an update on the dragon fallout?
If it's dragon magic you want to talk about, I'm your specialist. What's up?
Talk more option tango.png Any update on the flow of magic from the dragons' deaths?
That's the question of the hour. Nothing to report yet, though. Sorry. We have to know... But nothing's for sure yet.
Talk end option tango.png You know what they say about assuming, right?
Talk more option tango.png We're low on dragons. Can Aurene handle the flow of magic alone?
The Exalted believed Glint's scions—plural—would shoulder the burden, but we only have Aurene now. But we're still here. Either she can handle it, or something else is out there. Or time is limited.
Talk end option tango.png I hope that's a good sign.
Talk end option tango.png Actually, maybe my question is for Gorrik.
Talk more option tango.png Nice lab. Planning to expand?
We'd take up the whole place if we could...but we can't just commandeer the place, can we? We'll bring in whatever we need to solve this. World hanging in the balance and all.
Talk end option tango.png I know it's important, but take care of yourself, too.
Talk end option tango.png You've got quite the setup here.
Updated with Return to A Star to Guide Us patch [verification requested]
The lab's all online, and we're churning through the dragon-magic recordings. Busy busy.
Talk quest option tango.png Just relived the marionette incident... (Same as above.)
Talk more option tango.png Can you give me an update on the dragon fallout?
If it's dragon magic you want to talk about, I'm your specialist. What's up?
Talk more option tango.png Been thinking about another Elder Dragon. The remaining one.
Understandable. Its existence has been the leading hypothesis in my models, but how have we not seen more of it by now? Zhaitan's death, Kralkatorrik's... Why isn't it active?
Talk end option tango.png I think it's only a matter of time.
Talk more option tango.png Any update on the flow of magic from the dragons' deaths?
To summarize, a large portion of the released magic was pulled away before Aurene could capture it. Where it exactly went is currently unknown, but it's constantly on my mind.
Talk end option tango.png Unsettling that we don't know. Keep searching.
Talk more option tango.png We're low on dragons. Can Aurene handle the flow of magic alone? (Same as above.)
Talk end option tango.png Actually, maybe my question is for Gorrik.
Talk more option tango.png Nice lab. Planning to expand? (Same as above.)
Talk end option tango.png You've got quite the setup here.
Updated with Return to Champions patch
You've relived it all, huh? I hope that's giving you a fresh perspective. We're starting to draw some conclusions over here, but it'll still be a while before the end. I mean, before we're done.
Talk quest option tango.png Just relived the marionette incident... (Same as above.)
Talk more option tango.png Can you give me an update on the dragon fallout?
If it's dragon magic you want to talk about, I'm your specialist. What's up?
Talk more option tango.png Been thinking about another Elder Dragon. The remaining one. (Same as above.)
Talk more option tango.png Any update on the flow of magic from the dragons' deaths?
Directionally, it went south. The distance is unexpectedly far, so it'll take longer to triangulate. But we're getting closer to knowing.
Talk end option tango.png Keep up the good work.
Talk more option tango.png We're low on dragons. Can Aurene handle the flow of magic alone? (Same as above.)
Talk end option tango.png Actually, maybe my question is for Gorrik.
Talk more option tango.png Nice lab. Planning to expand? (Same as above.)
Talk end option tango.png You've got quite the setup here.

Historical dialogue[edit]

In Eye of the North during Dragon Bash
How do you like my new lab? I mean ours. It's OUR lab. It's a little cozier than Rata Novus, but the krewe is much friendlier. Heh.
Talk quest option tango.png You two going to check out Dragon Bash?
Gorrik: I don't know. Doesn't really feel like my scene.
Taimi: We could use a break from staring at charts and papers, though. Think I could chug a whole stein of norn grog?
Gorrik: Their body mass is much greater. I think you'd die from liver failure.
Taimi: Me? Ha!
Gorrik: It does feel a bit...weird to be celebrating the bashing of dragons. Figurative or otherwise.
Taimi: Primordus threatened the asura for ages, and Jormag wreaked havoc on the norn.
Taimi: I don't agree with it, but yeah I understand why the festival exists.
Talk end option tango.png You've got quite the setup here.


Got candy?
I'm behaving.
Hm. What?
Hello, hello, hello.
Oh, hi.
It wasn't me.
Look at me. I'm taller than you. (When inside Scruffy)
Greetings, organic creature. Just kidding, it's me in here. (When inside Scruffy)
I'm bored. Let's do something. (When inside Scruffy)
Built this thing myself. Check it out—classic vintage parts. (When inside Scruffy)
Ever combine limbic crystals and arcane reducers? I have! (When inside Scruffy)
Combat chatter
Woooo! Let's rumble. (When inside Scruffy)


Concept art

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  • Taimi was introduced with the January 21, 2014 game update.
  • Whenever the player brings up a dialogue window with Taimi during Living World Season 2 while she is riding on or inside Scruffy, the window shows artwork instead of the usual in-game portrait. This is due to how the dialogue window takes a snapshot of the model's head for the portrait, which in this case would be Scruffy's head rather than Taimi's due to them being one NPC model.
    • Dialogue windows with Taimi while she is in Scruffy 2.0 do not present artwork, but instead display Scruffy 2.0's model.
  • The identities of Taimi's parents have remained unknown to this day although exploring them in the future is a possiblity.[10]


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