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The Exalted are true believers in Glint’s message of hope and peace, wholly dedicated to preserving Glint's legacy... The Exalted: Pure Dedication

The Exalted are a sect of former humans living in Tarir, the Forgotten City, located deep within the Heart of Maguuma on top of a ley line hub. Originally humans of flesh and blood, they were recruited by the Forgotten to safeguard Glint's egg after it left stasis. To fulfill this task, they were changed into beings of energy using Bloodstone magic and rituals and their energy encased in magical armor.

The Exalted divide their tasks into three groups called affinities. The affinities are Bastion, Burnisher, and Sage. The Exalted all have the same three appearances, which are determined by their title and task. They also have Enchanted Armors, gigantic versions of the armor that the Exalted's energy is encased in, which can be used by others or function autonomously.

They are led by an individual called the Luminate.

Exalted cannot be killed by normal means, and their energy cannot be corrupted by the Elder Dragons. However, they will die a "final death" should their masks be torn off, or they sacrifice themselves in an explosion of energy. To fight the Exalted, Mordremoth created the Mordrem Vinetooths to remove their masks in battle. Should an Exalted die, their mask is to be placed in the Masks of the Fallen memorial, where only those most trusted by the Exalted are allowed to enter.


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The Exalted were originally humans that came from the same people who became known as the Zephyrites. They were recruited approximately 200 years ago by the Forgotten when the race was near extinction in order to carry on Glint's legacy. After undergoing a series of trials to ensure they were worthy, they underwent a ritual that utilized Bloodstone magic in order to become nigh immortal. After this, they continued the Forgotten's work in establishing and preparing Tarir. During this time, they allied themselves with the asura of Rata Novus, which was established by individuals like Zinn to study and combat the Elder Dragons. When the Exalted were satisfied with the establishment of Tarir and its outposts, they went into hibernation in wait of Glint's legacy to require them.

During this century-long sleep, their allies of Rata Novus were overrun by the chak, and Mordremoth was woken by Scarlet Briar. They became active around 1326 AE, when Glint's egg became active and the Master of Peace was taking it to the city.


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