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Disambig icon.png This article is about the event. For the effect, see Scarab Plague (effect).

The Scarab Plague was an uncontrollable disease that quickly spread to all reaches of Elona between 652 and 656 DR. It was because of the plague that the first dynasty of Elona, the Primeval Dynasty, fell.


Early history[edit]

The Scarab Plague originated in the city of Fahranur. According to findings of an Elonian scholar, the illness did not spread in a distinct pattern and claimed lives regardless of gender or age, developing more dire symptoms as time passed. Remains found in the ruins supported the claim that insects had torn the victims' flesh from within as the cracked bones were bent and bore spherical indentations. The findings suggested that the creatures responsible may have been scarabs, hence the name of the plague.

Panicked, the people of Istan fled to other parts of Elona, only spreading the plague further. The event ultimately ended the reign of the Primeval Dynasty by wiping out the royal family, leading to an interregnum period which ended many years later when Admun Kolos founded the Great Dynasty which would eventually repopulate Istan. It is still not known how or why the seemingly unstoppable illness vanished.

Modern developments[edit]


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  1. ^ The First City
    Taimi: Experiments... He has them doing experiments.
    Braham Eirsson: What kind of experiments?
    Taimi: I don't know. Bugs. Something with bugs.