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Champion Unstable Abomination

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Champion Unstable Abomination

The Champion Unstable Abomination is a massive Icebrood Goliath imbued with both plant and death magic. This icebrood was created by Jormag using magic left from the death of Zhaitan and Mordremoth.

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Immune to Most Damage
  • Vulnerable to Bursts of Plant and Death Magic.
  • Killing a Jungle Larva or Undead Larva near the abomination will inflict damage to it equal to 5% of its health and breaks its defiance bar.

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Punch - The abomination punches its target with its right arm.
    • Punch - The abomination slams its target with its left arm, dealing increased damage.
  • Smash - The abomination jumps and slams the ground, dealing damage and knocking back foes in the area.
  • Enrage - If all larvae in the instance are killed before the abomination is killed, the abomination becomes enraged. While enraged, Stomp becomes more powerful and the abomination gains Quickness.png Quickness, Fury.png Fury and Might.png Might every 10 seconds.
    • Smash - The abomination jumps and slams the ground, dealing massive damage and knocking back foes in a large area.
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