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Disambig icon.png This article is about the ruler of Kryta. For an illusion, see Queen Jennah (phantasm).

Humanity has withstood test upon dreadful test, yet it endures. We endure. And we always shall.

Queen Jennah

Her Royal Majesty Jennah, Queen of Kryta and Regent of Ascalon,[1] is a descendant of King Doric and the last known member of the Salmaic dynasty, the ruling family of Kryta. Her egalitarian rule makes her a very popular monarch in the eyes of her people, but this also causes much friction with the nobility. If hostile races like the centaurs besieging her people were not bad enough, she also has to deal with constant political intrigue and plotting from the Ministry. Her biggest rival for power is Legate Minister Caudecus Beetlestone who some believe should rule Kryta instead of her. The norn view Jennah as a weak leader and too dependent on her advisors, though they hold hope that she will prove herself by asserting her dominance over her kingdom.[2]

Jennah is constantly under the protection of Countess Anise, her bodyguard. The queen is also kept company by her cat Shadow. She maintains a magical connection with her personal champion, Logan Thackeray of the Seraph, allowing her to call on him in times of need. Nevertheless, Jennah is an exceptionally powerful mesmer in her own right, able to single-handedly end the Ogre Revolt by creating a clone of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik convincing enough that its Branded minions withdrew while simultaneously casting a glamour that held hundreds of humans and charr in place.


Early years[edit]

Jennah was born to the ruling Salmaic dynasty of Kryta. The dynasty had descended from King Jadon's bastard daughter Salma who, with help from the Shining Blade, had liberated Kryta from the tyranny of the White Mantle cult and its mursaat masters in the Krytan Civil War in 1079 AE. Jennah is viewed as the Salmaic dynasty's only officially recognized heir because the tides of history have closed over King Jadon and the rest of the royal family who had disappeared after fleeing from the Krytan throne during the charr invasion of Kryta and the subsequent White Mantle takeover. While it is possible that Jadon's legitimate family may have survived, no word of it has come down into the present time—at least in public.[3] However, the Order of Whispers has teased the possibility of another potential heir to the Krytan throne existing should anything ever happen to Jennah, but they keep the identity of the heir a secret.[4] The Krytan royal locket, a magical artifact held by the Durmand Priory, is said to have the image of the current heir to the throne of Kryta displayed inside it.[5]

As a young princess, Jennah was defended by her personal guard, Countess Anise, and the two became very close companions. She had her cat Shadow by her side since childhood; as a royal child Jennah had very few friends, and Shadow became a comfort to her during her lonely years in the palace. Jennah was said to have taken the throne as a "very young woman," and was crowned as queen circa 1316 AE.[6] When Jennah's father died, she was the only heir, and the Ministry had control for the few years it took her to settle in.[7] Because of this, some ministers became accustomed to ruling Kryta and were reluctant to relinquish their former control, causing friction between the Ministry and the crown.[8] Jennah's father had had many guards in the throne room but Jennah chose to limit their number upon taking the throne as she wanted her subjects to feel comfortable in their new queen's presence.[9]

Edge of Destiny[edit]

Sometime in 1319–1320 AE, Jennah visited Lion's Arch and announced an alliance between her and the Captain's Council to the crowd that had gathered at a gladiatorial arena. As part of the treaty between the kingdom and the city-state, Kryta would help Lion's Arch fight against the Elder Dragon Zhaitan's Risen minions which were threatening shipping lanes, while Lion's Arch would help Kryta fight against the centaur alliance that was raiding Krytan villages. When Jennah had asked the Captain's Council what great entertainment she should not miss during her brief stay, Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed suggested she attend an exhibitional gladiatorial match fought in her honor.[10] While headed for a private platform from which she could watch the coming fight, Jennah met with Logan Thackeray who had hurried to meet her after witnessing her speech. The queen learned that Logan was the younger brother of Seraph captain Dylan Thackeray and was fighting as a gladiator on the arena as a member of the popular Edge of Steel guild. Smitten by the queen's beauty and emboldened by her encouraging words to fight well, Logan swore to dedicate his latest match to her. Jennah agreed and handed over her scarf to Logan, asking him to fight for her as her champion.[11] After watching Logan defeat the destroyer Racogorrix in the guild's exhibition match, Jennah and Dylan went to see him while he was recovering from his injuries. Logan was surprised to see the queen there in person, and he swore to fight for her forever. Smiling, Jennah declared Logan a champion in the mold of his brother and told him to rest before he lost consciousness.

Jennah summoned Logan to her side in Divinity's Reach some time after the fight in the arena. She observed the mock duel between Logan and Dylan in the palace garden with amusement before ordering Logan to join her in the throne room. The queen presented Logan to Legate Minister Caudecus Beetlestone, the nobility and guards present as her new champion. When Logan assured Jennah that he would always answer her summons, the queen's tone changed as she declared that from that moment on Logan would be bonded to her. She used her mesmeric magic to peek into Logan's memories, and he welcomed her into his most private thoughts. Through this bonding Jennah witnessed Logan's many heroic past actions and was taken aback by experiencing it all. After recovering from the visions, the queen continued by announcing that she would summon Logan to her side should she ever be in mortal peril, and he would come to her without hesitation. Using the opportunity to her advantage, Jennah also gave a terse warning to those plotting against the throne without singling out anyone in particular.[12]

While Logan traveled with the newly formed Destiny's Edge guild and slew various Elder Dragons' champions, he and Jennah regularly sent letters to one another and shared their feelings. Jennah often worried about Logan's safety on his many adventures but nevertheless urged him to continue fighting so the guild could keep all of Tyria safe from the Elder Dragons. Logan eventually reached out to Jennah and asked her permission to face the Destroyer of Life, the Elder Dragon Primordus's champion which was rising and threatening the asura of Rata Sum, alongside Destiny's Edge. Jennah approved of the guild's mission as she had been in long-term negotiations with the asuran Arcane Council for a restored asura gate into the Stronghold of Ebonhawke which the charr High Legions were besieging. The asura had stalled because they had feared a backlash from the charr if a gate became operational, but Jennah understood that she could use the guild's victory over Primordus's champion as a bargaining chip to convince the council to give her what she wanted.[13]

Jennah was saddened to learn from one of Logan's later letters that the guild had heard the Nightmare Court leader Faolain's claim that the heroic dragon Glint was supposedly working for one of the still slumbering Elder Dragons as a champion. The queen had grown up with stories of Glint being a heroic figure and helper of humanity, so she had difficulty believing that the dragon had been evil all along. Despite her reservations, Jennah nevertheless acknowledged the danger such a champion would pose to the world and told Logan to kill Glint before the dragon could help her master awaken.[14]

After Destiny's Edge had left to confront Glint in the Crystal Desert, Jennah visited the Stronghold of Ebonhawke to formally announce the activation of a repaired asura gate which would link Ebonhawke with Divinity's Reach and offer some much needed supplies and medics to the last human-controlled city in Ascalon against the invading charr forces. However, the queen's speech was interrupted by a strange storm on the horizon caused by the flight of the recently awakened Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. Sensing a strange presence within the storm, Jennah peered into the darkness behind it. As her and the Elder Dragon's minds connected, she witnessed chaotic images and a feeling of bottomless hunger and endless outrage. Although Jennah had glimpsed the Elder Dragon's tormented mind for just a moment, and Kralkatorrik glimpsed her in return. The effect was terrifying enough that the queen cried out in dread before confessing to Anise that what she had peered into had been an Elder Dragon's mind.[15]

Shortly after, Kralkatorrik sent a Branded horde led by his corrupted ogre champion, Chief Kronon, to assault the city in an event known as the Ogre Revolt. The Branded caught the besieging charr forces by surprise and fought through them before breaching the stronghold's defenses and slaying Dylan Thackeray. Using their mental connection, Jennah called out to Logan to come to her aid, leading to Logan abandoning Destiny's Edge at a pivotal moment and teleporting to Ebonhawke when the guild had been preparing to face Kralkatorrik who was headed to the Crystal Desert to slay his former, treacherous champion Glint.

Captains of the Seraph watch on as Logan Thackeray swears allegiance to Jennah.

Logan's timely arrival helped buy Ebonhawke and Jennah some time as he boosted the morale of the defending troops while managing to persuade the city's charr prisoners to fight alongside humans lest they all perish to the Elder Dragon's ravenous horde. Despite the defenders' best efforts, however, the Branded were close to overwhelming the city until Jennah turned the tide with a massive mesmer spell that not only conjured an illusionary image of Kralkatorrik in the sky but also cast a city-wide glamour that held hundreds of humans and charr in place and made them look like the Elder Dragon had just Branded them. Fooled by this sight of Kralkatorrik and believing all of Ebonhawke to have fallen to dragon corruption, Kronon and his Branded horde followed the illusion's flight path south to join their Elder Dragon master's side in the desert.

Recognizing the important role which the charr prisoners had played in helping humans defend Ebonhawke until she had finished her spell, Jennah took the first steps towards a truce between humans and charr by granting freedom to those charr who had fought by her side.[16] Returning to Divinity's Reach, Jennah appointed Logan as the new Captain of the Seraph, replacing his fallen brother Dylan and legitimizing Logan as her champion. Jennah would eventually learn that Glint had been actively working against Kralkatorrik all along and that she as well as Snaff had died in the battle against the Elder Dragon in the desert. Destiny's Edge disbanded as a result of their two allies' deaths, their failure to stop Kralkatorrik, and Logan's defection.

Interim years[edit]

Some time after the end of the Ogre Revolt in 1320 AE, Master Exemplar Eive stepped down and passed on the mantle of the leader of the Shining Blade to her successor, exemplar Anise.[17] Eive's retirement was made official with a document signed by herself, Anise, Jennah, and two other witnesses. In it, both Anise and Jennah expressed their gratefulness for Eive's service, while Eive stated that she had loved the Shining Blade as her own family and would continue to do so, but her responsibilities would occasionally take her away, so she felt that the Shining Blade deserved someone fully dedicated to leading it.[18]

As Captain of the Seraph, Logan witnessed Jennah awarding Queen Salma's chalice to Baron Marius Corone's family.[19][20]

Ghosts of Ascalon[edit]

In 1324 AE, Jennah used General Almorra Soulkeeper of the Vigil as an intermediary for discussions between the truce factions among both humans and the charr High Legions—including Ash Legion Imperator Malice Swordshadow who wanted to keep her involvement with the charr truce faction a secret.[21] After Kralkatorrik's rise and the subsequent emergence of the Branded, people from both sides had realized that fighting between the two races needed to stop so they could focus their attention on greater threats: the Elder Dragons and other forces assaulting their respective homelands. However, the truce factions received resistance from both humans and charr, so they had to initially talk discreetly without alerting attention to factions that opposed peace between the races. The charr faction was willing to open formal negotiations with a cessation of hostilities in exchange for receiving the ancient artifact known as the Claw of the Khan-Ur, which held symbolic signifiance to the charr, in return as a sign of goodwill from the humans.[22]

In response, Jennah contacted Almorra discreetly and had her send a group of adventurers led by Dougal Keane into the haunted ruins of Ascalon City to retrieve the Claw. The group had to keep their true mission a secret from both humans and charr in order to not reveal the truce factions' intentions and alert the war-desiring factions among both races to stop them. The queen did what little she could to aid Dougal's group: she had convinced the Ebon Vanguard to stop sending patrols to harass the besieging charr forces for the time being, which in turn allowed Dougal's group an easier way to travel outside Ebonhawke without running into Vanguard patrols that might question their motives.[23] The successful retrieval of the Claw, which was then handed over to Iron Legion Imperator Smodur the Unflinching, was a crucial step towards the detenté between humans and charr which became known as the Ebonhawke Treaty.

The beginning of the peace negotiations did not please everyone, however. The human Separatists and charr Renegades openly rejected the new orders to stand down and continued to fight on in Ascalon, and some ministers considered the treaty to be an affront to the sacrifices made by the Ebon Vanguard. Some members of the nobility also viewed Jennah in a less favorable light because of her egalitarian effort to take commoners into consideration at the expense of nobility. Increasing bandit and centaur attacks continued to wear Kryta down as the Centaur War escalated with bolder raiding parties sent by War King Ulgoth the Mighty, which put into question whether Jennah was fit to rule the kingdom in a time when a strong and firm leader was needed.[24] As a result, the popularity of the charming Legate Minister Caudecus Beetlestone grew as he often offered populist solutions which rallied more and more people behind him and undermined Jennah's authority.

Personal story[edit]

Shadows of the Past[edit]

The friction between the Ministry and the crown was still present in 1325 AE as Minister Arton was accused of setting up the fall of the Falcon Company. However, the minister was cleared by the investigations of the Hero of Shaemoor. This was later revealed to have been a set up by the Legate Minister Caudecus.

Traitor to the Queen[edit]

Later that year, the Hero of Shaemoor was summoned by Jennah to settle the plan on eradicating the Elder Dragon Zhaitan's Risen threatening Kryta in Kessex Hills. The queen's agents had heard rumors of a suspicious Seraph soldier in the swamp and how this soldier seemed to attract the Risen who did not attack him for some reason. The Hero began tracking down the soldier, Corporal Kellach, in order to discover the reasons why the Risen were attracted to him, but he escaped capture. Jennah appointed the Hero as the Advocate of the Crown who was tasked with enlisting the aid of the bickering Durmand Priory, the Order of Whispers and the Vigil.

The Advocate, together with their allies, learned that the soldier had been deceived by the pirate oracle Alastia Crow and obtained an artifact from Zhaitan's domain of Orr which had slowly begun corrupting him. Horrified and angered by what he had perceived as a curse, Kellach had returned to the pirates and slaughtered them before cornering Alastia. Wanting to have her revenge on the corporal who had taken her companions' lives, Alastia had lied that bathing in royal blood was the only way to cure Kellach's affliction.

Realizing that Kellach's presence and the ever-growing Risen horde would soon threaten both Kryta and Jennah herself, the Advocate, Logan and their companions resolved to put an end to the maddened corporal. Deciding from the three alternate plans proposed by the Durmand Priory, the Order of Whispers, or the Vigil, they set up a trap for Kellach who was becoming more desperate while seeking to spill Jennah's blood. Learning about Kellach's sad tale, Jennah could not help but feel sorry for the corporal even though she understood that the threat he posed had to end.

Depending on the path chosen, the defenders either led the corrupted corporal to the real Jennah before using the Mortus Virge to confuddle him and his Risen horde, conjured up an illusion of Jennah to misdirect Kellach before dispatching of him with carefully placed traps, or simply summoned the might of Vigil reinforcements to battle the Risen in the throne room on equal terms. Kellach tried to plead to Jennah to give him her blood before he turned into a decaying Risen in front of the defenders' eyes, revealing that even the living were not safe from Zhaitan's corruption. The defenders successfully defeated Kellach and the Risen following him, ending the Risen threat to Kryta for the time being.

While conversing with the Advocate before and after the battle, Jennah admitted to having feelings for Logan, comparing him to an angel sent by the goddess Dwayna, but could not act on those feelings. According to the queen, such a time could only come if "things were different", or if Kryta were at peace; she did not elaborate more on the matter. However, she was fully aware of the pressure to uphold old traditions in which people from different social strata should not intermingle beyond trysts and that there were a lot of political machinations going on behind the scenes where her political opponents would discredit her for an open relationship with a commoner.[25] Realizing that Kellach's mistakes had been rooted in his love for his queen and his country and that the Elder Dragons could even turn him against Jennah unless they were stopped, Logan resolved to make up for his past mistakes and take up his old guild mate Caithe's offer to meet her in Lion's Arch.

Upon learning what Logan intended to do, Jennah was relieved by Logan's decision to make amends with Destiny's Edge but was worried about Caithe's trustworthiness. When the Advocate suggested that Jennah could always ask Logan to stay if she did not want him to go, Jennah pointed out that she did not want a servant but a partner by her side and that Logan had to be free to make his own decisions. The queen mentioned her past mistake taking Logan's choice from him, implying that her mental connection to him had caused Logan to abandon Destiny's Edge when the guild had needed him the most, and she intended not to make the same mistake again.[26]

Caudecus's Manor[edit]

Jennah and Logan attended a party at Caudecus's manor that celebrated the peace negotiations between humans and charr. While talking with the guests who included Zojja and the soon-to-be Pact Commander, Jennah admitted that she was distracted by one of her handmaidens being ill. She called Logan the bravest Seraph while worrying about him thinking with his heart too much at times. Despite the tension between her and Caudecus, she called the Legate Minister a loyal Krytan without elaborating further. Logan worried about the safety of Jennah and the ambassadors while in Caudecus's home turf, however, as he believed that the Legate Minister and the peace-opposing Ascalonian Separatists might be collaborating. Jennah remained diplomatic, however, and assured Logan that Caudecus was loyal to the crown although Logan pointed out that the Legate Minister might not be loyal to the head the crown rested upon.

After conversing with Zojja who had come to investigate the inventor Uzolan's golem and learning about the gossip that the Commander had discovered while chatting with the guests, Logan suggested the three of them confront Uzolan to find out what the intentions of Caudecus's personal inventor were and whether he was innocent or not. When Logan approached Uzolan and mentioned a potential threat to the queen, Uzolan panicked and activated the golem as he thought that Logan had discovered the Separatists' plans. The golem used a teleportation ray on Jennah and ambassadors Mia Kindleshot and Sigfast, transporting them to the dungeon beneath the manor and forcing Separatist Captain DeLana, who had been disguised as one of the guests, into action sooner than she had anticipated.

As Logan, Zojja and the Commander raced to the rescue, the Separatists separated their captives as they transported them into the valley behind the manor. While the Separatists split up to take care of the separated captives and thwart any rescue attempt, Jennah used the opportunity to slip from her bonds and cast a shield around herself. Annoyed, DeLana ordered the queen and any rescuers to be killed on sight, waiting for a moment that Jennah dropped the shield to finish her off. Despite the Separatists' fierce resistance, however, Logan and his companions, aided by Mia, managed to defeat DeLana and save Jennah.

Shortly after the clash, Caudecus arrived on the scene and expressed his relief to find the queen unharmed. Logan immediately began accusing the Legate Minister of being the true mastermind behind DeLana's attack while Caudecus claimed to be ignorant of the Separatists' schemes. Intending to resolve the conflict in her own way, Jennah told everyone present that she believed Caudecus to not only be innocent but that the Separatists had been planning to capture him as well. The queen then invited the Legate Minister to stay as her guest at the palace where she could keep an eye on him for his own safety for the time being. Realizing that he had been outplayed and that refusing the queen's offer would make him look suspicious, Caudecus had no choice but to accept Jennah's terms.

Logan initially protested the queen's decision but then expressed his desire to stay by her side to help keep an eye on Caudecus. While Jennah was grateful for Logan coming to the rescue, she reminded him that he had his own journey ahead of him that led beyond Divinity's Reach because there were dangers outside Kryta, such as the Elder Dragons, that threatened not only her but the entire world. Realizing that Jennah wanted him to make amends with Destiny's Edge, Logan ultimately agreed with her and promised to leave to make amends. Pleased by Logan's newfound determination, Jennah told him that she would be waiting for his return.[27]

Living World Season 1[edit]

In 1326 AE, Jennah hosted a jubilee celebrating her 10th year crowned as Queen of Kryta. To prepare for this, The Great Collapse's construction was hastened and finished,[28] creating a new arena and festivities quadrant in the city. The celebration also hosted the grand unveiling of the watchknights, mechanical soldiers created to protect the city of Divinity's Reach. However, during the opening ceremony, the celebrations were assaulted by the Aetherblades and a mysterious female sylvari, later revealed to be Scarlet Briar. The appearance of the Aetherblades resulted in the Shining Blade and Seraph heightening security for the duration of the festival, but the celebration went on without further interruption.[29]

Two weeks later, during the Jubilee's closing ceremony, Queen Jennah began a speech when Scarlet Briar re-appeared and took control of the Watchknights, turning them into Twisted Watchwork monstrosities and causing chaos in the streets of the city while. In the chaos, Scarlet attempted to kidnap the queen, however it was revealed that the queen giving a speech was an illusion all alone, and the real queen was looking on from the eastern end of the Pavilion. Emissaries, nobles, and other civilians were kidnapped by the Aetherblades as Scarlet took control of the Crown Pavilion's mechanized shutters and isolated herself and her Aetherblade forces within the arena, while her forces began using portal technology of her own design to launch assaults across the continent.[30]

After Scarlet's forces were defeated, Queen Jennah gave an additional speech to assuage the people of Divinity's Reach, and the remaining Watchknights were taken out of commission until the method Scarlet used to assume control was found and dealt with.[31]

It was later revealed that during the creation of the watchknights, Scarlet Briar had attempted several times to access the watchknights while they were in development. Though Jennah denied her each time, Scarlet still managed to include keyword phrases into the watchknight's designs to assume control over them.[32][33]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Jennah was invited to the World Summit, where the leaders of the five races were to discuss the Elder Dragon Mordremoth's rising. While she was interested, it initially looked like she would be unable to attend. Rumors had begun circulating in Divinity's Reach that Jennah had been working with Scarlet Briar, and a Ministry hearing into those rumors was scheduled for the same day as the summit. Between them, the Pact Commander, Countess Anise, and Kasmeer Meade were able to trace the rumors to Minister Estelle and prove them false. Jennah then agreed to attend the summit.

During the summit, Jennah agreed that Mordremoth was a threat, but her priority had to be the safety of her own people. Between the ongoing war with the centaurs and problems negotiating a cease-fire with the charr, she couldn't justify pulling soldiers away from those fronts to battle Mordremoth. The Commander was able to convince her to establish a team of strategists and researchers to investigate ways that humans could aid in the fight.

Before the summit could conclude, it was attacked by Mordremoth's forces led by the Shadow of the Dragon. Jennah was able to establish a shield to protect herself until Kasmeer could create a portal out of the Omphalos Chamber. After the battle concluded, Jennah agreed that Mordremoth was clearly a major threat to all of Tyria and asked to be kept informed of any further developments.

Living World Season 3[edit]

Jennah activates pre-prepared wards to protect Divinity's Reach with a magical dome from the White Mantle's bombardment.

Following the defeat of Mordremoth by the Pact forces and the open return of the White Mantle, Queen Jennah gave an interview regarding these matters, the Seraph's forces, defenses of Divinity's Reach, and of Logan Thackeray's recovery.[34] Later that year, the defenses mentioned made a show when Jennah gathered all of the ministers to give a speech about Caudecus' betrayal. During her speech she and other ministers were attacked by the White Mantle, the cannons shot cannonballs straight to the Royal Palace. Jennah and the Pact Commander activated the city's defenses, including a gigantic magical shield that protected the whole Divinity's Reach from the siege. While activating additional defenses inside The Upper City, Minister Estelle appeared saying that she want to kill the Queen, and that it was a special task from Caudecus. In the same moment Logan appeared to protect his Queen, he was downed by Estelle's attack. After a fierce fight Estelle was killed.[35]

Jennah later joked with the Commander about joining Dragon's Watch. The Commander kindly said that they would save a spot for her. Jennah remained behind in the throne room during the battle against the White Mantle.

Path of Fire[edit]

Learning of the plight of refugees who had fled to Lion's Arch from Crystal Desert and Elona in the wake of the Forged invasion, Jennah sent a diplomatic team consisting of Kasmeer Meade and Rytlock Brimstone to the Free City of Amnoon.[36]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

In 1333 AE, Jennah learned how the Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer had gone rogue and recruited charr soldiers across all four High Legions to join his Dominion faction in an effort to wake up the Elder Dragon Jormag and use the dragon to usher in an age of charr supremacy. Remembering how Nylia Steelpaw's Blood Legion warband had assisted Krytan forces against the White Mantle and centaurs during the siege of Divinity's Reach, the queen decided to pay back the favor to the charr and asked Kasmeer and Logan to lead a troop of Seraph to assist the United Legions against the Dominion in the conclusive battle of the charr civil war at Drizzlewood Coast.[37] Jennah would eventually learn about Bangar and the Dominion's defeat although the rogue imperator had managed to awaken Jormag regardless.

Months later, Logan, Rytlock and the acting Blood Legion Imperator Crecia Stoneglow traveled to Lake Doric to fortify its defenses against a predicted invasion by the Elder Dragon Primordus's destroyers which had begun attacking settlements in greater numbers after Jormag's rise. However, they were caught by surprise when the area suddenly came under assault by the combined forces of the icebrood, Sons of Svanir and the newly formed Frost Legion working under Jormag's latest champion Ryland Steelcatcher. Logan got word to Jennah about the assault, allowing the queen and her sorcerous allies to raise another magical dome to protect Divinity's Reach. The act left the settlements outside the city undefended, though, prompting Logan to call for aid from the Pact Commander and various allied factions which ultimately helped Krytans stop the icebrood assault.[38][39]

End of Dragons[edit]

After the Commander crash-landed in Cantha, Queen Jennah sent Kasmeer on a diplomatic outreach mission. There, Kasmeer revealed that the queen had promoted her to Ambassador, and had been working closely with her. After the events in Dragon's End, Queen Jennah and Empress Ihn made plans to meet, with Ihn visiting Kryta alongside Kasmeer and Minister Cho Min.



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Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 1 (historical)

Living World Season 2[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Spatial Surge Spatial Surge - Shoot a beam at your foe. The farther away they are, the more damage you deal.
  • Mind Stab Mind Stab - Stab an illusionary greatsword through the ground to cripple foes at your targeted location.
  • Shield of Reflection Shield of Reflection - Blind and confuse nearby foes while you gain chaos aura. Chaos aura grants you a random boon and inflicts your foe with a random condition whenever you are struck.


If human
Hello, <Character name>. Captain Thackeray has mentioned that you've been assisting him. Kryta is grateful for your service.
Talk more option tango.png My pleasure, Your Majesty. If I may, I'm curious about your personal guard.
The Shining Blade has defended Kryta for centuries, serving and protecting the Krytan royal bloodline. When Divinity's Reach was founded, they became the official royal guard.
Talk more option tango.png Interesting. That cat, your Majesty—is she yours?
Ah, yes. My little Shadow. I've had her since I was a child. Royal children have very few friends, and she has always been a comfort to me.
Talk end option tango.png I'll take my leave now, Your Majesty. I know you're busy. Thank you.
Talk end option tango.png Certainly. If you'll excuse me, I must be going.
If charr
Seeing a charr in my throne room gives me hope for the treaty between our peoples. Do you have business to discuss?
Talk more option tango.png Yes, ma'am. I wanted to know more about your personal guard, if I could.
The Shining Blade has defended Kryta for centuries, serving and protecting the Krytan royal bloodline. When Divinity's Reach was founded, they became the official royal guard.
Talk end option tango.png I'll go now, ma'am. I'm sure you're busy doing...human things.
Talk end option tango.png I'll go now, ma'am. I'm sure you're busy doing...human things.
If asura, norn, or sylvari
Welcome, traveler, to Divinity's Reach and Kryta. Do you have business to discuss?
Talk more option tango.png Indeed, madam. I'm curious about your personal guard.
The Shining Blade has defended Kryta for centuries, serving and protecting the Krytan royal bloodline. When Divinity's Reach was founded, they became the official royal guard.
(if asura)
Talk end option tango.png Interesting, but I must go. My krewe needs me. Good-bye.
(if norn)
Talk end option tango.png They seem competent. Good-bye, human queen.
(if sylvari)
Talk end option tango.png So fascinating, your human hierarchies and bloodlines. Thank you, milady.
Talk end option tango.png No, thanks. Good-bye.
When attempting to sit on Jennah's throne
Queen Jennah gives you a stern look as you approach the throne. You notice Anise subtly shake her head.
Talk end option tango.png Better not.


Sadly, it is not safe for me to leave Divinity's Reach.


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    <Character name>: It sounds powerful.
    Magister Lindsay: Very powerful. And coveted. We move it from fort to fort on an irregular schedule. I probably shouldn't even be telling you about it, but...you're you. [...]
    <Character name>: Are the artifacts you were carrying all right?
    Magister Lindsay: Some are, but some appear to have had the magic bled right out of them. It's as if they've become normal everyday objects now. No power.
    <Character name>: And the Krytan locket?
    Magister Lindsay: Its magical signature is weakened, but it wasn't completely destroyed. We'll return to the Priory with our shipment. I'm sure our scholars will want to study them.
  6. ^ The Queen's Jubilee, taking place in 1326 AE, celebrated Jennah's tenth anniversary as crowned queen, which suggests that she was crowned in 1316 AE.
  7. ^ Liberation
    <Character name>: Why would the Ministry resent the queen?
    Logan Thackeray: Jennah took the throne as a very young woman. When her father died, she was the only heir. For the few years it took her to settle in, the Ministry had control. It was difficult to convince them to give it up again.
  8. ^ The Line of Duty – The Three Military Orders of Kryta
  9. ^ The Queen's Justice
    <Character name>: I've never seen so many guards in the throne room, Your Majesty. It feels strange.
    Queen Jennah: It is odd, isn't it? My father had more, as you may remember. But when I took the throne, I wanted people to feel comfortable in my presence.
  10. ^ "Chapter 15: Edge of Steel", Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King:
    "Today, before Commodore Marriner and the Ship's Council, I have confirmed Kryta's commitment to work with Lion's Arch for the good of Tyria's free races. Together, our people and yours declare an alliance. We will help you fight the Orrian undead, who threaten your shipping lanes, and you will help us fight the centaurs that raid our villages."
    Applause filled the arena, and the image of Jennah smiled beautifully.
    "She's wonderful," Logan sighed.
    "I asked your excellent Ship's Council what great entertainment I must not miss in my brief stay, and they all turned as one to Captain Magnus the Bloody Handed, proprietor of this great establishment"—gleeful cheers interrupted her—"and he brought me here! And so, to all who do battle here today, I wish success and health and wealth!"
    "All who do battle?" Logan stepped back breathlessly. "That's me!"
  11. ^ "Chapter 15: Edge of Steel", Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King:
    Dylan nodded coolly. "So, now you fight beside a charr, in the arena?"
    Logan shrugged. "Yeah."
    "I shouldn't have expected more," Dylan sighed. "I hope the queen likes the exhibition match today."
    "She hopes she does, as well," came a woman's voice behind Dylan.
    He looked over his shoulder, surprised, then dropped to one knee. "My queen!"
    Queen Jennah of Kryta stepped forward.
    Logan's mouth fell open, and he staggered back.
    The queen was stunning, her dark features set off by robes as white as lightning. Her eyes were sharp, and they pierced him, baring his inner thoughts.
    Logan stood pinioned on those eyes. He wanted to turn away but couldn't. It was as if every other woman he had ever seen was just a statue, but Jennah was flesh and blood.
    The queen smiled. "Rise, Captain Dylan, and tell me who this man is to approach my presence armed."
    "Regrettably, my queen," Dylan said, "this gulping codfish is my brother, Logan."
    Logan tried to speak, but there was no air in his lungs.
    "Bow before your queen!" Dylan snapped.
    Logan fell to his knees and bowed his head.
    "Logan is your name?"
    Logan nodded.
    Jennah leaned forward on the rail, looking down at him. "Can he speak?"
    Before Dylan could respond, Logan gasped out, "Normally, yes, my queen, I can speak. It's only in your presence that I...that I can't seem to find...you know, words."
    Dylan looked from his brother to the queen. "Your Majesty, is he under a charm of some sort?"
    Jennah shook her head.
    "A charm?" Logan asked.
    "Our queen is a mesmer of extraordinary power," Dylan said to Logan. "It's how she spoke to the whole stadium just now. I thought perhaps she had cast some strange glamour upon you to make you gabble so stupidly. Apparently, though, you come by it naturally."
    "Stand, Logan Thackeray," Queen Jennah said.
    "Yes, Your Majesty." Logan rose and brushed the dust from his knees. "Thank you, Your Majesty."
    "Do not fear, Logan. If you're half the warrior that your brother is, you will do well today."
    "I'd say he's almost half," Dylan put in.
    "My queen," Logan replied earnestly, "I am not sure how good a warrior I am, but if I could fight this match for you, I would be ten times the warrior. Grant me a token--"
    Dylan sternly shook his head at his brother.
    But Queen Jennah leaned forward, drew a blue scarf from her robe, and handed it down to Logan. "Yes, Logan. Be my champion today. When you fight, fight for me."
    Numbly, Logan stepped up and took the scarf as if it were a tender flower. The royal seal of Kryta was embroidered on one corner. "Thank you, milady. I will fight for you."
    Dylan sighed, "Pity."
    "Pity my foes!" Logan proclaimed.
    "Give me reason," the queen said, smiling. She turned away and ascended the stairs.
  12. ^ "Chapter 16: Agreements", Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King:
    "I am at your command."
    "Then I command you to stand with me." The queen rose from her throne. Logan stood there numbly as his queen stepped up next to him. She grasped his hand-her fingers soft but strong—and turned him outward to face the roomful of courtiers. She lifted their hands together. "Friends, senators, courtiers—" She looked pointedly at a proud bald man with a long goatee, and said in an almost growl, "Minister Caudecus—I want to introduce this young man to you. He is a warrior of a new stripe—a gladiator who slew a minion of Primordus in my honor. This is Logan Thackeray."
    The courtiers nodded politely, donning smiles and clapping gloved hands in a muffled ovation.
    "He fights for me," the queen went on, "as certainly as his brother fights for me. Yes, I have champions beyond the Seraph and the Shining Blade. I have champions such as this warrior. I said he was of a new stripe, but in fact, he is of a very old stripe. He is a hero, like Rurik of old."
    Again came the muted applause, the supercilious smiles.
    Logan blushed as the queen lowered his hand and squeezed his fingers. She leaned toward him and murmured into his ear, "Thank you for answering my summons."
    He squeezed her hand in return. "I will always answer your summons."
    "Will you?" she replied in a voice of sudden steel. Turning toward him, she pinioned him on her gaze. "Then you will be bonded to me." She lifted her hand as if in blessing, but then reached out to lay her palm on his forehead and lace her fingers into his hair.
    Power poured through her touch.
    It roared into Logan.
    The queen's mind entered his own mind like a thief through a window. But he welcomed this thief. He took her hand and led her deep within and showed her vistas of memory. [...]
    Jennah's hand broke from his forehead, and she stepped back, catching a slight breath. Once again, the two of them were standing in the throne room, staring wide-eyed at each other.
    Jennah whispered, "The things you have done."
    Logan smiled. "The things I will yet do—in your name."
    The senators and courtiers of Divinity's Reach listened in silence.
    Jennah glanced toward them and drew a deep breath, becoming the queen once again. "You are bonded to me, now, Logan Thackeray," she pronounced, speaking to everyone. "If ever I am in mortal peril, I will call to you, and you must come to me."
    "Yes, my queen," Logan said, dropping again to one knee.
    Jennah's eyes moved among the courtiers, fixing on certain ones. "Let those who plot against the throne beware."
  13. ^ "Chapter 22: Fights and Feasts", Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King:
    Perhaps you have also heard that we were in the midst of celebrating this victory when the threat of another dragon champion came to our ears: the Destroyer of Life. It is a new champion of the Elder Dragon Primordus, and it rises near Rata Sum, homeland of two of my dear friends.
    I made a case for traveling to Divinity's Reach first, but my comrades are too eager to fight again, too fearful of what would happen if we let the situation in Rata Sum simmer. Eir keeps us busy with preparation.
    Just say the word, though, and I will leave them and come to you. I desire more than anything to see you again, face-to-face. It is my sole consolation that you are before me every time I close my eyes.
    Let me know what you wish, and I will obey.
    Your humble champion,
    Logan [...]
    Yes, of course I had expected you and your comrades to appear before me, but this next mission does take precedence. I have been in long-term negotiations with the Arcane Council of Rata Sum for a restored asura gate into Ebonhawke. The new gate will bind our farthest outpost to our greatest city. Long the asura have stalled, fearing a backlash from the charr. But when I received your letter, I at last had the bargaining chip I needed.
    I will allow my champion to fight this fight, and in return, I will get my superior gate.
    This is your greatest service yet to me, Logan, but I recognize the price we both are paying. I fear to lose you, and I want more than anything to see you again. But you cannot fight for me by standing around the halls of Divinity's Reach. The last thing I need is another polished advisor. They are just statues compared to a flesh-and-blood champion.
    So, fight for me. Defeat the Destroyer of Life. And in our long separation, I will content myself with letters and with visions of your heroism.
    Your queen,
  14. ^ "Chapter 25: Drawing the Poison", Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King:
    Another dragon champion lies slain at your feet—the Destroyer of Life and his thousand minions. Well done! You have saved Rata Sum, and you have won for us an upgraded asura gate into Ebonhawke. To think—a year ago you were guarding a caravan to Ebonhawke. Now you have made such caravans unnecessary. Thank you!
    Still, I must say that I was greatly troubled to read your account of the incident with Faolain of the Nightmare Court. None of her ilk can be trusted. They cling to a demented view of the world. When I read your account, I almost called you to me, but that would only have been selfish.
    If Glint is helping her master rise, you must face her down and slay her. But Glint has been an ally to humankind. I am torn. If I had to choose, I would trust her more than the Nightmare Court.
    This mission is yet another danger for you to face in my name, in the name of all Tyria. So, go, my champion. Go slay a lesser dragon to stop an Elder Dragon.
    Yours always,
  15. ^ "Chapter 28: Siege and Storm", Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King:
    Queen Jennah of Kryta, staring from a window high in Ebonhawke Keep, peered into the mind of darkness.
    It was unlike any she had wrestled before.
    A sandstorm. A chaos. Bottomless hunger. Endless outrage.
    She glimpsed it for just a moment, but that was enough. In that moment, it had glimpsed her.
    Crying out, Queen Jennah reeled back from the window. Countess Anise caught her, staring in dread at her queen.
    "That's what they look like," Jennah said, panting. Her eyes were like mirrors. "That's what it's like to look into the mind of a dragon."
  16. ^ "Chapter 33: The Sundering", Edge of Destiny by J. Robert King:
    Logan stood unmoving in the courtyard of Ebonhawke. He had been transfigured like all the rest-not transformed, but transfigured. When the dragon's eyes stared down upon him, his outer semblance became something new—stony and strange. It was as if every muscle seized up, and he had become a living statue.
    But his mind still turned, still told him that his friends had failed. They had failed because he had abandoned them. And now, Kralkatorrik held him.
    As the last of the ogres climbed through the wall and lumbered away across the rocky hills, the glamour that gripped Logan and the others faded away.
    Logan panted, only then realizing he had forgotten to breathe.
    A Vanguard warrior nearby staggered and clutched his knees.
    A charr legionnaire whipped his head back and forth, eyes blazing. "What sort of sorcery was that?"
    "My type of sorcery," came a voice high above, "mesmerism."
    Logan and the others looked up to see, on the highest balcony of the keep, Queen Jennah. From that lofty spot, she had cast the illusion of the dragon in the sky. She had poured down golden light to lave the warriors below, had made them seem creatures of stone. Her spell had been so powerful, they had not known they could still breathe.
    "I've deceived them, the minions of Kralkatorrik," Queen Jennah called. "I have saved you, human and charr alike. We have been enemies these many centuries, but now there is a new enemy for us both.
    "This is a dark day, the first of many. This is a day of dragons. We must stand together against them, or we will all fall beneath. And so I am releasing these charr prisoners." She gestured down at the group of charr standing beside the fortress's portcullis. "They have fought beside us, and they are free."
    Logan strode toward the line of charr. "Did you hear that? You're free."
    One of the warriors said, "We fought beside humans. We will be outcasts."
    "No," Logan said. "I've spent the last year fighting beside a charr. Am I an outcast?"
    The charr looked him in the eye. "I will tell them I fought beside Logan Thackeray."
    "Yes. Tell them that."
  17. ^ When Kralkatorrik's rise led to the Ogre Revolt in Edge of Destiny, Countess Anise was still stated to be an exemplar.
  18. ^ Shining Blade Secrets
    This is an official scroll with the Shining Blade symbol at the top. It has multiple signatures upon it, including Queen Jennah, Master Exemplar Eive, Countess Anise, and two unfamiliar witnesses.
    At the top, it says, "This document makes official the transfer of the power, duty, and responsibilities of the Master Exemplar office from one Eive to one Anise, Countess of Kryta."
    "The transfer is complete and immediate. The kingdom of Kryta thanks the outgoing master exemplar from her service. If the parties have anything to add, please write it below."
    "I, Eive, have loved the Shining Blade as my own family, and that will not change. I have responsibilities that occasionally take me away, and you deserve a leader dedicated to leading you."
    "I, Anise, will fulfill my duties to the best of my ability. I have large shoes to fill. Thank you, Eive, for your many years of service to kingdom and queen."
  19. ^ Search the Premises
    Logan Thackeray: I know this chalice. I was there when Queen Jennah awarded it to the Corone family. It has historical, financial, and sentimental value.
  20. ^ The Trial of Julius Zamon
    Baron Marius Corone: Thackeray had me identify Queen Salma's stolen chalice this morning. I'm curious about its relevance in this trial.
    Baron Marius Corone: If you get a conviction today, does that mean I get my chalice back? The Seraph's evidence room is no place for my family's most treasured heirloom.
  21. ^ "Chapter 17", Ghosts of Ascalon by Jeff Grubb and Matt Forbeck:
    "I have no 'master,'" Ember growled. "Yes, the asura is correct: I am part of the Ash Legion. Doom Warband. My imperator is Malice Swordshadow. She personally sent me to serve with the Vigil. She knew that I would prove valuable there."
    "To who?" asked Riona.
    Ember shifted uncomfortably. "To Soulkeeper, of course, and—and to the Ash Legion as well."
    "So you've been spying on the Vigil for the Ash Legion?" Dougal asked.
    Ember paused for a moment, then nodded. "General Soulkeeper knew this from the moment I reported to her. She is no fool."
    "And she let you go on with your charade despite this?" Riona's tone betrayed her disbelief.
    Ember nodded. "She got what she wanted: an effective soldier ready to do her bidding. And she gave Imperator Swordshadow what she wanted: a direct report on the Vigil's activities from someone she could trust. Their interests do not conflict. No harm is done." [...]
    There was a long moment of silence then. Dougal broke it. "Swordshadow is part of the truce faction. That's it, isn't it? That's why there is no conflict."
    "I could not say," said Ember. "We did not discuss the matter."
    "Because if it were known that Swordshadow supported it, there would be direct opposition from the other legions," continued Dougal.
  22. ^ "Chapter 8", Ghosts of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb:
    Dougal looked at Riona, who from her uncertain expression fully expected Dougal to leap to his feet and try to find the nearest exit. Instead he remained seated and said, "Why do the Vigil want a charr artifact?"
    "We don't," said Almorra. "Your human queen wants it."
    "Very well," said Dougal, feeling as though he were being lectured by an asura, "why does Queen Jennah want it?"
    "She wants to give it back to the charr," said Almorra, and Dougal shot a glance at Riona. She said nothing but was scowling. [...]
    "Both sides are tired," said Almorra. "And both sides have other worries in their lives. The humans have been driven back on numerous fronts, almost to the gates of Divinity's Reach itself. You are plagued by marauding centaurs and human brigands.
    "Similarly," the general went on, "three of the charr legions stand united: Blood, Iron, and Ash. The fourth, the Flame Legion, which once commanded the other three, stands against us. And the ogres have come down from the Blazeridge Mountains, seeking land for their herds."
    "And Ascalon is haunted," added Dougal.
    "And Ascalon is haunted," agreed Almorra. "The legacy of the Foefire."
    "So, how does the Claw fit in?" said Dougal.
    "A peace faction has grown among the charr," said Almorra, then stopped. "Perhaps I give my people too much credit. Call it a truce faction. They seek to end the hostilities with Ebonhawke, so that they may better deal with the Flame Legion and other matters."
    "And the humans, as you've noticed," said Riona flatly, "have other foes as well."
    "The Vigil has been acting as go-betweens," said Almorra. "We have human agents in Divinity's Reach and charr crusaders in the Black Citadel. The discussions have been extremely secretive to date. There are humans—and charr—who would reject out of hand any attempt at peace and ban our order for promoting it."
    The charr general leaned forward again. "The discussions have gotten to the point that the charr legions have agreed to open formal negotiations, combined with a cessation of hostilities. But they want a sign of good faith from the humans."
    "The Claw," said Dougal.
    "The Claw," said General Soulkeeper.
    "What is in all this for you?" asked Dougal.
    "The Elder Dragons," said Killeen, and Dougal looked at her. She had been listening intently throughout the discussion. "If the humans and charr can stop fighting, you hope they can turn their armies against Zhaitan, Kralkatorrik, and the others."
  23. ^ "Chapter 13", Ghosts of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb:
    "I had a curious chat with the guards," said Killeen. "It is interesting what people will tell you when you look at them with wide eyes and act like you just fell out of the tree. Apparently the siege has been quiet for the past few months: no new assaults from the charr lines. And, more interestingly, a moratorium on this side from sallies and patrols. They say some bigwigs made the decision."
    "The truce faction," said Dougal, "and the queen."
    "Yes," said Killeen, "but it is making everyone here very, very nervous. They are expecting some huge charr assault, and a lot of the human soldiers want to attack now, before it comes."
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    <Character name>: Captain Thackeray is very worried about you, Your Majesty.
    Queen Jennah: Logan? He mustn't worry...please, tell him I'll be fine. If he is distracted, and gets hurt, I don't know what I would do.
    <Character name>: If I may be so bold, ma'am, the two of you seem to care about one another very much.
    Queen Jennah: He is like an angel sent from Dwayna to be at my side. If things were different, or if Kryta were at peace. then perhaps... [...]
    <Character name>: Poor Kellach. His mistakes were rooted in his love for queen and country.
    Logan Thackeray: So many mistakes...made for all the right reasons. The queen could have been killed by someone who loved her. Even...I mean, it really makes you think. [...]
    Logan Thackeray: I'm glad Jennah's safe, but I realize now that her safety is temporary. Everything is temporary, unless the dragons can be stopped.
    Logan Thackeray: The dragons can't be defeated by one person, or even one nation. There has to be another way.
    Logan Thackeray: Do you think we can overcome our mistakes, my friend? Make up for the things we've done?
    <Character name>: I know we can, Logan. Mistakes make us human. It's rising up again that makes us heroes.
    Logan Thackeray: You're right. I've been too focused on keeping the queen safe. I love being at her side, but maybe that's not where I can best defend her—or Kryta.
    Logan Thackeray: An old friend named Caithe asked me to meet her at Lion's Arch. I think I'll take her up on that. [...]
    <Character name>: Speaking of Captain Thackeray... It doesn't bother you that he's going to Lion's Arch?
    Queen Jennah: I'm worried, I'll admit. Caithe has never been trustworthy in the best of times, and lately... Please, tell me you'll watch over him?
    <Character name>: You know that you could stop him, right? One word from you, and he'd stay.
    Queen Jennah: No, Advocate. I have enough servants—I want a partner. Logan must be free to make his own decisions. I made such a mistake once before. I won't make it again.
  27. ^ Caudecus's Manor (story)
    Queen Jennah: Logan! I believe Caudecus is innocent.
    Logan Thackeray: Your Majesty, you can't take his side.
    Queen Jennah: Caudecus is guilty of many things, Captain, but he was not responsible here. The Separatists were planning to capture him as well.
    Minister Caudecus: Capture...me? Then I am in your debt for keeping me safe, your Majesty.
    Queen Jennah: Also, for your own protection, you should stay at my palace. Temporarily of course. I insist.
    Minister Caudecus: There's no...I mean...I'm sure...Certainly, your Majesty. I would be honored.
    Logan Thackeray: Your Majesty! Jennah! Are you serious?
    Queen Jennah: Very serious, Captain. I think it best the minister stays where I can keep an eye on him. For his own safety.
    Logan Thackeray: Then I should remain as well. To help keep an eye on him.
    Queen Jennah: No, no need for that. I appreciate your rescue, but you have your own journey. One that leads beyond Divinity's Reach.
    Logan Thackeray: There are dangers that threaten you here.
    Queen Jennah: There are dangers that face all of us, Logan. All of our world. There are things only you can do.
    Logan Thackeray: You're right. So much has been left unfinished. Much to make amends for. I should go.
    Queen Jennah: And I will be waiting for your return.
  28. ^ The area was changed during Cutthroat Politics.
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    Captain Ellen Kiel: The conflict in the Crystal Desert is bleeding over into central Tyria, with refugees pouring into Lion's Arch every day. Queen Jennah has already dispatched a diplomatic team from Divinity's Reach.
  37. ^ Pointed Parley
    Logan Thackeray: The queen sent us with a troop of Seraph to repay Kryta's debt to the Blood Legion.
    Smodur the Unflinching: Your memorable arrival aside, I speak for the imperators when I say we are grateful to have you and Lady Kasmeer with us.
    Malice Swordshadow: Could you give the politicking a rest?
    Smodur the Unflinching: You didn't complain when I brokered our treaty with Ebonhawke.
  38. ^ Jormag's World
    <Character name>: Perhaps. Taimi, where do you think the destroyers will attack next?
    Taimi: Somewhere near Divinity's Reach in a day or so. Logan's preparing. Rytlock and Crecia are helping him.
  39. ^ Dragon Response Mission: Lake Doric
    Rytlock Brimstone: One minute it's balmy, the next everything's freezing over—people included.
    Crecia Stoneglow: They came from the rear while we were fortifying the place against destroyers.
    Rytlock Brimstone: We let 'em in. Thought they were here to help.
    Logan Thackeray: Got word to Queen Jennah—Divinity's Reach won't be caught unaware.
    Crecia Stoneglow: If they can't hit the Reach, they're bound to look for other targets.
  40. ^ A Meeting of Ministers
    Taimi: I'll keep you posted. Anyway, say hi to the queen for me!
    <Character name>: Do you know her?
    Taimi: I feel like I do after all the gossip rags I've read! Do you know she doesn't wear shoes!
  41. ^ A Meeting of Ministers
    <Character name>: I'll do some digging. And, Your Majesty, you missed a weed there.
    Queen Jennah: That looks like one, but it's actually the Krytan Spiderwort. It'll bloom soon, and its petals give you the most luscious dyes.
    Queen Jennah: It's my favorite flower. It hides its true potential from most and then blossoms into something great. Happy hunting, Commander.