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Maguuma Jungle

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Maguuma Jungle map.jpg
Map of Maguuma Jungle

1–25, 55–70
Connects to
Maguuma Wastes
Ring of Fire
Ruins of Orr
Shiverpeak Mountains

Maguuma Jungle map 2.jpg

Map of Eastern Half of the Maguuma Jungle

The Maguuma Jungle is an expansive area west of Kryta and Orr, and includes the Maguuma Wastes, Heart of Maguuma, and Horn of Maguuma. The capital cities of the asura and sylvari (Rata Sum and The Grove respectively) are located within the southern area of the jungle, a region known as the Tarnished Coast. The Maguuma Jungle is also home to a number of other sapient races, including various tribes of centaurs, hylek, skritt, quaggan, and the Quetzal tengu.

In the past, the mystic druids lived in the Maguuma and became spirits to help guard the jungle and its inhabitants. The Maguuma Jungle is also the home of one of the bloodstones. Some time following the Rite of the Great Dwarf in 1078 AE, the Exalted left Kesho and took up residence deep within the jungle, preparing the city to eventually guard the second scion of Glint in secret.


Explorable zones
Festival zone


Long ago[edit]

Long ago a human tribe called the druids ventured into the Maguuma Jungle to make peace with the land, they lived in peace with the centaurs Maguuma making their home in the Aurora Glade, Denravi Circle and other places, however more than three centuries ago they disappeared. Leaving the centaurs to inhabit this region in peace.

The Mursaat inhabited this region for a long time, within Maguuma, where they built their fortress, known as the Stronghold of the Faithful. The exact date of what year they inhabited this region and their relationship with the races of the region is unknown.

In the year 1 BC.E. the Six Gods dropped the Bloodstone into the great volcano in the center of the ring, called the Abaddon's Mouth before leaving Tyria forever in year 0. A few hundred years later, the volcano erupted, sending the five bloodstones in different directions to through Central Tyria, one of them landing deep in the Maguuma Jungle in what would now be called the Heart of Maguuma.

With the passing of time, in the year 300 AD the first Centaur War began to be recorded, this due to the expansion of humans into the territories of the centaurs. As early as 800 AE, King Oswald Thorn of Kryta, proposed a peace treaty, however the centaurs rejected it as it was unfavorable to them. Although there was a centaur named Ventari who promoted a philosophy of peaceful coexistence between races to end bloodshed. However, the other centaurs did not listen and continued with their war. By then Ventari had established a jungle refuge near a gigantic tree, as a refuge from those trying to flee the war.

Within the Jungle the Koga Fort was built, which served as a fort during the Third Clan War, where trade routes were controlled, over time it was They established new, safer routes, for which the fort was abandoned.

Some time later a man named Saul D'Alessio from Kryta was exiled to the jungle and when he arrived he met the Mursaat or also known as the "Invisibles" for the first time, who welcomed him and gave him new clothes and food. With the rise of the White Mantle the centaur wars had reached a low point with it and the presence of the undead.

Years later, the mursaat used the White Mantle along with the Eye of Janthir to search for the Chosen among the people of Kryta and brought them to the Bloodstone Fen where they would be sacrificed and use their souls to keep the Komalie Door sealed.

With the rise of the White Mantle, there were some Krytans who opposed the new government and their false gods, the Murssat, thus arose the Shining Blade who had their base of operations within the Jungle.

Guild Wars[edit]

In the year 1072 AE. a group of Heroes traveled to the jungle in search of the chosen ones who had been kidnapped by members of the Shining Blade, however the leader of the group Evennia and informed them that it was not a kidnapping and that they were really saved since they would be sacrificed in the bloodstone, by the White Mantle. For this, the Shining Blade recruited these heroes and orchestrated the occupation of the Denravi Circle and assisted in the theft of the Scepter of Orr, which was in possession of the White Mantle who had found it within the Majesty's Rest in exchange for the help of Vizier Khilbron. For which they joined to thwart the plans of the White Mantle, however upon reaching the Bloodstone Swamp, they observed how some chosen ones were sacrificed in the bloodstone to extract their souls.

After some time in 1072 AE, Ventari found himself embroiled once more in the centaur warfare, so he decided to retreat to the Bronze Coast, where he befriended a human named Ronan, with whom he planted the Pale Tree and founded a sanctuary of peace for all races who sought it. He in time he died

In the year 1078 AE. earthquakes began to be felt in various parts of Tyria, which is why some races, such as the asura, skritt emerged and began to inhabit the surface, the asura settled on the Bronze Coast building their floating city Rata Sum, while some skritt began to inhabit the jungle.

Intermediate years[edit]

With the awakening of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, the army of Risens began to invade the coasts in order to enter the Jungle

As early as 1302 AE. the Pale Tree gave its first buds where the Firstborns Sylvari suggested. Over time, the Nightmare Court was formed, rejecting the teachings of the Ventari's Tablet, for which they decided to separate from their brothers who inhabit the Grove to establish their base in the Wychmire Swamp where they would build the Twilight Arbor.

In the years that followed, the Sinister Triad was created, an alliance between the Bandits, the Inquest, and the Nightmare Court in the Brisban Wildlands. As early as 1324 AE. the Thaumanova Reactor is destroyed during an Inquest experiment led by Scarlet Briar.


In the year 1327 AE, the summit was held in the Grove, where the next elder dragon to attack would be decided, however it was interrupted when the Shadow Dragon arrived along with the Mordrem, without However, the invasion was stopped by the Pact Commander, together with his allies. Leaving the Pale Tree wounded.

In the year 1333 AE. the Commander proceeds to travel across Tyria to quell raids by destroyerss, on Metrica Province and the Brisban Jungles


Long ago the Maguuma Jungle, the Heart of Maguuma, and the Maguuma Wastes were part of the same region. Over time they have been sub-divided into three separate regions, just like the Tarnished Coast is part of the jungle.

The part of the Maguuma Wastes is a sub-region that has dried up and is prone to sandstorms, while the northern part features a network of underground caverns. The Heart of Maguuma and the Maguuma Jungle are a tropical region of lush vegetation, with dense forests where the treetops are so high, a network of underground caverns, mountains, contains rivers, and waterfalls that flow through the place.

It has an exit to the sea, to the east with the Sea of Sorrows and to the south with the Strait of Malchor. And to the north is Kryta that connects with the jungle. It is home to the skritt, asura, sylvari, centaurs, hylek, trolls, riders of the wind, spirits of druids, and a wide variety of Insects and living plants. It was once the home of the centaurs, although there are some tribes that can still be found in the Maguuma Wastes part.

Maguuma Explorer achievement[edit]

This achievement consists of discovering all 167 areas within the Maguuma Jungle. Some commonly missed areas are as follows:

Interactive map[edit]



  • On the in-game map, there is no region called "Maguuma Jungle." However, zones from the Tarnished Coast and Steamspur Mountains all contribute to the "Maguuma Explorer" achievement.
  • For purposes of the weekly Wizard's vault the term "Maguuma Jungle" excludes Heart of Maguuma but seems to include the core Locations listed here.


  • Internally at ArenaNet, this area was known as "Wetland."[1]
  • One of the available worlds is named Maguuma.


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