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Disambig icon.png This article is about Palawa Joko's undead army. For Secondborn sylvari, see Newly Awakened.
An Awakened Soldier.

In Vabbian culture, Awakening is viewed as a reward to Joko's faithful. They don't fear it—it's something they aspire to. Being Awakened to serve Joko is considered an honor.

Agent Hamna

The Awakened are undead who serve Palawa Joko, the ruler of Elona. They are sentient and retain some remnants of their memories, but most of them are also unconditionally loyal to their master.


Physically, most Awakened are mummified human corpses preserved primarily with tar. A few Awakened, such as Canids and Abominations, undergo extensive physical changes. Although most Awakened are utterly loyal to Joko, a few—such as the Awakened General—appear to have some measure of free will and the ability to resist Joko.


While Awakened are generally hated and feared north of the Bone Wall, many within the Domain of Vabbi view the Awakened as friends and family, which is literally true for many of them. In Vabbi, Awakening is an honor and viewed as a desirable reward to Joko's faithful. Many of the Awakened within Vabbi are created at the Necropolis, where judges appointed by Joko weigh the merits of an individual before declaring whether or not the person is worthy of Awakening. Following this, groups of newly Awakened dead complete trials of combat and are drilled in the basics of combat. Those that fail these trials are sent off to the Boneyard.


Following Joko's demise in the Battle of Gandara, the Awakened became disoriented as they tried to come to terms with their newfound freedom while their compulsion to obey Joko vanished from their minds.[1][2] Although some Awakened remained loyal to Joko's ideals and stayed with the Joko Loyalists and Mordant Crescent, a growing number of Awakened abandoned their posts as they joined the Free Awakened movement and selected Ambassador Sianna as their representative.[3][4] The Awakened factions attended the summit at the Fortress of Jahai to discuss the future of Elona and a possibility of a post-Joko governing body in the interregnum, only to be forced to flee to the surrounding countryside and Sun's Refuge when the Branded invaded Jahai Bluffs and turned many locals, including Awakened, into crystallized minions of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik.

Known bases[edit]

Desert Highlands
Domain of Istan
Domain of Kourna
Domain of Vabbi
Elon Riverlands
Jahai Bluffs
Sandswept Isles
The Desolation


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