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Dragon's Watch is an adventuring guild in Tyria dedicated to stopping the Elder Dragons. While members started to work together starting from the year 1326 AE in response to the events of Flame and Frost, it would be the year 1329 AE when Dragon's Watch was formally created to succeed Destiny's Edge. The group was founded by the Pact Commander and Rytlock Brimstone.[1]


The current members are:


Year Story Chapter Accomplishment
Before Formal Creation
1326 AE

Living World Season 1

Flame and Frost Braham and Commander freed Cragstead from occupation by Molten Alliance.
Rox and Commander retook the Nolan's Hatchery from Flame Legion.
Rox, Braham and Commander successfully assaulted Molten Alliance Base
Dragon Bash Marjory Delaqua, Kasmeer Meade and Commander assisted Inspector Ellen Kiel discover the person responsible for the attack on lion's arch — Mai Trin
Queen's Jubilee Braham, Rox and Commander helped defend Crown Pavillion from Aetherblade attack and haywire watchknight.
Clockwork Chaos Braham, Rox and Commander dismantled bombs in the Crown Pavillion during closing ceremony.
The trio saved lord Faren from Scarlett
Tower of Nightmares Kasmeer, Marjory and Commander broke Mesmer veil surrounding the Tower of Nightmares in Kessex Hills.
The Trio developed an antitoxin for the Toxic Alliance's Poison
The Nightmares Within Successfully assaulted the Tower of Nightmares.
Defeated high priest Oratuss and Toxic Hybrid
Destroyed the Tower of Nightmares
Braham and Rox met Kasmeer and Marjory for the first time.
1327 AE The Origins of Madness Destroyed the Nightmare Marionette.
The 5 met Taimi.
Edge of the Mists Noticed the activation of Pylon in Lion's Arch and brought this to the attention of Durmand Priory.
Warned the council of Lion's Arch about the potential attack
Escape from Lion's Arch Helped evacuate Lion's Arch.
Battle for Lion's Arch Assaulted the Breachmaker.
Killed Scarlet Briar
Living World Season 2 Gates of Maguuma Helped establish a passage to the dry top and protected it from the inquest.
Discovered the cause of the zepherites crash in dry top.
Saved Master of Peace from the assassin.
Entanglement Discovered and cleared out the secret inquest ley-line research lab in Dry Top.
Saved Magister Lindsay and Goldenlight Hallow lab during the Mordrem attack in Tiberline Falls.
The Dragon's Reach: Part 1 Helped cull the Mordremoth Forces in Iron Marches.
Recalibrated waypoints' frequencies to hide them from being detected by mordremoth, thus protecting them from future Mordrem Attacks.
Braham and Commander assisted with Vigil's Assault on Sons of Svanir Encampment.
Found the parts and reassembled King Adelbern's crown.
Rox, Rytlock and Commander assisted with foefire cleansing Ritual in Duke Barradin's crypt.
The Dragon's Reach: Part 2 Kasmeer and Commander exonerated queen Jennah from rumors spread by one of the ministers.
Protected Coucillor Phlunt from a Mordremoth Attack.
Saved the world leaders from Mordrem.
Living World Season 3 Eir's Memorial in Hoelbrak The Commander and Rytlock formally creates Dragon's Watch to succeed Destiny's Edge.
After formal creation
Confessor's Stronghold Defeats Minister Caudecus
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  • Characters that were invited to join Dragon's Watch, but declined, include Braham, Canach and Logan Thackeray.
    • Braham left the group to form his own version of Destiny's Edge, following arguments with the Commander in regards to honoring the original Destiny's Edge. As of Prologue: Bound by Blood, Rytlock states that Braham is attending the All-Legion Rally as a member of Dragon's Watch.
    • Gorrik is similarly present as a representative of Dragon's Watch.
    • Logan declined to join, as the Pact had offered the position of Marshal in a backline position, with the weakened Logan seeing this as the best opportunity to serve Kryta and Tyria.
    • Canach initially declined to join as he wanted to be independent, following his prolonged experience serving Countess Anise, but mentioned their paths would cross again.[3]
  • Like Rytlock and Logan, Caithe and Zojja are also surviving members of Destiny's Edge, but they have not yet been invited.


  • The name of this guild was chosen by players, who were asked to vote for one of three potential names. The other two options were Eternity's Guard and The Unbroken.
    • Separate polls were run for different languages; for example, the French community chose the name Gardiens de l'Éternité (Eternity's Guard).


  1. ^ Eir's Memorial in Hoelbrak
    <Character name>: Have you heard from Zojja or Logan? I was crossing my fingers they'd be well enough to make this.
    Rytlock Brimstone: Still both laid up on my last visit.
    <Character name>: Hmm, too bad. Mordremoth's death came with a great toll, for sure.
    Rytlock Brimstone: You know, with those two out of the field, and Snaff and Eir gone, and Caithe... Well, there really is no Destiny's Edge anymore.
    <Character name>: I'm sorry, Rytlock. I know how important it was to you.
    Rytlock Brimstone: Yeah, but there's no sense in looking back. Maybe it's time to start again.
    <Character name>: Another guild? Would Eir...?
    Rytlock Brimstone: She wouldn't want us to get caught up in her death like she did with Snaff's. Regret gets you nowhere.
    Rytlock Brimstone: And Tyria would probably sleep more soundly with the dragon slayer at the helm of a new guild!
    <Character name>: We could do a lot of good. It didn't go perfectly, but the small group we had was pretty capable against Mordremoth.
    <Character name>: What would we call it?
    Nyla Dagdottir: Fate's Razor!
    Rytlock Brimstone: I will not be part of a guild called Fate's Razor.
    <Character name>: What about Dragon's Watch?
    Rytlock Brimstone: Dragon's Watch, I like that.
  2. ^ Although the image includes Canach, he has not joined Dragon's Watch.
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