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Dragon's Watch is an adventuring guild in Tyria dedicated to stopping the Elder Dragons. While members started to work together starting from the year 1326 AE in response to the events of Flame and Frost, it would be the year 1329 AE when Dragon's Watch was formally created to succeed Destiny's Edge. The group was founded by the Pact Commander and Rytlock Brimstone.[1]


The current members are:

Former members
De-facto members

Story and Accomplishments[edit]

Year Story Chapter Story and Accomplishment
Before Formal Creation
Living World logo.png
1326 AE
Flame and Frost Braham and the Commander freed Cragstead from occupation by the Molten Alliance.
Rox and the Commander retook Nolan's Hatchery from the Flame Legion.
Rox, Braham and the Commander successfully assaulted the Molten Alliance Base.
Sky Pirates Marjory Delaqua, Kasmeer Meade and the Commander assisted Inspector Ellen Kiel in discovering the person responsible for the attack on Lion's Arch — Mai Trin.
Clockwork Chaos Braham, Rox and the Commander helped defend the Crown Pavilion from an Aetherblade attack and haywire Watchknights.
Dismantled bombs in the Crown Pavilion during the closing ceremony.
The trio saved Lord Faren from Scarlet Briar.
Tower of Nightmares Kasmeer, Marjory and the Commander broke the veil surrounding the Tower of Nightmares in Kessex Hills.
The Trio developed an antitoxin for the Toxic Alliance's Poison.
Successfully assaulted the Tower of Nightmares.
Defeated the Oratuss and the Champion Toxic Hybrid.
Destroyed the Tower of Nightmares
Braham and Rox met Kasmeer and Marjory for the first time.
1327 AE Battle for Lion's Arch Destroyed the Twisted Marionette.
The 5 met Taimi and her golem, Scruffy.
Noticed the activation of a Pylon in Lion's Arch and brought this to the attention of the Durmand Priory.
Warned the council of Lion's Arch of a potential invasion.
Helped evacuate Lion's Arch during Scarlet's attack.
Assaulted the Breachmaker.
Killed Scarlet Briar but failed to prevent Mordremoth's awakening.
Celebrated the victory over Scarlet's defeat in the Dead End Bar.
Living World logo.png Gates of Maguuma Helped the Seraph establish a passage to Dry Top and protected it from the Inquest.
Discovered the cause of the Zephyrite crash in Dry Top.
Saved the Master of Peace from the assassin and Zephyrite saboteur - Aerin.
Entanglement Discovered and cleared out the secret Inquest ley-line research lab in Dry Top.
Saved Magister Lindsay and Goldenlight Hallow lab during the Mordrem attack in Timberline Falls.
The Dragon's Reach: Part 1 Helped cull Mordrem Forces in Iron Marches.
Recalibrated waypoints' frequencies to hide them from being detected by Mordremoth, thus protecting them from future Mordrem Attacks.
Braham and the Commander assisted with the Vigil assault on the Sons of Svanir Encampment.
Found the broken shards of King Adelbern's crown and reassembled it.
Rox, Rytlock and the Commander assisted with the Foefire cleansing ritual in Duke Barradin's crypt.
The Dragon's Reach: Part 2 Kasmeer, Countess Anise and the Commander exonerate Queen Jennah from rumors insinuating she was in league with Scarlet.
Protected Councillor Phlunt from a Mordrem Attack while demonstrating Taimi's Waypoint Recalibration Device.
Saved the world leaders from the Mordrem attack at The World Summit.
Echoes of the Past The Commander helped put the ghosts of Fort Salma to rest and Marjory infused Belinda's Greatsword with her spirit.
Reunited with Trahearne and the Pact at Camp Resolve in The Silverwastes and rescued Caithe from a Mordrem attack with the help of Canach.
Visited Glint's Lair with the help of Ogden Stonehealer and discovered what the Master of Peace was protecting: Glint's Egg.
Tangled Paths Tracked the Master of Peace through The Silverwastes but arrived too late to save him, and lost Glint's Egg to Caithe at the last moment.
Seeds of Truth The Commander took a trip through Caithe's past with help from The Pale Tree, in an attempt to understand her actions.
Important information was obtained about The Firstborn, the Nightmare Court and the Centaurs.
1328 AE Point of No Return The Commander's instinct made them continue to pursue Glint's Egg rather than join the Pact's advance into the Maguuma Jungle.
Made the shocking discovery that all sylvari were linked to Mordremoth.
Once again defeated Shadow of the Dragon, Mordremoth's champion, this time once and for all.
HoT Texture Centered Trans.png Heart of Thorns The Commander and allies travel to the Heart of Maguuma, aiding the remnants of The Pact after their failed attack on the Mordrem. On their journey through the jungle, the Commander and company meet new allies, the Itzel and the Nuhoch.
After retrieving the egg from Caithe, the Commander discovers the city of Tarir, a settlement populated by the Exalted, who claim that their destiny is to care for Glint's scions.
Using the knowledge of Rata Novus, the lost city of the asura in the deeps of the jungle, the team decides to attack Mordremoth's mind while the rest of the Pact and other allies launches a final offensive in Dragon's Stand, defeating the dragon in both the physical world and the Dream, but sadly, sacrificing Trahearne in the process.
Days later after the defeat of the Jungle Dragon, the Commander visits the memorial built in Trahearne's honor in The Grove, makes peace with the Sylvari's spirit and restores his sword Caladbolg, becoming its new wielder.
Living World Season 3 logo.png
1329 AE
Out of the Shadows
(Eir's Memorial in Hoelbrak)
The Commander and Rytlock formally create Dragon's Watch to succeed Destiny's Edge.
After formal creation
Out of the Shadows Following the sudden explosion of one of the Bloodstones, Dragon's Watch discovers Caudecus in Bloodstone Fen, red-handed as acting leader of the White Mantle, but they fail to capture him, while encountering Lazarus, presumably the last surviving Mursaat.
Rising Flames Taimi discovers that the remaining Elder Dragons are absorbing the magic domains of the dead ones. The Commander travels to the Ring of Fire to investigate the new dragon minions that arise as a result of this mixture of magics.
After saving Ember Bay from a catastrophic explosion due the increase in ley energy below the surface, the Commander travels to Tarir to witness the birth of a new dragon, Aurene.
A Crack in the Ice Dragon's Watch discovers the presence of new minions in Bitterfrost Frontier, north of the Shiverpeaks.
Conflicts arise within the guild as while the Commander prefers a more cautious approach to the dragons, Braham is willing to lead the Norn in a direct attack on Jormag. Braham leaves on bad terms, who is accompanied by Rox to prevent the Norn from dying in the attempt of killing the Ice Elder Dragon.
1330 AE The Head of the Snake The Commander, along with members of the Shining Blade and the Seraph, defeats Minister Caudecus after his failed siege to Divinity's Reach.
Flashpoint The guild discovers that the Mursaat they have been seeing is not really Lazarus, but Balthazar, the human god of fire and war, who is in Tyria for some reason and has been using the fanatics of the White Mantle to gain strength.
Taimi discovers that the death of the Elder Dragons is throwing the world out of balance, and to prevent Balthazar from killing Primordus and Jormag, an event that could end the world, the Commander foils his plans in Draconis Mons.
Following the defeat of Temar and Tegon, Balthazar retreats.
One Path Ends To get Balthazar's whereabouts, the Commander follows the Eye of Janthir to Siren's Landing.
Together with Exemplar Kerida, who reveals herself as Livia, they defeat the real Lazarus, gaining access to the Eye. Before the Mursaat Construct disappears due the extinction of its masters, the Commander discovers that Balthazar has gone to the Crystal Desert, where he has raised an army that he plans to use against the Crystal Dragon.
PoF Texture Trans.png Path of Fire The Commander meets with Kasmeer, Rytlock and Canach in Amnoon to deal with the threat of Balthazar, who is seeking revenge against the other gods for taking him out of the pantheon.
The team witnesses the chaos that has taken over the desert, as its inhabitants are threatened by the Forged, an army of constructs in the service of Balthazar, the Branded who arose from Kralkatorrik's corruption, and the Awakened, minions of Palawa Joko, the tyrant who has ruled Elona for generations.
While tracking down the fallen god, the Commander discovers that Aurene is part of a plan by the Forgotten to bring balance to the dragon cycle.
Despite their disadvantage and a meeting with death, the Commander and company cunningly manage to make the forces of Balthazar and Joko fight one another, ending the war with the final confrontation between Balthazar and the Commander, who defeats and kills the fallen god.
Both Aurene and Kralkatorrik absorb the magic that is released after the final combat, increasing their powers and leaving Elona and the Crystal Desert to face an uncertain future.
Living World Season 4 logo.png Daybreak The Commander and allies defend Amnoon from Kralkatorrik, who is now capable of sending Brandstorms long distances.
Thanks to a vision from Aurene, who has grown to an adolescent dragon, the team heads to Domain of Istan, where they aid the Sunspears against the Awakened and the Mordant Crescent.
Joko kidnaps Taimi and takes her to an Inquest lab in Fahranur, so the Commander heads to the ruined city to rescue her. However, the lich manages to escape and launches awakened attacks on Tyria using the Inquest's Asura gates.
1331 AE A Bug in the System The commander, Braham and Rox, in order to end the Awakened raids on Tyria, follow the trail of a former colleague of Taimi who is now a member of the Inquest, thus reaching the Sandswept Isles.
The team meets the Olmakhan and joins forces with them to stop the Inquest forces, most of which have now been awakened.
With the help of the local charr and corsairs, the Commander attacks Rata Primus and rescues Blish and his younger brother, Gorrik, but once again Joko manages to escape carrying a sample of the deadly Scarab Plague that once wiped out the Primeval Kingdom of Elona, stored in the Inquest facility .
Long Live the Lich Joko attacks Amnoon using an early colony of the Scarab Plage and challenges the Commander to face him.
Allies of various organizations rush to mobilize their forces to Joko's residence in Domain of Kourna to defeat him before the lich manages to cultivate a third generation of the plague, which would prove deadly and unstoppable.
After much preparation, the allied army launches an offensive against the Awakened, while the Commander infiltrates Gandara with Braham and fights Palawa Joko in a duel. Thanks to his immortality, Joko prevails over the leader of Dragon's Watch, but at the last moment Aurene appears and eats the lich, absorbing the magic that made him immortal, killing him.
A Star to Guide Us Following Joko's death, representatives of the different peoples of Elona meet to discuss their nation's future in the fortress of Jahai Bluffs, however, the summit is interrupted by a Death-Branded Shatterer.
Dragon's Watch discovers that Kralkatorrik is not only capable of resurrecting his minions, but that he is now in The Mists absorbing magic and from where he is able to attack anywhere in Tyria.
In order to prevent the Elder Dragon's attacks, Blish and the Commander travel to the Mists in order to plant a tracker on Kralkatorrik, where Blish sacrifices himself to complete the mission.
1332 AE All or Nothing Facing the imminent battle with Kralkatorrik, Aurene and the Commander complete the trials that Glint had prepared for them long ago, allowing Aurene to ascend.
Allies from many factions of both Tyria and Elona gather at Thunderhead Peaks with the objective of launching a powerful attack against the Elder Dragon. While making the arrangements for the final battle, Aurene displays new powers and creates a new bond with Caithe, making her able to sense and communicate the thoughts of the adolescent dragon.
Ultimately, Kralkatorrik is lured to Thunderhead Keep where he is attacked by all of the allied forces. However, despite all efforts, the Elder Dragon proves to be too powerful and defeats Dragon's Watch and their allies, killing Aurene by impaling her on crystals.
War Eternal Dragon's Watch gathers around Aurene's corpse to reflect after the defeat, when they discover that the dragon managed to survive thanks to the powers she previously aborbed from Palawa Joko.
With renewed hope, the guild gathers their allies once more as Aurene and the Commander follow Kralkatorrik into the Mists, where he is badly wounded, and manage to drive him back to Tyria.
In Dragonfall, all factions attack the body of Kralkatorrik and the Branded forces defending it, while Aurene, Rytlock , Zafirah, Caithe, and the Commander head into the caverns to finish off the dragon.
Finally, Aurene and her champion enter Kralkatorrik's body, where the Commander destroys his heart.
Kralkatorrik dies and Aurene absorbs his power, becoming the new Elder Prismatic Dragon.
Living World Season 5 logo.png Prologue: Bound by Blood After a long time, Kasmeer and Marjory reunite with the rest of Dragon's Watch and together they travel to Grothmar Valley to participate in the festivities organized by the Charr legions.
The Blood Legion's leader, Bangar Ruinbringer, followed by Rytlock's son Ryland Steelcatcher, distrusts the Commander and Aurene's intentions, so they gather many Charr and, betraying the legions, march into the Far Shiverpeaks to take Jormag as their own Elder Dragon.
Whisper in the Dark The commander and members of Dragon's Watch travel to Bjora Marches, where they discover that Jormag has been corrupting allies and other beings through whispers and deceptions.
1333 AE Shadow in the Ice Members of Dragon's Watch go deeper into the Bjora Marches, reaching the frozen lake that for centuries has been the lair of the fearsome Drakkar, one of Jormag's most powerful champions.
The commander and allies explore the caves under the lake, where they confront the The Whisper of Jormag. However, they also meet with Bangar and Ryland who seriously injure the Commander, but they retreat after Braham comes to his friend's defense.
No Quarter The commander travels to the Drizzlewood Coast to aid the Charr forces, who are at war with the Frost Legion, made up of Bangar and his followers already corrupted by Jormag.
Jormag Rising As the war between the different Charr factions rages on, members of Dragon's Watch infiltrate the Frost Citadel to stop the plans of Bangar, who wants to wake up Jormag.
The Commander and allies witness the awakening of the Ice Elder Dragon, who names Ryland the new champion.
1333-1334 AE Champions In the rise of Primordus, Jormag offers help to face the Fire Dragon, however, the Ice Dragon ends up betraying the Commander. Dragon's Watch members are forced to fight on multiple fronts against the Destroyers and the Icebrood.
Finally, Aurene and the guild come up with a plan to make Jormag and Primordus fight against each other, which they succeed in, killing both dragons at once.
While some of the magic released after combat is absorbed by Aurene, most of it flows to an unknown location.
EoD Texture Trans.png
1335 AE
End of Dragons Although only one Elder Dragon remains aside from Aurene, the identity of this creature is unknown, as is much of the true nature of the dragon cycle. Gorrik meets with Ankka, a former colleague of the Inquest, with the aim of obtaining information about the dragons, but is kidnapped by Aetherblades. In the commander's effort to rescue him, they are led through the Mists to Cantha, a continent that has been isolated from the rest of the world for centuries.
Days after their arrival, other members of Dragon's Watch arrive in Seitung Province along with delegations from different Tyrian organizations, finding an empire empowered by advanced Jade technology invented by Joon and fueled by Soo-Won, the Water Elder Dragon who has been a benevolent being to all Cantha.
With the help of new allies like Mai Trin and Detective Rama, the guild tracks down Ankka to New Kaineng City, however, in her efforts to plunge the world into chaos, the Asura manages to expose Soo-Won to an excess of magic that ends throwing the dragon out of control, though Ankka is defeated by Dragon's Watch in Echovald Wilds.
The guild, thanks to their observations and Kuunavang's revelations, discover that Soo-Won is being taken over by the Void - the energy in its primitive and chaotic state before the Water Elder Dragon created the dragon cycle to divide magic into "domains", allowing life to flourish in Tyria. If not stopped, Soo-Won will be completely controlled by this raw magic, spreading destruction in the world.
Finally, Dragon's Watch, along with their new allies in Cantha and old friends from Tyria and Elona, ​​fight the final battle against Soo-Won in Dragon's End, defeating her.
While the Commander and allies mourn the death of the Mother Dragon, there is also happiness and hope now that the cycle of dragons has been reborn with Aurene as its only dragon.
End of Dragons (The Cycle, Reborn) After the last adventure against the Elder Dragons, former and current members of the guild gather at The Dead End by invitation of Marjory and Kasmeer. Braham, Canach, Gorrik, Logan, Rox, Rytlock, Taimi, and the Commander reflect on their journeys together and share plans for the future. Finally, Kasmeer and Marjory get engaged in front of their friends and all together, they toast for the future of Dragon's Watch, that although they no longer have any more dragons to watch, they will always be a guild.



  • During story instances, members of the guild will refer to the player character as "boss" or "our leader". It can be assumed from this that the other members consider the Pact Commander to be their de facto leader.
  • Characters that were invited to join Dragon's Watch, but declined, include Braham, Canach and Logan Thackeray.
    • Braham left the group to form his own version of Destiny's Edge, following arguments with the Commander in regards to honoring the original Destiny's Edge. As of Prologue: Bound by Blood, Rytlock states that Braham is attending the All-Legion Rally as a member of Dragon's Watch.
    • Gorrik is similarly present as a representative of Dragon's Watch.
    • Logan declined to join, as the Pact had offered the position of Marshal in a backline position, with the weakened Logan seeing this as the best opportunity to serve Kryta and Tyria.
    • Canach initially declined to join as he wanted to be independent, following his prolonged experience serving Countess Anise, but mentioned their paths would cross again.[5]
  • Like Rytlock, Logan, and Caithe, Zojja is also a surviving member of Destiny's Edge, but she has not yet been invited. Caithe was not initially invited, but seems to have become a defacto member in the battle against Kralkatorrik, and has become an official member by the time the Commander travels to Cantha.


  • The name of this guild was chosen by players, who were asked to vote for one of three potential names. The other two options were Eternity's Guard and The Unbroken.
    • Separate polls were run for different languages; for example, in French the guild is called Gardiens de l'Éternité while in Spanish Guardia de la Eternidad, due both communities chose "Eternity's Guard" option.
  • Although there is no official theme in the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack for Dragon's Watch, the track Leaving Tarir from Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Original Soundtrack is frequently used for the occasions when the members of the team meet again, such as:

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