Zephyr Sanctum

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Zephyr Sanctum


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The Zephyr Sanctum was the floating sanctuary of the Zephyrites.


The Sanctum was a built by the Zephyrites in 1320 AE using magic obtained from the corpse of Glint. Its inhabitants roamed the world of Tyria in peace, undisturbed by the happenings below and only occasionally descending to trade. Its existence was considered mythical by ground-dwellers, and when it docked, merchants from the four winds converged on it to trade with its exotic wares.

In 1326 AE, the Sanctum briefly docked in the Labyrinthine Cliffs of the Steamspur Mountains to attend the Bazaar of the Four Winds. With the help of Captain Ellen Kiel, the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch were able to negotiate a historic trade agreement with the Sanctum.

In 1327 AE, the Zephyr Sanctum fell to the earth and crashed into Dry Top after being sabotaged by Aerin. What remains of it can be found across Crash Site 1, Crash Site 2, and Crash Site 3.


Concept art


  • Concept art for the Zephyr Sanctum has existed at least as far back as 2009.