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Emotional Release

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Emotional Release

1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
What Lies Within
Gyala Delve
Preceded by
Bottle Your Emotions
Followed by

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Emotional Release: Jade Pools

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Emotional Release: Command Quarters

Emotional Release is the third story step of What Lies Within.


Return to Gyala Delve to test out the Recollector.
  • Return to Gyala Delve to test out the Recollector.
  • Meet with Taimi at the Excavation Yard train station.
Test the effects of the Recollector on demons around Jade Pools.
  • Get in Scruffy to descend to the lower levels of the mine.
  • Test the effects of the Recollector on demons around Jade Pools.
  • Waft emotions function tested.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Launch emotions function tested.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Blast emotions function tested.
    Event bar empty green.jpg
Return to the surface to discuss the experimentation results.
  • Return to the surface to discuss the experimentation results.
  • Bring crates to Chul-Moo to find the useful contents he is looking for.
  • Speak with Rama.
(No sub structure given)
  • Meet Rama at Arborstone.
  • Talk to Valeria to find out what she knows about Kurzick magic.
  • Search the Kestrel Archives for information on Kurzick ward spells.
  • Return to Valeria to show her what you found.
Help Rama cast the sealing incantation.
  • Meet with the Historical Society steward in Arborstone's Command Quarters for help deciphering the cryptic text.
  • Let the steward know when you are ready to begin training.
  • Listen to the incantation instructions.
  • Defeat the elementals conjured by Rama's failed attempt.
    Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Listen to the incantation instructions.
  • Place the incantation magic orbs in the spell circle to draw the rune.
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Icon that appears over the library books.

Travel to Gyala Delve. Chat with Taimi. Enter the instance.

In the instance the commander will be placed inside Scruffy, use each of the three skills enough to fill the progress bars (they can all hit multiple targets so bunching up the initial lone Veteran Aatxe and pair of Shades will make this step go by quicker). Killing foes is not required. While in Scruffy, the Pilot Mode.png Environmental Shielding effect will be applied, reducing damage from outside sources.

Talk to Taimi about the findings when you return from the Scruffy test. (If it bugs - won't allow you to interact with her, just log to the character select screen and then back again). Chul-Moo will ask you to search through some boxes "before blowing up the place".

Bring crates (keeping in mind not to dodge when holding one since that breaks them) to Chul-Moo until you find something useful - a Kurzick rune.

Travel to Arborstone. Speak to Rama and Valeria, and then go to the library. Optionally complete the Kurzick Book Wurm achievement - or skip to the last book on the upper floor furthest from the stair to continue.

Return to Valeria, and then head to the Command Quarters. Listen to the incantation, kill the elementals and then collect five orbs and drop them on the five marked spots to complete the story.


Emotional Release What Lies Within 1Achievement points
Continue your preparation efforts for combating the ravenous wanderer.Journal: Emotional Release Completed Emotional Release 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
Kurzick Book Wurm What Lies Within 1Achievement points
Read all books during your search with Rama. Read 10 Books 1Achievement points
  • Find 10 Library Books in Kestrel Archives.
  • Starting with the ground floor in the northwest corner, the books are as per the below.
  1. Romance Spells for the Romantically Inept
  2. I Only Have Eyes for Moo: Chapter One by Snargle Gold...
  3. Carnivorous Carpentry
  4. The Importance of Reading in the Age of the Dragon
  5. Just a "City Tengu": A Story of Comeuppance in New Kai...
  6. St. Viktor: A Legacy Encased in Jade
  7. Raising Your Wallow the Right Way
  8. The Rise of Reiko Murakami
  9. The Sower's Almanac
  10. Ludwig's Anthology of Ward Spells








Excavation Yard (open world)[edit]

Speaking with Taimi
Taimi: You're back! Thank the Alchemy! You're okay? You still have the Recollector, right? It didn't explode or—
<Character name>: I'm fine. The Recollector's fine. Though I should probably test out its other functions.
Taimi: Oh. Yeah, right. Of course. But you don't think you're walking into that gunk unprotected.
Taimi: Say hello to an old friend. An old friend who can withstand the elements!
If asura:
<Character name>: You're lending me Scruffy?
Taimi: Ha! It's the least I can do. Why don't you take him out for a spin?
<Character name>: You're letting me borrow Scruffy? Won't that be a bit tight?
Taimi: He's roomier than he looks! Why don't you take him out for a spin?

Jade Pools (instance)[edit]

Entering the instance
If asura:
Taimi: Ooh, spacious, isn't he?
<Character name>: Very! A surprising amount of headroom!
Taimi: (laughs) How's the fit?
If norn:
<Character name>: My knees are at my chin...
If charr:
<Character name>: My horns are scrapping the ceiling...
If human:
<Character name>: My nose is pressed against the glass...
If sylvari:
<Character name>: I haven't felt this cramped since emerging from my pod.
Taimi: Perfect. Let's get some practice in.
Taimi: What's ths situation? Any potential test subjects lurking around?
<Character name>: There's a bunch near some jade pools.
Taimi: Beautiful. Obliterate them!
Taimi: Or, ya know, test out the nonlethal features. They're important, too. But so much less fun...
After using each of the three skills enough to fill the progress bar
Taimi: So! Enjoying yourself?
<Character name>: I'll admit, it's...cathartic.
Taimi: That's the idea! Sounds like everything's working as it should?
<Character name>: Yes, but...the effects seem to be wearing off pretty fast. I'm concerned it won't buy us so much time.
Taimi: WHAT? Ugh, those greedy emotion-grubbers! And these are just the wimpy ones!
Taimi: (sigh) Bring it back. Everyone's here now, so we can troubleshoot.

Excavation Yard (open world)[edit]

Talking to Taimi
Taimi: I don't believe this! At this point, we don't have the resources to compete with their appetites.
Detective Rama: Yeah, by the time we lure the big guy to the surface, all those little ones will be tailing us.
Detective Rama: Especially when they get a whiff of the Commander. No offense.
<Character name>: What if we blocked the path as we go? Could Finn knock out some more walls? Bury them in debris?
Yao: Only where there's structural weakness. Those walls are solid.
Yao: Even if we had something with more pizzazz, I'm not sure how safe it'd be.
Chul-Moo: Before you go blowing up the place, took a look through my storage crates.
Chul-Moo: I brought a few extra supplies with me from headquarters. Sure there's something useful in there.
Returning legitimately acquired goods to Chul-Moo
(Before opening the first crate)
Taimi: C'mon! Big money, big money!
Taimi: C'mon. Scruffy needs a new set of shocks!
Possibles dialogues depending on the content of the first three crates:
(finding ???)
Gorrik: Ooh, stylish! Though the print might be a bit loud for you, Chul-Moo.
Detective Rama: And that cut leaves nothing to the imagination.
Chul-Moo: Shut up.
<Character name>: (stifled laughing)
(finding explosives)
Chul-Moo: What part of, [sic] "Don't blow up the place!" did you not understand? You'll trigger a full-scale cave-in.
Taimi: He's right: we'll still want access to the ley line once the demon is dealt with.
Chul-Moo: And my crew is still in here! Look, if you think explosives will be useful, take them. But be smart about it.
(finding a skritt)
Taimi: AHHHHH!
Chul-Moo: What is that? Why is it in my storage?
Detective Rama: Well, we don't need that. All yours Chul-Moo.
(finding a jade lantern?)
Yao: Is that from the day we broke into—?
Chul-Moo: (loudly clearing throat)
Yao: Uh, never mind. Must have it confused with some other day... Some other really fun day...heh...
Chul-Moo: Heh.
(finding a cuckoo clock)
Taimi: Oooh. Ya know, if you're not using this, I've got the perfect spot in—.
Detective Rama: No.
Taimi: But it's sitting there collecting dust! I might as well—
Detective Rama: No.
Taimi: "Nooo." Do-gooder.
(finding a telescope)
Detective Rama: Oh, come ON! SERIOUSLY? Y-you brought a telescope to a mine? T-to what, stargaze underground?
Chul-Moo: Astronomy has always been a prized hobby of Cantha's great minds.
Detective Rama: "Property of Minister Nguyen, Ministry of Urban Planning."
Chul-Moo: I don't know what you're talking about.
After returning the fourth crate
Detective Rama: Care to explain why the Brotherhood has an ancient Kurzick rune in its possession?
Chul-Moo: It was acquired from the Speakers. Apparently, Tetra found it useful.
Chul-Moo: And it's in our best interest to keep useful things away from Tetra.
Detective Rama: Of course. Of course! I mean, why return it to its rightful owners when we can shove it in a damn crate!
Chul-Moo: Get off your soapbox. You may borrow it.
Detective Rama: Park Chul-Moo: a true philanthropist.
Chul-Moo: Considering that it's now Brotherhood property, I believe I'm being quite generous.
Detective Rama: And I believe that you believe that.
Speaking with Rama
Yao: Well...we have a seal. That's a start.
Gorrik: Is anyone here versed in ancient Kurzick ritual magic? Anyone?
Detective Rama: Think I know someone who can help. She practically lives at the library in Arborstone.
Detective Rama: Really loses her mind over this sort of stuff. If we head to Echovald now, we can probably catch her.

Arborstone (open world)[edit]

Approaching Valeria and Rama
Valeria: Look who it is. I was starting to think you forgot about me.
Detective Rama: Sorry I've been such a stranger. Promise I'll drop by more. I have a lot more time these days... Well, except today...
Detective Rama: Long story short: Do you know anything about ward spells? Say, I don't know, performing a sealing ritual?
Valeria: New hobby to impress the ancestors? Okay, let me think. You said, "sealing rituals"?
Valeria: I don't have the incantations memorized by heart or anything. But, during my youth...
Valeria: I may have spent an embarrassing amount of time sulking around the library's occult section.
Detective Rama: I can see it.
Valeria: If I were you, I'd start with the Kestrel Archives. They have a whole collection on ritual magic. Bet there's something useful
At the Kestrel Archives
Detective Rama: Been awhile since I checked anything out of the library. Don't tell Valeria. I'd never hear the end of it.
Detective Rama: Guess retirement's as good a time as any to do some reading. But, one book at the time. Let's see what they've got.
List of Library Books:
  1. Romance Spells for the Romantically Inept
  2. I Only Have Eyes for Moo: Chapter One by Snargle Gold...
  3. Carnivorous Carpentry
  4. The Importance of Reading in the Age of the Dragon
  5. Just a "City Tengu": A Story of Comeuppance in New Kai...
  6. St. Viktor: A Legacy Encased in Jade
  7. Raising Your Wallow the Right Way
  8. The Rise of Reiko Murakami
  9. The Sower's Almanac
  10. Ludwig's Anthology of Ward Spells
After interacting with "Ludwig's Anthology of Ward Spells" (upper floor, farthest northwest)
Detective Rama: "Ludwig's Anthology of Ward Spells: A Beginner's Guide to Casting, Disabling, and Basic incantation." Sound promising!
<Character name>: Think there's anything on sealing incantations?
Detective Rama: Probably, but...we'll still need some guidance. Time to pester Valeria again.
Returning to Valeria
Valeria: Welcome back, bookworms. Oh, is that "Ludwig Anthology"? That's a classic! Try anything out yet?
Detective Rama: Uh... (laughs) We have no idea what we're doing.
Valeria: Don't beat yourself up. This takes years to master.
<Character name>: Time is a luxury we don't have.
Valeria: You don't become experts overnight. But with a simple spell and a competent teacher, you might pull it off.
Detective Rama: How free is the rest of your day looking?
Valeria: I'm flattered. But this is above my skill level. You'd be better off asking the steward at the Historical Society.
Valeria: She managed to disable wards on some zu Heltzer relics. Not sure if she can cast or not, but she's a great resource.

Command Quarters (instance)[edit]

Speaking with the Historical Society Steward
Historical Society Steward: Hello. What brings me to me today? I am a steward of truth and research, for the preservation of Kurzick history.
Detective Rama: We're new to casting. Sealing wards. But it's, uh...not going great.
Historical Society Steward: How did you come into possession of an ancient sealing ward? They're highly uncommon.
Detective Rama: It was, uh...passed down to me. uncle. My real jerk of an uncle. By marriage. No relation.
Detective Rama: But I want to learn how to use it. And Valeria said you're the person to talk to.
Historical Society Steward: She's very kind. Though, I mainly practice in disabling. But some basic sealing work shouldn't be a problem.
Speaking again with the Steward
Historical Society Steward: Now, you'll want to speak clearly, with intent. Visualize your desired outcome.
Detective Rama: Easy enough. "I seal this pass before me. Two worlds, once whole, divide and—"
After killing the elementals
Historical Society Steward: Your delivery is a bit stiff. Say it as if the voices of all your ancestors who mastered this art now speak through you.
Detective Rama: I—I'll do that. Okay. (laughs) Uh, clearly, with intent. Visualize...
Detective Rama: "I seal this pass before me..."
Detective Rama: "Two worlds, once whole, divide..."
Detective Rama: "Withstand all wandering evils..."
Detective Rama: "And guard what lies inside."
Historical Society Steward: Good, good!
Historical Society Steward: Now, you'll need to assist your friend.
Historical Society Steward: To bring the ritual to completion, you must arrange each conjured orb in the shape of the rune you're casting.
After placing the orbs
Historical Society Steward: That's it! Oh, you did splendidly. And to think, you've only just started out.
Detective Rama: It actually worked. We're not a bad team, Commander.
Detective Rama: Well, think we're ready to go take this one out for a spin. Thanks for your help.
Historical Society Steward: My pleasure. Blood relatives or not, I'm sure your uncle would be terribly proud of you.
Detective Rama: Don't know about that. Though, he was actually helpful for once. in an unintentional sorta way.


During the Jade Pools instance, the starting line "(laughs) How's the fit?" from Taimi will sometime play even if the instance owner is an asura and alone, making the asuran answer inappropriate.
During the Jade Pools instance, you are allowed to glide with Scruffy 2.0. Glider is not shown, however its sound effects are still played.

My story[edit]

New Kaineng City loading screen.png

The Recollector is charged with emotional resonance! After arming ourselves with Chul-Moo's Kurzick rune (and overlooking its questionable legal status), we're prepared to lure the wanderer away from the safety of the ley line. I find it weighs less on my conscience if I don't think too much about where and how Chul-Moo acquired his supplies.

Rama and I also made a trip to Echovald to practice the art of sealing incantations. Considering the short turnaround, Rama's done well in conjuring the sealing spell. It shows immense fortitude on his part. Keeping tradition alive, reconnecting with your small task, especially when your environment isn't supportive of it. But I have full faith that he'll perform the incantation successfully during our escape. And now, it's finally time to put our plan into motion.

My story