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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Living World Season 2 and Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

Raises the stakes to a whole new level of awful, doesn't it?

Marjory Delaqua about Mordremoth's corruption.

The mordrem (sometimes prefixed Overgrown or Blighted) are the corrupted plant-like minions of the Elder Dragon, Mordremoth. First appearing in Brisban Wildlands, where they opened a passage to Dry Top, they then attacked the Town of Prosperity as they spread their influence across the Maguuma Wastes. They have been spreading along with Mordremoth's vines, appearing as far east as Iron Marches, and attacked Fort Salma in Kessex Hills and Fort Concordia in Timberline Falls.

The appearance and shape of the mordrem vary, but all of them have traits commonly associated with flora, being composed of corrupted plant matter. When they appear, a growth of small vines and other vegetation can be seen on the ground as they rise. They can take various shapes, such as Mordrem Wolves appearing beast-like and the Mordrem Shield Blossoms as plant-like. The process of Mordremoth's corruption remained unclear at first such as whether the creatures were formed into new shapes from vegetation or if Mordremoth took animals and turned them into plant-like creations.

The Pact located several Blighting Trees during the campaign in the Heart of Maguuma, which act as minion making factories. Many mordrem are closer to clones, created corrupting plant matter that is shaped into near perfect replicas of beings both living and dead that are used as base templates in the minion creation process, the original having been placed in a Mordrem Pod (for the living) or a Blighting Pod (for the dead).

The Sylvari are a purified form of Mordrem, born from the Pale Tree that was freed of Mordremoth's corruption by unknown means. Unlike Mordrem, they grow without taking over other living things. Because they are still technically Dragon Mininions, they are immune to corruption by other dragons, a fact which was taken advantage of by the Pact by forming all-Sylvari units such as the Pale Reavers. However, they are very vulnerable to corruption by Mordremoth, to the point where mere proximity can be enough to turn them to his side. Sylvari refer to this phenomena as "The Call", and they must continually fight to keep from being subsumed. Soundless are particularly vulnerable, as the Dream of Dreams and The Nightmare serve in part to shield Sylvari from the dragon, and soundless have been turned or controlled to greater and lesser extents from far greater distances than other Sylvari. Sylvari who completely fall to Mordremoth's control become Mordrem Guard, while those who fall to a lesser degree merely become insane. After the initial pact assault failed in part due to a large number of Sylvari turning to Mordremoth, it took time for those who had remained free to convince the rest of the pact to trust them once again.

Explorer Amoxtli has denoted a similarity between the Mordrem and Mordremoth's vines, and the Nightmare Court's own influences. While Nightmare Courtiers have not shown a particular vulnerability to The Call, those who do fall seem to be subsumed more completely but also retain more independence, to the extent that they continue to have individuality and can pursue their own goals so long as these do not hinder those of their new master. In particular, the Mordrem Guard form of former Nightmare Courtiers tends to be far more radical and dangerous than that of normal Sylvari.

Mordrem Guard[edit]

The Mordrem Guard are a specific type of mordrem. They are sylvari who have answered Mordremoth's call and succumbed to the jungle dragon's influence during and after the Pact fleet's crash in 1328 AE.[1][2]

When a sylvari becomes a Mordrem Guard, they transform physically. Their bodies grow in height and girth and are noticeably more muscular. Their outer layer transforms from softer plant material to a hardened, bark-like coating that provides extra protection in battle and gives them a fierce, intimidating look. They also undergo a psychological transformation: although they retain all their previous intelligence, memories and they can talk, they fully devote themselves to the jungle dragon whom they regard as their destiny and reject both the Dream of Dreams and the Nightmare. They spearhead the creation of even more minions for Mordremoth by attempting to convince their former sylvari brethren--Dreamers, Nightmare Court and Soundless alike--to join the jungle dragon, and use Mordremoth’s blighting plants to create mordrem clones of all creatures.

The Mordrem Guard in the Heart of Maguuma are led by three unique commanders: Axemaster Hareth, Blademaster Diarmid and Stavemaster Adryn. When a commander falls in battle, Mordremoth simply creates a new one with the same look, same name, and same deadly abilities as the one it replaced.


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  • Despite the mordrem's plant-like appearance and traits, they are not plants and none of them count toward the Plant Slayer achievement.


  • It is unclear who called the mordrem by that name originally. It is never mentioned in game until the end of Chapter 2, when Kasmeer calls them that by name.


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