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I am the last mursaat. Many years ago, you knew me as Lazarus the Dire. I have returned from the brink of existence!


Lazarus the Dire is the last surviving mursaat. After being revived and empowered by the exploding Maguuma Bloodstone in 1329 AE, he has chosen to focus his efforts on fighting the Elder Dragons rather than follow Confessor Caudecus's plans for the White Mantle to take over Kryta. To achieve his ends, Lazarus aims to join forces with the Pact Commander and Dragon's Watch.


Early years[edit]

Lazarus was among the most powerful of the mursaat,[1] having mastered the use of elementalism and necromancy.[2] During the previous rise of the Elder Dragons, the mursaat allied with the other ancient race of Forgotten to fight the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, only to fail when none of the other magically gifted elder races—dwarves, jotun, and Seers—came to their aid. The mursaat viewed this lack of assistance as a betrayal and eventually waged a war against the Seers before withdrawing into the Mists and leaving the rest of their former allies at the Elder Dragons' mercy. They bided their time until the Elder Dragons fell into slumber and returned to Tyria to become its new rulers.[3] Lazarus began carrying out this plan with his fellow mursaat, seeking the means to manipulate and subjugate the other races.

When the mursaat learned of Glint's Flameseeker Prophecies which foretold their race's doom at the hands of the titans, they began searching for a way to prevent the prophecy from coming true. In order to ensure their survival, the mursaat needed to keep the Door of Komalie, which prevented the titans from entering Tyria, powered up with soul batteries and required magically potent souls for it. When the exiled human Saul D'Alessio stumbled into the mursaat city and viewed them as gods,[4] the mursaat realized they had found the means to enact their plans.

Conflict in Kryta[edit]

Lazarus and his fellow mursaat kidnap Saul D'Alessio.

Encouraged by the mursaat, Saul returned to his homeland of Kryta as a changed man and founded the White Mantle cult to worship these seemingly benevolent Unseen Ones. In time the cult grew into the protectors of Kryta who defended the kingdom against the invading charr. Lazarus, along with his fellow mursaat Optimus Caliph and Mercia the Smug, offered assistance to Saul's forces during the battle against the charr by decimating the charr forces when Saul prayed for his gods to help his outnumbered forces. However, the mursaat's assistance came with a price: they turned on Saul's followers and killed those they deemed unworthy of seeing them, sparing only the most zealous. Realizing Saul's changed attitude at the sight of the massacre and to keep him from telling the Krytan population what he had seen, the mursaat took him with them to a faraway location.[5]

The White Mantle, now under the leadership of Confessor Dorian, turned into a religious cult of fanatics who carried out the will of their Unseen gods, using the Eye of Janthir to locate Chosen, magically potent people, who would be taken to be sacrificed upon the Bloodstone of Bloodstone Fen to power up the soul batteries and keep the Door of Komalie closed. The mursaat had thus accomplished two tasks: they had managed to keep their race safe from the titans, and they now ruled the Krytan population via their White Mantle puppets. However, a rebel group known as the Shining Blade discovered the true nature of the White Mantle and the Unseen Ones and brought the truth of their atrocities to light by 1072 AE, ultimately leading to the fall of the White Mantle and the temporary release of the titans who destroyed many mursaat on Tyria as Glint had foreseen.

Lazarus had gone into hiding during the titans' rampage and survived for years, however, by splitting his soul into multiple aspects which he had hidden within unknowing White Mantle followers. In the final stages of the Krytan Civil War, Lazarus decided to return from the shadows and reclaim these aspects, although the acts led to the deaths of the human hosts. The last remaining host, Justiciar Naveed, realized the truth of Lazarus's "gift" and sought help from a Tyrian hero and the asura Glayvin to remove the aspect, only for the attempt to fail. However, the trio discovered that the attempt had poisoned the aspect within Naveed, so they decided to lure Lazarus to Naveed so they could transfer the corrupted aspect to the mursaat and severely weaken Lazarus. As the justiciar had predicted, Lazarus did arrive to claim the last aspect, which led to Naveed's death. The mursaat realized the change in the affected aspect too late, however, and swore to make countless human generations pay for what had been done to him, before he disappeared from sight.[6]

Many believed that Lazarus was killed along the rest of his kind during the Krytan Civil War, but he had actually survived, albeit severely weakened due to his power being turned against him. He went into hiding to recuperate but, having learned from his previous actions, he decided to split his aspects into artifacts rather than living hosts. Once the splitting was complete and the artifacts had been scattered throughout the Maguuma Jungle and sites sacred to the White Mantle, the last mursaat fell into a slumber in an unknown, remote location. His surviving White Mantle followers fled deep into the Heart of Maguuma to regroup and bide their time from 1079 AE onwards.

Living World Season 3[edit]

Stronghold of the Faithful[edit]

As time passed, more and more White Mantle began doubting the mursaat's cause although the primary objective of the White Mantle was to revive Lazarus. High Inquisitor Xera left her fellow cultists to search for Lazarus's refuge while White Mantle spies continued searching for and gathering the artifacts containing the mursaat's dormant aspects. Xera found what she had been looking for and returned to the Stronghold of the Faithful, and the cult researched the Bloodstone in Bloodstone Fen to use its power in the mursaat's resurrection.[7] Following Confessor Esthel's demise in 1325 AE, the White Mantle fractured into two factions: those following the new Confessor Caudecus's plans to overtake Kryta, and those following Xera's plans to use the Maguuma Bloodstone to revive and empower Lazarus, whom they viewed as their true leader, behind Caudecus's back.[8]

Out of the Shadows[edit]

Lazarus was seemingly revived in 1329 AE, just before a group of adventurers raided the White Mantle's Stronghold of the Faithful and defeated Xera who boasted about her mursaat's impending return. Shortly afterwards, the Maguuma Bloodstone exploded, and Lazarus absorbed much of its power. He revealed himself when the Pact Commander's party was fighting against Caudecus's forces. He ousted Caudecus, who had refused to submit to him, as a heretic and killed many of the Confessor's followers, thus furthering the splintering of the White Mantle before disappearing once more.

Rising Flames[edit]

Lazarus showed up some time after in Tarir, the Forgotten City to help the Pact Commander and the Luminate defend Glint's recently hatched child, Aurene, against invading Destroyers. After the battle, Lazarus made his intentions known: he claimed to have learned from the mursaat's past mistakes and wished to align himself with the Commander, believing that the two of them together, along with Lazarus's White Mantle faction, could be a great force against the Elder Dragons. Although the Commander's party was skeptical about Lazarus's earnestness given the mursaat's past deeds, Marjory Delaqua volunteered to accompany Lazarus to find out whether he was truly being genuine or not. Lazarus accepted Marjory's terms and left Tarir with her.

The Head of the Snake[edit]

After the Pact Commander eliminated Confessor Caudecus and investigated his personal quarters in the manor, it was revealed that Caudecus had held on to an aspect required to revive Lazarus and given Xera a fake artifact to keep her from resurrecting the last mursaat. The Commander realized that the current version of Lazarus whom Marjory had been accompanying was fake, and that the real Lazarus was still out there though it was unknown at the time whether Lazarus had revived during Xera's attempts or remained in his five aspect artifacts.[9]


After the illusion he was under was dispelled by the joint efforts of the Commander, Kasmeer Meade and Taimi, the mursaat imposter's true identity turned out to be none other than Balthazar, the God of War and Fire. Having betrayed his White Mantle followers and taken on mercenary armies, the exposed god stole Taimi's device designed to simultaneously kill the Elder Dragons Primordus and Jormag and retreated to Draconis Mons to use it on Primordus. In the heart of the volcano before Primordus, he joined into the energy trails linking Primordus and Jormag and began absorbing their magic, as he had done to the Maguuma Bloodstone, in an attempt to slay the two Elder Dragons and take their power. However, his schemes were foiled by the Commander and Taimi, and he vanished once Taimi's device had exploded.

One Path Ends[edit]

The real Lazarus remained out there, however. Having thought Lazarus revived, the White Mantle had scattered the five artifacts they held across Tyria before they were imprisoned by Balthazar.[10] Elsewhere, the Eye of Janthir had left the Bastion of the Penitent following the death of Saul D'Alessio whom it had been overseeing. With its latest task completed, the Eye went out to search for its remaining mursaat masters. As such, it was tracking down and collecting the aspects of Lazarus.[11] Using this information to their advantage, the Shining Blade retrieved the aspects instead, including the one that had been in Caudecus's possession preventing Lazarus's earlier revival.

The final aspect, housed within a book, was still held by Balthazar who had taken it to Abaddon's Reliquary in Orr. The Eye of Janthir, and in turn the Pact Commander and Exemplar Kerida, entered Abaddon's Reliquary and recovered the final aspect, reviving Lazarus in 1330 AE. Confronted, Lazarus revealed Kerida to truly be Livia, a human necromancer loyal to the Shining Blade from the time of the Krytan Civil War, and swore once more his vengeance against humanity. However, he did not survive the battle, his five aspects slain by the Commander and Livia, and himself slain by The Shining Blade, a powerful magical artifact of Seer origins. With Lazarus's death, the Eye of Janthir disintegrated, confirming that the last of its masters, the mursaat, were truly dead.


Secrets of the Obscure

Unbeknownst to most people, Lazarus had not been the last mursaat on Tyria. Mabon, an atoning mursaat member of the secretive Wizard's Court, had stayed out of the Eye of Janthir's reach within the magically warded Wizard's Tower, so the Eye had been unable to locate him. While exploring the tower, the Pact Commander ran into Livia who revealed that she was also a member of the Astral Ward working alongside the Wizard's Court to defend Tyria from extraplanar threats. She explained that she had been aware of Mabon's existence during the hunt for Lazarus and that Mabon had been just as worried about Lazarus's return as she had been as the two mursaat had known one another during the war between the mursaat and the Seers. Livia pointed out that Kryta would be safe as neither Lazarus nor the White Mantle were able threaten anyone again.[12] Lazarus's defeat was immortalized in both a statue and a descriptive plaque in the Museum of Curiosities found in the wizards' floating domain of Amnytas.

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

During Taimi's Pet Project[edit]


DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Agony Projection
  • Fire Strike Fire Strike - Strike your foe with flame.
  • Ring of Fire Ring of Fire Damage nearby foes with a ring of fire, burning foes that pass through it.
  • Flame Wall Flame Wall - Burn foes with a wall of flame at the target location.
  • Rain of Fire - Multiple small AoE strikes.

During The Last Chance[edit]

  • Causes Daze.png Ancient Rage to players for ten seconds upon reducing Lazarus's health to nearly zero

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Impale (warrior sword skill).png Impaled - The exemplar's plan worked! Stabbing the aspect has corrupted his resurrection. The blade is now impaled through Lazarus's body. He looks wracked with pain.
  • Stun.png Sudden Mortality - Lazarus is overwhelmed with pain, leaving him especially vulnerable to attack.
  • Spectral Agony - A channeled AoE across most of the room that applies Spectral Agony.png Spectral Agony
  • Necrotic Orbs - A cone-shaped spray of green orbs in a wave like pattern.
  • Stormfront - Multiple lightning strikes in random locations across the entire room.
  • Rain of Agony - Small arcing orbs raining down at random locations.
Stolen skills


Related achievements[edit]


  • "Lazarus" is voiced by Peter Jessop.[13] The Lazarus encountered in The Last Chance is voiced by Rick Wasserman.
  • During his revival, "Lazarus" mentions the White Mantle being in "a dire state." This is a reference to his name in the first Guild Wars, "Lazarus the Dire."
  • Lazarus's name is probably a reference to the Biblical figure Lazarus of Bethany, who was raised from death by Jesus after being dead for four days.

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