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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Elder Dragon. For the dragon champion in Frostgorge Sound, see Claw of Jormag.
Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.
Concept art from the norn intro cinematic.

Jormag is the Elder Ice Dragon who lives in the northern reaches of the Shiverpeak Mountains. It is often referred to as being a living blizzard. It and some of its champions have powerful mental capabilities that alter their enemies' way of thinking.[1]

Whenever a group of norn attack Jormag or its champions, the men always return as Icebrood, attacking the source of the group of norn in revenge. Women can become Icebrood as well, but this is not welcomed by the Sons of Svanir, a cult of norn men worshiping Jormag, who typically kill the corrupted females.[2] Unlike other Elder Dragons, Jormag does not corrupt to enslave but rather gives promises of power to those it wants to corrupt; this can be seen through both the Sons of Svanir and the Icebrood, such as at the Frost Portal.


Early years[edit]

Jormag, like the other Elder Dragons, is thought to have last awakened 10,000 years ago, around the time of the disappearance of the Giganticus Lupicus, and then fallen back into slumber from consuming all magic they could find. During the dragonrise it caused the Dragonstorm which lasted for many seasons and which kodan still tell stories of.[3] The dwarves crafted the Sanguinary Blade from Jormag's frozen blood around this time.

As early as 1078 AE Jormag was influencing Tyria. Through its champion Drakkar, it whispered promises of power to the norn called Svanir and turned him into yet another of its champions, the Nornbear; this was the first of Jormag's champions to be identified as such.[1] The Elder Dragon also robbed Svanir's sister, Jora, of her ability to Become the Bear.[4] Since Svanir, there has been a cult of norn known as the Sons of Svanir. The Sons worship Jormag as the strongest Spirit of the Wild, referring to it simply as Dragon. Over the years, Jormag drew on their powers and hastened its own awakening.[5]

Jormag awoke in the lands beyond the Far Shiverpeaks in 1165 AE and moved south, causing the kodan to flee the icy seas and battling the norn inhabitants there.[6] The Elder Dragon's rise caused earthquakes that cracked and shattered the northernmost lands, allowing the icy northern ocean to flood through and create new, inland seas. This new inland sea was inhabited by some refugee kodan sanctuaries which fled south as they were harried by the Claws of Jormag, while Jormag capsized and tore apart many other of the kodan's iceberg cities in the northern ocean.[7] The Elder Dragon also created a blizzard which lasted four years.[8]

Although powerful fighters, the norn were no match for the Elder Dragon and its minions of snow and ice known as the Icebrood and were driven south into the abandoned dwarven territories.[9] Jormag's forces occupied the area around Drakkar Lake and Gunnar's Hold, the latter having been torn apart by a glacier. Jormag also attacked the Spirits of the Wild and devoured at least one of them, Owl, who sacrificed herself to buy some of the Spirits time to lead the norn to safety.[10][11]

However, according to a norn legend, a mighty norn warrior called Asgeir Dragonrender was able to cut out a fang from Jormag's mouth before leading his people south with the aid of the Spirits of the Wild. The tooth is now kept in Hoelbrak where the norn test their heroes against it. It is believed that when a hero damages the tooth, that hero will be capable of defeating Jormag once and for all.

Since its awakening, Jormag steadily pushed south. Though the Elder Dragon's territory was further north, its influence caused heavy corruption in Frostgorge Sound and northern Wayfarer Foothills and Snowden Drifts, and even in Hoelbrak and northern Dredgehaunt Cliffs, thanks to the continuing spread of the Sons of Svanir cult. Besides spreading its corruption on the land, Jormag used the cult to gather minions and worshipers, be they quaggan, grawl, jotun, or kodan, as well as magical artifacts, further strengthening its forces.

Edge of Destiny[edit]

In 1319 AE, the Dragonspawn, a dragon champion whose Icebrood minions had been terrorizing the countryside around Hoelbrak, invoked Jormag's name to call upon its power when it was about to fall in battle against Eir Stegalkin, Garm, Snaff and Zojja. Jormag's presence filled the ice cavern, and the Dragonspawn used a portion of its master's power to force the band to flee while unleashing a blizzard in Hoelbrak and its surrounding areas in revenge.[12] The Dragonspawn was eventually felled when Eir returned for a rematch with the strength of Destiny's Edge behind her, and Eir believed the fall of the champion had significantly slowed down Jormag's corruption.

Personal story[edit]

A band of Sons of Svanir led by Styrr Frostblade managed to briefly open portals to the Mists via captured havrouns and sent Icebrood outside Tyria to spread Jormag's influence until the plan was stopped by a party led by the Slayer of Issormir in 1325 AE.[13] Later that year, another band of Sons of Svanir led by Steag Frostbeard acquired the Sanguinary Blade and intended to use its power to invade Lion's Arch in order to gain Jormag's blessing, but the plan was foiled by Magister Sieran and the Novice who defeated the band and took the Sanguinary Blade to the Durmand Priory.[14] Despite these setbacks, the spread of Jormag's corruption did not stop as its minions were able to corrupt several quaggans and take over Falooaloo with the remaining villagers barely escaping with their lives thanks to the assistance by the Tyrian orders.

Living World Season 3[edit]

In 1329 AE, the asura Taimi relayed information from the norn Braham Eirsson that Jormag had become active.[15] According to Elder Ulf, Jormag was believed to have taken residence near a tundra overrun with Sons of Svanir and Icebrood just beyond the Bitterfrost Frontier around this time.[16]

Like Primordus, Jormag had also absorbed the latent magic of the slain Elder Dragons Zhaitan and Mordremoth, as seen with the Champion Unstable Abomination which the Pact Commander fought to acquire a sample from this new type of Icebrood for research purposes. According to Taimi, proximity to the dead Elder Dragons might matter and that Primordus had absorbed more plant and death magic than Jormag.[17]

Theorizing that she could defeat Jormag and Primordus at the same time by mixing their energies, Taimi created a device using parts from Omadd's Machine, which became known as Taimi's Machine, to do so. However, this device was stolen by the returned but weakened god Balthazar, who was looking for a way to increase his power by absorbing Elder Dragons' magic, just after Taimi had discovered that one more Elder Dragon's death might lead to Tyria's destruction.

Balthazar brought the device before Primordus and activated it deep within the volcano of Draconis Mons. He inserted himself in the magical stream and began absorbing the two Elder Dragons' magic. When the device was destroyed by the Pact Commander and Taimi who had chased the fallen god into the heart of the volcano, the blowback and drained magic resulted in Primordus and Jormag being hit by each other's magic and entering a pre-awakening state. Braham, who had managed to enter Jormag's territory with his norn guild and planned to use a magically enchanted bow to slay the dragon after cracking the fang in Hoelbrak with it, could do nothing but watch as the affected Jormag vanished under the ice with an anguished roar before the norn could begin the attack.[18]



After sorting through information left by the Rata Novans, Taimi discovered that the Rata Novans acquired information regarding a potential weakness for Primordus and that his unique magical spectrum could be negated all together. Taimi theorized that Jormag's unique ice magic spectrum could be the unique weakness for Primordus. After the Commander acquired samples of destroyers and icebrood enhanced by magic from the deceased Zhaitan and Mordremoth, Taimi was able to confirm her theory on a small scale. When Balthazar stole Omadd’s machine, Taimi ran a simulation confirming that Primordus and Jormag were each others' weakness.

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Concept art



  • Jormag may be a reference to Jörmungandr, the world serpent.
  • Jormag's silhouette, as seen in concept art in the norn intro cinematic, also doubles as the red dragon logo of the core Guild Wars 2 game.
  • Jormag is not the dragon visible in Drakkar Lake in the original Guild Wars as many once thought. That was actually Drakkar, a champion of Jormag.[19]
  • "Jormag's tooth" is a phrase used by norn.[20]

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