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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Elder Dragon. For the dragon champion in Frostgorge Sound, see Claw of Jormag.
Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Edge of Destiny, the personal story, Living World Season 3, Living World Season 4, and The Icebrood Saga.

You do not fear death. You fear something far worse. You fear outliving the ones you swore to protect. You fear the day your children no longer feel the chill of the frost or the warmth of the flame. It is this fear that is your enemy, not I. The prison in which all races of Tyria suffer. But you need not fear me, champion, for I can set you free. Join me, and you shall have the strength to protect your people in the trials to come. Stand against me, and you stand alone.


Jormag is the Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion, who dwells in the northern reaches of the Far Shiverpeak Mountains, dreaming about the Tyria that could be, at the expense of the Tyria that is.[1] The Ice Dragon has powerful mental capabilities that alter their enemies' way of thinking,[2] an ability also encountered on some of the champions of their sizeable army of corrupted minions, known as Icebrood. Jormag has sometimes been referred to as being a living blizzard.[3]

Whenever a group of norn attack Jormag or their champions, the men always return as Icebrood, attacking the source of the group of norn in revenge. Women can become Icebrood as well, but this is not welcomed by the Sons of Svanir, a cult of male norn worshiping Jormag, who typically kill the corrupted females.[4] Unlike other Elder Dragons, Jormag does not corrupt to enslave but rather gives promises of power to those they want to corrupt;[5] this can be seen through both the Sons of Svanir and the Icebrood, such as at the Frost Portal.


Early years[edit]

Jormag, like the other Elder Dragons, is thought to have last awakened 10,000 years ago, around the time of the disappearance of the Giganticus Lupicus, and then fallen back into slumber from consuming all magic they could find. At some point in the past, Primordus, the Elder Dragon of Fire and Conflagration, struck Jormag in battle and littered the Drizzlewood Coast in the Ice Dragon's shards.[6]

During an earlier dragonrise, Jormag caused the Dragonstorm, a powerful blizzard that lasted for many seasons and which the kodan still tell stories of.[7] The Sanguinary Blade, a weapon made from Jormag's frozen blood, was forged around this time; anyone cut by the blade would instantly turn into Jormag's icebrood minion, while the sword's wielder would be corrupted over time. Dwarves made an enchanted scabbard for the sword to contain its power.[8][9]

As early as 1078 AE, Jormag was influencing Tyria once again. Through their champion Drakkar, the Ice Dragon whispered promises of power to the norn hunter called Svanir, and turned him into yet another of their champions, the Nornbear; this was the first of Jormag's champions to be identified as such.[2] The Elder Dragon also robbed Svanir's sister, Jora, of her ability to Become the Bear when she rejected the call,[10][11] although some believed that the Spirits of the Wild had taken the power instead to punish Jora for doing nothing to stop Svanir initially.[12] Since Svanir, there has been a cult of male norn known as the Sons of Svanir. The Sons began worshiping Jormag as the strongest Spirit of the Wild, referring to them simply as Dragon. They justified worshiping an Elder Dragon because they viewed it was natural for the world to have predators and prey, and they considered Jormag to be the ultimate predator as well as the embodiment of all dragons.[13][14][15] Over the years, Jormag drew on the cultists' powers and hastened their own awakening.[3]

Jormag awoke in the lands beyond the Far Shiverpeaks in 1165 AE, creating a bitter blizzard that lasted four years,[16] and dividing the kodan sanctuaries and forcing them to flee from their icy sea homeland.[17][18] The Ice Dragon's rise caused earthquakes that cracked and shattered the northernmost lands, allowing the icy northern ocean to flood through and create new, inland seas. This new inland sea was inhabited by some refugee kodan sanctuaries which fled south as they were harried by the Claws of Jormag.[19] The norn heard of Jormag's march south and prepared for battle, some making their way north to confront it.[20] The blizzard Jormag brought buried the northern passages,[16] and the Ice Dragon's forces crushed Gunnar's Hold with a massive glacier.[3] Some skaalds say that Jormag crushed norn fighters in the hundreds during this time.[21]

Although powerful fighters, the norn were no match for the Elder Dragon and its minions of snow and ice, known as the Icebrood, and were driven south into the abandoned dwarven territories.[21] Jormag's forces occupied the area around Drakkar Lake and Gunnar's Hold.[3] The Ice Dragon also attacked the Spirits of the Wild and devoured at least one of them, Owl, who sacrificed herself to buy some of the Spirits time to lead the norn to safety. It is said that Jormag destroyed Owl's spirit totally.[22][23][24] Other lesser spirits such as Eagle, Ox, and Wolverine likewise stayed behind to buy the rest of the Spirits and the norn time to flee, and their fates remained unknown to the norn.[25][26]

However, according to a norn legend, a mighty norn warrior called Asgeir Dragonrender was empowered by the Spirits of the Wild and wielded a weapon enchanted with an ancient jotun scroll's fire magic. Using these boons, he was able to defeat Jormag's champion Frostfang and cut out a fang from Jormag's mouth, before leading his people south with the aid of the four Great Spirits of the Wild called Bear, Raven, Snow Leopard, and Wolf.[16][24][27][28] The fang is now kept in Hoelbrak, and it is tradition for mighty norn to test their strength against the seemingly indestructible tooth. It is generally believed that if a hero manages to damage the fang, that hero will rally the norn and they would be capable of defeating Jormag once and for all.[29][30] However, some norn claim that the prophecy about damaging the fang is simply used to deter eager, young norn from venturing into the Far Shiverpeaks to challenge Jormag, and from losing themselves to the Ice Dragon.[31]

Since their awakening, Jormag steadily pushed south. Though the Elder Dragon's territory was farther north, their influence caused heavy corruption in Frostgorge Sound, northern Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, and even in Hoelbrak and northern Dredgehaunt Cliffs, thanks to the continuing spread of the Sons of Svanir cult. Besides spreading their corruption on the land, Jormag used the cult to gather minions and worshipers, be they grawl, jotun, kodan or quaggan, as well as magical artifacts, further strengthening their forces.

At some point in the past, Jormag became aware of the prophecy about the norn who would crack the Fang of the Serpent and how this norn and the Ice Dragon would clash in the future. Fate decreed that the norn of prophecy would either slay Jormag or fall to the Elder Dragon during their destined battle.[32]

Edge of Destiny[edit]

In 1319 AE, the Dragonspawn, a dragon champion whose Icebrood minions had been terrorizing the countryside around Hoelbrak, invoked Jormag's name to call upon their power when it was about to fall in battle against Eir Stegalkin, Garm, Snaff and Zojja. Jormag's presence filled the ice cavern, and the Dragonspawn used a portion of its master's power to force the band to flee while unleashing a blizzard in Hoelbrak and its surrounding areas in revenge.[33] The Dragonspawn was eventually felled when Eir returned for a rematch with the strength of all of Destiny's Edge behind her, and Eir believed the fall of the champion had significantly slowed down Jormag's corruption.

Personal story[edit]

A band of Sons of Svanir led by Styrr Frostblade managed to capture Havroun Solvi and use his powers to create portals to the Mists. Through these portals, Sons of Svanir and Icebrood alike invaded the Mists with the goal of killing the Spirits of the Wild, but their plan was foiled by a party led by the Slayer of Issormir in 1325 AE.[34] Sons of Svanir also attempted to lure local grawl and jotun to worship Jormag.[35] They succeeded in converting Korag, a descendant of one of the giant-kings, to the Ice Dragon's cause, until Korag was slain in a duel with the Slayer of Issormir. A Svanir Shaman Chief attempted to control a tribe of grawl in Wayfarer Foothills via a totem and unleashed a Greater Ice Elemental as well as opened portals to the Mists to spread Jormag's corruption throughout Frusenfell Creek, until he and the elemental were defeated by a band of local norn homesteaders and adventurers. Later that year, another band of Sons of Svanir led by Steag Frostbeard acquired the Sanguinary Blade and intended to use its power to invade Lion's Arch in order to gain Jormag's blessing, but the planned attack was prevented by Magister Sieran and a Novice of the Durmand Priory, who defeated the band and took the Sanguinary Blade to the Durmand Priory.[36]

Despite these setbacks, the spread of Jormag's corruption did not stop as their minions were able to corrupt several quaggans and take over their village, Falooaloo, with the remaining villagers barely escaping with their lives thanks to the assistance of the Tyrian orders. Meanwhile, Sons of Svanir attempted to convert the grawl tribe of Ulukk's Hunger to Jormag's cause via the worship of a dragon champion known as the "Ice God," but the orders prevented the conversion and destruction of the tribe by killing the corrupted shamans and the Icebrood champion. Farther north, Kodan's Bane, Huntsman of Jormag invaded the kodan sanctuary of Honor of the Waves with a sizable band of Sons of Svanir and channelled Jormag's magic to forcibly corrupt the resisting Honor's Voice into an Icebrood.[37] The Huntsman and the corrupted Voice were slain by Caithe, Eir Stegalkin, Honor's Claw and the Pact Commander, while other adventurers traversed the sanctuary to defeat the Huntsman's remaining lieutenants.

Living World Season 3[edit]

Simulation of the All becoming unbalanced due to a clash between the energies of Jormag and Primordus's spheres.

In 1329 AE, the asura Taimi relayed information from the norn Braham Eirsson that Jormag had become active.[38] According to Elder Ulf, Jormag was believed to have taken residence near a tundra overrun with Sons of Svanir and Icebrood just beyond the Bitterfrost Frontier around this time.[39]

Like Primordus, Jormag had also absorbed the latent magic of the slain Elder Dragons Zhaitan and Mordremoth, as seen with the Champion Unstable Abomination which the Pact Commander fought to acquire a sample to research this new type of Icebrood. According to Taimi, proximity to the dead Elder Dragons might matter, considering that Primordus had absorbed more plant and death magic than Jormag.[40]

Theorizing that she could defeat Jormag and Primordus at the same time by mixing their energies, Taimi created a device using parts from Omadd's Machine, which became known as Taimi's Machine, to do so. However, this device was stolen by the returned, but weakened, human god Balthazar, who was looking for a way to increase his power by absorbing the Elder Dragons' magic. Shortly after the theft, Taimi discovered that one more Elder Dragon's death might lead to Tyria's destruction.[41]

Balthazar brought the device before Primordus and activated it deep within the volcano of Draconis Mons, where the Fire Dragon was at the time located. He inserted himself in the magical stream and began absorbing the two Elder Dragons' magic. When the device was destroyed by the Pact Commander and Taimi, who had chased the fallen god into the heart of the volcano, the blowback and drained magic resulted in Primordus and Jormag being hit by each other's magic and entering a pre-awakening state. At this time, Braham had managed to enter Jormag's territory with his norn guild and planned to use Eir Stegalkin's bow, which he had enchanted with a jotun scroll's fire magic, to slay the Ice Dragon after cracking the fang in Hoelbrak with it. However, Braham could do nothing but watch as the affected Jormag vanished under the ice with an anguished roar before the guild could begin the attack.[42]

Unbeknownst to the norn, Jormag retreated northwest to the Sanctum of the Wild in the Drizzlewood Coast, a site where the norn had first met the Spirits of the Wild long ago. Safe in the secluded location, the Elder Dragon encased their draconic body in ice while beginning to slowly heal from the injuries caused by the magic redirected from Taimi's device.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

To celebrate the defeat of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, Knut Whitebear hosted the return of Dragon Bash in Hoelbrak in 1332 AE. This celebration saw the arrival of several Sons of Svanir and other norn praising Dragon, proclaiming that Jormag would rise again, while an Icebrood Claymore was spotted among the Sons preaching about the Ice Dragon's blessings. Some female norn were also seen arguing with the Sons of Svanir, claiming that they too had heard Dragon's call, and that the Sons could not ignore female followers of Jormag forever.[43] Weeks later, Suspicious Travelers began appearing across the Shiverpeaks, speaking of the power gained by serving the Ice Dragon. A strange gale blew near these travelers, carrying eerie whispers spoken by what sounded like a female and male voice.[44]

Following this, Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer called for an All-Legion Rally in Grothmar Valley for the High Legions' own celebration of Kralkatorrik's defeat. The Pact Commander and Dragon's Watch were also invited as honored guests alongside General Almorra Soulkeeper of the Vigil. The party was, however, a facade designed by Bangar to rally several dozen warbands to accompany him into the Far Shiverpeaks. The Blood Imperator viewed Aurene, the Commander's ally who had replaced Kralkatorrik as an Elder Dragon, as a powerful weapon which the Pact might use to eventually threaten the charr with.

Seeing himself outgunned and fearing for the future of his people, Bangar had his subordinate Ryland Steelcatcher steal Braham's fire-enchanted bow before heading north to subdue Jormag with his rogue warbands in order to even the odds. When the Commander's party tried to follow Bangar, an Icebrood Construct suddenly rose from under the ice and prevented them from following the rogue warbands into the blizzard.

By the time Almorra had reached the Vigil's northernmost base, Jora's Keep, to inform the soldiers there about Kralkatorrik's defeat, Jormag set a plan in motion. Although Jormag was still dreaming under the ice and recovering from Primordus's redirected magic, the Ice Dragon was aware of Bangar's aspirations and made preparations for the future. The Elder Dragon commanded the Fraenir of Jormag, the highest ranking officer in the Sons of Svanir, to expand the Sons' holdings throughout Bjora Marches. The Sons were assisted by several Icebrood as well as Aberrant and Fallen thralls of the Ice Dragon, and the fraenir used them to harrass the Vigil soldiers stationed in the region while he invaded the Raven Sanctum to imprison Raven's shamans inside ice pillars and corrupt their magic to increase his own power.

Jormag also began reaching out to the minds of local, susceptible Vigil soldiers with whispers that turned out to be similar to those heard around the Suspicious Travelers, and slowly persuaded several male norn in Jora's Keep to betray their comrades and open the gates to the Sons of Svanir in the dark of the night. Almorra and Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir, who had been planning on finding a way to breach the Raven Sanctum and stop the fraenir's campaign, were captured while most of the resting Vigil soldiers loyal to them were caught unaware and slain.[45]

Olar and Torrin, converted members of Braham's former norn guild, took the captives deeper into the wilderness. Although Almorra and Jhavi made an attempt to escape, the Sons of Svanir eventually caught Jhavi and sent a hunting party after Almorra who had vanished inside Darkrime Ruins. The Sons eventually learned of Almorra's demise in the ruined mine and gloated to Jhavi that the general had killed her last Elder Dragon although they refused to tell her about Almorra's death and who had been responsible for it. Jhavi was taken deep into the Boneskinner's den where Jormag's whispers tried to enter her mind and persuade her to join the Ice Dragon's cause, reminding her of her bloodline and that she was meant to finish what Svanir, her great-grandmother Jora's brother, had begun centuries ago.

Moving to the next stage of the plan, the Elder Dragon used Almorra's corpse to remotely communicate with the Pact Commander, who was unaware of what had transpired, and invited the Commander and other brave souls to Jora's Keep.[46] As soon as the party reached the keep and discovered the slain Vigil soldiers, whispers began reaching into their minds in order to make them question themselves and one another's motives and use these suspicions to divide and weaken them.

Although the Commander's party succeeded in saving Jhavi from the corrupted norn, discovered Almorra's fate and disrupted the Sons of Svanir in the region, several Vigil reinforcements from all races began falling under Jormag's influence one by one, either being converted to the army of the Ice Dragon or wandering into the wilderness where they fell to the elements or became the Boneskinners' prey.[47]

Jormag speaks through the possessed fraenir's corpse in the Raven Sanctum to offer an alliance to the Pact Commander while the rest of the party watches on.

The Commander, Braham, Jhavi, Crecia Stoneglow and Rytlock Brimstone eventually managed to breach the Raven Sanctum to stop the Sons' operations in the region. The fraenir gleefully welcomed the party, focusing on the Commander in particular. He admitted that he and his master had underestimated the Commander's skill of clearing obstacles but that they would not repeat the same mistake again. The fraenir announced that he had been called to something greater and that the era of Dragon was about to begin as he attacked the party.

Despite fighting with all his might and leeching power from the Raven shamans, the fraenir was ultimately defeated. Before the party could recover, however, the fraenir's body suddenly stood up, now manipulated by Jormag who began the next stage of the plan. Using the slain fraenir's mouth to speak through, the Ice Dragon explained that they did not have to be feared like Kralkatorrik; in fact, Jormag wanted to help Aurene end the war and bring eternal peace to Tyria. Jormag continued by pointing out that Aurene and her allies would eventually realize that they needed the Ice Dragon's help to face the "terrible things that lurk just beyond the horizon." Having said their piece, the Elder Dragon's presence left the fraenir's body which fell to the ground. The party came to the realization that Jormag had used Almorra's body to contact them and lure them to the region and may have also been influencing Bangar's actions all along, convincing the Blood Imperator to get his own Elder Dragon.[46]

During the campaign against the Sons of Svanir in Bjora Marches, the Vigil made a shocking discovery within the frigid, mountainous confines of Asgeir's Legacy: a personal journal of Asgeir Dragonrender himself. In the journal's pages, Asgeir revealed that he had actually had a private conversation with Jormag after rending the Elder Dragon's fang, and that Jormag had explained how its violent actions had only been a form of self defense. Jormag had come to view Asgeir as a worthy warrior and had realized how much he cared for the norn, so the Ice Dragon let him leave alive with a choice: Asgeir could return with more warriors and watch them all die as the dragon continued defending itself, or he could use the severed fang to convince the norn to move south and live in peace with Jormag promising not to follow them as it had come to view them as a race worthy of being preserved. Realizing that the norn would stand no chance against the Elder Dragon even with the enchantments of the jotun scroll and the blessings of the Spirits of the Wild, Asgeir had lied that the Spirits, not Jormag, had instructed him to lead the norn to a southern sanctuary. Despite believing that the lie had been necessary, Asgeir had nevertheless felt deep down that he had given up when victory may have been within his reach and that uncertainty was a burden he would carry for the rest of his life.

Jormag continued using Drakkar as their mouthpiece, spreading their whispers throughout Bjora Marches. These whispers affected several kodan of Still Waters Speaking and turned them suicidal as they ventured into the wilderness to freeze to death and become Boneskinners. The Ice Dragon used the powers of the Lost Spirits to strengthen the Icebrood with Wolverine's Aberrant and Ox's Fallen minions while infusing the Sons of Svanir with Eagle's corrupted essence.

By the time Jhavi and the local kodan leader Cloudseeker organized a joint kodan and Vigil operation to take the fight to Drakkar and end its whispers, Jormag took note of the army invading Drakkar's lair. Jormag tried to sway Jhavi's forces by explaining that the Elder Dragon had never given anything to anyone unless asked and pleaded the forces to cease their assault against Drakkar whom the Elder Dragon saw as a mere infant being forced to defend itself from aggressors. Jhavi and her allies pressed on, however, and ultimately beat back Drakkar who retreated deeper into the ice to recover from its injuries. Exhausted but victorious, Jhavi taunted the Ice Dragon by saying that she had reminded them that her family's legend still lived.

A party consisting of the Pact Commander, Braham, Crecia and Rytlock pursued the fleeing Drakkar whom Jhavi had weakened beforehand, and cornered the champion in a cave within the nearby mountains. However, Jormag used Drakkar as a conduit to spread whispers through the cave. The Ice Dragon first tried to reason with the party, offering to guide them to Drakkar unhindered if they laid down their weapons and came with peaceful intentions. When the party ignored the pleas, Jormag's whispers turned the worried Crecia and Rytlock hostile towards the rest of the party by telling them that the Commander would slay their son Ryland Steelcatcher after defeating Drakkar. However, the Commander was able to trick the charr pair into attacking the ice-covered walls with fire magic, eventually leaving only one exit for Drakkar who was forced to come out of hiding to battle the party while the Commander incapacitated Crecia and Rytlock so they could not hinder the campaign in their affected state.

Using the resulting chaos to his advantage, Braham, who had communed with the three Lost Spirits and earned their favor by proving his worth to them as the norn of prophecy, invoked three Spirits' power to kill Drakkar with a single attack. Before the party could celebrate, however, they noticed something emerging from Drakkar's corpse: the Whisper of Jormag, a piece of the Elder Dragon which had been the true source of the whispers.

The Whisper congratulated the party for making the Lost Spirits help them, and once again asked the party to lay down their weapons as they had already proven their strength to the Elder Dragon. Jormag began tempting Braham by offering to grant him the power to Become the Wolf after Braham's slaying of Drakkar still had not seemingly given him the blessing of Wolf that he had been looking for.[32] Braham froze in his confusion, which allowed Jormag to focus on the Commander.

Accessing the Commander's mind, Jormag made them fight a Rimewhisper Doppelganger of the Commander. Pressing on, the Ice Dragon tried to appeal to the Commander's heroism by stating that they both wanted to save Tyria and could accomplish it by ending the cycle of devastating dragonrises with Aurene's help. Before the Elder Dragon could sway the Commander to their side, however, Bangar Ruinbringer and Ryland Steelcatcher arrived in the cave and managed to return the tempted party to the present. With the two charr's help, they were able to defeat the Whisper of Jormag but not before the Ice Dragon promised that they would all talk to one another soon.

Following the Whisper's demise, Bangar announced his intention of subjugating Jormag and becoming the Ice Dragon's champion while getting rid of any competition, and finished his announcement by shooting the Commander with the stolen fire-enchanted bow. Braham was able to force the charr pair to retreat when he finally managed to access his totem ability to become the wolf to save his friend, and the two parties fled from the cave.

Jormag dreaming beneath the ice within the corrupted Sanctum of the Wild in the Frost Citadel.

While recovering in the Eye of the North under Aurene's care, the Commander gazed into the Scrying Pool and witnessed visions of the past involving Ryland before the confrontation with Drakkar. The Commander saw how Ryland's Steel Warband had failed to establish a supply route through the northern paths because an unnatural blizzard, which had brought a horde of Icebrood with it, had blocked their intended way north. The unusual weather and the encroaching Icebrood had forced Bangar and Ryland to take a detour for their forces through Darkrime Delves where they had encountered Almorra who had barely escaped from her Svanir pursuers. Upon learning Bangar's intentions to awaken Jormag rather than help the Vigil keep the Elder Dragon contained, Almorra had tried to stop the pair only to fail when Ryland had bested her in a duel. The clash had led to a heated debate between Bangar and Almorra, resulting in the angered Bangar killing Almorra in a move that had surprised Ryland who had wanted to spare the celebrated general. The visions convinced the Commander that Bangar had fallen under Jormag's influence and needed to be stopped before he succeeded in his goals.

Convincing several charr that he had been responsible for Drakkar's demise and was thus capable of enslaving the Elder Dragon as well in order to usher in an age of charr supremacy, Bangar rallied several charr warbands to join his Renegades and formed the Dominion. After several successful battles against the United Legions, the Blood Imperator took his forces to the Drizzlewood Coast in order to wake up Jormag. At some point in his campaign, Bangar allied himself with the Sons of Svanir who helped his Dominion build the Frost Citadel near Jormag's resting place. The Blood Imperator used the shamans and the Svanir to build a complex system of blood processors within the citadel which fed Jormag's blood into a machine that frost shamans could use to mass convert Dominion soldiers into the Frost Legion, an army of ice-empowered charr.[48]

Jormag's ice initially blocked the United Legions' access to the Frost Citadel. Once Bangar's work was nearly done, however, the ice suddenly withdrew to allow the legions and the Commander's party to take the fight to Bangar's forces.[49] While the United Legions assaulted the Frost Citadel's front gate to keep the Dominion forces distracted, the Commander, Braham, Crecia and Rytlock decided to invoke the power of the Spirits of the Wild to open a pathway into the Sanctum of the Wild and reach Bangar through the sealed backdoor.

With the party's help, Braham was able to invoke the Lost Spirits' power once again alongside the magic of several Lesser Spirits when he failed to get an answer from the four Great Spirits to open the door into the sanctum. To complete the ritual, he also invoked the power of the fourth Lost Spirit, Owl, only to realize he had made a grave error upon witnessing her totem lighting up with her essence as the truth was revealed: Owl had not perished to Jormag in the battle centuries ago but had been corrupted by the Elder Dragon. In order to prevent Jormag from abusing her power, Owl had retreated to the sanctum and cut herself off from the Mists, effectively appearing to be dead to her shamans. Because Braham's ceremony had brought Owl back, Jormag could use her magic to hasten their awakening while gaining her spiritual power in the process.[50]

Upon reaching the heart of the sanctum, the party witnessed Bangar preparing a twisted ritual. The Blood Imperator had acquired totems of the four Great Spirits of the Wild from his Svanir allies and had managed to imprison the Great Spirits into the totems with the intention to corrupt the Spirits and use them as a lure to control Jormag the same way the Ice Dragon had used the powers of Ox, Eagle and Wolverine to control Drakkar in the Bjora Marches.[51]

A battle ensued during which the Commander's party was able to hinder Bangar until Ryland arrived and activated the totems, letting their power flow into Jormag rather than the Blood Imperator while he voiced his disappointment at Bangar's actions. Although the Commander was able to free the trapped Great Spirits from the trap, the party was too late to stop Jormag's awakening and was frozen in place to witness the events that unfolded.

Jormag and their new champion, Ryland Steelcatcher.

As the Elder Dragon rose from the ice, Bangar greeted them, expecting to become the champion who would conquer the nations of the world with the Elder Dragon's power. Although Jormag promised to reward Bangar for delivering an army to them, the Ice Dragon named the Blood Imperator their new Voice instead, before letting corruption overtake the charr much to Bangar's surprise. The transformation forced a collar of frost around the corrupted Bangar's throat to entwine the Elder Dragon's presence with the charr.

As Ryland approached Jormag next, the Elder Dragon focused on him and revealed that they had been watching his progress for some time. Jormag spoke of Ryland as a born leader who had waited his whole life for a role worthy of his talents. According to the Elder Dragon, Ryland possessed his sire Rytlock's ferocity and his dam Crecia's discipline, but most of all the young charr had rage seething under the surface. Jormag looked into Ryland's mind and saw what he had always wanted, and Ryland announced his desire to everyone present: he wanted to become Jormag's champion. The Elder Dragon granted the charr's wish, turning Ryland into a creature of ice and frost.

Following Ryland's transformation, Jormag told him to follow. Now that the Elder Dragon was awake, the next stage of their plan had been set in motion, and they needed to prepare for the future with their new champion by their side. Despite being aware of the prophecy involving themself and Braham and that one of them was destined to die, the Ice Dragon chose to spare Braham along with the rest of the party. Before leaving, Jormag offered Bangar to the Commander's party as a gift, reminding them about the promise from the Raven Sanctum that they would all talk to one another soon and that the Ice Dragon would look forward to their future conversations.

Since the departure from the Sanctum of the Wild with Ryland, Jormag moved through Tyria, using their new powers to take advantage of the Mists as Kralkatorrik had once done. Unlike Kralkatorrik, however, the Ice Dragon chose neither to consume nor destroy anything in their path. Meanwhile, Bangar was taken into custody to the Eye of the North where Aurene fashioned an enchanted cage to hold him should Jormag wish to use him to communicate with the party. Aurene's enchantment ensured that Jormag could not use Bangar to listen in on the conversations within the structure without Aurene's permission.


As few have seen the Elder Dragon Jormag in full and survived, little is known about their physiology. Some describe the Ice Dragon as a living blizzard, while the norn hero Asgeir claims to have fought it and rent a tooth from them.

Jormag's minions are the Icebrood, once living and breathing creatures which have become the frozen slaves to the Elder Dragon. The corruption process is best seen in the Sons of Svanir and how these willing worshippers of the Ice Dragon slowly lose their free will as their bodies begin to freeze, eventually becoming Icebrood. These minions spread Jormag's corruption wherever they go. Jormag is also capable of corrupting ice, giving it a darker appearance, as can be commonly seen around Sons of Svanir encampments.

Jormag's blood, both liquid and frozen, can corrupt beings it touches. In the case of the Sanguinary Blade forged from Jormag's frozen blood, a nick or a cut from the blade is enough to instantly turn the victim into Icebrood whereas the wielder of the sword is corrupted over time. The blade's corrupting power can be avoided if it is is kept in a special magical sheath.[9]


After sorting through information left by the Rata Novans, Taimi discovered that the Rata Novans had acquired information regarding a potential weakness for Primordus: the idea of negating its unique magical spectrum altogether. Taimi theorized that Jormag's unique ice magic spectrum could be the unique weakness for Primordus. After the Pact Commander acquired samples of Destroyers and Icebrood enhanced by magic from the deceased Zhaitan and Mordremoth, Taimi was able to confirm her theory on a small scale. When Balthazar stole Omadd's machine, Taimi ran a simulation confirming that Primordus and Jormag were each others' weakness.[41][52]

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  • Jormag is voiced by Debra Wilson.[54]
  • Jormag has their own leitmotif, called "Jormag's Theme".
  • Jormag may be a reference to Jörmungandr, the world serpent from Norse mythology.
  • Jormag's silhouette, as seen in concept art in the norn intro cinematic, also doubles as the red dragon logo of the core Guild Wars 2 game.
  • Jormag is not the dragon visible in Drakkar Lake in the original Guild Wars as many once thought. That was actually Drakkar, a champion of Jormag.[55]
  • "Jormag's tooth" is a phrase used by norn.[56] The phrase "Ice fortifies. Ice protects." is used by both Jormag and some of their followers such as the Suspicious Travelers and the Wandering Norn.[57][58]
  • If Skuld's claim about each creature on Tyria having its respective associated Spirit of the Wild is true, theoretically a Dragon Spirit should exist (or has once existed) as a natural embodiment of all Tyrian dragons. Although the Sons of Svanir view Jormag as a Spirit of the Wild called Dragon, they initially lacked the ability to enter the Mists on Jormag's behalf without using loopholes, unlike the havrouns who have the native Mists-traveling ability granted by the Spirits.[25] This implies that Jormag and the Dragon Spirit may not be the same entity.

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