Marionette's Landing

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Marionette's Landing

Point of Interest
False River Valley
(Lornar's Pass)
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Marionette's Landing.jpg
Marionette's Landing

Interactive map

Marionette's Landing is the five raised pads and generators used with Scarlet Briar's "weapon test" of the Twisted Marionette, which was bait to lure forces who'd fight Scarlet into a trap — the trap being the Marionette self-destructing.

Marionette's Landing now contains the snow-covered remains of the Twisted Marionette, as well as a Durmand Priory tent watched over by Explorer Prendes and Explorer Geargrind. They are studying the Marionette before taking it to the Priory for safe keeping, though the pads and generators have been removed.






Ambient creatures



  • This point of interest was added during The Origins of Madness update, replacing Maw's Rise (though mechanically it was a rename as both PoI share the same link id).
  • During The Origins of Madness, you could only reach the POI when the Marionette spawned or if some already there could portal you across. It could still be unlocked for the purposes of map completion.
    • Since Escape from Lion's Arch, this area is accessible by anyone. The nearby vista which was previously on top of a mountain was moved to being on top of the Marionette's sword at this point as well.