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Allied Encampment

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Allied Encampment

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Allied Encampment map.jpg
Map of Allied Encampment

Allied Encampment locator.svg
Location within Domain of Kourna

Domain of Kourna
Connects to
Dabiji Hollows (E)
Elon Basin (NE)
Arkjok Farmlands (NW)
Front Line (SE)
Western Front (SW)

The Allied Encampment is an area within the Domain of Kourna. It is the main staging area of the allied forces in the war against Palawa Joko in the region.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png
Help distribute incoming supplies to the allied encampment (80)
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Allied Encampment Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Army Landing & Entry Portal
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Zelbahn Garrison
Adventure (map icon).png
Roller Beetle Training
Mastery Insight
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Domain of Kourna Insight: Allied Encampment
Event boss (tango icon).png
[Group Event] Defeat the champion bounty (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Help Researcher Siris test his Rez-o-Matic device (80)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Safely escort the caravan from the ally camp to the farmlands (80)





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Arms Dealer
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Krewe Leader Drazz
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Lady Camilla
Volatile Magic Collector (map icon).png
Bounty Board (map icon).png
Order of Shadows Agent
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Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Inside the main camp
Supply Depot Guard (1): I thought Joko did a number on Istan...but this whole place reeks of suffering. I can taste ashes on the wind.
Supply Depot Guard (2): What kind of leader does this to his own people?
Supply Depot Guard (1): The plague had already gotten to her. I didn't know how to help.
Supply Depot Guard (2): Take Joko down. That's how we can help.
Supply Depot Guard (1): I'm so grateful you're here. We weren't sure the Olmakhan would help.
Supply Depot Guard (2): This is our world, too.
Blacksmith: At this rate, there won't be any armor left to fix.
Blacksmith: Don't know why we're wasting good solder on split armor. Won't stay fixed for long.
Blacksmith: Pretty soon they'll be expecting me to fix their helmets with nothing but spit and mud.
Civilian Outreach Specialist: Just sorry there isn't more to share around.
Neelah: Won't hear me complain. You have an army to feed.
Civilian Outreach Specialist: Wish they were as understanding as you.
Neelah: Maybe if—WHEN this is over, we can help feed all of you?
Civilian Outreach Specialist: Sounds great to me.
Lady Camilla: Wow. It's really you. Sorry—I'm just having a moment.
Lady Camilla: You don't recognize me. (laugh) Why should you! We've never met.
Lady Camilla: I was your herald, back when you were first exploring Tyria with Destiny's Edge. You must have gotten all my letters?
Lady Camilla: Hail, mighty hero!
After completing More than a Hero, a Symbol
Lady Camilla: This was fun, wasn't it? We should collaborate again some time.
Statue: As part of the Joko for All initiative, Joko statues will be installed in every home. For ease of worship. You're welcome.
Statue: Attention: proper genuflection to Joko requires an angle of no more than thirty degrees of the body from the horizontal. Thank you.
Statue: Did you know the immortal King Joko invented mathematics? You're welcome.
Statue: Disobey Joko, and you'll be dissolved, body and soul. Then your grit will be baked into a pie and fed to your family.
Statue: Don't grieve for your loved ones' deaths. Celebrate their sacrifice for the noblest cause: me.
Statue: I am now accepting new volunteers for my amusement parlor. Hm. Effective immediately.
Statue: I understand many of you wish to name your children after me. I will not permit a mere baby to bear my name. Stop this.
Statue: Loyal followers: if you find yourself infected with the plague, run to the nearest invader camp. Be useful for once.
Statue: The staff of Joko represents wisdom, honor, glory, healing, godhood, generosity, leadership. And humility.
Statue: To be Awakened is to be reborn into a life of purpose. Eternal servitude—it's what mortals were meant for.
Statue: As you pass my image, thank Joko for the continuation of your lives...and deaths...and afterlives...and afterdeaths.
Statue: The Joko Victory Parade will begin at dawn following my triumph over the invaders. Attendance is mandatory.
Statue: Remember: a firm hand makes a better servant. Joko mutilates because he cares. Really, though. I do it for you.
Statue: What is the true meaning of Joko? Look inside yourself. Literally. My magic is in your blood, and you belong to me.
Statue: What is it to love Joko? It is to join a family. You may lose your spouse and children—but you gain a community.
Statue: What is it to love Joko? It is to love life itself. Particularly the giving of your life to me. Joko.
Statue: I congratulate each and every one of you for living to see the sun rise yet again on Joko's kingdom. I'm proud of you.
Statue: And now for Joko Rising, a poem in one hundred eighteen parts. (sigh) Hang on. (sigh) I should take care of this.
Statue: Deposit your tributes and tokens of love with the Mordant Crescent. Offerings are burned at dusk and dawn.
Statue: My reach is vast, my vengeance legendary. I alone can liberate you from your dull, flavorless friends and loved ones.
Statue: To pledge yourself to Joko is to— Oh hush, pet. I know you're impatient, but we'll have our fun. Now I lost my place.
Statue: What is the true meaning of Joko? Looks inside yo— Wait. I've already done that one.
Statue: Boo! (cackle) I do love doing that.
Statue: To die for Joko is to be born anew. Unless I choose not to Awaken you, in which case you simply die.
Near the bounty board
Order of Shadows Agent waves at <Character name>.
Order of Shadows Agent: Reports of creatures driven insane by ley energy are coming from all over. Are you going to help?
Order of Shadows Agent: Agasaya of the Hamaseen is even more dangerous since she was irradiated by ley-line energies.
Order of Shadows Agent: There's a Branded griffon called Cabochon we need grounded. Expert bounty hunters only.
Order of Shadows Agent: Troopmarshal Ogun was formidable even BEFORE that dose of ley energy.
Order of Shadows Agent: We've had multiple sightings of a sandshark called Enbilulu. Careful she doesn't hunt YOU.
Order of Shadows Agent: Got a new contract on a fanged iboga we call Asphodel. It's one mean snake-plant.
Outside the main camp, east
Veteran Olmakhan Trainee: It must be hard, being unable to fight on the front lines.
Sunspear Trainer: You have no idea. All I ever wanted was a clear shot at that monster.
Veteran Olmakhan Trainee: Don't worry, I'll make sure he gets your message. In the face.
Sunspear Trainer: (laugh) You're all right, charr.
Olmakhan Trainee: So these Awakened might have been your kin once—your elders.
Sunspear Trainer: It's possible, yes.
Olmakhan Trainee: This must be hard for you, training my people to fight your fallen loved ones.
Sunspear Trainer: It isn't easy. But I like to think we're not fighting them—we're freeing them.
Olmakhan Trainee: To freedom, then.
Olmakhan Trainee: They could hit us next. Should we evacuate?
Sunspear Trainer: No. Once you're on the front line, they'll be able to hit you whenever they like.
Sunspear Trainer: No place is safe. May as well just stay here and keep training.'
Olmakhan Trainee (1): The other trainer... Did you know her well?
Sunspear Trainer: We fought together at the Great Hall in Istan. She's tough. She'll survive this.
Sunspear Trainer: Were you two close to the charr she was training?
Olmakhan Trainee (1): Yes. Our tribe isn't very big.
Olmakhan Trainee (2): We're like family to each other.
Sunspear Trainer: No one would blame you if you took your injured friend home. This was never your fight anyway.
Olmakhan Trainee (1): It is now. We fight for him, and for your Sunspear friend.
Olmakhan Trainee (1): He'll be back to fight with us. You’ll see.
Olmakhan Trainee (2): We've lost so many in such a short time...
Olmakhan Trainee (1): Rox and Boticca say we hold the line, so we hold the line. Whatever the cost.
Olmakhan Trainee: The Corsairs say these creatures can be Awakened over and over again.
Olmakhan Trainee: How can we beat an enemy that can't be killed?
Sunspear Trainer: Cut 'em down as many times as it takes—until they stay down.
Veteran Olmakhan Trainee: Didn't expect to lose people before we even finished training...
Sunspear Trainer: Me neither. Somebody better take out those cannons...
Sunspear Trainer: They say your kind are immune to the Scarab Plague.
Veteran Olmakhan Trainee: Only by Nature's providence. The Inquest tried their best to infect us.
Sunspear Trainer: They also say Joko Awakened some of those same Inquest, to continue their... experiments.
Veteran Olmakhan Trainee: Nature does like to test us.
Veteran Olmakhan Trainee: We haven't gone to war in generations. It's a shock to see friends get cut down like this.
Sunspear Trainer: No shame in that. It's when you stop being shocked that you should worry.
If the Disable the Awakened Inquest cannon before it can fire event fails
Sunspear Trainer: Incoming! Oh, no.
Sunspear Trainer: Watch it- (scream)
Olmakhan Trainee: (scream)
Olmakhan Trainee: (scream)
Veteran Olmakhan Trainee: That could've been us.
Head Medic: We need to get you away, out of firing range.
Outside the main camp, west
Sunspear Crusader: Any word on supplies?
Chef: Nothing yet. For now, we make do with hardtack.
Sunspear Crusader: Great...
Sunspear Crusader: I never tasted anything so delicious in my whole life.
Chef: You're just saying that because you're used to hardtack.
Sunspear Crusader: Hey, I never lie about food.
Villager: It's nice, seeing the soldiers enjoy themselves for once.
Chef: A hot meal can go a long way.
Villager: Out here, you take what comforts you can get.
Sunspear Crusader: Hey, you got any more of that soup?
Chef: You know the rules. No second helpings.
Villager: Here, take mine. I feel funny eating when so many of these people haven't had a meal in days.
Sunspear Crusader: You sure you don't have any meat back there?
Chef: Just the last guy who asked me that.
Sunspear Crusader: I don't think I can go another day on this hardtack...
At Lord Faren's camp
Lord Faren: Remember your shifts! Be ready at all times!
Lord Faren: More supplies to divvy up!
Lord Faren: Recruits! A war is won on the swiftness and accuracy of its supply lines. We are the lifeblood of this insurrection!
Lord Faren: Go, go, go, go!
Lord Faren: Keep up the good work!


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes