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A note about spoilers: a brief summary aside, this article assumes a basic knowledge of the plot of The Icebrood Saga and the stories before it. Since the story of End of Dragons begins circa 1335 AE, and the personal story takes place in 1325 AE, it is likely that this article will contain personal story spoilers, as story threads that began in the personal story may be continued with the expansion.

End of Dragons is scheduled to be released on February 2022.


Main characters[edit]

Dragon's Watch[edit]

  • Gorrik — An asura who is particularly fascinated by insects. He and Taimi have become close friends while spending time together as researchers.
  • Marjory Delaqua — A determined necromancer with the heart of a detective and family roots in Cantha. Her relationship with Kasmeer Meade has been troubled lately.
  • Taimi — An asuran prodigy with an interest in Elder Dragon research. Despite her degenerative disease that prevents her from walking long distances, she intends to leave her mark on Tyria while providing the guild with valuable insights.


Joon overseeing Dragonjade research.

Empire of the Dragon[edit]

  • Joon — An ambitious visionary overseeing the latest breakthroughs in Dragonjade research. She wants Cantha to embrace a bright future.

Other characters[edit]