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How do you stop a rogue god? Balthazar, one of the Six Human Gods, has returned, but with no noble deeds in mind: he intends to slay the Elder Dragons to take their power for himself. Having been denied the magic of Jormag and Primordus, the God of War has led an army of fanatical followers to the Crystal Desert to hunt down the only viable target left: Kralkatorrik, the Elder Crystal Dragon. While humanity struggles with the sudden return of one of their patron gods, the Pact Commander goes after Balthazar to stop him before the god's ruthless crusade can upset the delicate balance of magic in Tyria and lead to the end of the world. So begins the story of Guild Wars 2's second expansion pack: Path of Fire!

A note about spoilers: a brief summary aside, this article assumes a basic knowledge of the plot of Living World Season 3 and the stories before it. Since the story of Path of Fire begins in 1330 AE, and the Personal story takes place in 1325 AE, it is likely that this article will contain spoilers as story threads that began in the previous storylines may be continued with the expansion.

Path of Fire was released on September 22nd, 2017.




Dragon's Watch[edit]

Lady Kasmeer Meade

Having regained her status as a noble, she acts as an envoy of Divinity's Reach. Her relationship with Marjory Delaqua has been troubled lately, and the treacherous actions of one of the Six whom she has worshipped have not made things any easier for her. She intends to find answers to Balthazar's rampage while coming to terms with her crisis of faith.

Rytlock Brimstone

Tribune of the Blood Legion, he continues to be reluctant to divulge information about what has been going on with him lately. He travels to the Crystal Desert to fight Balthazar while coming to terms with the fact that by doing so he will have to protect Kralkatorrik, the very Elder Dragon whose actions cost the lives of two of his friends and led to the disbanding of Destiny's Edge many years prior.


A prickly Secondborn sylvari who finally has a chance to enjoy his freedom after having served his sentence under Countess Anise. He finds himself drawn to the conflicts in the Crystal Desert and lends a hand to the Pact Commander once more.


An asuran progeny working with the commander. She aids the commander via signal spots throughout the desert.



One of the Six Human Gods, he has gone rogue and intends to grow in power to have his revenge on the ones who have dimmed his light no matter the cost to Tyria. He has set his eyes on the magic of the Elder Dragons, the closest and most viable target currently being Kralkatorrik. His forces consist of both his fanatical followers such as the Zaishen Order as well as the Forged, an army of constructed minions.

Herald of Balthazar

A high-ranking member of the Forged, she acts as one of Balthazar's generals in the Crystal Desert. She has set her sights on the Pact Commander, believing that a hero such as the Commander could aid Balthazar in hunting down the dragons either as a willing ally or an enslaved thrall.



The Elder Dragon with dominion over crystal. After slaying the benevolent dragon prophet Glint and the asuran genius Snaff in a battle against Destiny's Edge many years prior, he has marked many territories in the Crystal Desert as his own and grown an army of Branded minions to enact his will. Just before the events of Path of Fire, he has been empowered by the deaths of the Elder Dragons Zhaitan and Mordremoth and flown south to the Domain of Vabbi.

Awakened and the Mordant Crescent[edit]

Palawa Joko

A wily and powerful undead lich who has conquered Elona and rules over its forcibly united provinces as a tyrant following his release from imprisonment centuries prior. Master of the Awakened and the Mordant Crescent, he will stop at nothing to hunt down all remaining Sunspears who had once defied him so none can challenge him again.

Archon Iberu

A high ranking member of the Mordant Crescent, he works to maintain and extend Joko's influence throughout the region.



The second scion of Glint who has chosen the Pact Commander as her champion. She resides in the safety of Tarir, the Forgotten City under the care of the Exalted and is an integral part of a plan known as Glint's Legacy to ensure a brighter future for Tyria.

Chief Councilor Imann

Head of the council in the Free City of Amnoon, she tries to protect the interests of her people and keep the city safe from those who would wish it harm.


A well-known businessman and socialiate who runs the Grand Sahil Casino in Amnoon, he is rumored to have ties to the Hamaseen criminal organization.

Captain Ellen Kiel

A member of the Captain's Council in Lion's Arch, as Elonian refugees arrive at her city, Kiel lends her ship and Lionguard to aid the Pact Commander in the new conflict.


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