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Chief Councilor Imann

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It's been too long since this city...since these people have had anything to celebrate. Or heroes to embrace.

Chief Councilor Imann

Chief Councilor Imann is the head of Amnoon's City Council in the Free City of Amnoon. Trying to weigh the options presented to her, she has to make tough decisions to ensure Amnoon's survival in the conflicts that ravage the Crystal Desert.


Early years[edit]

A noble, Imann eventually became the Chief Councilor of the Free City of Amnoon. As head of the city council, she did her best to ensure Amnoon's future even if at times her attempted neutrality brought her into conflict with her fellow nobles who felt she was being too lenient towards commoners while forgetting her upbringing.[1] During this time Imann came into conflict with the ambitious businessman Zalambur who often criticized her and the council's decisions. She also met with emissaries of Palawa Joko who tried to persuade her to annex Amnoon into Joko's kingdom.

Path of Fire[edit]

In 1330 AE, the rogue god Balthazar's army of Forged invaded the desert and had an effect on trading with their blockades and raiding parties while also driving many inhabitants of the desert to flee to Tyria as refugees. At Imann's behest, Joko's government sent representatives of the Mordant Crescent led by Archon Iberu to Amnoon to offer military support against the Forged. During this time Imann met with delegates from Tyria: the Krytan ambassador Kasmeer Meade and the charr Rytlock Brimstone. She also witnessed the arrival of other outlanders from organizations like the Consortium, Durmand Priory and the Black Lion Trading Company to the city.

The Pact Commander eventually met with Imann and the rest of the council as well to learn more information with which to track down Balthazar and end his rampage. Imann had already heard much about the Commander's heroic deeds from the Tyrian delegates and decided to ask for the Commander's help in settling a sensitive political matter. Her fellow councilors were indecisive about whether to keep Amnoon independent or align with the Order of the Sunspears or Palawa Joko's kingdom for help. Each option had its pros and cons, and Imann wished to hear the opinion of an outsider who had earned a respectable reputation. After some deliberation, the Commander chose one of the three options which the Chief Councilor supported in turn.

While the Commander was away chasing after Balthazar, Imann faced the consequences of her and the Commander's choice and did her part to shape the future of Amnoon. Imann focused on helping the relief effort of displaced refugees instead of prioritizing on the needs of nobles whose houses had been buried by a recent sandstorm, which earned her the ire of some citizens in Amnoon while others were grateful for her aid or understanding of her priorities.[1]

After the Commander had defeated Balthazar in the Battle of Kodash Bazaar, Imann welcomed representatives from Kryta and Joko's kingdom to Amnoon for a victory celebration and met with the Commander's party. After introducing the Commander to Grand Vizier Utumishi, she was puzzled by the Grand Vizier's surprised reaction and hasty departure from the party. Choosing to set aside her troubling thoughts about the Grand Vizier's behavior and Joko's ambitions for Amnoon for the time being, Imann insisted on the Commander giving a speech to everyone present to lift their spirits after all the horrors they had endured.

The Chief Councilor reacted appropriately to the Commander's speech and promised to have a proper chat with the Commander later when time allowed. She also urged the Commander to enjoy the festivities in the meantime. However, the celebration came to a sudden halt when a Brandstorm conjured by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik hit Amnoon.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Although the initial Brandstorm was over quickly, another storm hit Amnoon soon after and brought with it a horde of Branded. Imann, Zalambur, and the Pact Commander's allies from Kryta evacuated a number of civilians via airship while the Commander, local defenders and the dragon Aurene fought off the invaders.[2]


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]


You grace our council chambers with your presence again.
Talk more option tango.png I regret the passing of Councilor Mayameen. (If Seized is completed)
She is missed. But that tragedy could have been a disaster. That it wasn't is all thanks to you and Aurene.
Talk more option tango.png Actually, I've come about Aurene. (If Good, Better, Nest is active; same as "I'm here to ask for your assistance with our dragon.")
Talk end option tango.png We were lucky.
Talk more option tango.png I'm here to ask for your assistance with our dragon. (If Good, Better, Nest is active, before completing Recover the sunken Consortium cargo polluting Amnoon's harbor.)
I'm glad Taimi wrote to us for help. Trouble is, the goods we ordered for Aurene are a bit tied up.
Talk more option tango.png Tied up?
Underwater, to be more accurate. The Consortium keeps losing shipments in our harbor. If you could help retrieve them…
Talk end option tango.png I can do that.
Talk more option tango.png What was I supposed to do again?
Recover the Consortium's goods from the harbor.
Talk end option tango.png Got it.
Talk more option tango.png I've recovered the shipment that the Consortium lost. (If Good, Better, Nest is active, after completing Recover the sunken Consortium cargo polluting Amnoon's harbor.)
Then several pillows of silk and the softest down are already en route to Sun's Refuge. When Aurene returns, she will lie in the lap of luxury.
Talk end option tango.png That will help. Thank you, Imann.
Talk end option tango.png I'm glad Amnoon is doing well.

Related achievements[edit]


  • Imann is voiced by Mara Junot.[3]
  • In initial story development Imann was intended to collaborate with Joko more closely before the pro-Joko views were given to Councilor Ayman in the final draft. Some shades of these early ideas are still present with ambient dialogue involving citizens complaining about Imann's decision-making in Amnoon.[4]


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