Bazaar Docks

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Bazaar Docks

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Bazaar Docks is an area that covers the entirety of Labyrinthine Cliffs. It features the Bazaar of the Four Winds, a market built into the cliffside and plays host to traders of exotic goods and materials.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Bazaar Docks Waypoint —
Waypoint (map icon).png Sky Docks Waypoint —
Points of interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Bazaar of the Four Winds
Activity (map icon).png Aspect Arena
Activity (map icon).png Sanctum Sprint
Adventure (map icon).png Labyrinthine Cliffs Crystal Collection
Adventure (map icon).png Labyrinthine Cliffs Griffon Expert
Adventure (map icon).png Labyrinthine Cliffs Griffon Master
Adventure (map icon).png Time Trial: Flying Dolyak
Adventure (map icon).png Time Trial: Labyrinthine Skiffs
Adventure (map icon).png Time Trial: Skimmer Slalom


For previous NPCs, see Bazaar Docks/historical.


On the ship
Bank (map icon).png Banker
Trading Post (map icon).png Black Lion Trader
Transport Facilitator (map icon).png Lionguard (Transport)
On the docks in front of the ship
Festival Vendor (map icon).png Festival Rewards Vendor (Festival Rewards) (Festival Tokens)
Vendor Star (map icon).png Festival Rewards Vendor (Weekly) (Festival Tokens)
Guild Trader (map icon).png Drooburt's Ghost (Favors)
Raptor (map icon).png Mount Trainer
Guild Trader (map icon).png Trader (Crafting materials)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Zalman
Festival Vendor (map icon).png Zephyrite Weapon Enchanter
Festival Vendor (map icon).png Sparking Stone
South of the docks
Skimmer (map icon).png Mount Trainer
Adventure (map icon).png Time Trial (Time Trial: Skimmer Slalom)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Tournament Organizer Yu
Southeast of the docks
Adventure (map icon).png Time Trial (Skiff adventure[verification requested])
Transport Facilitator (map icon).png Raia Keelbreak [Skiff Rental]
To the west, along the shore
Zeghai of the Lost.png Treasure Hunt Reward Vendor (Bundles of Loot)
To the east, following the path upwards
Hot Air Balloon.png Lionguard Aircrew (Festival Travel)
Adventure (map icon).png Lumen (Labyrinthine Cliffs Crystal Collection)
Springer (map icon).png Mount Trainer
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Blacksmith
Armorsmith (map icon).png Kimmi
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Ulster
Merchant (vendor icon).png Andile
Merchant (vendor icon).png Lonan
Merchant (vendor icon).png Penna
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Stranger
Around the bazaar
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Trader (karma merchant)
Near the Sky Docks Waypoint
Jackal (map icon).png Mount Trainer
Griffon (map icon).png Tasa
Activity (map icon).png Zephyrite (Aspect Arena)
Activity (map icon).png Zephyrite (Sanctum Sprint)




Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

For previous dialogue, see Bazaar Docks/dialogue.

At the Sky Docks
Captain Ellen Kiel: Welcome, everyone, to the Festival of the Four Winds! The Labyrinthine Cliffs are yours to explore.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Take a look at the local crafts. A portion of all proceeds goes to Zephyrite resettlement efforts.
Captain Ellen Kiel: In our time of great need, the Zephyrites came together and helped us rebuild Lion's Arch.
Captain Ellen Kiel: They showed us that in the midst of great strife, there can be even greater unity.
Captain Ellen Kiel: That despite seemingly unending conflict, our alliance—our friendship—remains unbroken.
Captain Ellen Kiel: It is in this spirit that I, on behalf of the Captain's Council, commence this Festival of the Four Winds!
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Enjoy yourselves. Look around, have some fun, buy something!
Captain Evon Gnashblade: See? I told you I'd come through. The Black Lion Trading Company never disappoints.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I'm impressed, Evon. You pulled the supplies together faster than I expected.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Why, if I didn't know better, I'd say it's almost as if you knew we were planning the festival before we announced it.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: That's just charr intuition, Kiel. You work in this business long enough, you learn to anticipate everyone's needs.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I was worried you wouldn't come, Evon. But I'm glad you did.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Who, me? I never pass up a chance to be admired.
Captain Ellen Kiel: And I get that, is what I'm saying.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Thanks?
Captain Ellen Kiel: I hate getting dressed up. These things shouldn't be so formal.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: You set the dress code, Kiel. You did this to yourself.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I dunno, it's a big festival. Lots of people. Gotta make the right impression.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: So you're just gonna stand here and—
Captain Ellen Kiel: Complain about it? Yeah, pretty much.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Have you tried the dolyak race? Looks like a lot of fun.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Oh, no—I don't mess with those kinds of illusions. No point to it.
Captain Ellen Kiel: What're you talking about?
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Only makes sense to transform into something better. And in case you didn't notice, you're looking at perfection.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Right. You know what? I think you're scared.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: What?
Captain Ellen Kiel: I think you're scared the illusion will be permanent and that you'll have to run the Black Lion as a cute little dolyak.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: That's not an acceptable scenario, Kiel! Don't even joke about that!
Captain Evon Gnashblade: How long do we stand here? I feel like we've been standing here forever.
Captain Ellen Kiel: You were just saying how you love being admired.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: I wasn't JUST saying that. Time has passed. I've got a job, y'know.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Right now this IS your job. So smile and wave, Evon. Smile and wave.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Turnout's been pretty good. Nice that we were able to bring this back again. Y'know, after that whole Dry Top thing.
Captain Ellen Kiel: It's been a long road for everyone, but yeah. It's not just the council who wants this—it's the Zephyrites too.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Well, if there's a demand, the Black Lion's always ready to supply.
Captain Ellen Kiel: The new trade agreement's up for renegotiation. The council thinks we can go from twelve to eight percent.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: I think you're getting robbed either way. I'd go for six, but remove the cap for the volume they can tarrif.
Captain Ellen Kiel: That's...actually a good idea.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Yeah, well, I have those every once a while. Try not to act so surprised.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: You know, I'm still mad about the Lionguard conscription. We lost a lot of good money in those early days.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Well, forgive me for doing everything in my power to save Lion's Arch. And you.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Me? C'mon.
Captain Ellen Kiel: After your stunt with the evacuation teleporters? The council wanted to break up the Black Lion.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: What? Wait, break up? I never...never knew that.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: So, let me get this straight: you made the Black Lion official Lionguard quartermasters to keep us in business?
Captain Ellen Kiel: Yes.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: I don't get it, Kiel. What do you gain by keeping us around?
Captain Ellen Kiel: I didn't see it as gaining anything. The economy's fragile, Evon. Averting loss is victory enough for the council.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Right...Of course.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Don't take this as an indication that I'm grateful for what you did or anything...
Captain Ellen Kiel: Oh no, of course not.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: But going out of your way to keep the Black Lion in business? How's that smart?
Captain Ellen Kiel: When you're doing well, Lion's Arch is doing well. That's the only thing that matters to me and the council.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Hrm. Guess that makes sense.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: and Zalambur, huh?
Captain Ellen Kiel: How do you know about that?
Captain Evon Gnashblade: I know everything.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Uh-huh.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: This relationship—it's not, you know, going to affect our business arrangement?
Captain Ellen Kiel: Don't worry about your trade agreements. They'll be fine.
Captain Ellen Kiel: It's getting late. I should be getting back to Lion's Arch soon.
Captain Evon Gnashblade: I can hold down the fort. These Zephyrites have everything running pretty smoothly anyway.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Thank you, everyone. As I look over this plaza, I'm reminded of how far we've come.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Together, we triumphed over the dark days that sought to bring us low, emerging more powerful and more united than ever.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I must get back to my duties in Lion's Arch, but rest assured this festival will return next year, and the next.
Captain Ellen Kiel: It will be our reminder of past victories, and a promise of those to come. Thank you again, and see you next year!
Captain Evon Gnashblade: Captain Kiel's returned to Lion's Arch, but the festivities continue! Go on, celebrate!
Zephyrite (1): As a child, I remember hearing stories of the ground. I didn't set foot on it until Dry Top.
Zephyrite (2): Not the best introduction.
Zephyrite (1): No, certainly not. But we adapated. We changed.
Zephyrite (2): It is how the Aspects test us. They do not change, but we are forced to, so that we may continue to live by them.
Citizen: I imagine, given your knowledge of wind, solar and lightning Aspects, you have created some amazing technology.
Zephyrite: I'm not sure what you mean...
Citizen: Well, all three of your Aspects contain incredible power. If you could harness that power...
Zephyrite: We do not seek to contain the magic, merely to understand it. Control is an illusion. Nobody can control such power.
Citizen: I've prototyped a tremendous device—you'll love it. You capture lightning in a capsule filled with conductive fluid—
Zephyrite: Capture?
Citizen: Yes, it's quite simple. You merely connect this to a lightning rod and harness the electricity into—
Zephyrite: Harness? My dear creature, you cannot harness, capture, contain, imprison, or otherwise confine the Aspects.
Zephyrite: You walk a very fine line. I would not share these projects of yours with the rest of my order.
Citizen: Hmph! Scientific progress cannot be contained either, I assure you!
Zephyrite: I can't help but notice you're missing your little lightning experiment.
Citizen: There was an...unforeseeable accident.
Zephyrite: Imagine my surprise.
Citizen: I followed safety protocols to the letter! There was no warning at all.
Zephyrite: Except mine. Perhaps, in the future, you should better heed the power of the Aspects.
Zephyrite (1): Our trade agreement with Lion's Arch is up for re-negotiation.
Zephyrite (2): RE-negotiation? But we spent so much time negotiating it in the first place.
Zephyrite (1): Aspects bless, sister.
Zephyrite (2): Aspects bless. Have you had time to meet any visitors?
Zephyrite (1): Not yet. I've been summoning the courage to do so.
Zephyrite (2): Oh, are you nervous? I assure you, these visitors are quite kind.
Zephyrite (1): No, it's not...It's just, after Dry Top, I...have trouble with the ground.
Zephyrite (2): Ah, well, that's understandable. Take as much time as you like. I'm here if you need me.
Zephyrite (1): Word of the Scion is spreading quickly. Too quickly.
Zephyrite (2): You sound concerned. Is something the matter?
Zephyrite (1): I worry the people of the world may fear her. We know she is worthy of love and loyalty, but the average Tyrian...
Zephyrite (2): The Scion is fulfilling her destiny, and the world will come to trust her as we do.
Zephyrite (1): It's hard to believe everything that's happened, and yet the sun remains as it ever was.
Zephyrite (2): That is the nature of our Aspects. No matter what happens down here, all remains as it should be up there.
Zephyrite (1): It's comforting, to be sure.
Zephyrite (1): Do you think we will ever soar as high as before? Feel the sun rays as we once did?
Zephyrite (2): I have little doubt.
Festivalgoer: How do you even take care of a dragon egg? Is it like a...big chicken egg? Or...
Zephyrite: It was in no way similar.
Festivalgoer: Nobody had to sit on it?
Zephyrite: Sit? On the egg of the scion? The one who would save this world from the Elder Dragons? Our best hope for salvation?
Festivalgoer: So...that's a no?
Zephyrite: That's a no.
Zephyrite (1): Did you see how quickly they pulled this together?
Zephyrite (2): Well, it's not the first festival they've put on. I'm sure they have plenty of experts to consult in the matter.
Zephyrite (1): Festival experts? Is that really a job somebody has? Amazing.
Zephyrite (1): Well, I've decided. I want to pursue this...this festival expert thing. It sounds like fun and I think I'd be really good at it!
Zephyrite (2): I've no doubt my child. But you know there is more to the job than deciding you wanna race here or merchant there?
Zephyrite (1): What do you mean?
Zephyrite (2): There's a budget you're given. Time and a schedule. Logistics and compromise.
Zephyrite (1): That doesn't sound fun. Sounds like work.
Zephyrite (2): It is always work to make something fun. But if you wish to learn more, we can speak with the organizers.
Trader: Roasted meats! Cheese! Ale!
Trader: Pet products!
Trader: Take home a souvenir toothpick!
Aboard the Phoenix Dawn
Zephyrite: Hey, are you a charr?
Soldier: Yeah.
Zephyrite: Really? I heard charr were big and scary.
Soldier: What? I AM big and scary! I'm terrifying!
Zephyrite: No you're not! You're pretty!
Soldier: NO! Why would you— I am NOT pretty! I am scary and mean! Remember that. Spread that around. Tell your friends!
Soldier: You again? I thought I told you I was scary and mean.
Zephyrite: You did!
Soldier: And that you should tell your friends how scary and mean I was so you'd all leave me alone.
Zephyrite: Actually, I told them I thought you looked pretty.
Soldier: NO! That is the exact OPPOSITE of what you needed to tell them!
Soldier: You know what we're going to do? We're going to do a little image repair.
Zephyrite: Image repair, got it!
Soldier: You need to make it absolutely clear to all your friends that I am actually big and scary.
Zephyrite: But you're not!
Soldier: This is becoming abundantly clear to me. But you're going to do it anyway, because–
Zephyrite: Because sometimes we have to lie to ourselves! Got it!
At lower Bazaar Docks
Citizen: How long have you known about the trained skimmers in Elona?
Zephyrite: Oh, years.
Citizen: Yet you never thought to bring any here with you?
Zephyrite: Of course not. Why buy a skimmer when you can sail over the seas in a Zephyrite airship?
Olmakhan Visitor (1): I don't even know where to begin. There's just so much...
Olmakhan Visitor (1): I can't help but feel out of place.
Olmakhan Visitor (2): I think it's wonderful. Rox was right about this place. There's so much to see and do, and everyone looks so different.
Olmakhan Visitor (1): Hm. I guess you're right. If everyone else looks different, we don't stand out quite so much.
Olmakhan Visitor (2): Exactly. And according to Rox, that's the point of the festival. While we may look different, we are all quite similar.
Olmakhan Visitor (1): One of the vendors was selling meat on a stick. I watched a human boy eat one bite, then throw the rest away.
Olmakhan Visitor (2): To whom? His friends? His pet?
Olmakhan Visitor (1): To the ground! Just...tossed it aside!
Olmakhan Visitor (2): Hmph! Wasting nature's gift. At least we teach our cubs better.
Olmakhan Visitor (1): Did Rox explain anything about the nature of "haggling"?
Olmakhan Visitor (2): She mentioned it. Seemed like a lot of work. I just told them what I thought it was worth and they didn't argue.
Olmakhan Visitor (1): Right. It's possible, sister, that the merchant thought you were threatening them.
Olmakhan Visitor (2): Threatening? How? I was smiling the whole time.
Olmakhan Visitor (1): Baring your teeth.
Olmakhan Visitor (2): Ah, yes. I see now. Should I go and apologize, or...?
Olmakhan Visitor (1): Let's just enjoy the rest of the festival before we return to the village.
Olmakhan Visitor (1): These Zephyrites have a curious greeting: "Aspects Bless".
Olmakhan Visitor (2): They worship the elements. Lightning, wind, and the sun. Those are their "Aspects".
Olmakhan Visitor (1): Lightning, wind, and the sun? So...nature?
Olmakhan Visitor (2): Specific elements of nature, but not all nature.
Olmakhan Visitor (1): And we see these Aspects as pieces of a greater whole. It's so interesting to see how these other cultures work!
Soldier: You've traveled the world—are there any other creatures you've seen that we could train as mounts?
Zephyrite: As mounts? I truly have no idea.
Soldier: C'mon, think about anything you've seen that's large, can hold its own in a fight, maybe runs on all fours...
Soldier: I—Wait. Actually, never mind. Forget I said anything.
Zephyrite: I'm not supposed to talk to you.
Citizen: Oh? And why is that?
Zephyrite: Mother says the sylvari were the ones who destroyed our sanctum and fought for the Elder Dragon...
Citizen: We did not participate by choice. The call was too strong for many.
Zephyrite: Mother says we control our own destinies. She doesn't trust sylvari anymore.
Citizen: Then it must be our destiny to regain that trust. We owe your people that much.
Drooburt's Ghost: A fish for a dead quaggan?
Drooburt's Ghost: ooooOOOooooOOOooohhhhh!
Drooburt's Ghost: Please do not spare vines for quaggan's ghost.
Trader: Need a little spice in your life?
Trader: Samples available for a small fee.
Trader: Cinnamon, cardamom, and curry!
Trader: Just look and you'll be hooked.
Trader: Finest craftsmanship here.
Trader: Barley flour. Lowest prices ever.
Trader: Stitches so small, you can barely see them.
Trader: Fresh from Gendarran Fields!
Trader: Elonian healing herbs. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Trader: No greater value anywhere.
Trader: One hundred percent aboveboard!
Trader: Fresh baked!
Trader: Will trade! Will barter!
Trader: Twenty blacksmiths over twenty months hammered these blades.
Trader: Cheap! On sale!
Blacksmith: Specialty components, now available.
Blacksmith: Take a look!
Blacksmith: Fast shoe repair!
At lower Bazaar Docks, behind the rocks
Suspicious Stranger (1): All right, you ready? The crowd's only going to get bigger from here on out.
Suspicious Stranger (2): I'm...Of course I'm ready. Why wouldn't I be ready? This is my plan. We're here because I planned this.
Suspicious Stranger (1): Just checking. I'm nervous. This is the first one of these big festivals I've worked.
Suspicious Stranger (2): Don't worry about it, you've got this. We've practiced this a thousand times.
Suspicious Stranger (2): Nothing. Rotten luck. How about you?
Suspicious Stranger (1): Take a look.
Suspicious Stranger (2): Whoa, what? Now I know why all those coin purses were empty. You got to 'em before I did!
Suspicious Stranger (1): Did I do something wrong?
Suspicious Stranger (2): No, not at all! Dinner is on you, though.
Suspicious Stranger (2): I think we might need to leave a little early.
Suspicious Stranger (1): Sorry.
Suspicious Stranger (2): No! Don't be sorry. You're just doing too well. And when you do too well, people start paying attention.
Suspicious Stranger (1): And attention is bad.
Suspicious Stranger (2): Right. On the bright side, we're going to be set for a very long time—assuming we can find a fence for all this.
In the caves at central Bazaar Docks
Local: Hey, how come you never told us about the ridable raptors in Elona?
Zephyrite: We thought you already knew. I mean, it's no secret they're quite popular down there.
Local: You also conveniently forgot to tell us about skimmers, springers, and jackals.
Zephyrite: It's less that we forgot to tell you and more that we assumed you'd already been told.
Local: Those would've all been very useful in Maguuma.
Zephyrite: I know! So brave!
Festivalgoer (1): Have you found any of those sky crystals yet?
Festivalgoer (2): I've seen a few here and there. But I haven't tried grabbing them.
Festivalgoer (1): You should! Getting to them is half the fun.
Central Bazaar Docks
Trader: Hot cross buns! Straight from the oven.
Festivalgoer: Okay, so...I've been thinking.
Zephyrite: Yes?
Festivalgoer: You're a merchant, I'm an expert in rare artifacts...why don't we negotiate a trade?
Zephyrite: Fine. In exchange for the thing you want, I want the exact amount of money needed to buy the thing you want.
Festivalgoer: Well, I don't have that.
Zephyrite: Good negotiating. Trade rejected.
Festivalgoer: You know what? I'll buy it.
Zephyrite: Very good. That'll be—
Festivalgoer: Mm, I'm not sold on the price, actually.
Zephyrite: Well, you don't have to be. But if you want it, that's what you'll have to pay.
Festivalgoer: What? Don't be ridiculous!
Zephyrite: I don't haggle. It's priced what it's worth. Take it or leave it.
Zephyrite: Are you any closer to making a purchase?
Festivalgoer: I'm thinking. Musing. Evaluating the options.
Zephyrite: Let me know if you have any questions.
Festivalgoer: All right. I believe I've come to a decision.
Zephyrite: Yes?
Festivalgoer: I'd like to buy...... This one.
Zephyrite: That one?
Festivalgoer: Yes.
Zephyrite: The one that says "Not for sale"?
Festivalgoer: I thought that was just a clever bit of reverse psychology.
Zephyrite: No, it's just the normal psychology.
Stranger: Powdered beet root and other hard-to-find ingredients!
Stranger: Low, low prices!
Stranger: Bangles for your sweetheart!
Stranger: Don't miss the best deal on the block!
Near the Labyrinthine Cliffs Crystal Collection adventure
Lumen: Want to test your mount-handlind skills by gathering up some sky crystals?
Festivalgoer: So what did happen after Dry Top? I'd heard about the Zephyr Sanctum...We were worried that was it for you.
Zephyrite: It was a long and difficult journey, to be sure. For a time, rebuilding from such a blow seemed beyond us.
Zephyrite: But between the kindness of travelers in Maguuma and the donations from all over Tyria, we began to pick up the pieces.
Zephyrite (1): Why are we allowing strangers to train in our disciplines?
Zephyrite (2): Why wouldn't we? You hoard knowledge, you risk the loss of it altogether.
Zephyrite (1): Yes, but are you not concerned with the potential for misuse?
Zephyrite (2): All knowledge can be misused. But a lack of knowledge can be just as dangerous, if not more so:
Zephyrite (2): It is our responsibilty to fill this void.
Zephyrite (1): I was astonished they wanted to hold the celebration, to be honest.
Zephyrite (2): Why? Things may seem grim, but there are many victories worth appreciating.
Zephyrite (2): The scion has helped this world more times than we can count, and in but a few short years.
Zephyrite (1): Very true. When I had heard she helped bring down that rabid god, I'll admit I felt something. Pride, perhaps.
Zephyrite (1): The Master of Peace would have been pleased with this turnout. He always did love bringing people together.
Zephyrite (2): Do you think there will ever be another?
Zephyrite (1): Master? No. I think the time for such a role has passed.
Zephyrite (1): The scion flies free. Our work is done.
Zephyrite (1): We must remain faithful to ourselves, to the Aspects, and to the scion.


Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Boreal Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Coastal Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Desert Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Freshwater Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Lake Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Offshore Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Rare Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png River Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Saltwater Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Shore Fish
Fish resource (map icon).png Volcanic Fish
Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Quartz Crystal Formation


The ambient dialogue for the Trader who is a charr cub appears on the screen, but there is no spoken dialogue with it unlike the rest of the Traders.
  • Historically, the area had two points of interest, however subsequent to Festival of the Four Winds 2014 the Plaza of Peace was removed following the destruction of the Zephyr Sanctum within Dry Top.
    • The Point of Interest, Bazaar of the Four Winds does not appear on the world map, but still gets a notification when discovered.
    • As of 2018, the waypoints function more like shrines than other waypoints, they cannot be linked to from the world map, have no cost to use, and have smaller text and icon than normal waypoints.
      • These special waypoints overlap the real waypoints on the map, and the real waypoints are hidden from the map after the player discovers them. Players can also use the special waypoint to teleport to the undiscovered waypoint.


  • A tour boat with chairs sails around the islands in the southern part of the map. It stops at a small dock on the beach resort island in the south for a time before beginning the tour again.
  • Tourists sunbathe and musicians chat under the shade during the day on the beach resort island. When night falls, however, the tourists get up and start dancing while the musicians play the same tune heard in the Grand Sahil Casino in the Free City of Amnoon.
  • A giant and his giant devourer pet can be found near a pumpkin patch in the eastern cove. Every now and then the giant plants pumpkins which his pet eats shortly after, which leads to both of them threatening one another.
  • If you watch Ellen Kiel give her final speech then head back for Lion's Arch, she does not return for the account that viewed it.

Dead Quaggan Exploration Puzzle[edit]

  • There is a hidden exploration puzzle.[1] In one of the sunken ships, a body of a dead quaggan can be found, as well as a glowing lantern. Touching the lantern grants the Light Aura.png Faint Radiance, lasting 30 seconds effect, allowing you to light another nearby lantern. Swimming a bit away from the lantern then back to touch the newly lit lantern again will grant you the effect, now lasting only 18 seconds, allowing you to light another one. There are about 20 lanterns needed to be lit, creating a path. At the end of the path while still maintaining the effect, a quaggan ghost is encountered, saying "Thank yoooOOouuu." There is no achievement nor reward associated with it.
  • There are multiple lantern paths; each lantern on the map does not have to be lit, you only need to have the effect when you reach the quaggan home.