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In order to reinforce their minions, the Elder Dragons created champions - sometimes referred to as lieutenants - to act as their right hands in their armies. Dragon champions are of themselves extremely powerful, but they also tap into the inexhaustible power of their lords. An Elder Dragon may have multiple champions at any given time.[1] The difference between a champion and other minions of a dragon is that champions are imbued with much greater amount of the Elder Dragons' will, possessing an intellect of their own, to realize the will of the dragons and act according to them.[2] Champions are also capable of spreading corruption much faster than lesser minions or even swarms of minions.

The more powerful champions also seem to play a role in the awakening of the dragons, Primordus' awakening having been heralded by the Great Destroyer and delayed by fifty years upon that champion's defeat. In this context, these champions are known as heralds. Some comments by the developers have suggested that the dragons use their champions to gather some sort of magical energy for their awakening by assimilating more beings into the dragon armies.[3]

Occasionally, dragon champions are not referred to as individuals but rather a rank in the Dragons' forces. For example, the Claw of Jormag is not a single individual but a rank of champion whose objective is to harry kodan refugees coming from the north.

List of confirmed dragon champions[edit]

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.

Jormag (Icebrood)[edit]

Kralkatorrik (Branded)[edit]

Mordremoth (Mordrem)[edit]

Primordus (Destroyer)[edit]

The Great Destroyer.

Zhaitan (Risen)[edit]

Tequatl the Sunless.



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