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Sun's Refuge

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Sun's Refuge

Sun's Refuge map.jpg
Map of Sun's Refuge

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This place has a new purpose. Feels like it needs a new name. I hereby declare thee...Sun's Refuge!

Koss Dejarin in Legacy

Sun's Refuge is an instance accessible to players in Living World Season 4, episode 4: A Star to Guide Us.[1] Though well-hidden and largely forgotten by humans, this ancient cavern has nonetheless seen several uses throughout its existence: as a shrine to the goddess Melandru, as a cistern for the Elon's floodwaters, and 250 years ago, as a sanctuary for the Order of the Sunspears during their campaign to prevent Nightfall. Now, history repeats itself as the Sunspears once again make their home here. The instance changes based on the player's progress and actions in the Living World, and functions as a content hub.[2] After completing Legacy, the third part of A Star to Guide Us during Living World Season 4, access to Sun's Refuge is unlocked for all characters on that account.

Getting there[edit]

  • From Waypoint (map icon).png Venta Pass Waypoint, head south and go through the portal.
  • From Waypoint (map icon).png Soul's Vendetta Waypoint, head northwest and go through the portal.
  • Enter the portal in the west side of Central Brand Scar.
  • Using Spearmarshal's Plea.
  • Using Sun's Refuge Portal Scroll.



  • Cat
  • Naru (after talking to Oshu about bringing his pet)
  • Blish (before completion of Storm Tracking)


Merchant (vendor icon).png Villager
Music vendor.png PJKT D33-J4Y (after completion of Storm Tracking)


Ambient creatures


After finding each as a part of Exhibit Aye collection
After finding each as a part of Readathon collection, behind Laila
After completing Good, Better, Nest, progressively
After completing Storm Tracking
After purchasing Pact Excavation Contract
  • Empty Rune Slot (becomes "Activated Rune" after rune is added; resets to "Empty Rune Slot" the day after all five have been activated)
  • Plaque (only accessible while all five Rune Slots are activated)
  • Splendid Chest (only accessible while all five Rune Slots are activated)

Ambient dialogue[edit]

In the northern entrance
(Before a Mysterious Chest appears)
Sunspear (1): What was that noise? Overhead, just now?
Sunspear (2): Oh, probably just another dragon.
In the west section
(After recruiting Sonu)
Sonu: The upside to being mortal again—there's a limit to how much I have to remember. Like names. And birthdays.
Sonu: Odd how many memories live in objects. How many friends I can remember now. Like Yoru. And whatshername.
Sonu: Is this feeling—am I feeling nostalgia? How strange. And disturbing.
Sonu: These notes I kept...huh. Good thing I wrote this all down. Wow, I really hated that guy. What did he do again?
(After completion of the event Stop "Joko" from recruiting the Awakened!)
Ambassador Sianna: It's no palace, but it'll do.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Not enough bones for a proper palace, anyway.
Ambassador Sianna: Could use yours if you're volunteering. Start a little pile, like Joko's—right here.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Hmph. Over my un-Awakened body.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: About earlier... It would be a grave tragedy if you, ah, misunderstood me.
Ambassador Sianna: Oh, I understood you clear enough.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Our late, murderous master reincarnating right in front of us...of course I had to demonstrate fealty.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: That was the only reasonable course of action. Surely you must see that.
Ambassador Sianna: It's true. I certainly won't forget what I saw.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Tell me, how are your Awakened enjoying their freedom?
Ambassador Sianna: They're not my Awakened. They're not anyone's Awakened. And they're doing fine.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Then why do you look so drained?
Ambassador Sianna: Actually—not that you would understand—it has been a challenge. For them and me.
Ambassador Sianna: It's one thing to live under constant orders, fearing punishment. A different thing entirely,[sic] to live in freedom.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: I may understand more than you think. Have patience. Change requires time. Be gentle with yourself.
Former Grand Vizier Utumishi: Because no one else will be. Least of all me. If you fail, the free Awakened will turn to my leadership.
Ambassador Sianna: Of course.
(Before completing the achievement The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy)
Sunspear (1): That master armorer kitted out the whole Mordant Crescent. Think we could get her to work for us?
Sunspear (2): If she ever stops crying.
Sunspear (1): An Awakened...crying? Do they still have tear ducts?
(After completing the achievement The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy)
Sunspear (1): Look at her work! I've only heard of some of those techniques in stories.
Sunspear (2): Makes you see Awakened differently, doesn't it? They've got decades, even centuries of skill.
Sunspear (1): Yeah. Dibs on her next helmet.
Sunspear (2): Hey!
In the southwest section
Sunspear Medic (1): Hold still—this'll sting.
Injured Sunspear (1): Ow! What did you put in that, hydra venom?
Sunspear Medic (1): Come on, be the brave warrior I know you can be.
Injured Sunspear (1): Ow ow ow!
Sunspear Medic (1): Shhh... Just six more stitches.
Sunspear Medic (2): This looks bad.
Injured Sunspear (2): (grunt) You should see the other guy.
Sunspear Medic (2): I did. Came in clamped to your arm. Sand eel elvers are vicious.
Sunspear Cadet (1): I wish we had, you know, an expert here... Someone who could keep us on our toes.
Sunspear Cadet (2): I know what you mean. I don't know how to get better!
Sunspear (1): Think the Shatterer ate our caravans?
Sunspear (2): Hope not. I'm starving. Hey, didn't you see a giant rabbit stabled somewhere?
Sunspear (1): Pretty sure it belonged to someone.
Sunspear (2): In tough times, we all have to sacrifice.
(After completion of Storm Tracking)
Sunspear Cadet (1): I can do this... We can do this!
Sunspear Cadet (2): Think that priestess would be willing to train us?
Sunspear Cadet (1): Why don't you go ahead and ask?
Sunspear Cadet (2): Uh... after you.
(After completion of Poster Child)
Eshal: Hey! Pick up the pace! Swing harder! Fight better! You call that a stab?
Sunspear Cadet (1): I never... I never asked for this...
Sunspear Cadet (2): This is horrible...
Eshal: You there! Less chatter, more focus! How you gonna take down a dragon when your form's this bad?
(After completion of Hunt the Hunter for the day)
Sunspear (1): Ahh, good to see the caravans coming in again.
Sunspear (2): Yeah, but phew, I forgot how they smell!
Sunspear (1): Better a bad smell and a full belly, than perfume on an empty stomach. That's what my gran says.
Sunspear (2): Does she really?
Sunspear (1): No.
(After completion of From the Ashes)
Zafirah: Why do I sense Balthazar's presence here? I don't understand.
Zafirah: Guard that sword with your life.
Zafirah: Strange times make for strange alliances. I miss working with my brothers and sisters.
Zafirah: This is not where I expected to be.
Zafirah: Balthazar, if any part of you remains, speak to me. I am faithful; I am listening...
Zafirah: Unless you're here to tell me we're leaving to fight Kralkatorrik, I'm not interested.
Zafirah: Please leave. I want to be alone.
Zafirah: I'm sure you have something better to do.
In the southeast section
(After completing Defeat the Branded djinn Vemyen)
Ziya the Radiant: I still wonder how you got out of that bottle.
Braham Eirsson: Heard you djinn have a way of surviving the Brand.
Ziya the Radiant: Some of us do. Sometimes.
Braham Eirsson: How? Know some folks who'd be interested.
Braham Eirsson: Like me. I'm very interested.
Ziya the Radiant: My research into the arcane realms of djinn magic and its applications is ongoing. I will apprise you of any progress.
Braham Eirsson: So, should I just...wait here?
Ziya the Radiant: Well of course jackals would be perfect, they're made of the stuff...
Ziya the Radiant: Going off and dying and leaving me like that. It'll be ages before I find another suitable nemesis.
Ziya the Radiant: What makes our magic impervious to the Brand? Why did Vemyen's magic fail? I must find the answer.
Ziya the Radiant: Vemyen, Vemyen. To think our rivalry would end that way.
Ziya the Radiant: You had a soft spot for the weak. Well, I'll be softer.
Ziya the Radiant: I'll protect everyone you couldn't. Eat that, you old fireball.
(After completing the achievement In a Grain of Sand)
Ziya the Radiant: If I conjured a null reactor here...and seeded the locus into a physical object, like a shield...
Ziya the Radiant: No no no, Brand magic would go through this like a needle.
Ziya the Radiant: Ooh, no, the wielder would collapse along four dimensions into a point. A safe, Brand-shielded point, but still.
Ziya the Radiant: In some ways this spell would be a memorial. For a pain-in-the-wisp djinn who loved humans. For Vemyen.
Braham Eirsson: (various impatient noises)
Braham Eirsson: Any day now, djinn.
(After purchasing Pact Excavation Contract, before all Empty Rune Slots have been activated)
Priory Historian: We have documentation on the rest of Sun's Refuge. But this bit...
Priory Researcher: It's a mystery, isn't it?
Priory Historian: Something about Melandru...lights...prayers...I'm stumped.
Priory Researcher: Maybe it's a burial place? Or a storeroom. Or a kitchen. Yes, a kitchen.
Priory Historian: Hungry, are you?
Priory Researcher: Have you considered asking a Mordant Crescent? Some of them were Sunspears, after all.
Priory Historian: I did. They say this place was here before the Sunspears ever found it.
Priory Researcher: It predates the Sunspears?
Priory Historian: Incontrovertibly.
Priory Researcher: I wonder who built it...and why.
(After activating all five Empty Rune Slots)
Priory Researcher: The door's open! And I see something!
Priory Historian: Hurry and go get it!
Priory Researcher: You first.
Priory Historian: Right. We should let any gases dissipate.
(After the Commander walks in)
Priory Researcher: Wait, did the commander...?
Priory Historian: Please don't suffocate!
In the east section
Refugee (1): My grandmother's sick. We brought her with us to get away from the Brand, but how long will she last here?
Refugee (2): I'm worried about how long any of us will last. Young, old, healthy, infirm...
Refugee (1): She's the matriarch in our family. I don't know what we'd do without her.
Refugee (2): Life goes on, you know. We find our own ways.
Refugee (1): Ugh. She's not dead yet!
Pact Crusader Neil: On the bright side—
Pact Tactician Lana: There's a bright side?
Pact Crusader Neil: With the Branded, the Shatterer, the Brandstorms... bandit activity must be low.
Pact Tactician Lana: Probably tucked in at home with their families. Lucky sons of dolyaks.
Refugee (3): I'm going to miss my garden most of all. Is that odd?
Refugee (4): There was a beautiful apple tree by my house. All gone now. Branded. Hurts worse than the house.
Refugee (3): It's funny what the heart holds on to.
Naja: Such beautiful sounds, made by such terrible things...
Naja: This sound... There's something intriguing about it. Musical. Lilting. Purposeful.
Naja: I wonder what this would sound like in the Mists. How much can ghosts hear, anyway?
Naja: Strange. A part of me rings like a bell when I hear the water running over these crystals.
Naja: Wonder if you could make musical instruments from Brand crystals. If the Brand scar could sing like a harp.
Naja: Hm. Wind would have to be right.
(Before completing Readathon)
Laila: These kids keep chasing choya, they'll get needles all over. Wish I had something to distract them with.
Laila: If only I could find a few good books for the children. Books with adventurers. Pictures. Pretty colors.
Laila: And why stop there? Why not find books for all the refugees?
Laila: So much is happening, all at once. How can I just ask someone to drop everything and look for books?
(After completing Readathon)
Laila: Come here to read a good story!
Laila: Hey, you there! Stop chasing that choya! Come read a good book!
Laila: If you don't know what to do, why not open a book? A story will transport you away from here.
In the central section
(When approaching Spearmarshal Zaeim for the first time)
Spearmarshal Zaeim: I'm glad you received my message. And grateful you chose to come.
Sunspear: When our spearmarshal calls, we answer.
Sunspear: Through your journey, Tahlkora was watching. She wanted you to know—you're worthy of the title of spearmarshal.
Koss Dejarin: Tahlkora...?
Sunspear: We owe so much to her. She gave us purpose when we had none.
Koss Dejarin: All this time, she was...
Koss Dejarin: I need to go, Zaeim. I have to find out what happened to her.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Go. We'll be fine here.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Must be tough, meeting legends in the flesh.
Kossan Dejarin: I'm still shocked. And then, right when I was beginning to know him—he left!
Spearmarshal Zaeim: He'll be back.
Kossan Dejarin: He'd better. The questions I have... I'm making a list.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: What are you planning to ask when Koss gets back?
Kossan Dejarin: Everything.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Well, that's vague.
Kossan Dejarin: Where he's been, what he's done, what Melonni was like, is it really true about the corsairs
Kossan Dejarin: What it was like fighting alongside the Hero of Nightfall, can he teach me to fight in the sunlight as well as the shadows—
Kossan Dejarin: Is he proud of me, am I brave enough, does he think I've honored the family name—
Spearmarshal Zaeim: I get the picture. You really ARE going to ask him everything.
Kossan Dejarin: What a feat. You led the Sunspears back to their ancestral home.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: More like ancestral hiding place. When times are hard, we go to ground.
(After completion of Full House)
Kossan Dejarin: Glad you're back.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: So you've...seen Tahlkora.
Koss Dejarin: I have. We spoke, but...indirectly.
Spearmarshal Zaeim: That can't have been easy for you.
Koss Dejarin: I don't want to talk about it.
Koss Dejarin: Before you ask, Kossan—yes, from everything I've seen, I'm proud of you and how you fought the Forged.
Kossan Dejarin: That's...that's... Thank you.
Koss Dejarin: That said, I have some notes. Your backswing, your footwork, and you've really gotta work on that battle cry.
Lord Faren: And as I held those explosives I thought to myself, "Faren...what would a HERO do?"
Lord Faren: Was it painful? Excruciatingly so. But I'd perform that noble act a thousand times if it meant keeping my friends safe.
Lord Faren: Besides, I got more than a few licks in myself. Those brutes will rue the day they crossed Faren: Master of Swords!
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Really? That's not what I heard.
Lord Faren: Why, what have you heard?
Spearmarshal Zaeim: Kossan here has all kinds of questions for you.
Koss Dejarin: Really? Let's hear them.
Kossan Dejarin: I, uh... I... Maybe another time.
Taimi: All those years of college-level synergistics, all those all-nighters, and for what?
Taimi: To become a dragon's interior designer.
Taimi: Hey, that actually doesn't sound half bad.
Taimi: That's right. Nice and comfy. A great place to take a dragon nap.
Taimi: Aurene can be SUCH a teenager. Teenagers like well-decorated bedrooms, don't they?
Taimi: Aurene will love this. It has all her favorite smells. At least I think they're her favorite smells.
Taimi: Who knew all that theoretical Dragon Lab research would end up in a practicum?
Taimi: I hope Aurene comes back soon.
(Before completing Storm Tracking)
Gorrik: It's a crime against Elonian biodiversity. I could have gotten a paper out of it.
Taimi: You know, maybe the broodmother left an egg sac somewhere. One that the commander didn't see.
Gorrik: Yes,'re right, that's quite possible. Blish! Can you go look for egg sacs for me?
Blish: Do I have to?
Gorrik: It's for science!
Blish: All right, I'll do it. But not for science.
Gorrik: What did he mean, "not for science"? Of course it's for science.
Taimi: No idea. You're his little brother, don't you know him more than anyone?
Taimi: Your golem arm is SO cool. It has all those built-in cloaking functions!
Taimi: If that portal malfunction hadn't chopped it off, I'd never have known! Glad you got it back, though.
Blish: Thank you. I'm blushing.
Gorrik: Blish has all kinds of stories. Don't you, Blish? Why, back in our wild college days—
Blish: We're not telling that story.
Gorrik: Oh, come on.
Blish: If you do, I'll tell the one about you and the norn beer and your professor's array of elemental detectors—
Gorrik: That never happened.
Blish: He's right. That never happened. And neither did the incident with me and Phlunt's thaumaturgic de-dolyakinator.
Taimi: How was I not there for this?
Blish: You were studying. It's why your grades were better than ours.
Taimi: SO not worth missing that.
Second Spear Nimani: Plan is, we split up, scout the area, figure out what's happening to our caravans, then meet up at midpoint.
Second Spear Koja: Sounds good. Watch your back when you head out—I won't be with you.
Second Spear Nimani: You too. Stay safe.
(After completion of Hunt the Hunter) for the day
Second Spear Koja: Relying on those caravans makes me nervous. Our supply lines could be cut off at any point.
Second Spear Nimani: What's the alternative to dolyaks? Delivery fish? Cargo birds? Corsair cannons?
Second Spear Nimani: You do know I've never actually eaten my shoes, right?
Second Spear Koja: Of course not. You're too smart for that. And you only have the one pair of shoes.
Second Spear Nimani: Right. I'm glad we've cleared that up.
Second Spear Nimani: Other people's shoes are a different matter.
Second Spear Koja: Why exactly do you hate hydra so much?
Second Spear Nimani: Apart from the stench, the hissing, the scraping sounds, and the wriggling, severed heads?
Second Spear Koja: Point taken.
(When the Dangerous Prey meta event begins in Jahai Bluffs)
Veteran Corsair Swashbuckler: Pact camp's on the move! Meet 'em at the cliffs! Today we fight the Shatterer!
Sunspear (1): We'd better go.
Sunspear (2): Our fighting contingent's ready.
Sunspear (3): To battle!
(After completing Defeat the Branded djinn Vemyen)
Sunspear (1): Getting more crowded in here every day. Almost stepped on Ambassador Sianna's foot just now.
Sunspear (2): Ain't it wild? I swear, today I saw a djinn!
Sunspear (1): Means all of Elona is pulling together to fight Kralkatorrik. I like our odds.
(After completing the achievement Poster Child)
Sunspear Cadet (1): Know what my best friend did when I joined the Sunspears?
Sunspear Cadet (2): Mine cried her eyes out, drank herself silly, and stopped talking to me. What did yours do?
Sunspear Cadet (1): Signed up to be Awakened. Wanted to be sure he wasn't punished for associating with me.
Sunspear Cadet (1): Still hoping I'll run into him, one of these days. To tell him it's all water under...well, you know.
Sunspear Cadet (2): The sound of the water reminds me of home.
Sunspear Cadet (1): Home? As in, Elona? Here?
Sunspear Cadet (2): Guess I mean more of a place in the mind. How I imagine home could be. No war. Nobody is afraid...
Sunspear Cadet (1): That sounds nice. Can I come with?
Sunspear Cadet (2): When I find it, sure.



Map for the Swan Dive achievement.
  • Sun's Refuge builds on the vision and idea of how the home instance was originally going to be before time constraints forced developers to simplify the latter.[2]
  • There are no large scale plans to add to the instance going forward.[3]
  • The items given to Aurene for Cultural Attaché are arrayed around her nest. If the collection is not completed, the surrounding slots will be empty.
  • The crystals collected for Naja will be added to the display case next to her.
  • The diving spot in Sun's Refuge can be found east of the music golem.


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