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Disambig icon.png This article is about the area. For the area as it appears during Halloween, see Soren Draa/Halloween.

Soren Draa

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Map of Soren Draa

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Soren Draa is an asuran settlement in the southern section of Metrica Province. This small town is built around the asura gate leading to Rata Sum.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Terranexic Lab





Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Merk
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Peacemaker Krabb
Scout (map icon).png Technician Penn
Merchant (vendor icon).png Zibb


Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Leeza: There, I fixed it. You won't be giving me any more trouble.
Leeza: Hmm, that doesn't seem right...
Genius (1): So, there we were, and all I could think to do was pull out my septipincers and latch onto its nose with them. It screamed and ran.
Genius (2): I've heard this story. It doesn't make you the foremost authority on septipincer techniques.
Genius (1): Of course it does. Apart from my years of study, I've had in-the-field experience. Do NOT discount my expertise!
Genius (1): My krewe's on the verge of a major discovery in the field of sensometric inspeculation.
Genius (2): No kidding? Mine too. Except we're doing sensometric inspeculation with a focus on fungal superbodies.
Genius (1): Really? Fungal superbodies? Interesting. Excuse me. I think I hear my lab manager calling me.
Genius (1): Did you get that "you know what" we need back at the "you know where?"
Genius (2): I can't talk about it here. I'm expecting “you know who" to come by any minute.
Genius (1): Okay. I'll be back at "you know where" doing "you know what” until "you know when."
Genius (1): I found it, the "you know what." It won't be too hard to acquire.
Genius (2): Shhhh. Keep your voice down. "You know who" could have agents anywhere. Well, where is it?
Genius (1): Not here. Meet me later, "you know where." We'll be able to talk freely then.
Local (1): I need to go to the lab today.
Local (2): Pop, you don't work at the lab anymore. Remember? You retired.
Local (1): Idiot. I go to the lab in my head. We're changing the world there.
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
Krewe Member Eink: Excelsior! I love getting messages.
DEL-X99: Eink, I–saw–you–today–outside–the–lab. Please–use–more–discretion–when–testing–your–cloth–of–invisibility. Fha.
Krewe Member Eink: I guess my cloth of invisibility still needs more work. Thank goodness it wasn't cold out.
DEL-X99: (whistle)
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
Krewe Member Hama: I'm all ears.
DEL-X99: Dear–Hama. I–insist–you–suspend–work–on–your–Spectragon–forthwith. The–Spectragon–was–my–idea.
DEL-X99: I–am–the–sole–inventor. You–will–never–amount–to–anything–more–than–an–assistant–to–a–true–genius. Tama
DEL-X99: Do–you–wish–to–respond?
Krewe Member Hama: Give me a moment to gather and sharpen my thoughts.
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
Krewe Member Swip: A message for me? How wonderful.
DEL-X99: Dear–Swip, you–are–a–cheat–and–a–coward. I–know–it–was–you–who–stole–the–destrosphere–from–my–lab.
DEL-X99: You–cannot–thieve–your–way–to–success. Return–it–post–haste! Give–my–regards–to–your–DEL-X99. Happ
Krewe Member Swip: That jackal! How dare he impugn me with lies? I should throttle him. DEL-X99, prepare to reply.
DEL-X99: Reply–sent. That–jackal. How–dare–he–impugn–me–with–lies. I–should–throttle–him. DEL-X99–returns–regards.
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
DEL-X99: Dear–Zica, your–brilliance–is–radiant–like–the–sun. Quit–that–lab. You–deserve–your–own.
DEL-X99: To–be–your–assistant–would–grant–me–everlasting–happiness. Signed: an–admirer.
Krewe Member Zica: Oh my. Who sent this message?
DEL-X99: Error. Sender–name–not–found.
Krewe Member Zica: Oh well. I don't have time for such nonsense.
Laborer (1): Looks like they filled the Muse Krewe. They hired one of my friends.
Laborer (2): I wanted a spot on that krewe, but I didn't get my name on the list early enough.
Laborer (1): When it comes to krewes like Muse, you snooze, you lose.
Laborer (2): Say that three times fast.
Laborer (1): I've heard rumors that the Inquest is recruiting.
Laborer (2): I couldn't work for them, no matter how bored or hungry. My tolerance of evil is too low.
Laborer (1): They can't be that bad. Genius turned evil is still genius.
Laborer (1): It's always the same thing. Teleportation gates, blasting rods, and golems. These geniuses have limited imagination.
Laborer (2): What are you talking about? What could be more interesting?
Laborer (1): I can't think of anything, but the krewe geniuses should. They need to dazzle me more.
Laborer (1): I'm particularly fascinated by the fact that the world's smallest sentient race is also its most intelligent
Laborer (2): What fascinates you about it? It seems fairly elementary to me. We're the top pf the evolution chain.
Laborer (2): We're what happens when you eliminate weakness and waste. We're concentrated magnificence.
Laborer (1): My son insists he wants to work at the Incinergen Labs when he gets out of school.
Laborer (2): He's just saying that to assert his independence. He'll come around.
Laborer (1): I hope not. Maybe he'd learn he should start listening to me.
Xann: Who's this worker you're dating?
Alli: He finished third in Dynamics, father. You'll like him.
Xann: Why didn't he finish first?
Alli: The Incinergen krewe had already recruited him. His priorities changed.
Xann: Hmph. His priorities changed.
Alli: He'll be here any minute, father. Please be hospitable.
Xann: Oh, I'll be very hospitable.
Crabb: Zapilicious greetings, Alli. What's cracking? You must be Papa Xann. I'm Crabb of the Incinergen krewe.
Xann: Where are you taking my daughter, Crabb?
Crabb: Sir, I thought we'd go into the city for dinner at this little human place I know.
Xann: Human food? Zapil-ick!
Alli: We'd better get going, Crabb. See you later, father.
Crabb: Keep it snapping, Papa Xann. Don't worry, I'll take good care of Alli. She's my own special phosphoradorable flower.
Xann: Oh, I'm not worried.
Xann: DOM-555i, engage. Initiate chaperone sequence.
Alli: Father!
Xann: You geniuses have a good time.
DOM-555i: Hands—where—I—can—see—them—at—all—times.
Statics Expert: I've got the first problem. Blaze contamination. How do we clean up after a spill of magical energy.
Dynamics Expert: Easy. We create negative-field golems that soak up spilled magic and then transport themselves to disposal sites.
Synergetics Expert: That won't work. Instead, we use ionomasticators that render the magic inert. Brilliant. Hold on. I need to write this down.
Dynamics Expert: I know the Eternal Alchemy requires that all things have purpose, but I fail to see it for all beings.
Statics Expert: Such as our esteemed Synergism colleague?
Dynamics Expert: Quite so.
Synergetics Expert: Surely, if we put out formidable minds to work on these problems, we can spark solutions.
Dynamics Expert: I'm willing to lend my extensive expertise in kinematic golemancy to the discussion, though I can't stay long.
Statics Expert: Brainstorming rarely solves anything. We have to build a solution from the foundation up.
Progeny (1): I heard your father made another prize-winning golem sub-harmonizer.
Progeny (2): Don't tell anyone, but I've been fixing his prototypes. He has really good ideas but is really bad at numbers.
Progeny (1): Really? You know, that could get you a spot on almost any krewe.
Progeny (2): (laughs) Oh, I don’t need a little polishing on someone else's experiment to guarantee my career.
Lab Attendant: Hello! I have an amazing opportunity that you cannot pass up. My krewe has just one slot left and–
Progeny: Get a job.
Lab Attendant: I have a job! A great job on a krewe doing ground-shaking work in golem progeneration. You get a job!
Lab Attendant (1): There's been a sighting. I saw the old genius myself.
Lab Attendant (2): You're kidding, right? He hasn't come out of his lab for years. You sure it wasn't his ghost?
Lab Attendant (1): He was definitely flesh and blood. He had some of his krewe with him too. They looked pale and tired.
Lab Apprentice (1): I don't know how you work with him. He's so incredibly old. His memory started going years ago. It has to be long gone by now.
Lab Apprentice (2): It is, so he keeps meticulous notes of everything.
Lab Apprentice (1): Everything?
Lab Apprentice (2): Everything cross-referenced. Once a week, I have to add in new content.
Peacemaker Chief Grumm: Well, that was an interesting turn of events.
Peacemaker Krabb: Interesting?
Peacemaker Chief Grumm: Yes. Let's call it an "unforeseen variable in a routine training exercise."
Peacemaker Krabb: I think you're an "unforeseen variable."
Peacemaker Chief Grumm checking out the golems
Peacemaker Chief Grumm: Ah, truly a thing of genius.
Peacemaker Chief Grumm: Excellent work!
Peacemaker Chief Grumm: Yes yes! Quite impervious.
Peacemaker Chief Grumm: The product of a genius mind.



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  • There was a Danish philosopher named Søren Kierkegaard. His last name was reversed with only four letters kept may be a play on his quote "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."