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Fahranur, the First City

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a city. For the story instance, see The First City. For the book, see The First City (book).

Fahranur, the First City

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Map of Fahranur, the First City

Crystal Desert

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Fahranur, the First City is a special zone in the Isle of Istan accessed during The First City story instance. It was a city inhabited by Primeval Kings, before the mysterious Scarab Plague ravaged it. It is currently invaded by Awakened Inquest.

It was the first city on the Isle of Istan, where it was inhabited by the Primeval Kings, where they ruled all of Elona and it was here where Queen Nadijeh established the Guard of the Sunspears, which would later be renamed the Order of the Sunspears. Later, in 452 AE, the last primal kings were the twin queens Nahlah and Dahlah, who were blamed for the Scarab Plague that plagued and devastated the city, however, thanks to the Sunspearmen, several people were evacuated from the island, saving the island life of several. Since then the city was abandoned and it is unknown how the plague originated.

In 1075 AE, Varesh Ossa and General Kahyet send Kournians to the city to retrieve a scroll of the Apocrypha before its destruction by the Order of the Sunspears.

Many years later, a group of asura from Rata Novus arrive on the island and establish a laboratory, but with the conquest of Palawa Joko they are expelled or so it is believed. However in 1330 AE. the Pact Commander together with the Dragon's Watch enter the city, and where they face the Awakeneds, who have invaded the place and later encounter technology of the Inquest inside the city to experiment on insects, possibly related to the Scarab Plague, while also discovering corpses belonging to the Inquest that awaken and begin to attack. Right there they find portals that are used by the Awakened to invade Tyria, but the Commander along with his allies stop the invasion, destroying the portals and ending the Awakened.


Area Effective
Area objectives
Elswyth's Gallery 80
Eternal Reservoir 80
Hall of Hadoon 80
Jokanur Passage 80
Nadijeh's Assembly 80
Secret Entrance 80
The Royal Chamber 80
Vestibule of Faith 80

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