Eye of the North

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Icebrood Saga zone. For the instance reached with the Hall of Monuments Portal Stone, see Eye of the North (instance).

Eye of the North

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Eye of the North map.jpg
Map of Eye of the North

Shiverpeak Mountains

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Loading screen

The Eye of the North is an ancient, huge tower in the Far Shiverpeaks, with architecture matching that of no known species, and now in ruins. It is topped with a hollow spire, the uppermost part of which has always appeared to be either incomplete or broken off. The Eye contains two rooms—the main interior of the tower, which is large and empty save for ghosts of the Ebon Vanguard and an asura gate, and the Hall of Monuments, which was once full of statues commemorating the deeds of the long-dead hero who defeated the Great Destroyer as well as an ancient Scrying Pool.

Getting there[edit]

  • Use the Waypoint (tango icon).png Eye of the North Waypoint
  • Use the  Icebrood Saga Portal Tome.png Icebrood Saga Portal Tome.

Mail informing characters that the waypoint has been unlocked:


Mechanist Ninn

Restoring the Gate Grid at the Eye of the North

<Character name>, at the request of your allies, the Arcane Council of Rata Sum has dispatched a team to reactivate the asura gate at the Eye of the North. I'm pleased to tell you that the main gate is now patched into the modern network and a waypoint has been established. Access details and a guide marker accompany this mail.

Please visit at your convenience!

Mechanist Ninn


Early years[edit]

The Eye of the North's origins are a mystery. All that is known of its origin is that it is not of dwarven, asuran, or human construction.[1] It is said to resemble structures at godly sites, such as Arah. The norn of the Far Shiverpeaks were the first of modern species to discover the Eye of the North, and decided to avoid it due to sensing strange magic from it.[2]

Guild Wars: Eye of the North[edit]

Eye of the North in Guild Wars.

The Eye of the North was first brought to the Central Tyrian nations' attention shortly after the Searing when the Ebon Vanguard made a forward base of operations far north to try and covertly disrupt the charr offensive, and eventually saw Captain Langmar being succeeded by Gwen Thackeray as the commander of the unit. During the conflict in the north in 1078 AE, the Eye's Scrying Pool was used by the Hero of Tyria in between missions to decipher the nature of the threat posed by the invading Destroyers and reveal clues about the location of the Great Destroyer which was felled soon after.

Recent years[edit]

The Ebon Vanguard was recalled to Ascalon City a few years later in 1080 AE,[3] and the tower was left with a skeleton crew to keep the charr believing the Ebon Vanguard were still in the north.[4] When the Elder Dragon Jormag awoke and created the four year long blizzard in 1165 AE,[5] the norn were driven from the region and left the abandoned Eye deep in Icebrood territory.

The ghosts of heroes who had once occupied the Eye of the North still lingered within its halls, knowing it as the place where they belonged, to guard the treasures of the Eye and to provide them to the heroes of future generations.[6]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

After Aurene's ascension into becoming an Elder Dragon, she took it upon herself to eradicate the Branded created by her predecessor Kralkatorrik. Following this, she was drawn by a confluence of energies and discovered the Eye of the North. Interested in the magic and the Scrying Pool, which she described as having waters that connect threads through the Mists and time, Aurene turned the Hall of Monuments into her new lair and began to study what drew her there.[7]

After the Pact Commander was injured by Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer in 1333 AE, members of Dragon's Watch were guided by Aurene to the Eye of the North so that the Commander could recover in peace, away from Jormag's minions and the charr forces. After recovering, the group wondered what Bangar's next actions would be, and decided it was best to wait for him to make a move first.[7]

When the Pact Commander recovered, Aurene telepathically requested their audience, indicating that she had found something of interest while peering through the Scrying Pool. Meanwhile, the Order of the Crystal Bloom and other individuals, including Mechanist Ninn who repaired the asura gate there, established a base around Aurene's new nest.


Area Area objectives
Hall of Monuments
Point of interest.png Scrying Pool
Waypoint (tango icon).png Eye of the North Waypoint
Asura gate (map icon).png Asura Gate
Strike Mission (map icon).png Forging Steel
Strike Mission (map icon).png Strike Missions


Artificer station by purchasing the Unlock Artificing Station item
Weaponsmith station by purchasing the Unlock Weaponsmithing Station item
Armorsmith station by purchasing the Unlock Armorsmithing Station item
Jeweler station by purchasing the Unlock Jeweling Station item
Huntsman station by purchasing the Unlock Huntsman's Station item
Tailor station by purchasing the Unlock Tailor Station item
Leatherworker station by purchasing the Unlock Leatherworking Station item
Chef station by purchasing the Unlock Cooking Station item
Merchant by purchasing the Unlock Merchant item
Bank by purchasing the Unlock Bank item
Trading Post by purchasing the Unlock Trading Post Rep item
Laurel Merchant and Guild Commendation Trader by purchasing the Unlock Specialist Vendors item
Grothmar Valley Hatched Chili Trader (Karnn Fallenskull) by purchasing the Unlock Hatched Chili Trader item
Bjora Marches Eternal Ice Trader (Kjep Corrson) by purchasing the Unlock Eternal Ice Trader item
Goro Cleverclaws automatically unlocked after completing the Mysterious Journal collection
Portal to Lion's Arch
Portal to Black Citadel
Portal to Divinity's Reach
Portal to The Grove
Portal to Hoelbrak
Portal to Rata Sum
Portal to Home
Portal to Sun's Refuge
Portal to Special Forces Training Area

Interactive map[edit]



  • Added to the game with the March 17, 2020 update.
  • The building in the loading screen of this instance is a composite made using parts of the Milan Cathedral as a base.


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