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Weight of the World

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Weight of the World

1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
Weight of the World
Daigo Ward
(Seitung Province)
Preceded by
In the Name of the Law
Followed by
Extraction Point

Soo-Won's Mind loading screen.png

Loading screen for Soo-Won's mind

Lady Joon's Estate loading screen.png

Loading screen for Lady Joon's Estate

Weight of the World is the twelfth chapter of the End of Dragons story.


Reach Joon's estate.
  • Head to Joon's estate in Seitung Province.
  • Process the situation.
Reach Joon.
  • Head to Joon's estate in Seitung Province.
  • Speak with your friends.
  • Head inside.
  • Drain the jade battery.
  • Speak with Joon.
  • (Defeat Joon's security mechs.)
  • Defeat the Jade Mechs
  • Find a way to Joon's workshop.
  • Explore the mansion's right wing.
  • Explore the mansion's left wing.
  • Overload the shields.
Explore the mansion's second floor.
  • Find a way into the workshop.
  • Explore the second floor.
Appeal to Joon
  • Head into Joon's workshop.
  • Climb the platform
  • Deliver the evidence via the dropbox.
  • Survive the assault.
  • Destroy mechs to overload the system.
  • Pull the override levers.
  • Destroy the core.
  • Destroy mechs to overload the system.
  • Destroy the core.
  • Destroy mechs to overload the system.
  • Destroy the core.
  • Destroy the final cores.
  • Get to Joon.
  • Review the plan.


Replaying the story chapter


Accessing Joon's Workshop[edit]

Ground floor map: [A] = Entrance, [B] = Main hall, [C] = Lounge, [D] = Collection room, [E] = Basement showroom, [F] = Dining room, [G] = Plants, [H] = Kitchen

Taimi will deactivate the defences to let you and Kasmeer into Joon's Mansion. Follow your allies, listen to the dialogue, then activate the Jade Power Battery on the left of the door to open up the partition to the Main hall [B].

Following a conversation with a furious Joon, she will leave the room, locking down the defences, removing the access stairway to her workshop, and spawn a Deluxe Jade Detainer and two Jade Couriers. With the robots defeated, you will now need to go through a puzzle level which will require you to constantly transfer the Jade Power Charges between batteries, the end goal of which being to have four accessible charges (three for the stairs, and one for the door) to gain access to Joon's Workshop.

You will need to constantly re-use charges throughout the mission, therefore when given the chance to do so, reclaim accessible charges that won't impede your route. This mission is more straightforward with the tier 2 Jade Bot mastery which reduces backtracking, however is entirely possible without masteries (you may need to leave one behind, deploy a charge, and return to collect it).

Prior to continuing, grab the book in the main hall on the north wall for A Woman of Culture (1/6).

Left wing (South)

Proceed with Kasmeer to the left wing of the mansion by placing the Jade Power Charge onto the south wall.

Inside the lounge room [C], use the lever in the corner (activating it the first time will give you access to two buffet tables - this grants the Munchies achievement (and provides a Nourishment food bonus), activating the next lever spawn a lounge set with the second book on it for A Woman of Culture (2/6). Activating the third lever will spawn three more Deluxe Jade Detainers, and defeating them will allow you to move to the next room.

In the museum-like collection room [D], there will be a pressure plate on the floor - stand on that to raise a platform with an exposed Jade Power Charge. Using your Jade Bot special action key, send it to retrieve the power charge and slot it into the charge point on the left door. Once it is installed, exit your Jade Bot and approach the basement showroom.

The basement showroom [E] is an armory of sorts, with five Mech Arms, a large jade lantern, and another Power Charge on the other side of the room. Approaching this room will turn the Mech Arms hostile, and the jade lantern will produce shockwaves. If you want to achieve Laser Show-Off, consider using ranged attacks to destroy the mechs, before weaving between the room and avoiding the shockwaves. The shockwave cannot hit you on the stairs to the right. Once all the Mech Arms are destroyed, the shockwaves will stop and you will be awarded the Show Stopper achievement. You will be free to move to the floor, and retrieve the Power Charge. After exiting the basement room back into the collection room, remove the Power Charge you previously installed in the wall, so that you have two. Back in the collection room [D], put one in the slot for the other door to exit back into the main hall [B] (with one additional charge compared to when you started). Another Jade Detainer spawns for you to kill in the main hall - after killing it, retrieve the Jade Power Charge that you installed to access the south area.

Right wing (North)

Now move to the right wing where Taimi awaits, install one charge into the wall, so that you can enter the right wing.

As you enter into the Dining room [F], look left and note that there are three charge points in some wooden panelling on the left side of the room - you can optionally return here later to access the kitchen. There is also a book on the dining table for A Woman of Culture (3/6). Meanwhile, collect the power charge to the right of the door you came through (which will then close). On the east side of the room you will see a small window to an indoor garden - activate your Jade Bot, and send it through the window. Directly down from there, descend and install a Power Core, opening the door. Exit the jade bot and follow Taimi into the garden.

In the indoor garden [G], three more Jade Detainers will spawn for instant death, which in turn spawns a power core. You can use ranged weapons to destroy it, or if you do not have ranged capabilities, stand on the pillar next to the core, and use your Jade Bot to activate the lever, sending you up to destroy the core, opening the exit to the room. Now retrieve the jade charge you used below the window.

Returning to the main hall [B] will spawn two new enemies - one is a Deluxe Jade Tracker, the other is an indestructible, untargetable laser which follows you around the room and periodically fires at you. Three points in the room will have noticeable green shields on them, and to progress you will need to destroy the shields and the Jade Tracker. The laser will spin slowly to lock onto you, producing a very clearly telegraphed attack with a large orange strip, firing approximately two seconds later. Walk or dodge out of this, as getting hit will remove your eligibility for Laser Show-Off, and causes a large chunk of damage. The green shields in the room are impenetrable to yourself, but the laser will fire through them and destroy them. The tracker is not much of a threat, however it produces a similar coloured beam which can be easily confused with the laser beam, so dispatch it quickly. Stand in front of the shields so that the laser targets you, and then as you move it will hit the shield instead. Rotate around the room and do this for all three shields.

Use your single charge on the jade battery mounted in the floor to produce a staircase, then drain the other two jade charges at ground level before proceeding upstairs.

Upper level
Upper floor map: [B] = Main hall, [I] = Child bedroom, [J] = Master bedroom, [K] = Security grid room, [L] = Upper west corridor, [M] = Workshop, [N] = Office

On the north balcony, use your two charges to open the door in front of you, giving access to the bedroom of Joon's child, Sung (you will now have zero power charges).

In the child bedroom [I], there is a book on the bed for A Woman of Culture (4/6). There is a lever in the corner - pulling the lever opens the door to the master bedroom and summons another laser turret.

Enter into the master bedroom [J], and dodge behind the changing screen to find the pressure plate. Stand on it, which opens the partition door to the balcony, then deploy your jade bot to bait the laser turret to shoot the shielded point on the far wall across the hallway. Once the shield is removed, exit your bot. There is a further book on the bedside table on the west side of the room for A Woman of Culture (5/6). Exit back into the child bedroom, and back onto the balcony. Note that you cannot jump off the pressure plate and dash through the partition door, but a teleport or shadowstep can.

On the north balcony, retrieve the two charges you used to open the child bedroom door. Destroy the Secured Core in the northeast corner of the balcony, then use one jade charge to raise a catwalk to the south balcony. Cross the catwalk to the south balcony, and use your remaining charge to open the door to the security grid room.

In the security grid room [K], walk up to the inactive steam mech, and deploy your jade bot to pull the lever to move the shield wall. Exit the jade bot. At the computer terminal you can put in either of two passwords to grant the Data Breach or Almost Clever achievements (via "Q2D!" or "SUNG" respectively, mutually exclusive requiring separate visits. *If you destroy the secured core before entering a password it results in the computer power being down and you can accomplish neither achievement*). When ready, destroy the Secured Core and retrieve the jade charge from the corner. Return to the steam mech, and deploy your jade bot to move the shield wall back to its initial position to exit the security grid room.

All accessible jade charges will now be marked on the mini-map with a green hand symbol. Remove the charge from the security grid room door, and go downstairs to use both of your existing charges. Then return upstairs, retrieve the charge for the catwalk, and then remove the downstairs charge for the staircase.

Optionally, if you require the Family Values achievement, you can at this point use your four accessible charges to open the dining room via the indoor garden, and then open the door to the west via three charges - speak with the family members to collect the achievement. Remove the charges and return to the main hall to continue with the story when ready.

Use three of the four charges to activate the west staircase, and the final fourth charge to open the door to a corridor [L] leading to Joon's workshop [M]. Taimi tells you to go on and meet up with Joon. At this point, you will be awarded the Laser Show Off achievement if you are still eligible.

The Workshop[edit]

Ranged damage is strong throughout this fight to avoid performing jumping puzzles mid-fight to attack Secured Cores.

In the first stage, Joon summons jade mechs into the workshop. Kill them, and the next group.

  • The Jade Courier mobs that appear during the final fight may get stuck in an invulnerable state, forcing players to restart the instance. Using the /stuck command will result in players getting teleported into the corridor behind the forcefield as if after a death, thus necessitating a restart of the instance.
  • If you die during the final fight in the workshop, you will be resurrected in the corridor, behind the forcefield next to Taimi. While the objective is to kill the enemies in the room, the only solution is to leave the instance and re-enter. You will still end up in the corridor, but before the start of the final fight and you can continue.

At the second stage, Mech Arms and further jade mechs appear, along with two levers and a shockwave turret (middle of the room). Pull the two levers to expose a Secured Core - destroying the core will deactivate the shockwave turret. Jade bot can be used to reach the second lever without risking the shockwaves.

For the third stage, large blocks appear around the arena - you can use these to hide behind versus the laser in the middle of the room. All of the moving jade mech enemies are now shielded, and need to be struck with the central laser to remove their shielding. Kill them, and then the Secured Cores when they appear.

For the fourth stage, a wall appears, bisecting the room in half. A lever in the middle can be pulled to change the arrangement. Keep killing any jade mechs that you can, and ignore the rotating bubble turret.

In the last phase, there are four cores; three of which are not shielded. For the final (shielded) core, stand on a pressure plate to raise the laser in the middle of the room, then fly your jade bot in front of the shielded core to draw the laser's fire.

If you additionally completed the combat achievements Laser Light Footed (dodge lasers and shockwaves) and The System Is Down (8 minutes) you will receive credit now for those after the fourth core is destroyed.

Taimi appears in the room, and makes her way into Joon's office. You can now retrieve the sixth and final book for A Woman of Culture (6/6). Completing the instance for the first time awards the achievement Weight of the World.


Replaying the story will provide you with four options to access the manor:

  1. Storyline (interface).png - Play from the start.
  2. Living World (replay).png - Play from the start (same as above).
  3. Living World (replay).png - Play from the point where you've gained access to the upper floor (useful for the mutually exclusive computer achievements).
  4. Living World (replay).png - Play from the workshop onwards.
This achievement rewards items. Weight of the World End of Dragons: Act 4 End of Dragons mastery point 1Achievement points
Have a high-powered business meeting.Journal: Weight of the World Completed
Reward: Stash of Crimson Skull Coins.pngStash of Crimson Skull Coins
Weight of the World Completed 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
Show Stopper End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Test all of Joon's demo equipment— to death. Tested all of Joon's Demo Equipment 1Achievement points
  • Destroy all of the Mech Arms in the back room on the ground floor. Consider using ranged weapons and attacking from outside the room to eliminate the first few at the entrance, and then move towards the top of the stairs to retain eligibility for Laser Show-Off.
Laser Show-Off End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Make it to the workshop without being hit by laser or shock-wave turrets. Made It to the Workshop without Being Hit by Turrets 1Achievement points
  • Don't get hit by any laser beams in the start of the instance, nor the shock-wave turrets in the back room on the ground floor. Consider using ranged weapons to attack from the outside of the room, and then move towards the top of the stairs to range from there. The shockwave will not hit you at the top of the stairs, and the arms have a very short range.
  • Being in your Jade Bot form and getting struck by the laser will not remove eligibility for the achievement, only if your character takes damage.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Laser Show-Off effect.
Munchies End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Try the hors d'oeuvres. Tried the Hors D'oeuvres 1Achievement points
  • Eat from the buffet tables that spawn in the mansion's left wing. When you enter the left wing, use the lever once - this will spawn to tables. Sample one for this achievement.
Data Breach End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Gain access to Joon's files.You're the hero! It's not a privacy violation if you do it! Gained access to Joon's Files 1Achievement points
  • Input the correct four letter password to access Joon's files. The password is Q2D! (revealed in Chapter 7)
  • The console is in the upper left (south) wing of Joon's residence. In order to enter a password you must interact with the console before destroying the secured core next to it.
  • It is possible to complete this achievement and "Almost Clever" in the same run through the story if (at least) two players enter the instance together and interact with the console simultaneously, entering different passwords.
    • Exiting and re-entering the instance at this point returns you to a checkpoint at the start of the "Explore the second floor" section, in case you destroyed the core or entered an incorrect password.
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Almost Clever End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Make a reasonable but unsecure guess as to what Joon's password might be.Hey, it was a reasonable guess. But Joon takes security seriously. Guessed That Joon's Password Was Sung 1Achievement points
  • Input Joon's daughter's name to try to access Joon's files. Input SUNG - you will not gain access but this will provide a hidden achievement with a condescending and humorous message.
  • The console is in the upper left (south) wing of Joon's residence. In order to enter a password you must interact with the console before destroying the secured core next to it.
  • It is possible to complete this achievement and "Data Breach" in the same run through the story if (at least) two players enter the instance together and interact with the console simultaneously, entering different passwords.
    • Exiting and re-entering the instance at this point returns you to a checkpoint at the start of the "Explore the second floor" section, in case you destroyed the core or entered an incorrect password.
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Family Values End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Meet everyone who lives in Joon's mansion. Met Joon's Family 1Achievement points
  • Access the kitchen, which holds Joon's family during the lockdown. Access this via the dining room on the ground floor, in the right wing of the mansion. You will notice there are three charge points in the wall - before proceeding upstairs, take the Jade Power Charge you would put in the stairs and the power charge you used to access the dining room. Install them, and then when you are in the dining room, send your Jade Bot to retrieve the charge from the indoor garden. Install the third core, and you will be able to step into the room and trigger the dialogue.
Laser Light Footed End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Make it through the defenses without being hit by laser or shock-wave turrets. Made It though the Defenses without Being Hit by Turrets 1Achievement points
  • Don't get hit by any laser beams nor the shock-wave turrets in the final battle.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Laser Light Footed effect.
The System Is Down End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Take out Joon's final defenses in the alloted time. Took Out Joon's Final Defenses in the Alotted Time 1Achievement points
A Woman of Culture End of Dragons: Act 4 1Achievement points
Find all the readable books in Joon's mansion.
Objectives: 6 objectives in total
  • Read a science journal.
  • Read a children's book.
  • Read an article about Joon.
  • Read a bit of literature.
  • Read Joon's plans.
  • Read some reports.
Found 6 Books 1Achievement points
  • There are six books to interact with in the house. They are located: (In order of finding them)
  1. The Maker by Bae Kang - (Read a bit of literature) This book can be read at any point, and is the first you will come across. In the main hall, this book sits on the console table between the red armchairs, which are between the doors on the mansion's right wings, below a painting.
  2. A copy of 'The Kaineng Insider' - (Read an article about Joon.) This leaflet must be read once it spawns. In the mansion's left wing, activate the levers twice to spawn a lounge set. The book is on the table. You must pick it up at this point as the next lever will reset the room.
  3. Ministry Update/Xunlai Security Update - (Read some reports) This report sits on the dining room table, straight in front of you as you enter into the right wing.
  4. Soo-Won and the Great Wave - (Read a children's book) In Sung's room, upstairs in the right wing, this book sits on the end of her bed.
  5. Novvi's Science Journals (Annotated) - (Read a science journal) In the master bedroom in the right wing, this is on the nightstand next to the bed. Note that standing here you are obscured by the bed and will not be shot at by the laser.
  6. Joon's Recapture Notes - (Read Joon's plans) This is the final book, accessed at the end of the mission when you're reviewing the plan with Joon and Taimi.



Jade Mechs


Jade Mechs




Upon attempting to enter Seitung Province, the character finds themselves whisked into an audience with Soo-Won, followed by Caithe and Aurene

<Character name>: What...? Why am I here?
<Character name>: Caithe? Aurene?
<Character name>: She's just barely holding it together.
Soo-Won: Commander... Why haven't you...done what needs to be done?
<Character name>: Soo-Won? Is that you?
Soo-Won: You must...find a way to end this...before...before...
<Character name>: We need you to hold on. Just a little longer. We're working on a solution.
Caithe: Commander! Look out!
<Character name>: Caithe!
Caithe: We heard your call, Commander.
Aurene: Soo-Won! Please! You must fight it!
After the first void creatures appear
Caithe: If the Void's made it to the deepest corners of her mind...
<Character name>: Then it's over.
Aurene: No! I'll buy you some time, Champion...
Aurene: But you must use it.
<Character name>: Is it true? Do we have to kill her?
Aurene: Yes, but...not with all of this inside her... It would unleash the Void onto the world...
Aurene: And the world would not survive it.
Aurene: Go, Champion! You must reach Joon! She's the only hope we have!
<Character name>: Aurene—
Caithe: I'll stay with her. We'll hold this as long as we can.
<Character name>: You're sure?
Aurene: No more questions. Go!

Seitung Province[edit]

Waking from the scene with the Void creatures
<Character name>: Aurene...
<Character name>: I can't lose any more time. No more delays. No more entertaining doubters and pretty disagreements.
<Character name>: I need to get to Joon.

Weight of the World: Lady Joon's Estate[edit]

Entering the instance
Lady Kasmeer Meade: You made it! Commander, what happened?
<Character name>: Soo-Won. She's...lost.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Lost?
<Character name>: Overwhelmed by Void. Completely. The way the world will be. Soon.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: It won't. We will stop this.
<Character name>: We have to.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Come on, Taimi's waiting. She's arranged a meeting with Joon. Which is...surprising, honestly—
Lady Kasmeer Meade: —since, as far as I know, Joon still blames you for what happened.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Taimi? We're here.
Taimi: Ah, good! I'll let you in...
Entering the mansion
Taimi: Welcome, welcome to the estate o' Joon!
Taimi: Things're real bad, aren't they?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Yes. We need to start work on the extractor right away. Where's Joon?
Taimi: Oh, um, inside!
Taimi: Right this way.
<Character name>: Why am I not seeing a door?
Taimi: It's got a bit of a trick to it. Joon likes to show off for her guests.
Taimi: Everything here runs on jade tech. Power down that battery, Commander.
Draining the jade battery
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Well, that was certainly flashy. This is where you've been working?
Taimi: Yeah, even though the labs over at Xunlai are better equipped. Joon says she does all her best work here.
Taimi: I'm not gonna question her methods—she's found so many applications for dragon magic!
Taimi: Been kinda awkward, though, since she hates you, Commander.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Speaking of that, how did you get her to agree to meet?
Taimi: Uhh, agree?
<Character name>: Taimi...
Joon: Commander? How did you get in here? How did you get past my security?
Joon: Taimi.
Taimi: Oh, ah, hi, Joon! I was just coming to see you, and as you can see, I brought—
Joon: Gods, I was foolish to let you into my confidence.
Joon: And Ambassador Meade? I vouched for you.
<Character name>: Lady Joon, I didn't know I wasn't invited. If I had, I never would've—
Joon: Don't. I won't let you make a fool of me again.
<Character name>: Just listen. The world is coming undone. Soo-Won's Void will tear it apart.
Joon: Then I will figure out how to contain her—alone.
Joon: Now, either remove yourself or prepare to be removed. That includes you, Taimi.
<Character name>: Damn it, Joon! Would you listen to any voice but your own for five seconds? You need us!
After defeating the jade mechs
<Character name>: Taimi, I though you were going to brief Joon on the plan...
Taimi: I tried...but she's got her own ideas, and whenever I tried to talk about you or the extractor, she shut me down.
<Character name>: So what now then?
Taimi: If we can make her listen, I'm sure she'll come around. We just need to find a way up to her workshop.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I could open a portal.
Taimi: Nope. Not unless you want to portal your way straight into a cellblock. This place is flush with antimagic security.
Taimi: But it's also pretty easy to malnipulate. Joon made those stairs disappear just by rerouting power from the batteries.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: So if we redirected power back to them...
Taimi: Exactly! There are batteries all over the place.
Taimi: Oh, and this place is connected to the jade bot network—so you can launch them anywhere in here.
Taimi: I just need to authorize your credentials...
Walking near the shielded jade battery
<Character name>: A shield? How do I make this go away?
Exploring the left wing
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I can't say I feel great about ransacking Joon's home...
<Character name>: I don't either, but she hasn't left us much of a choice.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: True, but if we were hoping to make her trust us MORE, this might not be the best course of action...
Lady Kasmeer Meade: And if it doesn't work out, we are almost certainly being deported.
<Character name>: If the world's around long enough for us to be deported, I'll accept it. Happily.
Entering the collection room
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Commander, look out! We tripped the security again...
Lady Kasmeer Meade: How many mechs does she have in this house?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Lady Joon's got quite the collection here. She's certainly...decorated.
<Character name>: And she makes sure everyone who enters this house knows it.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I spent a little more time in court with her than you did, Commander, and I think I get it.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: The nobility won't let her forget where she came from, so she won't let them forget where she's gone.
Interacting with the plaques in the collection room
These ancient scrolls are recovered artifacts of the "norn", a race of giants from the Shiverpeak Mountains. The text is untranslatable, and much of their culture remains a mystery today.
(If norn)
Talk end option tango.png I think one of these is a shopping list.
Talk end option tango.png Well, this aged poorly.
A monstrosity from the endless ocean. Since Soo-Won became guardian of Cantha, numerous horrors have been sighted in its depths. This particular specimen was captured outside the Yong Reactor.
Talk end option tango.png Spooky...
Tyria's various cultures have widely divergent styles of dress. With Cantha closed, we can only speculate what more recent trends in fashion might be like.
Talk end option tango.png These outfits are pretty modern... Mai must have recovered them...
This is one of the vases made by Yu Dal-Rae. While most of her life she only had access to simple materials, Xunlai's success allowed Joon to gift her many new crafting tools.
Talk end option tango.png Joon was clearly a devoted daughter.
Talking to Kasmeer (Optional)
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Look at the floor. What do you think that pressure plate does?
Stepping onto the pressure plate
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Wait!
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Oh, wow, nothing bad happened. Apparently that's the one thing in this house not designed to kill us.
Entering the model room
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Is this some kind of showroom? I wonder if they're working models...
Triggering the models
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Guess that answers that question!
Talking to Kasmeer (Optional)
Lady Kasmeer Meade: We need to use one cell to keep the exit open, but don't leave the other behind.
Putting one battery into the main slots before exploring all floors
<Character name>: Nothing happened.
Taimi: Not enough power. Looks like there are three cells. We only filled one.
Exploring the right wing
Taimi: I've never actually been on a tour of the whole house.
Taimi: Every day Joon would say she was gonna take me, then we'd get caught up in our work. The whole day would just...slip away!
<Character name>: I'm glad you've been having such a good time.
Taimi: I'm...sorry, Commander. I know I failed...
Taimi: But I've learned a lot, and Joon, well, she's brilliant. And despite the mild narcissism, she wants to do good.
Taimi: She can help us, and we can help her, and I know we can make her see that.
Interacting with the papers on the dining room table
Papers lie forgotten here. They seem to be reports on the investigation at the Yong Reactor. Joon must have been reviewing them over dinner.
Talk more option tango.png Read the first report. (see Ministry Update)
Talk more option tango.png Read the second report. (see Xunlai Security Update)
Talk end option tango.png Leave them be.
Talking to Taimi (Optional)
Taimi: Don't see any way to open this door. Could be the switch is on the other side.
Taimi: Maybe check it out with your jade bot?
Entering the garden
Taimi: You're getting handy with that jade bot. Maybe a new career if you get tired of the adventuring life?
Taimi: More security mechs! Take 'em out!
After taking down the mechs
Taimi: This door's on a closed circuit. Can't reroute it. But its power core's sitting right up there.
Taimi: You're just gonna have to climb up and do some good old-fashioned smashing.
Destroying the power core
Taimi: You smashed it good, Commander!
Entering the main room after exploring both wings
Joon: You think I don't see what you're doing down there? Or that I wouldn't have a backup security system?
Alert: Tampering detected. Secondary lockdown initiated.
Taimi: She's sealed off the batteries!
Lady Kasmeer Meade: And turned on some pretty unfriendly looking lasers.
Taimi: Nonsense, Kas, all lasers are incredibly friendly!
Taimi: You just need to point 'em in the right direction, and they're happy to oblige.
Taimi: Like, say, at some shields...
Overloading the shields
Taimi: Well, good news is, we're getting close.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: You're sure?
Taimi: If we weren't, the house wouldn't be trying so hard to kill us!
<Character name>: Let's get this done before it succeeds.
Detective Rama: Ambassador Meade?
Lady Kasmeer Meade: Yes, Detective?
Detective Rama: They're asking for you in the court. News of the minister's arrest is getting around.
Detective Rama: They need you to answer some questions about the commander's involvement.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I'm needed here.
Taimi: Go, Kas. We can handle Joon.
Lady Kasmeer Meade: I guess I'm on my way then. My only diplomatic advice is just to listen and try to understand.
Entering Sung's bedroom
If asura:
<Character name>: Wait, Joon has progeny?
If charr:
<Character name>: Wait, does Joon have a cub?
Otherwise: [verification requested]
<Character name>: Wait, does Joon have a child?
Taimi: Um, yeah? A daughter, Sung. That's a pretty normal thing for a person to have.
Taimi: If you don't spend your time traveling around the world fighting dragons. Just sayin'.
<Character name>: She doesn't seem like the motherly type.
Taimi: Well, I wouldn't say she's motherly, but that doesn't mean she isn't a mom.
Taimi: Her husband, Gi-Moon—that's way more his thing. Nice guy.
Entering the kitchen (optional)
Gi-Moon: Oh!
Sung: Hi!
<Character name>: Sorry. Didn't mean to barge in. I'm—
Gi-Moon: The Tyrian, I know. You're trying to find my wife, I suppose?
<Character name>: I am. It's critical I speak to her. I didn't sabotage her reactor.
Gi-Moon: I believe you. Taimi made a good case. In my opinion, anyway.
Gi-Moon: Joon, though... She doesn't like to be wrong. And the only thing she likes less than being wrong is being humiliated.
Gi-Moon: You cause her standing in court, whether you meant to or not.
<Character name>: I'll fix it. I'll fix everything.
Gi-Moon: That's expecting a lot. You have that in common with her, you know.
Gi-Moon: You'll carry as much as you can on your own two shoulders. Even if it crushes you.
Talking to Sung (one of the following)
Sung: Dead people float because they're full of gas.
Sung: I like lockdown. I get noodles when we're in lockdown.
Sung: Did you know moas can only eat with their heads upside down?
Sung: Mommy doesn't like you very much.
Sung: You're a friend of Taimi's? I like Taimi! She's funny, and she knows a lot.
Sung: You look like you need a bath.
Entering Joon's bedroom
Alert: Unauthorized access detected.
Reaching the south side of the second floor
<Character name>: Another shield... How to break this one?
Talking to Taimi (Optional)
Taimi: There's probably another laser up there somewhere. Joon really likes lasers.
Destroying the shield
Taimi: See? Lasers are friends!
Entering the room on the south side of the second floor
Alert: Activating security grid.
<Character name>: No! I was so close!
Interacting with the console before destroying the core
A console in a locked vault, huh? Probably some juicy stuff in there. A prompt suggests a four-character password is needed.
Talk more option tango.png Enter "S"
Talk more option tango.png Enter "1"
Talk more option tango.png Enter "Q"
Talk more option tango.png Enter "X"
Talk more option tango.png Enter "J"
Talk end option tango.png I should focus on why I came here...
Upon entering the incorrect password SUNG
Dear intruder.
You are almost clever. Really. But also, you insult me. After all the basic security training I make my employees go through, you think I'd pick something so obvious? Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png Frag.
Upon entering the correct password Q2D! as per Act 2, or interacting with the console again after inputting the correct password
Which file system would you care to access?
Talk more option tango.png Notes
Which notes would you like to access?
Talk more option tango.png Study of Natural Jade (opens book titled "Observations: Raw Jade", see below)
Talk more option tango.png Chul-Moo(opens book titled "Personal Log—Partnership Dissolution—1833 CC", see below)
Talk more option tango.png Study of Dragonjade (opens book titled "Observations: Reactor", see below)
Talk more option tango.png Steam Device (opens book titled "Observations: Steam Device", see below)
Talk more option tango.png Steam Creature (opens book titled "Observations: Steam Creature", see below)
Talk back option tango.png Back to menu.
Talk end option tango.png Close program.
Talk more option tango.png Personnel Reports
Which personnel file would you like to access?
Talk more option tango.png Captain Fa. (opens book titled "Employee File: Captain Fa Yang", see below)
Talk more option tango.png Yao. (opens book titled "Employee File: Zhou Yao", see below)
Talk more option tango.png Mai Trin (opens book titled "Employee File: Mai Trin", see below)
Talk more option tango.png Taimi (opens book titled "Employee File: No Surname Taimi", see below)
Talk back option tango.png Back to main menu.
Talk end option tango.png Close program

Talk end option tango.png Nothing for now.

Interacting with the console after destroying the core
The console is no longer powered. Looks like you punched out its source.
Talk end option tango.png Oops...
Draining the jade battery at the far end of the room
<Character name>: And that should be enough.
Using the launch pad in the south of the mansion's ground floor
<Character name>: A launch pad? Really?
Taimi: Sometimes Joon'll build a thing not because she needs to, but because she can.
Opening the door to Joon's workshop
Taimi: It worked!
Taimi: Well, for you anyway. The stairs just went back out...
Taimi: But don't worry! I'll get this fixed and join you in a few minutes.
Entering Joon's workshop
Mi-Rae: ...Minister Li of the Ministry of Security has been arrested. Details are still emerging...
Mi-Rae: But reports are that the powerful Tyrian known as "the commander" may have been involved.
Joon: So, Commander, you're going around arresting state officials now?
<Character name>: Li attacked us. He's a Purist.
Joon: I know. He couldn't have made it more obvious if he'd walked around carrying a bust of Reiko herself. What happened?
<Character name>: We brought him proof we were innocent. He preferred we keep looking guilty.
Joon: And I suppose you brought that proof here?
<Character name>: Yes—a piece of Ankka's extractor.
Once Joon has reviewed the evidence
Joon: Commander, it seems I owe you an apology. You really had nothing to do with it.
<Character name>: Thank you, but we don't need to waste time on apologies. We need to discuss potential solutions—
Joon: Potential solutions? I have a solution.
Joon: Taimi and I have been working on the means to recapture Soo-Won and restore the reactor.
<Character name>: Joon, I'm afraid recapture isn't an option.
Joon: And I'm afraid not recapturing isn't an option, Commander.
<Character name>: Soo-Won's magic is all but completely corrupted by the Void.
Joon: I've been working on a way to increase the efficacy of my filtration system. It's nearly there—
<Character name>: It's too late. You can't.
Joon: Don't tell me what I can't do!
Joon: Our batteries only have enough power left for weeks, months maybe, and then everything stops working.
Joon: Do you know what that means?
<Character name>: I will not allow you to put her back in that reactor.
Joon: Then I guess we're at an impasse...
At the start of the assault
Joon: I don't want to do this, but we need that reactor. People will die if those batteries fail.
<Character name>: Everyone will die if Soo-Won succumbs to the Void!
Joon: I won't let that happen!
Taimi: Alchemy—I leave you alone for two minutes—
Joon: Get out of here, Taimi. I have no desire to hurt you.
Taimi: Then maybe you should try TURNING OFF THE LASERS!
Joon: No, the commander levied threats, so I answered. Either leave, or I will be forced to use them on you, too.
Taimi: Commander, hold off the mechs. I'll try to override the system and find us a way to shut it down.
Joon: Taimi, Taimi...
After destroying the mechs
Taimi: Initiated the override! Gonna need you to manually flip a few switches for me though...
After flipping the switches
Taimi: Commander! I exposed one of the power cores. You know what to do!
Once the Secured Core has been destroyed
Joon: How did you...? (noise of frustration)
Joon: I've equipped this room with backups upon backups. You won't get through them all.
Whilst destroying the second set of mechs
Taimi: She's shielded everything!
Joon: Taimi, we've been working on this together. You verified my results.
Taimi: I did, but the variables have changed. The corruption's so much worse than we were accounting for!
Taimi: There just isn't the time to make your way work. But the commander's got a solid plan to reconstruct Ankka's extractor.
Joon: A plan that would bring Cantha to its knees! Or maybe that's been the goal all along?
After destroying the second set of mechs
Taimi: Another power core! Can you find a way up there?
Joon: None of you understand. You can't even comprehend what I've achieved.
Taimi: Use your jade bot, Commander!
Once the second Secured Core has been destroyed
Joon: I will do what the gods could not. I will free us from the tyranny of the dragon cycle!
Joon: I saved this empire! And you're going to destroy it with your...feeble imaginations!
After destroying the final group of mechs
Taimi: This last shield's connected to multiple cores. We'll need to take 'em all out!
Once the final Secured Core has been destroyed
Taimi: That's the last of your security, Joon. You're going to have to talk to us.
Joon: No!
Cinematic after the fight
Taimi: Woah! (as a spanner Joon threw flies past her)
Joon: I had it all under control... I saved Soo-Won. From herself. I was trying to save all of you!
Taimi: Joon. What you did to Soo-Won only delayed the inevitable.
Joon: It gave civilization a chance! SOMEONE has to lead. Someone ALWAYS has to lead.
Joon: I don't apologize for being exceptional. I don't apologize for being brilliant! (slams spanner against desk)
Taimi: You are brilliant. And I know it feels like the world's always underestimated you, but I don't. We share the same goal!
Taimi: You can find a new future—one without Soo-Won. I'll help you. But none of us have a future if we go at it alone.
Joon: Okay. Let's talk.
After the cutscene
Joon: So, you mentioned building a new extractor.
Taimi: Yes! I think we can easily reconstruct it from what the commander brought us.
Taimi: We'll use that to drain enough Void magic that it'll be safe for the commander to...
Taimi: with Soo-Won... There won't be much—heck, any—time for testing it...
Joon: We'll make more than one, then, to account for any potential points of failure.
Joon: Have you thought about containment options?
Taimi: That's Aurene!
Joon: And if she should fall? We need backup options, Taimi. Backups upon backups, always. To protect us from total failure.
Joon: Unless, of course, our opponents are irritatingly persistent...
Taimi: Commander, we'll get this done. It's gonna be a bit rough-and-ready, but it'll happen.
<Character name>: Good. Then I'll meet you two in the Jade Sea.
Joon: You can be sure of it, Commander.
Talking to your allies
Taimi: You go get everyone ready. We'll figure it out.
Joon: Commander... (clears throat) Taimi and I need to focus on the Extractor...



Observations: Raw Jade

1820 CC

Yesterday I found a batch of peculiar jade in mother's latest payload. It held a charge—a magic I've never seen before. She confirmed that she had never seen anything like it either. They'd just broken ground in a new location southwest of the Harvest Temple, and all the jade had come from there.

On a lark, I replaced the amber core in my lantern with a piece of the jade—the result almost blinded me! The radiance was so intense! I made some adjustments and found that I had to reduce the flow of magic from the stone by a factor of approximately twelve for it to become bearable.

A factor of twelve! What could we achieve with that kind of power?

Personal Log—Partnership Dissolution—1833 CC

It's finally over. We've reached a settlement, and I will not have to spend one more minute staring at Chul-Moo's miserable tanuki face. I hear his little side project is now calling themselves "the Jade Brotherhood." I used to think he was such a brilliant businessman, but now I see him for what he really is—a small-minded man with an even smaller bag of tricks. Acquiring the Xunlai brand was the last good idea he had for the company. I'm not so sure taking on the name of a bunch of long-dead mobsters will be quite as effective, but what do I know? I am, after all, a "visionless husk of a woman with a stick lodged so high up my rear end, it's a wonder I can bend at the waist."

It almost didn't happen. At the last moment, his miserable mother got involved, insisting that she too was owed a payout for her "financial contributions to the company's early prototypes." Of course, Matron Park didn't anticipate my extensive record keeping—the look on her face when I produced the exact card in which she clearly referred to her contributions as a gift "for the future of my beautiful boy." I will treasure the memory.

Gi-Moon and I ate so much janchi-guksu in celebration. He fixed it just the way Mother used to. Nothing has ever tasted so good.

Observations: Reactor

1835 CC

That's it. It's done. The reactor is sealed, and Soo-Won is resting. I made a few final adjustments, and then the power began to flow into hundreds of pieces of waiting jade. Not a moment too soon—the survey team has not been able to find a single new deposit of charged dragonjade in months, and our stores have dwindled. Now every piece of the Jade Sea can be utilized, not only those previously touched by Soo-Won's presence.

Production is set to begin immediately on our new budget-friendly line. Now that there's no longer a need to ration the dragonjade, I will finally be able to fulfill my promise of bringing jade technology to everyone, not just the lucky few.

Observations: Steam Device

Mai finally made good on all her talk. She brought me something I've never seen before, developed far beyond the borders of Cantha. It isn't clear how she got her hands on it, but I'm not going to press her on that.

The device in question is a turret once fastened to an airship. It is powered by heating water, which powers a turbine to produce a current. All of that involves a massive casing. It's amazing the airship could fly at all.

Mai took it strangely personally when I said the tech was unsophisticated. I've seen her work with much more complex systems, surely she is capable of recognizing mediocrity. I've asked if she thinks she can get her hands on more of it, and while she won't commit, she is optimistic.

Observations: Steam Creature

Today Mai brought in another piece of steam tech, as if determined to prove I had misjudged it. Well, I hate to say it, but I misjudged it.

This was no simple turret, this time—but the husk of an automaton. The craftmanship is incredibly intricate. I never would have imagined something of this complexity could be fashioned from primitive technology. The act of doing so feels almost defiant—surely the inventor behind it must have had access to other options?

I asked Mai for more info about where it came from, but she got very quiet. She's clearly withholding something from me. It's only a matter of time before I find out what. But for now, some of the techniques used in this steam creature could be applied to my next jade mech.

Mai's access to the outside world continues to pay dividends. Maybe it's time I pointed her at bigger problems...


Employee File: Captain Fa Yang

Term of employment: 1837-present

Current title: Head of Security

Status: Full-time

Notes: Previously employed as a dockmaster in New Kaineng Harbor for twenty years. Loyalty to Xunlai Jade is unequaled among staff. Volunteered to head the Xunlai summer picnic committee. Must speak to him again about the fact that at work we are Captain and Executive, not "Uncle Fa and Joon-ee."

Employee File: Zhou Yao

Term of employment: 1843-present

Current title: Associate Engineer

Status: Full-time

Notes: No formal education but extremely gifted. Designed their own jade prosthesis. Previous association with the "Jade Brotherhood" but denies any current association—gets angry enough at the mention of the Brotherhood that it seems sincere. Do not assign to projects with Mai Trin. Expressed desire to transition to project leader in MedTech department. Avoid topics "cats" and "holodramas" as Yao has difficulty not talking about those subjects once they have been brought up.

Employee File: Mai Trin

Term of employment: 1842-1845

Current title: Executive Assistant

Status: Employment Terminated

Notes: Identified as a potential asset after her nearly successful infiltration of the Yong Reactor. Mai Trin is clearly not a local—I've learned bits and pieces of her background—but has been able to pass as one. (Xunlai Jade, as a whole, must strategically remain unaware to avoid culpability.) Has an uncanny ability to pick up new technology: seems to go from completely lost to understanding complex formulations after only a few minutes of reflective silence. Whatever her origins, she has proven surprisingly loyal, and her unique perspective has her on fast track for leadership.

1845 Update: Mai Trin's body was recovered this morning. As our investigation continues into the betrayal at the Yong Reactor, Legal is preparing multiple statements for when the full scope of her crimes goes public. In the end, I am responsible for trusting her. I am prepared to say so. (Personal Note: Who shot her? Is it possible she tried to stop the commander?)

Employee File: No Surname Taimi

Term of employment: 1845-present

Current title: Subject Matter Expert

Status: Consultant

Deep knowledge of many subjects, including dragon magic, asuran golemancy, and cybernetics. Adept at pattern recognition and complex systems. Loves to speak and is not discouraged by even the most pointed silence, must be assertive in need for quiet to focus. Blueprints for the jade exoskeleton we designed together to aid her mobility have been sent to MedTech for redesign to fit the human form. Her improvements to the design resulted in a reduction in both the incidence and intensity of her physical symptoms across the board, often by a self-reported fifty percent or more.

My story[edit]

Lady Joon's Estate loading screen.png

On my way to Joon's estate, I was unexpectedly pulled back into Soo-Won's mind. We were able to a[sic] have a brief conversation, in which she stressed that when the time comes, we will have to kill her. But then everything changed. Her mind was filled with monsters, and she began to speak in the voice of the Void. It warned me of its inevitability—and then its minions attacked me. Thankfully, Caithe and Aurene arrived to help. They managed to hold the Void off long enough for me to escape. I had no choice but to leave them behind.

This meeting had better go as we hope. We're running out of time, and without Joon, there is no way we can reconstruct the Extractor in time.


I met Kasmeer outside Joon's estate, and then Taimi let us past the gate—in opposition with Joon's wishes, as we were about to find out. As we entered her estate, she appeared overhead, but not to negotiate—only to kick us out. She still blamed us for what happened at the reactor and refused to believe we were planning to do anything but further damage her life's work. After a brief exchange, she left, turning the mansion's security on us.

We searched the mansion for the means to disable that security, learning more about her along the way—from her humble beginnings, to her many awards, to her role as a mother. A portrait of Joon emerged. Hopefully that greater understanding will help us finally say the right thing to convince her to return to our side.


Armed with this new understanding of Joon, we pushed on to the workshop, finally managing to gain access to her innermost sanctum.


When we reached Joon's lab, she had just received the news about Minister Li's arrest and his general involvement in recent events. That, combined with the piece of Ankka's Extractor, convinced her we had nothing to do with her reactor melting down. We hoped that would be enough, and that we would be able to move forward at that point.

However, when it came time to discuss solutions, she refused to discuss any course of action that did not result in Soo-Won returning to the reactor, fearing the fallout that a lack of jade power would cause in Cantha, and we once again clashed. Fortunately, Taimi was finally able to reach her, reassuring her that we understood what her work means to Cantha, and that we were fully committed to and capable of finding a solution together. After she finally stood down, she and Taimi immediately began work on restoring the extractors.

My story