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Free City of Amnoon

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Free City of Amnoon

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Map of Free City of Amnoon

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The Free City of Amnoon is a port town that was once called The Amnoon Oasis. Previously a tiny town that was the last refuge for adventurers before heading into the Crystal Desert, it is now situated near the base of the redirected Elon River before it flows into the Sea of Elon and has become a large, bustling Elonian city. It was rebuilt by Corsairs as a city for Elonians that wished to live freely from Palawa Joko's empire.[1][2] Ever since Joko's rise, defectors that manage to escape his walled empire have fled here to Amnoon.

Over the past ten years, the citizens of Amnoon had issues with Branded to their north, but with Kralkatorrik moving southeast, the Branded began passing closer to them. The new Forged and now-fanatical Zaishen Order have also been bringing up troubles for them, as well.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Amnoon Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Altar of the Six Gods
Point of interest (map icon).png Amnoon Cavalier Station
Point of interest (map icon).png Amnoon Civic Center
Point of interest (map icon).png Amnoon Emporium
Point of interest (map icon).png Amnoon Harbor
Point of interest (map icon).png Grand Sahil Casino
Point of interest (map icon).png The Empty Quarter
Vista (map icon).png Amnoon Harbor Vista —
Vista (map icon).png Free City of Amnoon Vista —
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (Path of Fire).png Pot of Soup
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Lily of the Elon
Office of the Chief Councilor
Zalambur's Office





Scout (map icon).png Cavalier
Casino Blitz Reward Information (map icon).png Casino Blitz Reward Cashier
Merchant (vendor icon).png Dealer
Profession Scholar (map icon).png Elona Guide Ebi
Merchant (vendor icon).png Kazi
Bank (map icon).png Merchant
Trading Post (map icon).png Merchant
Bounty Board (map icon).png Order of Shadows Agent
Merchant (vendor icon).png Yonca
Merchant (vendor icon).png Merchant [Fishmonger]
Merchant (vendor icon).png Merchant [Fishing Supplies]


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Near the north exit from the city
Refugee: Is there any room in the camp by the harbor?
Cavalier: Oh, that's not a, uh... That is, the people living in those tents are citizens who were displaced by a sandstorm.
Refugee: Oh. That explains the silk sheets and fine furnishing in their tents.
Cavalier: I am truly sorry, for what little that's worth.
Cavalier: I'm sorry we're having trouble finding room for all of you.
Refugee: There's an unpopulated area just north of your harbor.
Refugee: That neighborhood has outcroppings that could block the wind for our tents. We'd be out of everyone's way...
Cavalier: I'm afraid the No—that quarter is unsafe for habitation. A major sandstorm forced us to evacuate the residents.
Cavalier: We're hoping to dig it out and return those citizens to their homes, once we have the time and resources available.
Near the east exit from the city
Merchant (1): Is there any profit in trading these days?
Merchant (2): Once we only had to worry about paying our protection money to the Hamaseen and our taxes to the council.
Merchant (2): Then came the Branded migration across our northern trade routes.
Merchant (1): Only the foolish waded across the Elon and into the madness of King Joko's tariff enforcement.
Merchant (1): Now we have Forged closing off our trading routes in every direction.
Merchant (2): Maybe the stories are true that Zalambur is a djinn, that's just playing at being a man.
Merchant (1): Sorcery alone could explain how he manages to move so much product under these conditions.
Refugee (1): Look at the little ones, laughing and running without a care.
Refugee (2): Let's just hope we can find real homes before they're old enough to know better.
Cavalier (scout): Ahai, outlander! Let me know if you need help getting your bearings.
Cavalier waves at <Character name>.
In the middle of the city
(if supported independence in Blazing a Trail)
Noble: The council is really stepping up recruitment for the city watch. Sounds like they intend to to reject Joko's alliance.
Villager: That, or they intend to crack down on Zalambur. Everything those politicians do is two-faced.
Noble: What, and Zalambur isn't? We all know what his real business is.
Noble: Admit it — the Council stood their ground. They're stronger than you thought they were.
Villager: We'll see.
(if supported the Sunspears in Blazing a Trail)
Noble: Did you hear the news? Amnoon is to become a sanctuary for all Sunspear survivors.
Villager: Sounds to me like our council is just taking on even more responsibility.
Noble: Just a while ago you were worried they were going to invite Joko in. Now that will clearly never happen.
Villager: I was worried the council would fail to put it's [sic] own citizens first, as Zalambur does. And they did.
Noble: (sigh) There is really no pleasing you, is there?
Near waypoint
(if supported independence in Blazing a Trail)
Noble (1): The Council made the right call. Amnoon is and always should be a free city.
Noble (2): I can finally sleep at night.
(if supported independence in Blazing a Trail)
Noble (1): I never thought I'd be happy to see so many cavaliers around the city.
Noble (2): I can finally sleep at night.
At the tents near the Cavalier Station
Refugee (1): So much seafood...
Refugee (1): I'd never seen a fish before we reached the coast; now I eat one for every meal.
Refugee (2): I guess it's what they have in abundance to give us here.
Refugee (1): We're fortunate to be fed at all.
Priory Explorer: Ahai there. Did you happen to come from the south?
Refugee: That's right. I came from the Elon Riverlands.
Priory Explorer: May I ask you a few questions about modern Elona, on behalf of the Durmand Priory?
Refugee: I'm afraid I won't be much help to you. My entire family was exiled from the kingdom when I was a child.
Priory Explorer: Exiled... Am I correct in understanding that you left Palawa Joko's dominion unwillingly?
Refugee: My parents' sedition cost us any chance to ever be Awakened. We were sent to the work farms outside the Bone Wall.
Priory Explorer: You regret losing a chance to join an army of the undead?
Refugee: King Joko Awakens his citizens to care for and protect their families forever. His greatest blessing, now lost to us...
Priory Explorer: I, uh... I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you for your time.
At a fountain at the south exit from the city
Villager (1): I heard the council is planning to raise water rates to make emergency infrastructure repairs.
Villager (2): Typical. They wait until the system is falling apart before addressing any issues.
Villager (1): I don't think that's it, not this time. There were rumors of sabotage...
Villager (2): You really buy that? Who's crazy enough to sabotage the fresh water supply in a desert?
Villager (1): Higher rates aside, I hope they manage to get our water running again soon.
Villager (2): I hope it's nothing more serious than the leaks we keep hearing about.
(if supported Joko in Blazing a Trail)
Citizen (1): I'll never get used to seeing Awakened in the city.
Citizen (2): They're like vultures. Disgusting. Did you hear they trashed the casino?
(if supported independence in Blazing a Trail)
Citizen (1): The cavaliers can barely swing a sword, much less win a fight!
Citizen (2): We should flee to Lion's Arch while we still can.
(A random combination of one line from each Citizen, if supported the Sunspears in Blazing a Trail)
Citizen (1): Joko is probably stewing on his throne of bones somewhere.
Citizen (1): There aren't enough of them. We're done for.
Citizen (2): We may as well paint a giant, Sunspear-shaped target on our foreheads.[verification requested]
Two kids following a female sylvari Priory Researcher around.
Child (1): What is it?
Child (2): Look at that outlander!
Child (2): It's like he's made out of leaves and bark.
Child (1): Where are all these strange people coming from?
At the aqueduct south of the city
Refugee (1): I can't get used to seeing highlanders riding their hopping beasts.
Refugee (2): What must it be like in the north, that they'd consider taming those...things just to get around!
Refugee (1): I hadn't thought about that. Must be some treacherous terrain up that way.
Refugee (2): Great chasms, steep and jagged cliffs...
Refugee (2): Imagine clinging to one of those beasts as it jumps up a sheer cliff wall...
Refugee (1): Maybe we're lucky after all, to be where we are in this oasis.
Refugee (2): Only you could find a bright side to our situation.
Refugee (3): If we ever want to be self-reliant, we'll need to find work.
Refugee (4): Will these people even let us work, without citizenship?
Refugee (3): I hear there's a great need for laborers in the casino, the farms, the quarry...
Refugee (4): There's also the Hamaseen. They've been recruiting around here...
Refugee (3): After all that Kormir's priesthood has done for us, how could any of our people disrespect them like that?
Child: Poor dolyaks, stuck in that dumb old pen.
Child: I'm gonna go play with them again. (giggle)
At the harbor
Child: Mama, are we refugees now?
Noble: No, love. We just... have to live in tents until they can dig out our homes again.
Child: But the refugees are living in tents too, just like us.
Noble: We're just temporarily inconvenienced. They're going to dig our homes out for us soon, you'll see.
Noble (1): This waiting around is unbearable. Our precious family heirlooms are somewhere in our home, under all that sand.
Noble (2): We seem to be a lesser priority to our council than those...refugees.
Noble (1): Oh, I plan to petition our Chief Councilor and remind her who funded and furnished those posh offices of hers.
Noble (2): Do you think Imann will actually respond?
Noble (1): She will, or I'll know why. I don't understand how she could have forgotten she's one of us.
Noble: Why is there still no plan to get rid of all the sand burying our homes?
Cavalier: I'm afraid that's a question for our city council, but sandstorm damage to your quarters was worse than initial estimates.
Cavalier: Amnoon's agencies and services are currently strained by multiple crises. Please try to remain patient.
Noble: My patience is running out. My taxes fund our council. Why are they wasting our resources on indigent refugees?
Noble: Why can't we set them up with some shovels; get them to work off their debt to us?
Cavalier: Why not bring your suggestion to Kormir's priesthood? You'll find them caring for our less fortunate guests.
Noble: (grumble)
Priory Magister: Before each of you splits off in pursuit of your pet research subject, let's make sure we coordinate our efforts.
Priory Scholar: My thesis is on comparative governance. Should I start with Amnoon's councilors, or nomadic tribal chiefs up north?
Priory Magister: Well, let's give that some thought. What if—
Priory Scholar: Oh, but there are also the clan marshals to the south. Could there still be merchant princes in Palawa Joko's Vabbi?
Priory Historian: Well, I'm off to Augury Rock to see if anyone is still seeking Ascension there.
Priory Magister: (growl) None of you are going anywhere until I—
Priory Explorer: I need to see for myself where Glint fell and inspired her Zephyrite followers to take to the skies.
Priory Magister: (sigh) Fine. I'll make sure to record your intended destinations, so we can notify your next of kin.
Priory Researcher: These people have some refreshingly divergent ideas about ship design. Look at the draft on that hull.
Priory Historian: I see more than a bit of corsair influence.
Priory Researcher: I'd be interested to hear the advantage to those sail shapes.
Priory Historian: Think we could arrange a ride aboard one of these?
(if supported independence in Blazing a Trail)
Citizen: Rahim's cavaliers are too green. They'll get us all killed!
Fisher: We should flee to Lion's Arch while we still can.
Citizen: We should've asked Joko for help instead of relying on the cavaliers. We're done for!
Fisher: Yeah, we're totally going to die.
Citizen: The cavaliers can barely swing a sword, much less win a fight!
Fisher: Yeah, we're totally going to die.
Fisher: Joko is probably stewing on his throne of bones somewhere.
Citizen: First Joko will kill the Sunspears, then us.
Under the big fish in the harbor
Naomi: Nice catch, gentlemen. As fine a fish as I've ever seen.
Fisher (1): Wasn't easy. She fought me all the way in.
Fisher (2): There were five of us out on that boat with you, fighting that fish.
Fisher (2): If anything, you almost lost us the fish, when you dropped the gaff.
Naomi: Moving on—if you'll just stand by your catch there, I can capture this moment of pride for you. Yes?
Naomi: That's it. You both look heroic. Just hold still, if you would...
Fisher (1): Can we move yet? I didn't know this would take so long.
Naomi: No, please don't move yet.
Fisher (1): ...Uh, do you have a bucket?
Fisher (2): Are you almost done?
Naomi: I'm finished. Thank you for your patience.
Fisher (2): (grumble)
Naomi: Who else wants their portrait painted with this fearsome sea dweller?
Child: Ooh! Mama, can I?
Villager: No. No, I don't think so, sweetie.
Child: Look, Mama—bet it could eat me right up!
Villager: Come away from that awful thing, right now.
Child: Yes, Mama.
Naomi: It would only take me a moment to paint her...
When leaving the harbor to the north
Cavalier: Enter at your own risk, outlander.
Cavalier: The quarter was evacuated after a recent sandstorm.
Cavalier: Nothing to see but sand and predators.
At the merchant stand near the Casino
Priory Scholar: Excuse me sir, can you speak?
Awakened Merchant: Praise Joko. You buy?
Priory Scholar: I may do just that, but may I ask a few questions first?
Awakened Merchant: You buy.
Priory Scholar: You praised Palawa Joko just now. For granting you awareness, reanimating you?
Awakened Merchant: You buy.
Priory Scholar: I see. What brought you all the way here from Elona to ply your wares?
Awakened Merchant: You buy now.
Priory Scholar: Yes, of course. Uh... would it be possible to get a receipt of purchase, so that I can expense it to the Priory?
Awakened Merchant: No.
Near Grand Sahil Casino
(if supported independence in Blazing a Trail)
Citizen (1): We should've asked Joko for help instead of relying on the cavaliers. We're done for!
Citizen (2): Doesn't matter. Soon enough we'll either be bowing to Balthazar or kissing Joko's wrinkly behind. Pick your future master.
Citizen (2): Better to stay independent than to bed down with the likes of Joko.
Citizen (2): We're in Captain Rahim's capable hands. His cavaliers will protect us.
Citizen (1): I never thought I'd be happy to see so many cavaliers around the city.
Citizen (2): We're in Captain Rahim's capable hands. His cavaliers will protect us.
At Grand Sahil Casino
Patron: Another harpy. I'm out.
Patron: I swear this game is rigged.
Patron: (groan)
Patron: Grenth take me. What was I thinking?
Patron: One last round. I can’t lose every time.
Dealer: Draw your cards, ladies and gentlemen.
Dealer: Pyramid. Broken spear. And...the dragon.
Dealer: Dragon consumes all. House wins.
Dealer: Any last bets? No?
Dealer: Let's see what we have. Crystal. Hydra. Oh, and there's a Joko.
Dealer: Joko conquers. Thank you for playing.
Ogre Hunter (1): These creatures have spirit. Think choya could make good pets?
Ogre Hunter (2): (laugh) Not a chance.
Ogre Hunter (3): Nasty, foul pests. Easier to tame the Branded.
Ogre Hunter (2): They say choya will eat their own.
Ogre Hunter (3): Also, they explode when they die.
Ogre Hunter (1): Guess you're right. They'd just foul up our kraal.
Veteran Intimidator: How's recruitment going in the camps?
Troublemaker: It was going better before we had competition from the Zaishen.
Veteran Intimidator: It's true—Balthazar's fanatics are out there trying to conscript our talent now.
Veteran Intimidator: (groan) Bad enough that fool Imann invited Joko's Awakened filth here. Now we have to chase off the false god's zealots!
If asura:
Veteran Intimidator: Hold on—I think the little outlander is listening to us.
If human:
Veteran Intimidator: Hold on—I think the outlander is listening to us.
If sylvari:
Veteran Intimidator: Hold on—I think the outlander freak is listening to us.
If norn:
Veteran Intimidator: Hold on—I think the outlander brute is listening to us.
If charr:
Veteran Intimidator: Hold on—I think the charr outlander is listening to us.
Veteran Intimidator: So all is well, then?
Troublemaker (1): That's right. Our trading partners seem happy.
Troublemaker (2): Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
Veteran Intimidator: Good, good. Glad to hear it.
At Amnoon Civic Center
Villager: Maybe with all these outlanders arriving, the council won't need to beg Joko to defend us.
Noble: What are you talking about? Our council's kept this city free all these years—why would they betray us now?
Noble: You've been listening to too much of Zalambur's nonsense.
Noble: Any good he manages to do is just for public relations. We have to trust Imann and our council.
Villager: Your family and friends lost your homes to the sandstorm, and she's yet to do anything for any of you.
Noble: Our situation can wait. There are others in greater need right now.
(if supported Joko in Blazing a Trail)
Noble: I...I can hardly believe it. This can't be true.
Villager: You're not seeing things. Our city is plastered with the banners of the Awakened.
Villager: I told you this would happen. Only Zalambur stands against Joko now. Imann's council was too weak.
Noble: Well, it's not all bad. With Awakened help, we'll finally be able to deal with all our crises.
Noble: Yes, yes. Imann is making the hard choices, but she is still looking out for our best interests.
Villager: You're hopeless.
At Amnoon Emporium
(if supported Joko in Blazing a Trail)
Noble (1): Oddly enough, I feel safer with the Awakened around.
Noble (2): War makes strange bedfellows. We can trust them—for now.
(if supported the Sunspears in Blazing a Trail, a random combination of one line from each Noble)
Noble (1): Allying with the Sunspears gives us all a fighting chance.
Noble (1): The Council made the right call.
Noble (1): The Sunspears aren't much of an army, but they are an inspiration.
Noble (2): Anything is better than relying on Joko.
Noble (2): At least the priesthood can look after the refugees.
Noble (2): Hey, one Sunspear is worth ten cavaliers. Just don't tell Rahim I said that.
(if supported independence in Blazing a Trail)
Noble (1): The Council made the right call. Amnoon is and always should be a free city.
Noble (2): We're in Captain Rahim's capable hands. His cavaliers will protect us
Inside Amnoon Emporium when Help Talib recover his escaped sand shark pups event is active
Herald Kehnan: Free people of Amnoon, a fellow citizen needs your help!
Herald Kehnan: Talib asks your help rounding up sand-shark pups that escaped his exotic animal ranch.
Herald Kehnan: Until the pups can be recovered, protect your toes when crossing the sands.
Inside Amnoon Emporium when Stop the stampede of choya before they break down the gate event is active
Herald Kehnan: Choya are storming our eastern gate! The cavalier guards need reinforcements.
Inside Amnoon Emporium when Recover the sunken Consortium cargo polluting Amnoon's harbor event is active
Herald Kehnan: Free citizens of Amnoon, your council needs you!
Herald Kehnan: A foreign ship has spilled cargo in our harbor, and your help is needed with the cleanup effort.
Herald Kehnan: Come speak with me for more information.
Inside Amnoon Emporium when Defend the Water Authority facility workers as they repair damaged water pipes event is active
Herald Kehnan: Free citizens of Amnoon, your council needs you!
Herald Kehnan: Your council is concerned for the safety of our brave Water Authority employees who are working hard on facility repairs.
Herald Kehnan: Come speak with me for more information.
Inside Amnoon Emporium when Defend the Amnoon farm workers from the Forged event is active
Herald Kehnan: Free citizens of Amnoon, your council needs you!
Herald Kehnan: We're hearing reports of Forged attacks on our farm workers out in the fields.
Herald Kehnan: Come speak with me for more information.
Inside Amnoon Emporium when Help Salima gather stone and protect quarriers from the choya event is active
Herald Kehnan: Free citizens of Amnoon, your council needs you!
Herald Kehnan: To address our recent population explosion, the philanthropist Zalambur has pledged funding for new public housing.
Herald Kehnan: Stone is being quarried in the north for this project, despite hazardous working conditions posed by choya.
Herald Kehnan: Come speak with me for more information.
Inside Amnoon Cavalier Station
Cavalier: Get out, you! Go on.
Cavalier: Pop up around here again, and I'll have to arrest you!
Prisoner: Might as well let me out. I won't be in here long, anyway.
Cavalier: You were caught stealing raptors. You're going to be in there for a while.
Prisoner: You're making a big mistake.
Prisoner: I have powerful friends. You don't want to cross the Hamaseen.
Cavalier: If you were with the Hamaseen, you wouldn't be in here in the first place.
Prisoner: Zalambur will make you sorry for disrespecting me like this.
Cavalier: Oh. Well, if you're willing to go on record tying Zalambur to the Hamaseen, maybe we can work something out after all...
Prisoner: W-wait, now. I— I never said anything like that. I'm fine. I'm fine in here for now.
Cavalier: Really? I thought you'd say that.
Near Bounty Board
Order of Shadows Agent: Reports of creatures driven insane by ley energy are coming from all over. Are you going to help?
Order of Shadows Agent: The iboga Tazula Mindclouder is infamous. Who will erase its name from our board?
Order of Shadows Agent: They call him the Forged Maverick. Track him down and save countless lives.
Order of Shadows Agent: Ley-crazed Zelke is the last thug I'd want to meet in a dark alley. How about you?
Order of Shadows Agent: Need something to brag about? Tell your friends about the time you took down the Man-Eater.
Order of Shadows Agent: Are you strong? Fearless? Take the bounty on Braek Baredfang and prove it.
Order of Shadows Agent: A legendary bounty just went up. Bring your choya-fighting gear.


Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Desert Fish
Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Mebahya Sapling
Wood resource (map icon).png Ancient Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils
Bulk ingredients
Chef tango icon 20px.png Cemil
Basil Leaves in Bulk.pngBasil Leaves in Bulk
Bell Peppers in Bulk.pngBell Peppers in Bulk
Buttermilk in Bulk.pngButtermilk in Bulk
Cheese Wedges in Bulk.pngCheese Wedges in Bulk
Ginger Root in Bulk.pngGinger Root in Bulk
Rice in Bulk.pngRice in Bulk
Sour Cream in Bulk.pngSour Cream in Bulk
Tomatoes in Bulk.pngTomatoes in Bulk
Yeast in Bulk.pngYeast in Bulk


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