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Zhaitan awakens and raises Orr.

Tyria should have known. The signs of the dragonrise were everywhere:

The earthquake that shook Rata Sum.

The tidal wave that carried ships into the streets of Lion’s Arch.

The geysers that erupted in the tundra beyond Hoelbrak.

The pall that hung over the Black Citadel.

Tyria had been wracked by such terrible birth pangs before.

The people should have guessed that a dragon was rising.

— Chapter 27: Dragonrise, Edge of Destiny

Dragonrise[1] is a term used to refer to the cyclic awakenings of the Elder Dragons. Dragonrises occur roughly every 10,000 years, lasting for several centuries before the Elder Dragons fall back into slumber from consuming all of Tyria's available magic.[2] The rises are often accompanied by cataclysmic events as the Elder Dragons' initial activity transforms the very land around them with corruption.


Previous dragonrises[edit]

According to the Elder Dragon Jormag, the dragonrise cycle of feast and famine may not have always existed in such a destructive form but it eventually led to the Elder Dragons consuming entire civilizations on Tyria in their hunger for magic.[3][4] Glint, scion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik, was not born as a Branded dragon and is said to have regained her free will via a Forgotten ritual at the Altar of Glaust albeit remaining in her crystalline form.[5] This evidence, along with Glint opposing Kralkatorrik's ideas in the past,[6] suggests that Kralkatorrik's methods may not have always been as severe as they later became.

Ancient jotun stargazers discovered that the Elder Dragon awakenings and births of new stars were linked somehow. This information allowed them to predict the time of the next dragonrise.[7]

The elder races, who were active during the previous dragonrise that occurred circa 10,000 years before the Exodus of the Gods, remained unaware of how many times the Elder Dragons had actually risen in the history of Tyria. The charr,[8] dwarves,[9][10] jotun,[11][12] kodan,[13] norn[12] and tengu[14] are known to have lingering stories passed down through the generations about the last rise of the dragons, with jotun stelae mentioning a "sextet of swallowers".[11] According to scholars, the very existence of these tales indicates that the Elder Dragons have awakened at least twice in history. Ancient documents, presently found in the Durmand Priory's collection, reveal accounts passed down by other races such as the powerful Seers and even the Six Human Gods themselves.[12][15]

Little physical or written evidence remains of the civilizations and races which existed in prior dragonrises, showing the totality of the destruction wrought by the Elder Dragons. The now extinct Great Giants were some of the many victims of the Elder Dragons' reign.[16] The oldest known and identified structures and artifacts from the previous dragonrise belong to the elder races of the dwarves, Forgotten, jotun, mursaat and Seers; the origins of other old structures such as the Eye of the North and the Altrumm Ruins of the Echovald Forest or relics from locations such as the Aurios Mines within the Jade Sea, and whether they date back to the prior dragonrise, remain presently unknown.

The five elder races formed the first known multiracial alliance to fight back against the Elder Dragons during the previous dragonrise. The Forgotten and the mursaat assaulted the Elder Dragon Zhaitan but failed to slay it. The mursaat blamed the lack of involvement from the dwarves, jotun and Seers in the assault as the reason for the failure, and it eventually led to the alliance dissolving.[17] With the help of unknown "divine resources", the Seers were able to gather the unspoiled magic in the world and lock it within a great artifact known as the first Bloodstone, eventually speeding up the Elder Dragons' fall into slumber.[18][19]

Current dragonrise[edit]

Known dragonrises and their effects[edit]

Previous dragonrise[edit]

Dragon Effects
Jormag Caused the Dragonstorm that lasted for several seasons and forced the kodan to flee to the north seas.[20][21]

Current dragonrise[edit]

At the beginning of Guild Wars 2[edit]

Dragon Date of most recent awakening Place of awakening Effects
Primordus 1120 AE Beneath Central Transfer Chamber, Depths of Tyria Invaded Quora Sum and other asuran cities, drove the asura and the skritt to the surface, and eradicated many subterranean races entirely.[22]
S...? Unknown Somewhere in the Unending Ocean Unknown initial effects. Its advance is speculated to have been the reason why the krait fled to surface waters, which in turn forced the southern quaggans to flee north as the krait captured or killed the royal markissios family and caused the disappearance of the quaggan goddess Mellaggan.[23][24][25]
Jormag 1165 AE Somewhere in the lands beyond the Far Shiverpeaks Created a massive blizzard that lasted for four years and buried the northern passes, killed several norn and forced them to flee south in the norn exodus.[26] Caused the disappearance of four of the Spirits of the WildEagle, Owl, Ox, and Wolverine.[27][28] Forced several kodan to flee south to the Shiverpeak Mountains and caused the creation of a new inland sea in the Far Shiverpeaks.[21] Tore apart Gunnar's Hold with a massive glacier.[29]
Zhaitan 1219 AE Beneath the Ruins of Orr Caused the Rising of Orr, creating the Great Tsunami that flooded old Lion's Arch and Atholma while turning Dajkah into an archipelago.[30][31][32]
Kralkatorrik 1320 AE Kralkatorrik's Emergence Zone, Grothmar Valley Created the Dragonbrand with his breath, corrupted several beings in Ascalon and sent them to assault Ebonhawke in the Ogre Revolt, killed Glint and Snaff during a battle in the Desert Highlands.[33]

At present[edit]

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