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The Auditorium

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The Auditorium

The Auditorium map.jpg
Map of The Auditorium

The Auditorium locator.svg
Location within Thunderhead Peaks

The Auditorium (Inner).jpg
The Auditorium

The Auditorium is a large cave within Thunderhead Peaks, located just outside The Forge.





Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Blue color denotes dialogue heard through a communication device.

Taimi: Kas? You there?
Kasmeer: What do you need us to do?
Taimi: Well nothing besides what you're already doing. It's just good to hear your voice. With the world ending and all.
Kasmeer: Is Aurene okay?
Taimi: She's fresh as an Itzel and ready to fight.
Kasmeer: Okay. I'll be standing by.
Taimi: I heard the evacuations are going well. That's Kralkatorrik, zero, Jory and Kas, twenty. Right?
Marjory: It's a start, at least. What's the mood like on your end? How's everyone holding up?
Taimi: Everyone's...performing admirably. The commander's keeping us together, as usual.
Taimi: Oh! And Braham's—Braham's—NICE again!
Marjory: I'll believe THAT when I see it.
Taimi: You'd be proud of him, Jory. I sure am.
Taimi: Jory. Jory. You don't understand. You weren't there.
Marjory: I mean, I can IMAGINE—
Taimi: YOU CANNOT IMAGINE THE SOUND OF AURENE EATING JOKO PIECE BY PIECE. (breath) In that it was literally unimaginable.
Marjory: Almost sorry I missed it.
Taimi: Don't be. Whatever vision you have in your head doesn't come within a thousand miles of how gross it actually was.
Taimi: I'm glad we've got you and Kas pitching in on the evacuation. You two are just amazing.
Marjory: Oh, I wouldn't go that far. Actually, yes I would. We are. Thank you.
Taimi: Ever think about a theme song? Matching outfits? Not that you don't look great, you both do, but—
Marjory: Matching...outfits?
Taimi: If that's too far, something simpler? A team chant, a secret handshake. Your choice.
Marjory: That's very generous of you.
Taimi: Thanks! I think so too!
Taimi: There he goes. Popping up all over Elona. Still hasn't smelled us. Good thing—for now.
Taimi: After we finish off Kralkatorrik, I'm eating a whole barrel of ice cream. I deserve it. And Aurene can have some too.
Taimi: Look at that big Crystal Dragon heart beating. I can't wait to smash that thing.
Taimi: Wow, it's hot in here...
Taimi: I'm just saying, if we win this, it's all thanks to my nest-building abilities.