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Heart of Maguuma

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the region. For the mastery tracks associated with this region, see Heart of Maguuma mastery tracks.

Heart of Maguuma

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Map of Heart of Maguuma

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Maguuma Wastes

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Heart of Maguuma is a region west of the Tarnished Coast, just beyond Rata Sum. It contains the thickest forested parts of the Maguuma Jungle and is the longtime home of the Quetzal tengu and Itzel hylek who still live there today. In the past 200 years, it has seen the emergence of new groups and species to its local inhabitants, such as the Exalted, Nuhoch hylek, and Chak. It was also once the home of druids and the asuran city of Rata Novus. In the past couple years, it has largely become overgrown by Mordremoth's corruption and minions.

Malyck, a sylvari that was not born from the Pale Tree, originated from the direction of the Heart of Maguuma, indicating a second 'Pale Tree' in the region. So far no evidence of Malyck's tree has been found, though there are five Blighting Trees seen, and given the description for Malyck's tree's location it is possible that it is east of Tangled Depths.

Getting there[edit]


Long ago[edit]

Sometime in the last awakening of the Elder Dragons, one of them, the Jungle Dragon, Mordremoth, went into hibernation deep within the Heart of Maguuma.

In the year 100 AE, the volcano Abaddon's Mouth which contained the fragmented Bloodstone erupted, sending the shards throughout Tyria, with one of them falling in the Heart of Maguuma, forming the Bloodstone Fen.

The Mursaat inhabited this region for a long time where they built a fortress known as the Stronghold of the Faithful. It is here that Saul D'Alessio arrived after his exile and met the Mursaat for the first time who welcomed him and gave him new clothes and food.

Through the White Mantle, the Muursat used the Eye of Janthir to search for Chosen among the people of Kryta and took them to the Bloodstone Fen where they would be sacrificed and use their souls to keep the Gate of Komalie sealed.

Intermediate years[edit]

Sometime after 1125 AE, a group of Zephyrites, together with the Forgotten, built a settlement in the Lost Precipice, however at some point the place was abandoned. The City of Tarir was later built where the Exalted would live to protect the entire world from the threat of the Elder Dragons as part of Glint's prophecy.

In the deeper reaches of the Heart of Maguuma, Zinn formed the city of Rata Novus whose inhabitants were researching how to defeat the Elder Dragons. Following contact with the Exalted, the two groups became allied in their goal. However, Rata Novus would later fall to the local chak which were drawn to the Ley Line energy stored within the city. Most of the population perished while a small group of refugees lead by Zinn managed to flee to Draconis Mons in the Ring of Fire. In that time, Tarir remained inactive waiting for Glint's Egg to arrive.

Living World Season 1[edit]

Magic of ley line addressing the Heart of Maguuma.

In the year 1327 AE, Mordremoth awakened deep in the jungle, thanks to Scarlet Briar tapping into the Ley Line hub underneath Lion's Arch with The Breachmaker, which shortly resulted in him spreading his influence and Mordrem minions in some regions of Central Tyria.

Heart of Thorns[edit]

In the year 1328 AE, the Pact entered the region along with some members of Destiny's Edge to strike at Mordremoth early in his awakening. However, they were caught off-guard as most of their fleet was destroyed by Mordremoth's long-reaching vines shortly after their arrival.

During the Pact's advance through the region, Caithe, who had stolen Glint's Egg from the Master of Peace earlier that year, resurfaced and was able to hand off the egg to the Pact Commander so that it could be brought to Tarir for safekeeping among the Exalted.

After a 43-days campaign, Mordremoth was slain by the Pact Commander along with their allies deep within his domain.

Living World Season 3[edit]

During the year 1329 AE, The Bloodstone shard that was in the Bloodstone Fen exploded due to the manipulation of the White Mantle that they had been working on for years in secret. This resulted in the entire area around the shard being ravaged and tainted with bloodstone magic and releasing the ghosts of those that were sacrificed to the Bloodstone long ago.

In that same year, Aurene, the second scion of Glint was born within Tarir, which was soon attacked by Primordus' destroyers. To the surprise of the Pact Commander and their allies present during the defense, the last surviving Mursaat known as Lazarus the Dire, made his appearance and helped them drive away the destroyers.

Geography and climate[edit]

The Heart of Maguuma is a region full of wildlife and features lush vegetation, swampy places like the Bloodstone Fen (where the Bloodstone used to reside before it exploded), and with big, dangerous canyons leading deep into the earth. Due to its overgrown nature, subterranean caverns, canyons, and massive trees with large crowns, some view it as a maze and get lost or twisted within the foliage and its many pathways.

It has a network of underground caverns, where it is inhabited by various creatures such as the Chak and at the top of the treetops it is usually inhabited by tribes of Hyleks, such as the Coztic, Itzel and Nuhoch. And on the surface it is usually inhabited by Saurians, as well as a little-known species like the Exalteds that usually live deep in the city of Tarir

With the awakening of Mordremoth, the region has been affected by the dragon's corruption and the mordrem invasion of the place.


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  • Guild halls in this region can be accessed by all players regardless of expansion ownership, so long as they are members of a guild that has a guild hall.
  • Ember Bay is apparently considered as part of this area since its lumber count towards the Daily Heart of Maguuma Lumberer achievement.