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With every moment we wait, someone else's mother dies! I won't give Jormag a few days! I won't give Jormag a few minutes!

— Braham

Braham Eirsson (born 1309 AE) is a young norn guardian from Cragstead who relies heavily on the teachings of Wolf. He is the son of Eir Stegalkin and Borje the Sun Chaser.


Early years[edit]

Braham grew up in Cragstead not knowing that Eir Stegalkin was his mother until his father Borje the Sun Chaser died, leading him to have a form of resentment for her.[2] After his father's death when Braham was seven, he lived at Rugnar's Steading with Yngvi Rugnar and Brynhildr the Mother Bear.

Living World Season 1[edit]

When the Molten Alliance attacked in early 1326 AE, Braham went to the Black Citadel for aid from Rytlock Brimstone for defending Cragstead but was turned down. He then went to Hoelbrak to seek aid from Eir and Knut Whitebear, revealing himself as Eir's son, but was still turned down and left them in anger. Upon Braham's return, Cragstead had fallen to the Molten Alliance, which he liberated with the aid of traveling adventurers, including the Pact Commander, but could not save all the villagers—his love interest Ottilia among them—who had been taken captive.

With the help of the charr gladium Rox and the Vigil, Braham raided several of the Molten Alliance's facilities, rescuing Ottilia and other prisoners and destroying the bases until the Molten Alliance were believed defeated. He then set out to rebuild Cragstead, turning it into a haven for the refugees who lost their homes in the attacks. However, Ottilia decided to leave Braham for the fur trader Ebbe when she believed Braham would never make a name for himself.

Angered and hurt by being rejected, Braham accompanied Rox to the opening ceremony of the human Queen's Jubilee, hoping that some bashing would make him feel better. The pair came to the defense of Divinity's Reach when the festival was suddenly attacked by Twisted Watchworks which the mysterious Scarlet Briar had set loose. With the Pact Commander's and Vorpp's help, they managed to foil Scarlet's scheme although they were unable to capture her.

Braham and Rox later learned of the mysterious Tower of Nightmares appearing in Kessex Hills and went to investigate. While fighting against the Toxic Alliance, they met Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade, who had been assisting the Commander before, for the first time. They ultimately brought the tower down but learned that Scarlet had been behind this alliance as well.

When Scarlet Briar tested her Twisted Marionette in Lornar's Pass, the asura progeny Taimi became attached to Braham. Once the marionette had been dealt with, the united adventuring groups began trying to figure out what Scarlet's seemingly random actions and alliances were aiming for. While in Lion's Arch, Braham was forced to pursue Taimi into the Edge of the Mists after Captain Mai Trin's breakout and slowly bonded with her.

Braham participated in the Battle for Lion's Arch, and broke his leg in the final confrontation with Scarlet aboard The Breachmaker. However, Scarlet succeeded in her mission even in death as her flagship drilled into the ley lines underneath Lion's Arch and redirected them west to the Heart of Maguuma, feeding the Elder Dragon Mordremoth which awakened.

Living World Season 2[edit]

Braham grouped up again with Rox, Taimi, Marjory, Kasmeer and the Pact Commander to look into disturbances in the Brisban Wildlands which led them into the Maguuma Wastes and the Zephyrites' airships that had crashed there. Following the information they had gathered, the party tracked down the Master of Peace and learned of Glint's Egg which was then taken by Caithe. Braham also assisted the Commander, with gathering the racial leaders of the five races. The Commander took on a mission to disrupt the Sons of Svanir, to gain favour with Knut Whitebear with Eir acting as a liaison. Braham and Eir had a brief moment in the Shiverpeaks, assisting the Commander.

The party eventually tracked Caithe down, and learned that the Elder Dragon Mordremoth was the cause of the recent events, but were interrupted by Mordremoth's champion, the Shadow of the Dragon. While the group was able to finally kill the beast, Caithe escapeed again, which resulted in Braham's decision to hurry back before the Pact Fleet left to attack Mordremoth to try to talk to Destiny's Edge about Caithe.

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Braham joined the Pact Commander's party and entered Verdant Brink. He witnessed the aftermath of the destruction of the Pact Fleet at the hands of Mordremoth and became focused with finding Eir. He was eventually reunited with Eir after assisting the Pact Commander's party in freeing her and other prisoners who had been captured by the Mordrem and Mordrem Guard for transportation. The party was separated from the prisoners soon after, however, and rushed to their side while witnessing a Mordrem Vinetooth ambush them. During their escape attempt, Eir's fellow prisoner Faolain stabbed her in order to ensure her own survival and left Eir to the Vinetooth, only to be injured herself by Eir in turn. The party arrived too late to prevent Eir from being pierced by one Vinetooth while Faolain was taken by another Vinetooth. In the resulting battle they defeated the remaining Vinetooth but could not save Eir who succumbed to her injuries.

Braham and Rox stayed behind to look after Eir's body while the rest of the party moved deeper into the jungle to locate other missing prisoners and the elusive Caithe who was still in possession of Glint's egg. To prevent the Mordrem from using Eir's corpse to create more Mordrem, the pair buried her. Braham shaved his head, took Eir's Longbow, and vowed to take down Mordremoth who had been responsible for his mother's death.

Throughout the party's time in the Heart of Maguuma, Braham was focused but impatient to move against Mordremoth. Upon entering Mordremoth's sanctum deep within the Heart of Thorns tree, the party found Trahearne who was in the process of being fused to Mordremoth. While talking with Trahearne, the Commander realized that their best chance of defeating the Jungle Dragon, who had expanded its roots too far to be purged via traditional means, could be killed if they took the fight to its mind that resided in the Dream of Dreams. Braham volunteered to enter the Elder Dragon's mind alongside the Commander who was given the choice to either take Braham to the Dream of Dreams or leave him behind to protect the prone bodies of those who entered the Dream.

If Braham was chosen, he was forced to confront a Mordrem imitation of his mother, Blighted Eir Stegalkin, but prevailed over it with the Commander's help and later returned the favor by assisting the Commander in weakening the bipedal avatar of Mordremoth's mind in the final confrontation. If Braham was not chosen and stayed behind, Mordremoth tried to break the Commander's will by summoning a Blighted Braham Eirsson in the final battle, making it seem as if Braham had succumbed to the Mordrem in the waking world, only for the Commander to turn the illusion against its master.

After defeating Mordremoth in the Dream, the party returned to the waking world only to learn from Trahearne that one last seed of Mordremoth's hateful conciousness lingered within his mind. Trahearne pleaded the Commander to end his life with the broken sword Caladbolg before Mordremoth would regain its strength, and the party witnessed the Elder Dragon possess Trahearne and threaten them all before the Commander pierced Trahearne with the sword and ended both the Pact Marshal and Mordremoth for good.

The party survived the resulting explosion of magic and withdrew higher up the Heart of Thorns tree where they exchanged words of their bittersweet victory over the Jungle Dragon. During his conversation with the Commander, Braham expressed interest in taking the fight to the Elder Dragon Jormag next. Having avenged his mother by assisting in Mordremoth's fall, he believed that he had to take up Eir's mantle and fight alongside the Commander until all the Elder Dragons were dead. Braham saw their party as a good guild and looked forward to future adventures, parting with the Commander on good terms.

Living World Season 3[edit]

After Mordremoth's demise, Braham briefly returned to Hoelbrak and helped to organize a memorial service for Eir in 1329 AE. He left before the memorial began, however, heading into the surrounding Shiverpeaks to slay Icebrood and keep himself occupied. During this time, he discovered that Jormag had become active and sent a warning to Taimi.[3]

Afterward, Braham heard about an ancient jotun scroll similar to the one that the famous norn hero Asgeir Dragonrender had once held, and left to search for it. He intended to use the scroll to enchant Eir's longbow with fire powerful enough to counteract Jormag's ice and tracked it down to the Bitterfrost Frontier. Rox, Garm and the Pact Commander eventually caught up with Braham and learned that, despite seemingly having come to terms with losing Eir upon avenging her in the Maguuma campaign, he had not taken his mother's death very well and had become cold and bitter in the months he had spent alone in the Shiverpeaks. Braham made his changed views clear: he had come to believe that the Commander's careful approach during the Maguuma campaign had not only caused Eir's death but that the Commander had dishonored Eir's legacy by having formed a new guild called Dragon's Watch instead of continuing under Destiny's Edge.

Braham about to fire an arrow at the Fang of the Serpent.

Braham discovered the jotun scroll in the Wayward Cave, but his recklessness nearly got Rox killed when a trap was sprung, leading to Rox being frozen while an enraged ice beast was released. Despite these setbacks, Braham was successful in retrieving the scroll and enchanting Eir's bow with it, using the now improved longbow to fell the ice beast. After Rox was thawed, Braham appeared indifferent to her near death experience and instead continued accusing the Commander. Growing frustrated, he ordered Garm to follow him, left the Commander and Rox on poor terms, and headed to Hoelbrak where he managed to crack the Fang of the Serpent and fulfilled the norn prophecy.

Following his success with the tooth, Braham made plans to rally the norn who celebrated him and take the fight to Jormag. During this time, he formed his own guild and named it Destiny's Edge to honor Eir's memory. Rox followed Braham to Hoelbrak and managed to convince him to instead take a scouting party north to assess the situation first before mobilizing a larger force, while the Commander was busy dealing with threats elsewhere.[4]

Braham and his guild eventually tracked down and surrounded Jormag, only to witness the Elder Dragon suddenly roaring in anguish and returning to the ice much to their confusion. Braham suspected the Commander had something to do with this turn of events and wrote a letter to Taimi inquiring about the matter. The norn put Braham under pressure to kill Jormag, and he felt he had to live up to Eir's legend and could no longer back down.[5]

Path of Fire[edit]

While the Pact Commander headed for the Crystal Desert to stop the rogue god Balthazar from killing the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik in 1330 AE, Taimi provided the Commander with news from Central Tyria at regular intervals. Braham and Taimi were occasionally in contact, and Braham made it clear that he did not want Taimi to share anything he told her with the Commander whom he had not forgiven. Although Braham spent time with Rox, Taimi was unsure if Rox's presence was actually helping him and that he had no one to really talk to.[6]

Living World Season 4[edit]

After losing their chance at Jormag, Destiny's Edge eventually returned to Hoelbrak to think of their next course of action, and Garm retired. While there, Braham and Rox witnessed strange portals opening and never-before-seen undead pouring out to invade Hoelbrak. After beating back the probing assault, the pair decided to investigate the source of these Awakened and entered one of the portals, ending up in a strange asuran lab before taking another portal which led them in the middle of a would-be cave-in which threatened to bury a group of people under a pile of rubble.

After Braham had used his guardian magic to save the group, the pair realized they had stumbled onto the Pact Commander, Rytlock, Canach and an unfamiliar face who introduced himself as Spearmarshal Zaeim. Braham and Rox learned that the Awakened were working for the undead king of Elona, Palawa Joko, and were seemingly pouring out of the ruins of Fahranur, the First City which the Commander's party was presently investigating. Taimi had been kidnapped by what appeared to be Joko himself, and the Commander was trying to save her before she would be harmed. Deciding to set his grudge against the Commander aside for the time being and focus on saving Taimi, Braham joined the Commander as did Rox.

The group eventually fought their way deeper into the city and encountered Inquest technology as well as asura who had been turned into Awakened servants of Joko. In the heart of the complex they discovered Taimi who was trapped within Scruffy 2.0 which had been reprogrammed to not only suffocate her but also force the golem to fight against the Commander as part of Joko's elaborate revenge for being slighted by the Commander in their earlier encounter. While Braham and the Commander faced Scruffy in combat, the rest of the party held off Awakened reinforcements which rushed to the location.

After the battle was over and Taimi had been saved, Rox expressed how much she had missed her old friends and how happy she was to be reunited with them. She tried to soften Braham to the Commander although her efforts were in vain due to the norn still holding a grudge. She and Braham also explained what they had been up to, including the brief Awakened invasion attempt on Hoelbrak which had led them to Fahranur to begin with. Worried that Joko gaining Inquest tech would lead to more Awakened invasions of Tyria, the pair decided to stay in Elona and aid the Commander in further investigations about what Joko was actually planning.

Once the Commander tracked Joko down to the Domain of Kourna and started calling together their allies, Braham answered the call to arms, joining the allied armies for the battle of Gandara, the Moon Fortress. During the assault on the Moon Fortress, Braham rushed off, spotting a weakness in the fortress defenses and allowing both him and the Commander to infiltrate deep within the Lich King's citadel. As the pair reached the Contaminarium at the heart of the fortress for the final showdown, they discovered it was a trap. Braham saved the commander from the magical snare, but ended up trapped himself, immobilized and forced to simply watch as the Commander fought a desperate battle with Palawa Joko. Only after Joko was defeated was Braham set free again, in time to witness a quick intervention by Aurene putting an end to the Scourge of Vabbi once and for all.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

This segment contains information about content which is still in development. The information on this segment is subject to change prior to release.

Along with the rest of Dragon's Watch, Braham was invited to the All-Legion Rally hosted by Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer. During the celebrations, Braham was accompanied by Ryland Steelcatcher where the two bonded over frequent drinking. They conversed about each others' woes and problems, the relatability of being child to a famous member of Destiny's Edge, among other things. Eventually a fight broke out between Braham and some other charr, and Braham was incarcerated in the Blood Keep's brig. After being freed by the Pact Commander, they discovered that Braham's bow was taken. After investigating a case of Renegades in the region, Dragon's Watch discovered that it was Ryland who stole the bow, and brought it to Bangar Ruinbringer for a Renegade rally into the Far Shiverpeaks in an attempt to tame Jormag as their own, personal, Elder Dragon to rival Aurene who, in their view, is the Pact Commander's weapon. The group tried to chase Bangar, but they were blocked by a growing blizzard and an Icebrood Construct.

After failing to fulfill his promise of killing Jormag, some norn began calling him Braham Vowbreaker.

After establishing camp behind enemy lines in Drizzlewood Coast, Braham investigated a strange norn ruin of a temple built to honor the Spirits of the Wild. The large ruin door was sealed with Spirit of the Wild totems and Braham was certain he could convince the Spirts of the Wild to open the stone door. Since Wolf, Raven, Snow Leopard, and Bear were not responding, Braham was forced to undergo trials with the corrupted Ox, Eagle, and Wolverine. After Braham completed the challenges, Owl's totem remained. Owl sacrificed herself to save the Norn when Jormag threatened them long ago, however, owl was not dead, but had instead cut herself off from the Mists and the norn when she was corrupted by Jormag. Owl returned to this temple to hide and with Braham bringing Owl back to her totem, the door to Jormag's was open. Braham cleared the Dominion soldiers with the United Legion in the Frost Citadel and encountered Bangar bribing Jormag with the totems of Wolf, Bear, Snow Leopard, and Raven as a way to control the elder dragon. Ryland entered the fray and while Braham, Rylock, and Crecia were able to free all four Great Spirits from their fate, they were too late in stopping Jormag from waking up.

Primordus and his champion, Braham.


Crystal Desert
Heart of Maguuma
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains

Historical locations[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains
The Mists

Story involvement[edit]

Braham concept art 2.jpg

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

Before Wildfire[edit]

  • Faithful Strike - Hit your foe with a final strike and heal nearby allies.
  • True Strike - Chain. Smash your foe.
  • Symbol of Faith - Symbol. Smash a mystic symbol onto the ground that damages foes and regenerates allies.
  • Shield of Absorption - Create a dome around you that pushes foes back and absorbs projectiles.

After Wildfire[edit]


In Dragonstorm[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png



For historical dialogue, see here.

Dragon's Stand (Heart of Thorns)[edit]

Before completing Hearts and Minds
When are we heading down to dig Mordremoth out? My mace is twitchy.
Talk more option tango.png Do you think we can beat it? We still don't know its weakness.
I know we can. I can feel it trembling at the very thought of us. So maybe we don't know its weakness, but it's scared. Why else would it have pulled Trahearne away? We must be close.
Talk more option tango.png Hm. That's an astute observation.
Yeah. I think some of Taimi's genius might be rubbing off on me. Don't tell her I said that.
Talk end option tango.png My lips are sealed. Tell your mace to be ready. We'll be going in soon.
After completing Hearts and Minds
Another victory! They're adding up. Jormag's next on the docket, right?
Talk more option tango.png A little rest might be in order first, don't you think?
Rest? I'm not resting until all the Elder Dragons are dead. Eir helped you kill Zhaitan. It's up to me to help you take down the rest. I see that now, and I'm ready.
Talk more option tango.png Eir would be proud of you. But, we have to rest before charging back in.
We have a good guild. There's nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it. I suppose we've earned a little break, but hopefully not too long.
Talk end option tango.png I'm sure trouble will find us before too much time has passed, my friend.

Domain of Kourna[edit]

At the Front Line
Braham: Wish we could just go ahead and storm the castle. All this waiting is...hard on the nerves.

Sun's Refuge[edit]

Hey, Commander.
Before completing Storm Tracking:
Talk more option tango.png How are you holding up? You've been through a lot lately.
I think I'll be okay. Mother was... I needed to hear what she said. I'm sorry for acting like a dolyak's rear, Commander. Thanks... for not giving up on me.
Talk end option tango.png We'll face whatever comes. Together.
After completing Storm Tracking:
Talk more option tango.png Are you doing okay? Taimi's news...
I...guess I'm not okay. It's not fair what's happening to her. I...I wish I could do something. She should feel like we're here because we care about her, not because she's depending on us.
Talk end option tango.png Then we should make sure she knows that.
Talk end option tango.png See you around, Braham.

Hoelbrak during Dragon Bash 2021[edit]

Hey, boss. I debated showing my face here. Between you and me, I would have been happier nursing my wounds from the bottom of a back at Cragstead.
Talk quest option tango.png You enjoying the festival?
Braham: Oh, yeah. It's a real good time...
Braham: Not as fun to pretend to slay dragons as it used to be.
Braham: Do they even know what they're celebrating? Or why? They act like there's some kind of glory in it...
Braham: They have no idea what it feels like. What it costs...
Braham: Sorry, Commander. I don't feel like talking. I'm not good company.
Talk end option tango.png Let them spoil you a bit. You've earned it.


Combat chatter
We can handle them, spread out!
Enemy downed
Glad that's over.


Concept art


  • When Braham acquires Eir's Longbow, it is shown stowed on the left, the opposite side of how it would be for players. When the longbow becomes enchanted by the jotun scroll, it is shown correctly stowed on his right, and changes its appearance slightly.
  • During some open world sections of Whisper in the Dark, Braham follows the player around the map but is only visible on client side; to other players, he appears as a raven.


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    Taimi: But since Jormag's all snoozy, he doesn't have a chance of killing it now, does he?
    <Character name>: He better not. Talk to him. Maybe you can get him to see reason. It's never too late for him to do the right thing.
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