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Primeval Dynasty

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The Primeval Dynasty, sometimes called the Primeval Dynastic Period, marks the era of the Primeval Kings, the first royal bloodline of Elona. It is said to have been the height of Elonian culture, when it rivaled King Doric's three kingdom empire of Ascalon, Orr, and Kryta. It began in 200 BE, five years after humanity arrived on Elona, and lasted for 653 years, ending all of a sudden in 452 AE, due to the Scarab Plague, which wiped out the royal bloodline as well as much of Istan. The last Primeval Kings were the twin queens Nahlah and Dahlah, who were blamed for the plague.

The beginning of this era is known as the Dynastic Reckoning, and it marks the beginning of the Elonian calendar system.


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