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Disambig icon.png This article is about a historical period. For other uses, see Primeval.

The Primeval Dynasty, sometimes called the Primeval Dynastic Period, marks the era of the Primeval Kings, the first royal bloodline of the nation of Elona. Beginning in 200 BE, five years after humanity first appeared on the shores of what would become Istan and Kourna, the Primeval Kings reigned from Fahranur, the First City. The beginning of the Primeval Dynasty also marks the beginning of Dynastic Reckoning, the Elonian calendar system.

The Primeval Dynasty is said to have been the height of Elonian culture, when it rivaled King Doric's three kingdom empire of Ascalon, Orr, and Kryta. This era lasted for 653 years, when it was ended in 452 AE during the reign of the twin queens Nahlah and Dahlah due to the Scarab Plague which wiped out the bloodline of the royal family, as well as much of Istan.

Many of the kings and queens of the Primeval Dynasty were buried in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

Rulers of the Primeval Dynasty[edit]

The chronology of rulers remains unknown so they are listed below in alphabetical order.


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