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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.

I am a Grand Warmaster, Almorra's second-in-command. Should she fall, I will lead the order...but I pray to the Tree I am never needed in that role.

Laranthir of the Wild

Grand Warmaster Laranthir of the Wild, Secondborn of the sylvari, is a prominent member of the Pact. He is also one of the leaders of the Vigil alongside General Almorra Soulkeeper, Warmaster Efut, Lord Rodrigo of Cormoch, and Jhavi Jorasdottir. In fact, he is the Vigil's second-in-command, tasked with taking leadership of the order in the event of General Soulkeeper's death.


Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

When Durmand Priory scholars reported that Scarlet Briar's Breachmaker had disturbed an Elder Dragon, Laranthir petitioned Marshal Trahearne to send an airship to Lion's Arch to investigate.

Living World Season 2[edit]

The Pact learned that Scarlet's tampering with the ley lines beneath Lion's Arch had led to the Elder Dragon Mordremoth's awakening and the emergence of the Mordrem which began appearing around the world in areas with magical hotspots or powerful artifacts. Laranthir joined Trahearne at the World Summit in the Grove in 1327 AE, though he remained out of the meeting itself while leaders of five nations discussed the threat Mordremoth posed to the world. Laranthir and people below the Omphalos Chamber were forced to fight a sudden Mordrem invasion while Mordremoth's champion, the Shadow of the Dragon, attacked the Pale Tree. The Pact Commander was successful in driving the Shadow of the Dragon away although the Pale Tree was weakened from the attack and fell unconscious.

Following the defense of the Grove which had invigorated many sylvari to avenge their Mother Tree, Laranthir helped Trahearne prepare the Pact to focus on Mordremoth from the staging ground of Camp Resolve in the Silverwastes. Although the Pact had to speed up its schedule to strike at Mordremoth as soon as possible before the Elder Dragon could grow in power, they had gained enough funding, supplies and reinforcements from the five nations to be able to launch an airship fleet to the Heart of Maguuma where Mordremoth was believed to reside in. Laranthir accompanied Trahearne and members of Destiny's Edge to the jungle, certain that they could defeat Mordremoth like they had done with Zhaitan.

Heart of Thorns[edit]

When the Pact Fleet was destroyed by Mordremoth and sylvari who had succumbed to the Elder Dragon's call in 1328 AE, Laranthir sent a request for aid to the Pact Commander, who then assigned him as the new leader of the Pale Reavers. Despite facing distrust from some members of the Pact who believed that all sylvari had become a liability after some had turned into the Mordrem Guard, Laranthir was able to rescue a few surviving Pale Reavers to boost his forces. He and Chief Aviator Skybreaker joined forces to bring down Mordremoth's minions and cleared a path for air support.

Once the Pact had reorganized itself in Verdant Brink, Laranthir led it as well as the jungle allies they had gained along the way, such as the Exalted, in the assault on Mordremoth in the heart of Dragon's Domain. He witnessed the Elder Dragon's demise after a fierce battle and was relieved that Mordremoth's buzzing voice was finally gone from his head. However, the victory came at a great cost to the Pact: not only had they lost many soldiers in the war, but Trahearne had sacrificed himself to end Mordremoth for good, leaving the Pact without a marshal to lead it.

Path of Fire[edit]

After dying in the rogue god Balthazar's ambush in 1330 AE, the Pact Commander's soul appeared in the Domain of the Lost where all spirits which experience sudden, violent deaths end up in. While recovering their name and remembering their purpose to be properly judged, the Commander was subjected to fragmented visions of past deeds, including an encounter with Laranthir from the Maguuma campaign.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

A note found in Jora's Keep indicates that Almorra Soulkeeper has granted Laranthir a temporary leave of absence to return to The Grove, and that it is expected that he will return in due time. In his absence, Jhavi Jorasdottir has assumed the role of second-in-command of the Vigil.


Heart of Maguuma
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains

Historical locations[edit]


Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 1[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Verdant Brink
Dragon's Stand

Combat abilities[edit]


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For previous dialogue: Laranthir of the Wild/dialogue


In Vigil Keep, if not Vigil
Forgive us if we seem unfriendly. The Vigil soldiers stationed here have much on their minds. Enjoy your visit.
Talk more option tango.png Is everything all right? You sound a little sad.
Not sad, exactly. Just resigned. I've often sought love, but never found it. Perhaps one day. Until then, I'll serve the Vigil as if it were my beloved.
Talk end option tango.png That's a nice frame of mind, but I don't think it will make you any less lonely. Good luck, Laranthir.
Talk end option tango.png I understand.
In Vigil Keep, if Vigil member
(at early state of the personal story)
Step lively, soldier. Everyone either contributes to or undermines our success. There is no middle ground.
Talk more option tango.png Is everything all right? You sound a little sad. (continues like above)
Talk end option tango.png Yes, sir.
(after The Battle of Claw Island)
We have troops ready to follow your lead to Claw Island. You have only to say the word.
Talk more option tango.png What is wrong? You sound a little sad, Laranthir. (continues like above)
Talk end option tango.png Thank you, sir. I look forward to that day.
(after Retribution)
You're very lucky to have this opportunity. Adventure, Would that I could find the same.
Talk more option tango.png What is wrong? You sound a little sad, Laranthir. (continues like above)
Talk end option tango.png I will.

Heart of Maguuma[edit]

In Verdant Brink
In Dragon's Domain
Well met, Commander. It seems[sic] find ourselves on the dragon's doorstep.
Talk more option tango.png Is this really it? Have we really found Mordremoth in its lair? (If didn't complete Hearts and Minds)
Our scouts believe the creature before us is feeding on ley-line energy for its master, but Mordremoth is an entity of mind and dream. That's where you'll have to go to defeat it.
Talk more option tango.png If that's true, how do I do that?
I have faith you'll find a way in, Commander.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you, Laranthir.
Talk end option tango.png So even if we can't end things here, we can weaken Mordremoth. Let's do it.
Talk more option tango.png I don't understand. I thought I'd beaten Mordremoth... (If completed Hearts and Minds)
Though you killed Mordremoth within its realm of mind, the physical manifestation of its hunger remains in our world, still feeding on this hub of ley-line energy.
Talk end option tango.png In that case, let's put it out of our misery.
Talk end option tango.png Let's finish this.

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  • Laranthir will appear in the player's home instance after completing Blast from the Past and Victory or Death.


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