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Good, Better, Nest

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Good, Better, Nest is an achievement given by Taimi in Sun's Refuge. It involves collecting gifts for Aurene's nest.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Good, Better, Nest A Star to Guide Us 3Achievement points
Collect at least 5 gifts for the nest Taimi is building."I find that old friends will come through in a pinch."—Taimi
Reward: Karmic Retribution.pngKarmic Retribution

  • Speak to Taimi about Aurene's nest.
  • Retrieve a gift from the Free Awakened recruiter at Vabbi's Necropolis.
  • Retrieve a gift from Warmaster Steelburn at the Pact Vanguard camp.
  • Retrieve a gift from Sayida the Sly in Istan.
  • Retrieve a gift from Zalambur in his office at the Grand Sahil.
  • Retrieve a gift from Imann in Amnoon's council chambers.
  • Retrieve a gift from Mal at Atholma Farms.
  • Retrieve a gift from Azi at Yatendi Village.
Gathered 1 Decoration for Aurene's Nest 0Achievement points
Gathered 2 Decorations for Aurene's Nest 1Achievement points
Gathered 4 Decorations for Aurene's Nest 1Achievement points
Gathered 6 Decorations for Aurene's Nest 1Achievement points


As noted in the hint for this achievement, only six of the below eight objectives are required to complete the achievement - this provides some lee-way in case the previous living story episodes aren't owned, only five items (objectives 2 through to objective 8) are required.

Objective Zone Closest landmark Rewards Notes

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  • The achievement description appears to assume that you've talked with Taimi for one bit of achievement progress already and hence only requires five gifts.[verification requested]