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Your Kind of People

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Your Kind of People

1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
Your Kind of People
Seitung Province
Crystal Cave
(Seitung Province)
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Can't Trust a Pirate

Aurene's Sanctuary loading screen 2.png

Loading screen for Aurene's Sanctuary.

Your Kind of People is the third chapter of the End of Dragons story.


Investigate the Aetherblades.
  • Leave court and update everyone.
  • Head to Rama's office and talk to Akane.
  • Search for any relevant files.
  • Leave the office.
  • Meet Marjory near the crash sites.
  • (Search the crash site for any salvagable information.)
  • Log boxes found: x/6
  • Head to the rendezvous point.
  • (Optional: Find any remaining information.)
  • Optional logs: x/2
  • Question the Aetherblade.
  • Check in.
Return to Aurene.
  • Return to Aurene's cave to meet the group.
  • Follow Gorrik into the cave.
  • Make sense of your surroundings.
  • Follow up with Aurene.
  • Follow up with Joon.


Replaying the story chapter


The chapter starts with a comm's call from Marjory and Gorrik that gets interrupted by Detective Rama and Akane. You are given the choice to start by looking through the MinSec's files on the Aetherblades at Rama's office or investigate the Aetherblade Armada's crash site with Marjory.

Heading to Rama's office

Head back to Seitung Prison and get clearance to check through the Archives with Akane. The file you are looking for is the last one on the right side, found in the middle aisle between the bookshelves, but reading through all files awards one half of End of Dragons- Act I.png End of Dragons: Act I: BloodhoundHunt down every lead in the Aetherblade investigation. (3Achievement points). Before leaving the office you can optionally say goodbye to Talk quest option tango.png Akane.

Meeting up with Marjory

Marjory will call the commander on comms to remind them about the crashsite. First you will need to meet her and Gorrik, who can be found in a pavillion down the stairs and south of the Royal Court's building. Agreeing to split up due to not having MinSec assistance, you will have to find a minimum of six Log Boxes in the areas marked with green ovals on the map. Following the stairs down towards Aetherblade Flagship Wreckage will lead to the first investigation site with three Log Boxes.

One of the Log Boxes can be found on top and at the front of the capsized ships, going down the ramps from this one, another is in the water underneath some wreckage. The third is inside the ship and directly underneath the point of interest, but can be accessed from outside the ship by swimming near the location underwater. Listen to all three to mark the first site as completed. The second and third investigation sites are up on the cliffs. Follow the metal runway next to the crashed airship to the second site. A Log Box can be found ahead from the runway's end at the edge of the cliff overlooking the shipwreck. Another is found inside the cave next to a Jade Tech Offensive Protocol, the last on this site is located above the cave near a cage and stacks of cannonballs. Having listened to all three Log Boxes in the first two sites you can either meet back up with Marjory and Gorrik as requested via comms and help them interrogate an Aetherblade or optionally look for the last two Log Boxes in the third investigation site to finish End of Dragons- Act I.png End of Dragons: Act I: BloodhoundHunt down every lead in the Aetherblade investigation. (3Achievement points). To get to the optional logs follow the metal runway up. One is near another bunch of cages and cannonballs, the other is down near the stone gate next to a Jade Battery. In the meantime Marjory and Gorrik have captured an Aetherblade for interrogation, you can assist them in questioning the prisoner. There's an optional conversation to be had with Marjory before returning to Aurene's cave.

Returning to Aurene

Go back to Aurene's Enclave for the instance Aurene's Sanctuary. Once there follow Taimi, who is sharing news about Aurene and Caithe's concerning silence, Gorrik, Marjory and Joon to check on them. As soon as the commander enters the cave they will be pulled into a new realm, where a conversation between Aurene and the first Elder Dragon, Soo-Won takes place. Other members of your party will be transformed into orbs of light. After sharing these groundbreaking news and Joon's insight on how the Aetherblades acquired the Extractor, you can ask her for more information. Selecting the Talk quest option tango.png option will make the other lines of questioning become unavailable, so pick the options marked with Talk more option tango.png first, if you want to listen to all of Joon's input. Having gained a lead on Captain Mai Trin and the Aetherblades location concludes this chapter.


Your Kind of People End of Dragons: Act I End of Dragons mastery point 1Achievement points
Investigate what's happening in Shing Jea.Journal: Your Kind of People Completed Completed Your Kind of People 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story
Bloodhound End of Dragons: Act I 3Achievement points
Hunt down every lead in the Aetherblade investigation.
  • MinSec File 1
  • MinSec File 2
  • MinSec File 3
  • MinSec File 4
  • MinSec File 5
  • MinSec File 6
  • MinSec File 7
  • MinSec File 8
  • Aetherblade Recording 01
  • Aetherblade Recording 02
  • Aetherblade Recording 03
  • Aetherblade Recording 04
  • Aetherblade Recording 05
  • Aetherblade Recording 06
  • Aetherblade Recording 07
  • Aetherblade Recording 08
Reviewed 8 Leads 1Achievement points
Reviewed 16 Leads 2Achievement points
  • MinSec Files can be found in Rama's office. All 8 files are interactable even after finding the relevant file.
  • Listen to 8 Aetherblade recordings. Find the 6 log boxes and then do the 2 optional logs afterward.


Open world[edit]





In the Crystal Cave[edit]


  • Gorrik
  • Taimi
Elder Dragons



Leaving the court
Marjory Delaqua: Commander, could you swing by the Aetherblades' crash site? Trying to dig up some leads on their whereabouts.
Gorrik: ...sorely mistaken if they think kidnapping a member of the scientific community will go unpunished...
Marjory Delaqua: Gorrik will be assisting us. He's on an "uncompromising quest for justice." His words.
Detective Rama: Well aren't you a couple of busy field bulls.
Marjory Delaqua: Rama? You're on this call?
Detective Rama: It's an open frequency. Might as well be hosting your own radio show at this point.
Detective Rama: So you really pulled it off and got Empress Ihn's approval. Mm. Guess you'll be traipsing through my office soon.
Detective Rama: Look, you can see the Blades' classified files, but nothin' else. Akane'll be keeping an eye on you. Got it?
Akane: I will? Ugh, so much for "reasonable work hours."

Investigating the Aetherblades crash site[edit]

Meeting Majory
Marjory Delaqua: Thanks to our busy friends at the Ministry of Security, we won't have any extra help. But I'm sure we'll manage.
Marjory Delaqua: We'll start looking around up front here. Commander, why don't you check out the wreckage? We can sync after.
Gorrik: If I so much as smell one of those aerial degenerates, I'm showing no mercy! And neither should you, Commander!
Interacting with the first recording
Captain Mai Trin: So Scarlet's got this plan. Join up with the Inquest, get me on the Captain's Council... It's big.
Captain Mai Trin: I was worried about working for somebody else. Never took orders well.
Captain Mai Trin: But Scarlet... She knows what she wants. Knows how to get it. No fear. No hesitation. Makes sense.
Captain Mai Trin: You want to shake the foundations of the world, you can't be scared of falling rubble.
Interacting with the second recording
Ankka: Portal's offline. Hull's compromised. Missing about a hundred unique parts, and that's just us.
Ankka: Other ships in the fleet are just as bad. Captain. Captain!
Captain Mai Trin: Scarlet's dead. And... the commander—
Ankka: Killed her. I know. I don't care. Captain, pull yourself together. The crew can't see you like this.
Captain Mai Trin: Scarlet was supposed to—
Ankka: Captain, you have maybe ten seconds before the crew sees you like this and loses all respect for you.
Ankka: We're trapped in the Mists and they need a leader. So. Lead.
Captain Mai Trin: You're right. Organize the crew. We start working to fix this right now.
Interacting with the third recording
Captain Mai Trin: I know where you're going with this, and the answer is no.
Ankka: We have no other choice. How else do we get the parts? Hm? How?
Ivan: Uh... What you're saying is, we travel through fractals in the Mists, find our past selves, and steal from them?
Captain Mai Trin: That's not possible. And even if it were, wouldn't we just be screwing up our own pasts?
Ankka: They're fractals. Echoes of pure potentiality. Our own pasts are secure. We'd just be exploring the alternatives.
Ivan: Fractals are inherently unstable. We can't waltz around the Mists wherever we please like it's Southsun Cove.
Captain Mai Trin: We would have to travel to...dozens of fractals.
Captain Mai Trin: Stable fractals.
Renyak: Hundreds. For the right parts. Even then, using those parts could have...unpredictable results. Heh heh.
Ivan: And you're okay with this? Fighting, maybe killing yourselves hundreds of times over?
Ankka: I ask again: How else do we get the parts?
<Character name>: Hey, Jory, I found a few recordings, but no leads. Who knew pirates had so much drama?
Marjory Delaqua: Tell me about it. Just keep looking. Think we might be onto some—
Gorrik: Forgiveness is for the weak!
Marjory Delaqua: Gorrik, calm down! I'll call you back.
Interacting with the fourth recording
Captain Mai Trin: Everyone all right? Sound off.
Ivan: One ship unaccounted for. Was that...Kralkatorrik? In the Mists?
Renyak: What's an Elder Dragon doing in the Mists, huh? What's been going on out here? And where the hell are we?
Ankka: I'm checking. If that's Elona, and that's Istan...Cantha.
Renyak: Cantha? No— Ivan, you said we'd come out over the Crystal Desert.
Ivan: I was performing very complex calculations while also being chased by an Elder Dragon, so CUT ME SOME SLACK!
Captain Mai Trin: Calm down, everyone. Ankka, Ivan, see if you can get in touch with the other ships. Renyak, gather our supplies.
Captain Mai Trin: Guess we're about to find out how Cantha's changed in the last two hundred years...
Interacting with the fifth recording
Ivan: Full disclosure, I'm now recording this conversation. For posterity.
Ivan: And let the record show that Ivan does NOT like what First Mate Ankka is insinuating. Not one bit.
Ankka: Relax, mole-face. I'm not insinuating anything.
Ankka: Even an obsequious, brownnosing bootlicker like Ivan must've noticed how much time the captain's spending among the Canthans.
Ivan: She's—what do you call it? Casing the place.
Ankka: The crew's getting restless. We should be ransacking the locals—dare I say, even committing a bit of piracy?
Ankka: Instead we're hiding in these ruins—up to our ears in seawater and hungry Risen.
Ivan: We're not hiding. We're...strategizing. You want to pillage the most technologically advanced civilization on Tyria—without a plan?
Ivan: The captain's got a connection in Cantha.
Ivan: That's our in: we do a couple o' jobs for this Canthan, earn some trust, THEN we make our move.
Interacting with the sixth recording
Ankka: Explain this to me again.
Captain Mai Trin: She needs a kind of dragon expert.
Ankka: She has every possible resource in Cantha at her disposal—why does she need us to find her a dragon expert?
Captain Mai Trin: Apparently they're in short supply. So she needs us to...import one.
Ankka: A dragon expert.
Captain Mai Trin: Yeah. I was thinking you could go to Rata Sum, maybe ask—
Ankka: I know someone.
Captain Mai Trin: What?
Ankka: I know someone.
Captain Mai Trin: Think they'd be willing to come?
Ankka: No question. I know exactly what he wants to hear.
Marjory Delaqua: Commander, need you ASAP. We may have just found our lead.
Gorrik: I'll take that.
Unknown: Hey! Know how long it took to find that thing?
Interacting with the seventh recording
Renyak: Two seconds holding this gun, I can already tell you you'll never hit what you're aiming at.
Ankka: I know the sight's off because I'm having trouble shooting things. That's obvious. My question is, can you fix it?
Renyak: Maybe. Depends.
Ankka: Renyak. This doesn't have to be tedious.
Renyak: The others... What do they say about me?
Ankka: I don't know. That you're insecure?
Renyak: Ankka—
Ankka: Ex-slavers like you don't get by on personality. You want to succeed in the Aetherblades? Get results.
Renyak: All right. How?
Ankka: At this very moment? You can start by fixing my gun.
Interacting with the eighth recording
Ankka: I'm going to see him again.
Ankka: I hated Gorrik once. Resented how oblivious he was—to me, to the world.
Ankka: Now...I don't feel anything. Sitting on these crumbling ruins at the edge of the world, I'm looking out at emptiness.
Ankka: We're like ants. Scuttling through life until we die; then nothing's left but bones and rubble.
Ankka: The stars, the gods, the dragons...our lives are a rounding error on the scale of their existence.
Ankka: Screw it. I won't be a rounding error.
Questioning the Aetherblade
Captured Aetherblade: Think I'm scared of you? Some little rat thing with pointy hands?
Marjory Delaqua: Well hello, Commander. Say, didn't you just beat this gentleman's friends to a pulp?
<Character name>: Indeed. Looks like I must've forgotten one.
Gorrik: We found him roaming around out here. Seems he was piecing this together.
Gorrik: I recall Blish using similar components in his portal research. Appears to be a tool for Mist traversal.
Marjory Delaqua: Shame if we accidentally dropped a scenic overlook. And I hear the Mists are lovely this time of year, too.
Captured Aetherblade: Careful with that! We need— Fine, whaddaya want? Make it quick.
Gorrik: Ankka cited a "professional interest" in Elder Dragon research. Namely Aurene. Care to elaborate?
Captured Aetherblade: You're askin' the wrong guy. Ankka does the dragon stuff. And maybe Mai Trin? Who knows anymore.
Marjory Delaqua: Sounds a bit uncertain.
Captured Aetherblade: 'Cause it doesn't matter. There's better things comin'. Big plans. The Jade Winds are a-changin'!
Gorrik: Care to elaborate on these "big plans," air fiend?
Captured Aetherblade: (burps)
Marjory Delaqua: Rude to my associate, and off-topic. Commander, would you teach this bozo some manners?
Captured Aetherblade: What are ya gonna do?
Talk more option tango.png Look, you know who I am. Let's not make this difficult.
Captured Aetherblade: Uggggh. Okay, okay. I dunno what the plans are. Just heard some higher-ups mention it.
Talk more option tango.png Let's break this fool's kneecaps.
<Character name>: Good thing my knuckles healed from smashing all those Aetherblade skulls.
Captured Aetherblade: Whoa, no need to get all violent. I dunno what the plans are, okay? Just heard some higher-ups mention it.
Captured Aetherblade: Look, I fix stuff. Clean the galley. Might run a few errands. Nobody's tellin' me nothin'.
Marjory Delaqua: Gods, we're beating up the maintenance guy? This isn't helping anything. (sighs) Let him go.
Captured Aetherblade: Can ya just give it back?
Marjory Delaqua: Gorrik!
Captured Aetherblade: DAMN IT! What'd ya do that for, ya little dweeb?
Gorrik: Seems to have gotten stuck in these "pointy hands." I could probably repair it quite easily, but I have work to do.
When investigating the crashsite before checking out the MinSec's files
Detective Rama: Hey, so, when are you stopping by the MinSec office for those files?
Detective Rama: Akane's gotta lock up at some point. She really doesn't file working overtime.
Taimi: Detective, can you please stop hacking our private communications?
Detective Rama: I'm not "hacking," for the love of— Commander, if you want those files. then they're waiting at the MinSec. office.
Detective Rama: Don't try any funny business.
<Character name>: I understand. I'll be there soon.
Taimi: Hacker.
Speaking with Marjory Delaqua
Marjory Delaqua: I guess we got a lead out of him. A little cryptic, but I can work with it.
Gorrik: I've never felt so alive! Now l know how the mantis feels as it closes in on its prey!
Marjory Delaqua: Take it easy, tough guy. That was pretty badass. But there is a certain finesse to this job.
Marjory Delaqua: We'll practice. You can try being "good cop" next time.
Captured Aetherblade: (grumbles)

Rama's office[edit]

Speaking with Akane when entering the office
<Character name>: Akane, right? Detective Rama gave me permission to be here.
Akane: Okay. Yeah. That's totally interesting.
<Character name>: I'm gonna dig through your archives.
Akane: In the back. Knock yourself out. Ooh... I'll be keeping a close eye on you.
Search for any relevant files.
(Read the Notice)
Akane: Is that what you're looking for?
Akane: Are you doing something gross back there?
(Read the "Shing Jea Quarterly Safety Summary")
Akane: Remember, some of those files are super off limits to you.
Akane: Got what you needed?
(Read the Dossier on Madam Joon)
Akane: Those files are so old and boring. What do you even want from them?
(Read the Incident Report 116920)
Akane: Hey, what do you think of Minister Li? Total buzzkill, am I right?
(Read the Incident Report 328315)
<Character name>: "Cogskull," huh? The Aetherblades must be marking their territory.
(Read the Dossier: "White Falcon")
Akane: Have you ever been to New Kaineng? It's, like, so much more exciting.
Speaking with Akane when leaving Rama's office
<Character name>: Got what l needed, I think. Thanks for your help, Akane.
Akane: Mm.
Akane: Okay, 'bye.
When having checked the files before investigating the Aetherblades
Marjory Delaqua: Hey, Commander, you should probably head to the crash site soon. Gorrik's getting a bit restless.
Marjory Delaqua: Between us, I think he's taking the Ankka situation pretty hard.
<Character name>: She did betray his trust. And kidnap him. Just gives us more incentive to track her down.
Marjory Delaqua: Still, hate seeing him like this. Figured I'd let him blow off steam. Listen, if he feels like talking.
Marjory Delaqua: About Ankka, anyway. Can't follow his science rants for the life of me.
<Character name>: You're a good friend, Jory. We'll make sure she gets what's coming to her. See you two soon.

Return to Aurene[edit]

After finishing all investigations
Taimi: Commander! I'm at Aurene's cave. You need to get over here, like...right now!
<Character name>: I'm on my way.
Entering Aurene's Sanctuary instance
Taimi: Alchemy, you're here!
Gorrik: What's going on, Taimi?
Taimi: I don't know! Aurene and Caithe, they're...
Joon: They're fine.
<Character name>: Joon. What are you doing here?
Joon: I told you my jade tech can help your dragon. So that's what I'm doing: helping.
Taimi: We were talking to Aurene when she went quiet all of a sudden. It's like she's sleeping, but not.
Taimi: I thought it could be a concussion from the fall, but then Caithe...
Taimi: She fell silent too. While still standing! I don't know if she's being affected because of their connection, or what.
Joon: All my tests show Aurene's magic levels are steadily improving.
Gorrik: Perhaps the Extractor caused lingering side effects.
Taimi: Maybe. But it's impossible to tell without the device itself!
Not following into the cave
Taimi: Come on! We can't waste any time.
Taimi: Are you really having trouble keeping up with me?
In Aurene's cave
<Character name>: Hello?
Caithe: Commander? Over here.
<Character name>: Caithe. Where are we?
Caithe: Shh. They're talking.
Aurene: They're not just "mortals." They're my friends.
Unknown: They're your flock. The shepherd watches, and protects, but she does so in solitude.
Unknown: When I...created the others, I thought..."l don't have to be alone anymore."
Aurene: The other Elder Dragons...? You were their...
Unknown: Mm. I was imperfect, you see. Attuned to water, but not the other elements.
Unknown: I thought my children would bring balance and harmony to the fabric of magic, but...
Aurene: Then what happens now, Soo-Won?
Soo-Won: Now you take my place, little one.
Soo-Won: Consider what I've said.
Marjory Delaqua: Looks like they're coming around!
Gorrik: Oh, good. I thought it was contagious.
<Character name>: What just happened?
Caithe: That was the first Elder Dragon—the mother of all dragons. Isn't that right, Aurene?
Aurene: Kralkatorrik's mother. My great-grandmother...
Taimi: WHAT.
Gorrik: WHAT.
Aurene: We'd spoken before. A few times. I didn't know who she was until we came here.
<Character name>: What does she want?
Aurene: For me to take her place...
Caithe: Take her place?
Aurene: And become the One Elder Dragon.
<Character name>: The last Elder Dragon who wanted something from you was Jormag. And we know how that turned out.
Aurene: Soo-Won isn't Jormag.
Caithe: Can we be sure?
Joon: You can. Soo-Won's been Cantha's guardian since the Zhaitan disaster. Or so goes the legend.
Aurene: I need some time to think about this.
<Character name>: Of course.
Gorrik: In the meantime, we still have to find the Aetherblades.
Marjory Delaqua: And whatever that Extractor thing is. How did they get their hands on something capable of doing...
Marjory Delaqua: ...this?
Gorrik: Ankka was a brilliant machinist, and that weapon was asura made. But the technology's beyond even the Inquest.
Joon: That's because it's Canthan. I gave it to Mai Trin.
Marjory Delaqua: You hired them, didn't you?
Joon: I did.
Gorrik: You—! Y-you hired them? This is all because of...
Joon: I didn't know what they were capable of, or their history in Tyria. If I did, I never would have...
Joon: I'm sure you have questions. Ask me anything.
Speaking with Joon
Joon: I can go into anything. It's in my interest to be transparent here.“
Talk more option tango.png You're working with Mai Trin?
Joon: She was working for me. She's got Canthan ancestry, so she could walk among us.
Joon: My guards caught her snooping around one of my power plants. She'd hacked my security system.
Joon: I could've made her disappear. No one knew who she was, after all. But l was impressed at her resourcefulness.
Joon: So I told her to come work for me. I need people who can find my blind spots.
Joon: And I took a liking to her. She became my protégé. Bit of a slow learner, but she worked her ass off.
Joon: Whenever I tried explaining jade thaumadynamics, she struggled. But somehow, she always figured it out.
Joon: I could never put my finger on it. That woman was haunted by something.
Marjory Delaqua: Maybe all the people she killed at Lion's Arch.
Joon: Maybe.
Talk more option tango.png Why did you hire them?
Joon: I needed dragon research. As you're acutely aware, the dragon cycle threatens us all.
Joon: And it turns out the best dragon researchers exist outside of Cantha.
Taimi: She's got a point there.
Joon: The Aetherblades could go where I couldn't. That's why I needed Mai and her crew.
Joon: I never asked them to kidnap anyone. I wanted to import talented researchers—with their consent.
Talk more option tango.png How did they get here?
Joon: 'Parently they came out of the Mists. They were lucky to have landed in the ruins of Old Kaineng and not...
Joon: Well, you saw what happened when you "dropped in" on Shing Jea.
Talk more option tango.png You called Soo-Won "Cantha's Protector"?
Joon: I suppose it began with the Zhaitan Disaster: the massive tidal wave of undead that came crashing to our shores.
Joon: Worst calamity since the Jade Wind. Even a hundred years later, with all our advances, we still feel the effects.
Joon: Well, Soo-Won is the hero of that story. Rising from the depths, turning back the waters and the dead. Poetic stuff.
Joon: People say she formed a pact with Kuunavang to protect Cantha. Saltspray dragon. Local. Hero in her own right.
Joon: But, aside from a few rumors here and there, they've hardly been seen since.
Joon: For Soo-Won to reach out to Aurene, so soon after her arrival... Well, it's certainly a fascinating development.
Talk quest option tango.png So where are they now?
<Character name>: Joon. The Aetherblades are planning something big. We need to track down Mai Trin before it's too late.
Joon: I only spoke with Mai, and usually on my turf. They have a number of hideouts across Cantha.
Joon: In Shing Jea, I'd expect her to be hiding somewhere in Zen Daijun. A cave, if I know her.
Joon: My sources tell me the Ministry of Security's been looking for her, but somehow she's avoided detection.
Marjory Delaqua: The 'Blades are a sneaky bunch, but we've got experience with their bag of tricks.
<Character name>: Okay, then. Marjory. Gorrik. Let's finish this investigation.
Joon: Let me know when you find Mai Trin, Commander.
Talk end option tango.png I need a moment.
Approaching the Jade tech near Aurene
Joon: Don't touch that! You'll interrupt the optical beam.
<Character name>: Is your technology capable of healing her?
Joon: They're feeding her magic. It's the same technology we used to heal you.
Joon: This may not be what you're accustomed to in Tyria, Commander, but I assure you it is safe. I would know.

My story[edit]

Aurene's Sanctuary loading screen 2.png

Note to self: however novel our communications tech is back home, Canthans find it laughably insecure. Rama was more than happy to demonstrate this by jumping into our call as we planned our Aetherblade investigation. But he also gave me permission to review the MinSec archives, which contained some useful information, so I won't hold it against him too much. (Taimi might.)

I decided to search the downed Aetherblade flagship with Marjory and Gorrik. There, I found logs covering Mai Trin and her pirates' activities since their attack on Lion's Arch. Their time in the Mists sounds traumatic, to say the least—they had to kill Fractal echoes of themselves to rebuild their fleet, and then barely made it to Cantha after an encounter with Kralkatorrik. Ankka spoke of a restlessness in the crew—a desire to stop lying low and "do something." Well, they're certainly doing something now.

Gorrik and Marjory managed to corner one of the 'Blades who had been working to repair the flagship's Mist-traversal tech. The pirate vaguely spoke of big changes and big plans, but was otherwise unhelpful. At least Gorrik was able to smash the traversal tech to pieces. The Aetherblades won't be escaping any time soon.


Just then Taimi called, asking that I return to Aurene's cave immediately. The rest of our group was already there, along with—to my surprise—Lady Joon. Caithe and Aurene had become unresponsive, and no one knew why. Well, it didn't take me long for me to find out.

As I approached Aurene, I felt as if my spirit was pulled into another world. A place like the bottom of the ocean, but also not—at the time, I wondered if it was real. It was then that I heard it: the voice of the final Elder Dragon, Soo-Won. Just...calmly talking to Aurene.

As abruptly as it began, it ended, and we were back in the real world. It was then I learned Soo-Won is not only the final Elder Dragon, but the original Elder Dragon—the "Mother" Kralkatorrik referred to all those years ago. She's been in Cantha the whole time—and according to Joon, she's been protecting the people here! Soo-Won says she wants Aurene to take her place and become the only Elder Dragon, just as Soo-Won once was. To be honest, I'm still not sure how I feel about it all. Or if I can trust her.

The revelations didn't end with the dragons. As we turned our attention back to the Aetherblades, Joon confessed that she was the one who had hired them! Joon had recruited Mai Trin years ago, not knowing the pirate's history, and thought she could do good. Well, we see how that turned out—Joon's request for research from outside Cantha turned into a kidnapping. Joon gave us an approximate location to track down Mai Trin—Zen Daijun—and Jory and Gorrik went ahead to scout the area. It's time to make Mai Trin pay for her crimes.

My story