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A Branded Charr.

The Branded are the corrupted minions that serve the Elder Crystal Dragon Kralkatorrik. They are twisted, crystalline corruptions of their past selves with varying degrees of mutations and diminishment. By and large, their innards seem to have been changed to a glowing, purple crystal and their skin grayed and torn open; those that once had fur have now lost it and dark stone has grown atop their skin, with some becoming more stone-like than others.

They are named after the Dragonbrand, a swath of land corrupted by Kralkatorrik. Though the Branded are almost exclusively found in the Dragonbrand, some have wandered out, assaulting nearby structures, wildlife, and travelers that they have come across. While most Branded were corrupted at the same time as the Dragonbrand, the Sentinel forces combating the Branded as well as the invading ogres from the Blazeridge Mountains have been slowly adding to their numbers.

The Branded have been migrating south ever since Kralkatorrik flew towards the Crystal Desert, mostly along the Dragonbrand. However, due to the Elder Dragon's swerve just north of Stronghold of Ebonhawke, some minions have found their way into the Sniper's Woods. They are also drawn by the energies which the chaotic storms of the Dragonbrand, dubbed Brandstorms, exude.

In the Crystal Desert, Kralkatorrik has forced out many local ogre kraals and blockaded northern trade routes through the Desert Highlands with its Branded.


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  1. ^ Dialogue during Engage Kralkatorrik
    Rytlock Brimstone: Everyone, drop what you're doing! Kralkatorrik's gonna Brand the island!
    Logan Thackeray: We're evacuating to the Pact camp. Gwen?
    Gwen Thackeray: He can't Brand us. We'll hold this ground until you return..
  2. ^ Dialogue at Mist Warden Camp
  3. ^ Dialogue during Shatter the Brandstone before it explodes
    Vemyen: Ziya... Look at me. Open your eyes.
    Ziya the Radiant: A convincing illusion. You want me to pity you. But everyone knows djinn can't be Branded.
  4. ^ Dialogue in Kodonur Temple
    Veteran Air Djinn: It's hard enough to coexist with other djinn. Proximity leads to rivalry. Or war.
    Veteran Air Djinn: But with all these short-lived, frail creatures clamoring for our help...
    Veteran Fire Djinn: They know our magic protects from the Brand. Can you blame them?
    Veteran Air Djinn: Yes. I most certainly can.
  5. ^ Dialogue with Ziya_the_Radiant in Sun's Refuge
    Ziya the Radiant: We djinn can shield ourselves from the Brand. It's not perfect—I still don't understand what happened to Vemyen—but I want to give others that power as well.
    Talk more option tango.png
    Can I help?
    I believe the key lies in corrupted sand, and I'll need your help to gather it. Djinn have turned these sands to their own purposes before—creating jackals, for example.
    Talk collection option.png
    How do I find this sand for you? (unlocks collection: In a Grain of Sand)
    Here's a compass. Well it looks like a compass, but the needle will point you to any sand corrupted by Abaddon's magic. Abaddon's reach was vast—you'll find these sands all over Elona.