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Frost Legion

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With Bangar's true leadership and vision, the charr have evolved!

Varinia Stormsounder in Turnabout

The Frost Legion is a group of icebrood charr initially led by Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer. They are composed of corrupted Dominion forces and fight more intelligently than regular icebrood,[1] implying they are imbued with more magic than a typical dragon minion. Their headquarters are the Frost Citadel in northern Drizzlewood Coast. After Jormag's awakening, they were seen being led by Ryland Steelcatcher, the main champion of the Ice Dragon's forces.[2]


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  1. ^ Turnabout
    <Character name>: They look like Sons of Svanir... [...]
    Rytlock Brimstone: They fight smarter than icebrood! [...]
    <Character name>: We've lost the bridge. And we met the Frost Legion.
    Crecia Stoneglow: Bangar. He's served our people up as slaves to Jormag.
  2. ^ Primordus Rising
    Rytlock Brimstone: Tell me I'm not seeing Frost Legion.
    Gorrik: Apparently the Arcane Council invited them. And Ryland. [...]
    Councillor Zudo: Ryland Steelcatcher, Champion of Jormag. He commands the ice dragon's forces.