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In this Canthan name, the family name is Yu.

Look around us. Your children would be trapped in the past if not for me. Their worlds are carved from the jade that I gave purpose. I promised them a future. A century of progress cannot end this way. I'm not—Cantha's not just a spoke in some grand cosmic wheel.

Yu Joon

Lady Yu Joon is a brilliant Canthan inventor working on dragonjade tech and a shrewd businesswoman who does not like to be questioned and prefers things to be her way. She is the wife of Gi-Moon and mother of Yu Sung. Although of humble beginnings, Joon is the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Taejeong from his affair with the commoner Yu Dal-Rae, and the half-sister of Empress Ihn.[1][2] Joon is the owner of Xunlai Jade and one of its co-founders with Park Chul-Moo. However, she eventually had a fallout with Chul-Moo as he had started proposing less ethical ideas. Joon was opposed to these ideas, resulting in Chul-Moo leaving and founding the new Jade Brotherhood.[3]


Early years[edit]

Yu Joon was born to the jade trader and potter Yu Dal-Rae who had had an affair with Emperor Taejeong of Cantha. Joon eventually learned about her father and that the emperor had extended neither her nor her mother the privilege of palace life unlike what some emperors had done with their concubines and their children in the past. This led to Joon viewing her father coldly and emphasizing the importance of her mother raising her.[2][4][5]

Joon eventually discovered the potential in dragonjade which had been storing magic in it for centuries and how it could be used for inventions to improve the life of Canthans. Her first jade tech invention was a lightbulb.[6] Joon partnered with the equally ambitious Park Chul-Moo and founded the Hyeoksin Jade company. In 1829 CC (1319 AE), they purchased the Xunlai Guild from Luen Ai and renamed the merged business entities as the Xunlai Jade corporation.[7] However, she eventually had a fallout with Chul-Moo as he had started proposing less ethical ideas. Joon was opposed to these ideas, resulting in Chul-Moo leaving and founding the new Jade Brotherhood.[3][8]

While Dal-Rae only had access to simple materials most of her life, the success of Xunlai Jade allowed Joon to gift her many new crafting tools. Joon would later display Dal-Rae's pottery in her mansion in Seitung Province, never forgetting her family's humble origins.[2] At some point, Joon married Gi-Moon and gave birth to their daughter, Yu Sung. Joon was more focused on business than raising her daughter, however, so Gi-Moon stepped in to take care of daily things and raise Sung at home while Joon was busy inventing new tech.[9]

Taejeong's daughter and successor, Empress Ihn, eventually became aware that she and Joon shared the same father. Although the half-sisters appeared to get along and recognized one another's contributions to improving the empire and the Canthan people, some tension remained between them as Joon's political influence grew due to her amassed wealth and her company's reach.[3][5][10] Joon's mansion rivaled the empress's palace in size, and she decorated it lavishly with expensive collections; Canthan nobility would not let her forget where she came from, so in return she would not let them forget where she had gone.[11] Joon held galas in her mansion, and even the empress attended some of these social gatherings. Joon, however, was often absent, which led to some Canthans to gossip that she only threw parties as a diversion when she wanted to test out new experiments as no one in power would be able to stop her if they were sloshing in her sitting room.[12]

In 1844 CC (1334 AE), Xunlai Jade was investigated for illegal dumping of dangerous or hazardous materials in the Echovald Wilds. The case was closed when Joon settled with the Imperial Court for an undisclosed amount. Neither Joon nor Xunlai Jade were officially indicted with any charges.[14]

End of Dragons[edit]

Act I[edit]

Act II[edit]

Act III[edit]

Following the destruction of her underwater Yong Reactor and the release of the enraged Soo-Won under unclear circumstances, the upset Joon ordered Captain Fa Yang, head of Xunlai Jade Security, to find and arrest the Pact Commander for questioning as the Commander had been the last person seen entering the facility before the fallout. Fa later reported to Joon that the Commander had managed to evade capture much to Joon's frustration.[15]

Act IV[edit]

Act V[edit]

Following the border reopening and the death of Soo-Won, Joon oversaw the repairing of the Yong Reactor. She learned how Mai Trin had sacrificed her life to save New Kaineng from a Void outbreak during the Aetherblade assault attack on the reactor, so she erected a statue in her former protègè's honor as a tribute to Mai's heroism.[16]

Some time into her research into the Jade energy crisis with the help of Taimi and Yao, Yao came to Joon with vague news of the Jade Brotherhood's latest discovery- unusually powerful Jade in Gyala Delve. Left in the dark about the host of troubles the Brotherhood was also facing in the mines- information that Yao separately divulged to Taimi alone- she was furious to learn that Yao had abruptly left their post and duties at Xunlai Jade.

She was later apprised of the situation and events that transpired in Gyala Delve and, despite directing a particularly stern scolding at Yao, was pleased to hear of a potential solution to Cantha's energy crisis. She promised resources to aid Gorrik, Yao, and Rama in their research into and against the Oni's monopoly over the mine's leylines.

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